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Ganondorf Spotted In Super Smash Bros Trailer


We all knew he was coming thanks to the leaks earlier this week, but the legendary Ganondorf has been spotted in today’s trailer for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS. The image isn’t really clear, but if you look carefully you can spot Ganondorf in the tiny circle. No doubt he will be officially confirmed by Nintendo in the very near future.

Thanks,  Nathan S,

49 thoughts on “Ganondorf Spotted In Super Smash Bros Trailer”

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      2. Dude fuck off!!! He was a great man. You have no Idea what he went through or what his family is going through right now. You know whose life is wasted its your you dick. I hope you get whats coming to you.

      3. What the fuck is wrong with you. He was a Zelda fan, sure, but what does that have to do with this image. And even if it had something to do with it, you can’t go around saying that he deserved to die when he did nothing wrong. If you personally don’t like him, I’m not judging, but there are so many other people out there who are so much worse and nobody seems to be talking about them, so why are you complaining about an actor/comedian committing suicide. And also, now matter who it is or how they died, making fun of dead people is just disrespectful and disgusting. If anyone is a waste of life, it is you, my good sir.

  1. Please. Just please. Don’t take Ice Climbers out. I could care a less about Wolf or Lucas or any of the new comers from Brawl. Just don’t take out my Melee veterans. They represent their series and were always some of the more fun characters to play as.

  2. leaked or not anyone could predict him returning. the real question is whether he’ll be yet a clone once again. we’ll see if nintendo is truly stupid.

    1. I saw one of the leaked videos with Ganondorf in it and he was indeed a clone character.


  3. As another stated, it looks like the god damn bulky, slow clone of Captain Falcon once again. Ugh! For the love of God, just switch Ganondorf with Ghirahim since Ghirahim might have a better chance at an original moveset & not some knockoff of Captain Falcon. Ganondorf deserves better than being some clone to another bloody character.

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