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Reggie Fils-Aime And Other Nintendo Employees Take Part In ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has stayed true to his word and taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Reggie has put a twist on things and asked Nintendo of America employees to take part in a raffle, make a donation, and then proceed to dunk Reggie and the rest of his staff.

Thanks, Mi Culito and PolisKanin

69 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime And Other Nintendo Employees Take Part In ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. Reggie is going bald. I can never look at his evil shit eating grin without the though of his raping you teens with their vagina juices dripping down his face full of potholes :)

    1. yes, and also the way he’s going bald is weird as fuck. he doesn’t have receding hairline. not even a bit, but his hair is thinning on the back of his head. usually it’s different. oh, well, he has enough money to get his hair thickened 300 times.

  2. Jeeze reggie is a fatlard. He probably is depressed that he fails at his job.

    Iwata needs to do this and it would be funny if it was a ice bucket fail where like he was trying to be cool when right before the water would be dumped, but the bucket falls and hits his head. Then him covering his head walking he would slip on the ice and fall on the pavement lmao!

    1. Lmao and his nose would break then he starts screaming as blood pores out of him. Tries to get up and slips again cracking open his head!

      1. Haha yea and then it would turn out to be so bad that he has to stay in the hospital for 8 months and he has permanent brain damage xD omg that would be so funny

        1. No if that happened it would ruin the joke and it being funny. I couldn’t laugh at how funny it was if he got permanent brain damage or something over it.

      1. Why do you keep repeating “just saying” in your comments? Can you think of something more original or are you just that stupid?

      1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

        Looks like he wants to lick Sickr’s ass really hard, hey Sickr, you want the address of your love monkey stalker?

  3. they didnt get involved with this nonsense oh i think they did shame on you nintendo doing this pointless CHAV facebook satanic baptism crap

    puring water over your head SUPPORTS NOTHING everyones turning into a brainwashed fucking moron

    next month petrol over your penis then lite it up ,month afer that that the ass rape chalenge stick a hedgehog up your ass

    buring ice cold water over your head what is this some kind of NWO illuminarti demonic baptism

    nntendo shame on you fr joining in with CHAV brodude facebook culture these fucks are brain dead

          1. That childish garbage that was released years ago? Still nothing good out of them no matter which system they choose to “support” which it ain’t real support anyway but rather more damage control to fool someone to think they still give a shit. Let them waste more time and money on a failed porting project that has zero interests.

                    1. *facepalm* You’ve played Assassin’s Creed. You should know where the hidden blade is. :p

                      1. No. I only played the first ten minutes before it made me took a nap. lol Yes of course I know where the hidden blades are, I’ve seen the art boxes fool. XD

                        1. Yeah, I know it was boring to you. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to call it garbage or trash all the time. I love the series and I’m going to be honest, it really does get annoying when I see you insulting it. Since I’m a nice person, I usually just go along with it and ignore your hate comments. But you say so many negative things about it that it almost drives me insane. Especially if you’ve only played about 10 minutes as opposed to the 100+ hours I’ve put into it. I’ve tried telling you to get AC4 since that is probably better than the one you played and I’m trying to get you into the series and you keep refusing. I won’t try to convince you anymore since you clearly aren’t interested, but you should not hate it because there are people that actually like it such as myself and I would very much appreciate it if you didn’t do that. That is all I have to say…

                1. Hey, you need to give the game a chance! Also, they picked it because it wouldn’t cost them all that much money and they could still give the facade that they are helping Nintendo

                  1. Of course. Instead of making something original, they take the lazy route once again on porting an old game who’s interests from Nintendo is barely slim to beyond none. This game ain’t going anywhere especially if its released around the same time as PKMN OR/AS or Smash Bros. or even Sonic Boom 3DS port.

                1. At least Lord Aizen says that he played it at the library back in the day, although he didn’t like it :( I haven’t really met a good flash game yet, but maybe this one will be fun. (Don’t plan on buying it though)

        1. the groud was the douchbag jobs worth employees wasting there saturday to be seen JOINING IN by managment DOUCHBAG CUNTS

      1. nintendo took a brodude cult thing and turned it into a employee team building day

        if you didnt join in you go on the THINKS FOR THEM SELVES LIST corp bullshit

          1. How in the holy N does an ice bucket make you do anything for charity?…

            I can easily make this and still not give to charity, it’s so stupid…

            Just give the resources to that charity and that’s it, everything else are Xbot rituals that doesn’t do anything for the charity…

        1. Sadly that is the problem with this publicity stunt and a lot of people don’t even know what the hell it’s even for. They just assume it is some stupid thing everyone is doing now, like always.

          There was this guy who dumped something else on himself and then made a speech about that very fact, saying everyone is just a bunch of followers and only doing this simply because other people are, that no one even cares about the charity, they care more about the stupid challenge and the people shouldn’t need idiotic things like this to be aware of people in need.

          He made a very good point.

      2. Can people just give money to charity and stop with this stupid publicity stunt crap. I mean really, dumping cold water and ice on yourself is not that hard to handle and it isn’t even amusing really..

        The only person to have amused me doing it was Conan O’Brien only because he used fake ice and warm water which I thought was hilarious.

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