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Rumour: The New Nintendo 3DS Doubles RAM And Nearly Doubles VRAM

Coders who were looking through the recent Nintendo 3DS firmware updates have potentially discovered some new information about the recently unveiled new Nintendo 3DS. The coders claim that Nintendo has extended FCRAM from 128MB to 256MB and added 4MB of VRAM. We won’t know for sure until Nintendo provides some specifications for the new model.

“New 3DS” is the latest 3DS console from Nintendo due for release in 2015. It was announced on 29 of August 2014. It will feature “New 3DS”-specific titles that are not playable on older 3DS models, which may imply new encryption keys(though blocking title-launch of those titles on old hw could be done other ways too as well).

According to official sources, the following changes have been made hardware-wise:

  • Faster CPU
  • Better 3D screen technology
  • MicroSD-slot instead of normal-sized SD-slot
  • NFC support
  • Two circle-pads instead of one
  • New buttons ZR and ZL

Based on disassembly of certain sysmodules for code added/changed with in the 8.0.0-18 update, it appears that the “New 3DS” has the following changes:

  • They extended FCRAM from 128MB to 256MB.
  • They added another VRAM (?) of 4MB.

Going by the 8.0.0-18 update, which added support for the mem-regions listed above, it appears that the “New 3DS” will use the exact same system-titles as the original hardware(with a new system update at launch, for old/new hw, as both seem to use the same system-titles).

Thanks to those who sent this in


190 thoughts on “Rumour: The New Nintendo 3DS Doubles RAM And Nearly Doubles VRAM”

      1. Psvita has way more hardcore games, and i see myself always purchasing psvita games over 3ds, i only own 17 3ds games and 56 psvita games.

        Psvita has more multiplayer games and indie games than the 3ds.

        So in my opinion psvita wins

          1. Don’t be stupid. If you are still stuck playing Nintendo games and asking your mommy to buy them. cry somewhere else

    1. Weaker hardware means nothing when the Vita has no games and how 3DS games visually are 10 times more appealing. Unique art styles are the way to go!

      Kinda like current gen consoles. I still have yet to see a game on PS4 that looks better than Mario Kart 8…… actually I still have yet to see games period!

            1. no their not, but if you want to play them that’s fine, racing games are ok, battle car games are awesome (twisted metal, Mario kart) but sports games are lame

      1. Then you havent played any psvita games, look into tearaway, killzone, soul sacrifice delta, dragons crown, toukiden, metal gear solid hd collection, etc

        The psvita has many beautiful artistically looking games

          1. Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet PSVita, Soul Sacrifice, Demon Gaze, Ys: Memories of Celceta, DJMAX Technika Tune, Murasaki Baby, Metrico, New Little King’s Story, Sorcery Saga, Sword Art Online, Toukiden, and Unit 13 are among the Vita exclusives that I think are pretty good.

            Then there are remasters of older games that are exclusive to Vita too (top of the list being Persona 4 Golden).

      2. Enjoy your Mario Kart 8 at silky smooth 59 FPS and 720p with the ‘best graphics’. For the record Tearaway, a Ps Vita exclusive, has an amazing art style. Plus you’ve clearly never played a game that’s not from Nintendo since you’re talking rubbish. I love Nintendo but you have no idea what you’re taking about.

        Look at me and say with a straight face that games on the PC like PvZ: Garden Warfare don’t look graphically better than Mario Kart by miles.

        1. Mario Kart 8 looks way better than PvZ. Do you own a Wii U? Have you played MK8 on a big T.V. or just looked at videos from Youtube. Becouse there is a huge difference in quality when you actually play the game in real life.

          1. No it doesn’t. PVZ goes for a more realistic approach while Mario Kart 8 has a cartoonish like style. They both look great so why does it matter? You guys pick fights for no reason.

    2. Yet still has more games than the Vita…
      Also, I own a Xperia Z2 and I love it… but I still play on my 3DS and sold my dead Vita ;D

      1. Im guessing when you say the vita has no games, it means your not a fan of jrpgs, fps, adventure, puzzlers game’s

      2. I really don’t think you EVER had any non-Nintendo consoles looking at your past comments. You’re just trying to act like you’re a real gamer ;D

        1. Yeah sure, also the new ninja turtles is a better movie than guardians of the galaxy and the star wars prequels are better than the originals and Twillight is a literature masterpiece

        1. I agree. The PS Vita is actually an amazing device with some really good games. Tearaway and Persona 4 to name a couple. I just prefer the 3ds. I think the 3d effect doesnt get enough credit, I use it on every game I play.

              1. Indeed. I just commented (on another site) that the new 3DS will pretty much crush the Vita in Japan and Sony would announce that they are giving up at their press event on Monday.

                I was obviously being facetious, but some random started going off on me about being a Nintendo fanboy. He obviously didn’t know…. I play it all.

                This console war thing is nonsense. I’ll educate someone if they are lacking in knowledge but I will not waste my time in debating “THIS ONE IS BETTER THAN THE ONE YOU THINK IS BETTER!”

        2. Exactly, I like all the current home and portable gen systems, but I don’t have an XBox One YET, because it’s finally getting games that WILDLY interest me. Also, I like the PSVita just as much as the 3DS, and the PSVita isn’t “Dead” by any means, it’s just sorta in the hole that the Wii U WAS in, but now isn’t.

            1. If so, then why both of those so called “powerful” console have already tapped out their potential and it isn’t what everyone had promised plus why those consoles haven’t reached the 60FPS/1080p goal yet in any complex game in any of those two platforms but surprisingly, only Nintendo did it on their own systems a number of times? Because those companies behind the console design and the 3rd parties have been bullshitting in your faces to sell you those boxes and overhyped disappointing games and unfortunately, it only worked because you people are a bunch of fools not noticing the difference and what’s been pulling right in front of you. I’m a lot more comfortable with Nintendo because they, at least, don’t pull this kind of BS off on their consumers and yet only idiots think that like with Wii U being “over priced” yet they still buy those lower end 4GB Xbox 360 w/ lame ass Kinect at $300 and 12GB PS3 at $200-230 depending and what’s worse, people actually drop $500 for a Betamax wannabe that explodes and includes that stupid ass camera nobody but dumbass fanboys want? Hypocrites much? As for the new 3DS, Sony pulled the same shit on their own portable system and I hear no peep about it plus the new system is optional that offers a lot more upgradable perks than just a makeover with colored buttons.

              I have never seen this much of stupid ass, graphic/power hungry hypocrites in any gaming generation in my life. The main reason why I didn’t go for a PS4 sooner is because I’m wise and smart enough to not fall for that hype BS plus I know those systems don’t have shit to offer besides Infamous but I’m not throwing down $450 to play the waiting game or waste my time on more 3rd party garbage like glitchfest BF4, boring Destiny, pathetic Watchdogs or that POS COD: Ghosts. And how ironic is that both PS4/DOne are going through EXACTLY what Wii U did last yer waiting for decent games to game and nobody on those two platform said a word but rather keep ridiculing the Wii U over old news. Again, hypocrites at best. It’s like you idiots either envy Nintendo to be like them: Offering power with no substance to show it or you want them as dead as Atari for no good reason beside those selfish excuses which will spell the end of gaming as you know it.

              1. The only games Wii U will ever reach 1080P is in its own games. Wii U can’t even surpass 720P on most third party games. You wanna talk about Xbox exploding? How about Wii U exploding trying to run MGSV@1080P? LMAO. Wii U barely even displays better graphics than a last gen 360. And every Wii U exclusive would easily surpass 1080P 60FPS on PS4 and XB1. You wanna talk about graphics and yet you praise Zelda U even though that game would run as easy as a fucking walk in the park on the other consoles and I bet it’s going to be 720P. You’ll be lucky to even reach 60FPS. LOL. ;)

                1. So ask yourself this: Why Nintendo is the only one who can pull it off without much trouble while the 3rd parties couldn’t not only on Wii U but also PS4 and XBetamax DOne? Don’t you think there’s something off about the 3rd party actually being lazy and making excuses why they can’t bust their asses to do their jobs right but you still think they’re doing their jobs? The only thing those fuckers are good for is damage control on the other two consoles “being powerful but yet they still have trouble making games at top performance but we rather blame ourselves because we’re suffering Stockholm Syndrome for loving these gimped PC boxes”

                  What I mean about “exploding” is that XBetamax DOne draws too much power just to struggle running 850p at best without overheating within 5 minutes. Funny you should say that MGSV would burn out the Wii U and yet, they have never tested a build for it so why make claims that you can’t even prove fool? XD

                  Wii U can’t surpass or display graphics compare to 360? Did you happen to miss Bayonetta, NFS: Most Wanted and Black Ops 2 ports comparison? All of those games on Wii U look and run better as proven by media and players.

                  Okay if Nintendo games would run like butter on XBetamax/PS4 due to gimped PC specs, why Knack looks and run like shit? It uses similar graphical style with linear gameplay and yet it failed really hard.

                  Keep em coming hater. XD When Zelda U comes and runs gorgeously at 60FPS/1080p or when Mario Galaxy 3 happens and runs at 60FPS/1080p, you better start bowing to Nintendo for trying and succeeding while you still buy 3rd party trash that’s filled with more false promises and lies than most of the world’s politicians. lol

                  1. That’s because Nintendo games NEVER go for realistic graphics. Of course they’re easy to make 1080P 60FPS. Name ONE Wii U game that comes anywhere near the amount of detail in Batman Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3, or Uncharted 4. Even Halo 1 from Masterchief Collection has better detail than any Wii U game. It’s funny how developers say things like how Batman AK can’t even come to Wii U because it can’t even run the BATMOBILE let alone the entire city. LMFAO. XD Keep dreaming that Wii U is powerful, third party hater. ;)

                    1. Because Realism is as fucking stale and uncreative as FPS which is the only two formulas the 3rd parties mainly use and it’s depressing. Nintendo lets their imaginations run wild which is why you usually see new shit coming from them every time. Nintendo looks for the most creative and risk taking minds to join their team, not some Hollywood fanatic prick who thinks people are only interested in violence which makes stupid parent and politicians go crazy. Ya say Nintendo plays it safe? lol Looks like you morons are barking up the wrong tree when you keep buying fucking COD and Madden every goddamn year.

                      If those games sound and look wonderful, sadly chances are that they’re gonna end up at 900p/30FPS with some hiccups and bugs at best. Doesn’t matter if Nintendo and 2nd party games seems simpler in visuals. If they can pull off 60FPS/1080p with just 2GB RAM and 3 cores while PS4 is beefed up with 8GB and whatever amount of cores but still ends up short at 900p, then these 3rd party motherfuckers need to start taking notes and look at Wii U hardware a different way which uses the same coding as 360 and there’s no excuse that newer games on 360 skips Wii U when it uses the same architecture they claim is harder to build around..all they have to do is copy/paste the code and slightly change it plus they don’t have to waste more time using the Gamepad entirely but go for the Pro Controller and Wii Remote if they wanted to.

                      You think Wii U can’t run Arkham Knight over a fucking Batmobile? XD That’s funny. If 360 can run GTA5 map (similar or bigger than AK size) with near hundred other vehicles, activities and people which all of that is possible on Wii U since it’s more powerful than 360 and runs the same code, then IDK WTF are you talking about Wii U not running AK when 360/PS3 can run GTA5’s vastly massive world without much of an issue. lol Nice try troll. You can’t break me, my will and knowledge of games. ;3

                      1. YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. Lol. Let’s address a few issues with that last comment: Funny how you wanna bring up Arkham Knight’s size and yet you completely forget that there is an insane amount of detail in the city and when Batman jumps into the Batmobile, the fucking screen zooms in and shows all the raindrops and shit on the car cinematic style and it zooms back out straight to gameplay! It was a fucking cutscene IN GAME that looked like a movie! I would love to see the Wii U’s weak ass pull that off! Lol! GTA V is indeed a big game, but you forget that it’s pushing last gen systems to their limit and you still get frame rate drops and the textures are lacking. Why do you think it got a next gen port? Lol. And let’s not even get started on The Witcher 3. Even the PS4 may not be able to run it at 1080P 60FPS according to the developer. Wii U would EXPLODE trying to maintain 720P. LMAO try, try again, Strangablog. You fail. Lolololol. :)

                        1. I like how you still try to use the old “2012 Watchdogs graphics” excuse that it won’t work on Wii U without even building such game to test that theory. Your excuse for Wii U is weak attacks aren’t even considered to be halfway valid because it was never tried or done yet so don’t go say what’s possible when it wasn’t proven or disproven to be possible.

                          As for Witcher 3, IDK WTF it is and don’t care anyway. It’s probably another “Skyrim meets Fables” 3rd person adventure I’ve seen done multiple times before.

                          Okay you’re just saying now that Wii U explodes running 720p but also confessed that it can do native 1080p/60FPS by Nintendo themselves? XD Contradicting much? And I know you’re not Hollowgrape because he wouldn’t sound this stupid and uninformed in a debate. lol

                          1. Enough talk about graphics. Let’s talk about games. Oh wait- Wii U has none! You wanna say the other two consoles don’t have games and yet you completely ignore the amount of third party games about to release this year! Let’s take a look at what worthwhile games Wii U has this holiday: Smash Bros, …. That’s it. Lol everything else is bullshit and a waste of time. Also wait, I take that back. 3DS already has Smash so technically Wii U doesn’t have any games! LOL! Third parties are gonna make games for every other system and leave Wii U’s ass sitting in the cold corner where it deserves. Nobody even knows what Wii U is. Do you know how retarded it looks to have a conversation with another gamer and say “I can’t wait for Captain Toad!” LMFAO EVERYONE will at that shit. Save yourself from embarrassment and lie say you’re getting GTA V or some shit. XD

          1. And lets not forget powerful specs means nothing. Remember PS1/2. Both were the weakest of its kind and still performed well and how you may ask? The games and you should tell Sony that and to take notes for Vita because its a sinking ship that’s suffering worse than Wii U and GameCube combined.

            1. See this is the stupid fan logic I am talking about. The PS Vita has sold more than the Wii U in terms of sales and sells more than the Wii U regularly in Japan while everyone craps on the PS4 with its low sales in Japan when the Wii U sells better. Calling that a sinking ship when the Wii U’s lifetime sales are lower than the PS Vita’s?

              So if the Vita has sold more than the Wii U and you’re calling the Vita a sinking ship, how does that make sense?

              It must not be sinking that badly if it’s sold more than the Wii U has so far. The Wii U has sold over 6 million and the Vita has sold over 8 million.

              1. Sold more by one million, 2 years too late and its not even suppose to compete Wii U anyway so look who’s talking about logic. lol And of course its only doing better in Japan (but still losing to 3DS anyway) ONLY because mobile in Japan is bigger than home consoles. The only way for Vita to save itself is to stop releasing so much pointless watered PS3 ports and use standard SD Cards instead of the Vita memory cards that are priced way too fucking high.

              2. And BTW, Wii U is not at 6 million dumbass. At this point, it already passed 7 million so your math is off, your logic is off and foremost, the Vita defense is so off and as desperate as the system itself.

                1. My math is off? I said over 6 million did I not? I didn’t say just 6 million.

                  I’m stupid yet you agreed in saying the Vita has sold more while you talking shit about how the Wii U is doing so much better. You were also the one comparing the two, not me, to make it all worse, now you’re said you can’t compare the two.


                  Nothing more for me to say really you just proved my point with how moronic and contradicting you’re being.

                  1. Yes its off because you said “6”, not 6.7 or even 6.4 and yes I agree with what’s true because I’m not an idiot denying facts left and right and yes Wii U is in fact doing better if you look at the charts. Vita is only surviving in Japan and ONLY in Japan for a reason.

                    Now look who’s twisting words to make me look foolish. Its not working honey.

                    1. I’m not twisting my words, there is no confirmation of the Wii U hitting over 7 million in sales as of yet, so therefor saying over 6 million is more accurate even if it is close to 7. It barely broke 6 million a couple months ago in May.

                      Even if it is over 7 million and it hasn’t been announced yet, the Vita is still over that. So what point are you trying to make? Do you think the Vita just stopped selling also?

                      Don’t call me honey either… Gross… I’m not your honey.

                      What is moronic is again you keep shitting on the Vita when the same thing could said about the Wii U, the Wii U is doing better everywhere else besides in Japan…

                      So derp derp de derp derp… Keep bitching over pointless semantics.

                      1. I’m talking about twisting mines dummy. You say over 6 million by now is false if you ever learn how to think critically. By now, I’m damn sure its passed by 7 million somewhere. Vita is over 1 million, one year late which Wii U will beat it in a matter of weeks. Your point?

                        What? You’re allergic to “honey”? lol

                        1. VGchartz just announced it broke 7 million. I don’t think the link will work here, it never lets me post links of news from other sites, so google it.

                          Not that I ever use VGchartz as a source to go by but there you go, funny I just said that then an article pops up about it. Still doesn’t change anything when the Vita is still over that but I’m a good sport unlike you.

                          You can keep bringing up the time span between the two but that doesn’t matter, just like no one ever defends the Xbox One in that regard because it has sold less than the Wii U but the Wii U has been out longer.

                          It doesn’t matter, sales are sales, you’re weren’t talking about time spans you were dismissing things based on sales and going as far to say the Wii U is basically stomping the Vita when their sales aren’t that different and the Vita is still over what the Wii U has sold. So you just can’t admit what you’re saying made no sense and you were out of line for trying to make the Wii U situation look so much better.

                          Games and your preference has nothing to do with sales either. So when the Wii U sells more be my guest to celebrate it or talk about how badly it is beating the Vita but until then…

                          I love how you always ignore how much you contradict yourself but I don’t expect people like you to own up to your own stupidity. Saying the Vita is only selling good in Japan is such a moot point, again sales are sales, just like the Wii U is selling very poorly in Japan. It doesn’t change anything.

            1. that should be possible, you can transfer from 3ds to 3ds, and many people will take this chance to upgrade so to not include that important standard feature would be a blunt and stupid mistake..

          1. I think it will be limited, Think gamers are reading to much into since we know very little of their whole plan. I think they had to xeno on there because its pretty hard to put it on original 3ds. I think they going to support the 3ds very much u might get a few titles here and there maybe. If they were doing to very very very greedy, smash bros, and pokemon would be exclusive. I sure they aren’t going to limit their market with. Though I see advertisement is going to be a pain for them

          2. Nintendo Commander 4axis

            Already announced xeno blade. Only available on new 3DS. Read the article before you start blabbin

        1. I hope the sound is improved too. It is abysmal on the 3DS XL.
          Plus more memory for DSi eshop games. Or better yet to be able to play these games from the Micro SD card. I have too many and they don’t all fit on the system memory.

        2. Seriously? The current 3ds hardware is fine as it is, but thats pretty cool for people who dont have a 3DS yet or are looking to upgrade their old one.

              1. Resident Evil Revelations is my favourite game on the 3DS and Circle Pad Pro is excellent with it. I honestly think it’s the best game on the 3DS but that’s just my opinion :) I’d love to see how much of a difference it plays on the new system due to the hardware! :)

            1. It’s not about looks you twat, it’s about the gameplay. That’s why I haven’t bought a PS4 or Xbone yet, there’s nothing I want to play out yet. And what is coming is available for my PS3 (GTAV and Destiny).

            1. Vita is an awesome system but the games just aren’t there. And by the looks of it, I think they are using the Vita as an add on device for the PS4 to play PS4 games ‘on the go’ so they don’t need to make games exclusively on the Vita anymore as they can just add remote play to any game they make!

              1. Oh the games are there but they’re also on PS3 from 2 years ago. WTF would by a second hand console just to play a watered PS3 port with overpriced PSVita memory cards over SD that are 70 percent cheaper?

                  1. Right and is any of that fanbase in Nintendo? I don’t think so plus since Ubisoft pissed most of them off, I can only say good luck on trying to win back any sales and respect from Nintendo fans because they’re not coming back anytime soon.

                1. So you’re claiming the 3DS doesn’t have any games that have appeared on Nintendo consoles also? Why the hell do you contradict yourself so much?

                  You shit on the Vita for having some PS3 ports or games stemmed from PS3’s series but then you fail to mention the fact so does the 3DS, they probably have the same amount of content in that regard. It isn’t like the only games the Vita gets are PS3 games or ports of PS3 games so stop over exaggerating.

                  1. …like, WTF did you get the idea that I’m talking about 3DS games? Someone here being a narcissist big time and its clearly not me. lol

                    I’m saying there’s too many PS3 ports for that damn thing that it hardly serves anything original to make the system different from its big bother console PS3/4 and the only, I repeat, ONLY current system game ports from Wii to 3DS is Donkey Kong Country Returns with extras and the upcoming Xenoblade port for the new 3DS model. Otherwise, do your homework on originality of gaming library. PSVitanic has far more home console ports than it has original games that weren’t even advertised much to begin with. That’s part of the Vita’s problem I’m addressing here and of course, your stupid ass fanboy mode kicks in to ignore that little reality trip and trying to say 3DS..fucking 3DS that has far more original games, is also repeating the same amount of porting problem as Vita? If so, then 3DS wouldn’t be as popular as it is right now. Nice try. lol

                    1. It’s not about what games you care about. It’s the fact that people keep bashing it when it has nothing to do with this article. If you don’t like the Vita, you should just say that you aren’t interested in it. Not hate it and force people to believe that your system is better. There are some people here that prefer the Vita more than the 3DS and they still get attacked and that is really annoying to watch. This article was talking about the New Nintendo 3DS and somebody just had to suddenly bring up how 3DS is better than Vita. The 3DS isn’t perfect. No system is. They all have flaws and people keep ignoring this acting like one system is superior to the other when it really doesn’t matter. I’m tired of the 3DS vs Vita arguments and the console wars. Everyone should just play games and be quiet! If I had a Vita, I would definitely get myself a handful of games for it. But just because I have a 3DS XL doesn’t mean I’m gonna automatically be on Nintendo’s side and just hate the other device/console just because it’s not what I prefer to play on. I wish all game consoles and stuff could just merge together so everyone would have no excuse to argue about what is better. I don’t care what’s better to someone else. I don’t buy my games to impress other people. I could care less what they think. Heck, if I had enough money, I would buy a Vita. These console wars are utterly ridiculous and they don’t even do anything. Even the game devs don’t care. They all sit back and relax while playing all types of games and systems. Like Shuhei Yoshida and his Wii U. I don’t understand what the purpose of arguing about these pieces of plastic is. I bought them to play games and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m not going online bragging about how my Wii U is better than Xbox One or how my 3DS is better than the Vita or none of that nonsense. Everyone should be able to enjoy the games they like regardless of platform and should not be insulted by people that don’t agree with them or have other systems than they do. Gaming was never about making fun of other consoles or handhelds. It’s about playing games and that’s all that’s supposed to matter. Console wars need to end. Seriously.

            1. Once again Nintendo baffles me with the decisions they make. Am I the only one a bit confused by this?

              So I guess this is their half new handheld? I’m glad they improved upon everything I about wanted them to but at the same time it is a little odd to do this instead of just making one that is backwards compatible and completely new, not one that is halfway there that will fragment their current market.

              Does anyone also think those new ZR and ZL buttons are poorly place, they seem like they are going to be really hard to use and you will constantly be hitting the R and L button on accident just trying to use them, I know my fingers aren’t that long and can bend all the way around the corners like that when I hold my 3DS, so I really question how well that is going to work.

              Kind of annoying also because I love my gold link between worlds 3DS and now I am obviously going to want this one, just to have to sell it so soon when I haven’t even had that model for a year. I wouldn’t mind if it was a completely new handheld system from them but it isn’t, so I guess this will be the last time I even get a rare model from Nintendo because of this and them being so unpredictable.

              Seriously as someone said if they pull this crap with the Wii U, I don’t know what I will do, because I am not buying another Wii U that is slightly upgraded like this. The idea of upgrading existing systems like this to me just sounds ridiculous because it defeats the purpose of what handhelds and consoles are, if that’s the case make them like PC’s and allow us to upgrade them over time ourselves because I don’t want this to be a new trend.

              I really don’t know why they didn’t just hold off and just make a completely new handheld or why the hell the 3DS XL wasn’t this in the first place.

              I am just so confused right now why they thought this would be a good idea.. So are they ever going to release a new handheld? Here I thought we would be hearing about one sometime soon in the next year or so but instead we get this an upgraded 3DS.

              I’m buying it anyway only for the damn extra stick but still it just seems so weird to do this and it kind of annoys me buying a halfway system that isn’t actually completely new.

                1. I thought that is what was going to happen, hell I had been saying it for years and then they do this. What will be even more appalling is if this is basically their idea of a new handheld and were going to be stuck with the 3DS for far longer than anyone planned.

                  I was really hoping for something late next year to at least be announced or in two like you said but there goes that I bet. It would seem kind of odd to do that now with this thing out, what are they going to announce a entirely new handheld when this hasn’t even been out that long either…

                  Well actually who knows anymore, I can never predict what Nintendo is going to do in that sense.. I don’t think anyone ever thought they would do this.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Personally I am interested in this but I won’t trade my XL in for the new one until I see a significant amount of price drop first, which mostly happens in non officialy gaming stores…

                    At this point, I don’t think anyone has a clue to what High Command does at all…

            2. That wasn’t meant to reply to you… Sorry… I must’ve clicked this and not realized it. I really hate how this site works, such a crappy comment system.

                1. I never said they were but in way they are trying to push you, if I want to play these “NEW” exclusive 3DS games, I’m going to have to get this model.

                  As I said this would be less confusing to me if it they weren’t still 3DS games and completely new but only for an upgraded model that isn’t actually completely new is what confuses me so much.

          1. If that’s the case, why is 3DS kicking its ass 1000000 to 1? Face it. Your damage control is just as laughable as Vita’s life span and sales. Now Vita is nothing more than a Gamepad ripoff for PS4.

            1. Because 3ds is aimed at family thats why its doing better than the psvita

              But look at the games aside?

              How many vita games were released this year compared to 3ds

              1. “Family” or just about anyone who is interested and welcomed to buy and game what’s available on 3DS? Get that BS checked because the “family” defense is as dead as PSVitanic. lol

                And look at it like this: How many Vita games over the past 3 years were ever mentioned or advertised massively? None. I haven’t even seen not one ad over Vita but plenty of PS4. So, you failed again on defending such peanut gallery for a pathetic Nintendo portable contender.

                1. Every little thing you keep saying about the PS Vita could be said for the Wii U which makes no god damn sense. Nothing is perfect and sometimes shit doesn’t go as planned.

                  MOVE ON!

                  1. And every little defense you say about Vita is just sad to read while trying not to laugh. Vita needs serious reconstruction of its image or it’ll end up being PS4’s version of Wii U Gamepad as if it isn’t already is by now.

          2. I agree vita is aimed at hardcore, jrpg fans etc

            And i also own a 3ds, and again i have 5x more vita games than 3ds

          1. Well i’d advice you not to fuck pieces of hardware. Maybe since you already have a problem you can have an affair with your zelda 3dsxl.

          2. I know! My zelda XL will have to just be a display piece once the new 3DS comes out. I guess that means it will stay in pristine condition then, I suppose

        3. For the nerds out there lmao, how strong would this be because apparently the 3ds is almost as near gamecube in strength. SO would this new 3ds be like as strong as an original xbox or stronger than the wii?

          I NEED TECH NERDS!!!

        4. Im still gonna pick up the new 3ds but i expect the next monster hunter game to look better than monster hunter freedom unite on psp, because 3 ultimate looked pretty bad in my opinion

            1. I don’t even want to have a new generation of console until a much later date. The games are going to become more expensive to make and it will hit most publishers. if you have noticed that the number of game developers and publishers are dwindling every time a new generation of videogames are out.

        5. Great. Another console war… -_- Who cares what system you think is better? Just play the games and shut up. Sick of this crap.

        6. Hello HollowGrape I can’t help don’t think your some horny girl that is aching for a pounding really really bad but you already said your a male :/

            1. I’ll assume that was Sasori since he literally just said something like that a day or two ago. Which is even more creepy that he would feel the need to say it again.

              1. Some of the responses I get from people here thinking I’m a girl are pretty disturbing. Lol. I assume that guy is trolling, but that’s just wrong… And nasty. XD

        7. I wonder if putting Wii games on the new 3ds is gonna become a trend. Could you imagine Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, and the Metroid Prime games on a handheld? That would be a amazing.

        8. So annoying, do you people always have to bring up other systems when you know it’s doing to nothing other than derailing the entire comment section, filling it with bullshit.

          Was this article about the PS Vita…? No….

          1. On top of the fact It is all preference, so there is never anything to prove when comparing systems, why on earth can’t people just accept that and move on. Not everyone has the same tastes as you…

            You people could say the same to me also when I have just as many PS Vita games as I do 3DS games and no they aren’t just PS3 ports. People could generalize the 3DS also and say all it has is shovel ware and kiddy games but clearly that isn’t true either. As if the 3DS has never seen games remade for it that were on Nintendo consoles either, so it really bothers me when people crap on the Vita simply for having some games that were on PS3. Everyone just ignores the fact that Nintendo does the same things also but I guess since it’s on the system you prefer more it is acceptable but no acceptable for the PS Vita to do the same?

            Just because what you like is different doesn’t mean your opinion speaks for the rest of the world or is an actual fact.

            It will never change though, so I am sure I am wasting my time trying to make a little peace in this world. I really don’t know why people would want to live that way, constantly bickering with others about what is best when it is all a matter of opinion but I guess it’s your life to do with it as you please.

              1. You’ll have so much more fun in life instead of hating on everything for no real reason just because it may not appeal to their tastes, some would be pleasantly surprised if they just stopped listening to everyone else around them and actually tried out things for themselves instead.

                I don’t know how many games I thought would be bad or people told me would suck that I ended up loving, all it takes is giving it a chance without going in so hard headed about it, if you don’t like it so be it but there is no reason for them to actually hate people for it or try to make others hate it the same way they do when it all it is preference.

                It is a endless battle no one is ever going to win.

                That is why sometimes I wish Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo would just team up, taking their best ideas and merging them to make one console and one handheld for everyone, then no one could say shit anymore although that will probably never happen due to money but it is a nice thought.

                Imagine how awesome those systems would be also because every system has its flaws or weak points and if they did merge, each competitor would have something to bring to the table that could improve those flaws and weaknesses. Alas that is nothing but a dream, in world where money isn’t the driving force of everything.

        9. Im just hoping for I thing. Nintendo should freaking drop the “New” in the name. Can they change it to 3DS ADVANCE instead.

        10. I am as equally excited as I am p*ssed about this “new” ads…I want one badly because of it’s awesome upgrades and exclusive games, yet I don’t want to have to shell out hundreds of $$$ (as I’m sure it will be over priced here in Oz) on an upgraded system just to play those exclusive games…

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