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Nintendo UK Store Lists November Launch For Amiibo, Indicates Possible Release For Smash Bros Wii U

Earlier today, the official Nintendo UK store confirmed a £10.99 price tag for the range of Amiibo figures, while other retailers such as GAME and Amazon UK also offered the selection for pre-order. Yet while the latter retailers list a “to be confirmed” release day, the Nintendo UK store lists a November 2014 launch window for all figures currently available.

Given the Amiibo selection is set to coincide with the launch of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, could this surreptitiously mean we’re looking at a late November release date for the upcoming brawler? Nintendo have yet to officially announce when the Amiibo range will go on sale, but considering the Mario Kart DLC was unearthed by the Nintendo UK store before the official announcement, it’s a good indication. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

13 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store Lists November Launch For Amiibo, Indicates Possible Release For Smash Bros Wii U”

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Erm, I like the fact it comes out kinda earlier but I wish they would spread the release from Pokemon, but that is just me…

  2. I don’t know whether I like the sound of that or not…
    On the one hand, the sooner I have more Smash in my life, the happier I’ll be.
    On the other, though, I want this to be separated from Bayonetta 2’s release date by a significant margin, so that they don’t cannibalize each other’s sales.

  3. Nintendo UK Store with the scoop again! Lol.

    But this seems reasonable, i’ve been guessing November 21st-25th for a while. Can’t wait for the 3DS release so that (hopefully) they can start talking about the Wii U version more, we still know very little about it’s exclusive content/features….

  4. Late November again, hmm? I’m ecstatic! I guess I can still have my fingers crossed for that eighteenth birthday release on the twenty-eighth!

  5. I know this might sound stupid, so I apologise in advance but I’m still not really sure what the amiibo figures will do. Also, does anyone know how they’ll be used in Mario Kart 8?

    1. No need to feel stupid :) No full statement has been given on Amiibo functionalities.
      There are few firm informations.
      1) Each Amiibo will work on more than one game, Smash Bros and MarioKart8 are confirmed as using Amiibo funcionalities.
      2) Amiibos will unlock additional content in games
      3) Additional content will not be core part of the games, games will not be “crippled if you don’t own Amiibo.
      4) in Smash Bros you can train your Amiibo character to later challenge it or call it as an assist.

      It is not known if Amiibos will do anything else in SB and it’s not known what they will do in any other game.

      What we really know is what Nintendo doesn’t want to do: mandatory collection to enjoy the games (Skylanders), one-game bound figures (Skylanders, Disney Infinity).

    1. I didnt even want them at first.. now the more i see them, the more i want them all. To collect. And of course my fiance who is the bigger gamer wants to actually open them up and use them :gasp: Which means I will have to hide them all from her.

  6. In time for the holiday season, ready for Smash Wii U, it makes a lot of sense really. It’d be kind of dumb not to release them alongside the ONE game that seems to be pushing them. I really haven’t heard much else about other games using them yet, Smash seems to be the big pusher for it. Still can’t believe they’re making a peripheral and even a new model with the tech built in before launching them to see if people really even care at all.

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