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Nintendo UK Store Confirms Amiibo Range For £10.99 Each, Australian Prices Also Announced

The Nintendo UK Store has confirmed set prices for the Amiibo range which are now available to pre-order. Last week, Nintendo of America announced prices for the US market at $12.99. For UK consumers, each Amiibo character – including the likes of  Link, Samus, and Mario – will cost £10.99. And according to the Nintendo UK store, the figures will be released some time in November.

Those in the UK can either pre-order their favourite characters from the official Nintendo UK store, here, or alternatively from GAME, here, for the same price.  Amazon UK also has the figures available for pre-order, though for a slightly elevated £12.99 price tag at the time of writing. For Nintendo fans in Australia, the company’s official PR has stated the Amiibo range will cost $17.95 Australian dollars each.

32 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store Confirms Amiibo Range For £10.99 Each, Australian Prices Also Announced”

  1. hey great we pay those amiibo £3 extra (or £5 in Amazon UK) than the US!!!!! fantastic!!!!!! I am glad I never been interested in those amiibo my nephew is (shit). This amiibo thing rise the following question: do we know if those amiibo are region lock???????

  2. just one thing I may have not take into account is the announce price in US $ does not reflect the taxes, correct? if that the case then 20% tax need to be added which means the US pay the item £1.5 cheap or £3.5 in Amazon UK which not going to stay like this

  3. What are you arguing about? In Brazil we will be paying around USD $ 30-35 for each amiibo and we don´t have the same average wages that you have. Be happy, Americans, British and Australian fellows !

  4. sasori puppet master clown destroyer is back

    I hope u can use amino for back ops 2 oh well its probly gonna fail anyway

      1. You should be proud of the xbone launch, at last ps4 will stop being the laughingstock in your “mother country” fake Yoshida.

    1. A$17.95 is actually less than £10.99. I dunno, it doesn’t seem that bad to me.

      Interestingly, $17.95 is one dollar more than the Infinity goes for.

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