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Sakurai Shares New Smash Run Details For Super Smash Bros 3DS

Super Smash Bros‘ release on the Nintendo 3DS is only a month away, and game director Masahiro Sakurai is determined to keep the hype train running with his daily Miiverse posts. Today, the creator shares new details on the 3DS-exclusive mode, Smash Run. Holding up to four players, Smash Run is a boost-filled and lightning quick battle mode, which emphasises character speed but keeps players in tune with a good level of accuracy needed to avoid those pesky danger zones dotted throughout.

Sakurai details a couple of the battle stages players will see throughout this mode in the screenshots below, including Run! and Climb! areas that give certain advantages to different characters depending on their default speed or jump height and length. Here’s what the director said on Miiverse:


Here’s one of the final battles in Smash Run, called “Run!” As you’d expect, it involves you dashing toward the finish line. In general, the fighters who are fast by default, equipped with speed-boosting equipment, and powered-up with speed boosts over the course of that Smash Run will have the advantage. However, speed isn’t the only factor that will determine who will be victorious…


Those red things in the picture are called danger zones, and if you touch one, you’ll get penalized by respawning farther back in the stage!! The danger zones disappear after someone else touches them, so fighters following those in the lead will have an advantage. You can still find speed boosts throughout the stage, so it’ll be a heated battle ’till the end!!


Here’s another final battle called “Climb!” Obviously, those that can jump or fly higher will have the advantage, but they also have to avoid the danger zones!! It gets pretty challenging if you’ve boosted your speed too much, as well. Everyone really gets into this when playing multiplayer.

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        1. This is the Pac-Man World trilogy model and I love those games. I regret wasting money on that fucking shameful Ghostly Adventures with its repetitive ass design and no Namco Museum. Thank god I got it back.

  1. sasori puppet master clown destroyer is back

    not inrested ill go back to serch and destroy on cod back ops 2

  2. Revvin up the engine
    listening to her howlin roar
    Metal under tension
    Begging you to touch and go

    Highway to the danger zone
    Ride into the danger zone…

  3. I think smash bros for Wiiu should have smash run and all the same content as the 3ds and both games should be released the same time its dumb releasing the wiiu version in December

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