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Japanese Pre-Order Bonus For Pokemon ORAS Revealed, Including Special Double Pack

Following a brand new Japanese trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, details for the pre-order bonus have been announced. Game pre-orders are set to open on September 20 and, depending on which version pre-ordered, fans will receive a special Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon figurine. Additionally, for those fans who prefer to pick up both versions, a special double pack will be issued for approximately 9,142 yen and receive 2 serial codes for 100 potions to use within each game.

And if the 100 potions seem a little thin for a pre-order bonus, fans who purchase both copies from certain Pokemon Centers in Japan will receive a gorgeous Hoenn art book, detailing all the region-specific Pokemon. Pre-ordering one copy of the game at the Pokemon Center won’t net you the art book, but it will give you a wonderful shiny box-art metallic poster, along with either the Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon figure, which differ to those issued in Europe.

Japanese players who download the digital version of either game -which totals 1.8GB in size; a handy note for digital lovers – between November 21 and November 30 will receive 12 Quick Balls, enabling easier catch rates from the start of battles. Pokemon JP has also announced there will be an event for collectors to grab a Shiny Beldum between the game’s launch and January 14, 2015. It’s not yet known whether western users will also be able to nab the specified shiny Pokemon, or if another will be available to download at the game’s launch. You can view the pre-order goodies announced for Europe, here.

17 thoughts on “Japanese Pre-Order Bonus For Pokemon ORAS Revealed, Including Special Double Pack”

  1. Great bonus if you happen to live in Japan (lucky bastards ) abd right next to a Pokémon center (luckyer bastards )

    But seriously… Why was the mario kart 8 bonus nintendo world store exclusive?
    And why is this Pokémon center exclusive?

  2. I already pre ordered these in the states but I hope that every other country including the states get these bonuses. It’s only fair. Tired of hearing that Japan always gets all this cool stuff n US or Europe doesn’t. Bring all this to everyone!

    Really can’t wait for these games. November can’t come soon enough!

  3. cool, I wish i have one of thoses figures, they are awesome,,
    but living in south america even don’t grant me a special or limited edition of anything, so whatever

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