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This Lovely Yoshi Plushie Now Available On European Club Nintendo


The adorable Yoshi plushie you can see in the image above is now available to purchase from Club Nintendo Europe. If you want one it will set you back 5000 Stars, but it looks to be well worth it. Would you invest your Stars for the Yoshi plushie.

24 thoughts on “This Lovely Yoshi Plushie Now Available On European Club Nintendo”

  1. that’s the equivalent of 10 Wii U (or 5 wii U and 5 3DS) if I am not mistaken. I think 1 Nintendo games (not 3rd part) is 150 stars which is about 34 games to get 5K…. taking into account your stars will expires in a year time after registration, that a lot of purchases for a plushie. If by miracle Nintendo will get me my 3300 stars I lost due to this expiration rule I can make it by buying 10 nintendo games :-)

    1. I wish NOE ran the U.S instead of NOA. NOA never gives us preorder bonuses, never updates Club Nintend, never gives us awesome eshop and retail deals. NOTHING.

      We get nothing special except for earlier release dates which really means nothing in the long run..

      I would rather have a physical keepsake collectible and have to wait a few months to buy the actual game then ONLY being able to purchase a game and never being able to collect Nintendo figurines and stuff.

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  3. I have more than 1000 Nintendo club points and nothing to spend it on. Club Nintendo of America really needs to update their products.

  4. Fucking boobs shit balls. Boobs boobs boobs!!!! Damnit. I hate being a godamn american nintendo fan! Booby boob boobs!

  5. Plushies are stupid.

    Speaking of Club Nintendo though, Club Nintendo America REALLY needs to update their physical rewards page. They have not only kept the same stuff up there for years, but have actually REMOVED items and not added anything…

    Will the U.S EVER be able to get anything cool from Nintendo aside from video games?

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