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Hyrule Warriors Demo Now Playable Across Select North American Retailers

Nintendo of America has given fans of Hyrule Warriors a special treat with a new playable demo of the upcoming Zelda and Dynasty Warriors crossover title. Currently available at select North American retailers including Target, GameStop, and Best Buy, the demo will give fans the opportunity to explore Hyrule field and magically blast or slash through multiples of enemies. Choose between Link, Zelda, or Midna and take on the magnificent King Dodongo, throwing bombs strategically to defeat him.

For those interested in the demo, make sure you check out where your nearest retailer is on the handy map, here. Unfortunately, the game’s demo is not currently available in the Nintendo eShop. Hyrule Warriors launches for Wii U on September 26 in North America and September 19 in Europe. Have you managed to get some hands-on time with the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Demo Now Playable Across Select North American Retailers”

  1. I saw the words Demo got all excited (hoping for an EU eShop demo) and then was greatly disappointed, at least there was a Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call demo today, the other game I’m getting on the 19th along with Hyrule Warriors, can’t wait :)

  2. I’ll just settle with going into Nintendo World Store. I know where that is compared to the places on Jersey and Brooklyn. Nothing on Staten Island so poo.

  3. Nintendo needs to really update their wii u demo games in the e shop.They have gone stale.the last added one was the wonderful 101.Games have been on there too long,come on Nintendo update the demos from now on.

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  5. I played the demo four times at my local GameStop last week, trying each individual character (and both of Link’s weapons). The game looks and plays fantastically well, and even though the first level really is sort of a button-mash fest, it kept being fun after an hour of just that same level. It’s not a traditional Zelda feel by any means, but the demo was still great and I’m definitely picking this game up on day one.

    1. I knew it! Lol. I always have fun playing the same level over and over again on Dynasty Warriors 5 and it’s good to hear that this keeps that same amount of fun! I want this game even more now!

  6. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

    Some of us live in super scary neighborhoods with Thugnificent and Ganstalicious running round. Please Understand.

  7. Tried the demo…. frankly bored in the first couple minutes……..hope people who enjoy dynasty warriors like this game too. Ill be waiting for bayonetta.

  8. I actually did get to go to the Hyrule Warriors event that was done separately for Pax Prime in Seattle. They were only letting us play as Ganondorf. I actually wanted to be other characters, but I can say it was pretty cool I didn’t really get to get that good of a grasp on the game, because it was only like 15 mins of playtime and the Nintendo rep kept talking about everything that was going on so it was kind of distracting, but it was good enough to get a feel for it.

  9. I’d be upset with this not being an eShop demo… IF we weren’t getting the game in the next few weeks. I can survive a little longer without a demo.

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  11. Just played demo at gamestop,and I gotta say,it is fun.I was not sold on this game,but after the demo I am buying it. Killing that lizard was amazing! Contol felt a bit wanky though I wonder if the pro controller would be better.Maybe you can adjust it in settings.That was my only gripe.

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