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Here’s A Look At The Glorious New Nintendo 3DS Packaging

Wondered what the new Nintendo 3DS packaging looks like? Well you can see it in all its glory above. The console isn’t due for release until October 10th in Japan, but pre-orders should have started to appear. We won’t be getting the handheld until 2015 here in the west.


48 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Glorious New Nintendo 3DS Packaging”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      When it comes to design, the Japanese packaging tends to be identical to the international release. So yeah. looks nice.

    2. Hoping the name doesnt become an issue like the WiiU… I realize there are usually many variations of handhelds (DS, DSi, ect) but it can get really confusing for people not in know. “Hey, I want the new 3ds for xmas” :xmas morning moans: “no! not the old 3ds, the new one!”

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Hope we can register this on the same account, and hope we can get at least 1500 stars for that 5000 star Yoshi plush, also since seeing as this will be my 5th 3DS…

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Given that the Wii U only gives you 1000 stars… I’m doubting you’ll hir your mark without buying a few games first.
      In the United States, we only get around 160 coins for registering the Wii U and 3DS. So yeah… Currency differences.

    1. Hey if they are able to make Sunshine happen on this thing, let it happen! They will not make anything exclusive if it can run on older hardware. If not, don’t deny the world some Sunshine!

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      The names are supposed to be easy to be spoken internationally. Try to say Xbox in China and it sounds like Shbosh. Do you know how hard and awkward it is to say SHBOSH all the time. People who say Shbosh probably sound like idiots. Sure, Nintendo makes stupid names for their consoles, but at the very least, everyone can say them, and they’re easy to type out when doing web search’s.

      1. I don’t think anyone is even taking you serious. If you don’t get a reaction out of trolling then you are failing at it.

        Keep trying though.

  2. That is one fun box. I hope they get more like this. Right now they are a bit to serious with their console boxes. The thing in the box is fun so why aren’t the boxes itself?

  3. Ten bucks says we’re gonna see a “New” Wii U, 10% more powerful than the original Wii U, and Zelda and Starfox will REQUIRE it.

    Because that’s basically what they’re doing here with the 3DS.

    1. The packaging won’t matter in the long run; the white one won’t be as glossy as the black one, meaning no smudge marks unless you’re bad at washing your hands.XD
      Of course, that’s assuming you don’t supporting for a custom shell for it…

  4. I feel like the new 3DS is Nintendo selling me their recognition of the mistakes they made with the 3DS at a profit. Don’t get me wrong, I love my ‘old’ 3DS, but I can’t help but not feel excited about the new 3DS, because it’s basically a more expensive 3DS with features that should have been on the original 3DS in the first place. In a way, I feel a little ripped off because basically Nintendo is making people pay extra for a playable reminder of the mistakes they made with the original 3DS.

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