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Smash Bros 3DS Supports The C-Stick On New Nintendo 3DS But Not The Circle Pad Pro

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that you’ll be able to use the c-stick on Super Smash Bros for the new Nintendo 3DS. However, the company has stated that those with the current Nintendo 3DS model won’t be able to use the Circle Pad Pro.

Thanks, Timmy

377 thoughts on “Smash Bros 3DS Supports The C-Stick On New Nintendo 3DS But Not The Circle Pad Pro”

    1. there it is. nintendo being a corporation like any other just trying to get you to buy their new 3ds model any way they can.

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                          2. They might even put the highly demanded game: TLOZ Majoras Mask exclusively on it, which would explain the very long stall.

                              1. Well you wanted Majora’s Mask on the Wii U because it could have better graphics. With it being exclusive to the New 3DS, you get your wish for a better looking Majora’s Mask remake than what it could have been on the original 3DS.

                                1. No, zelda MM remake for wii u needs to happen, with better graphics, more missions, and a few more levels. Then make a special MM wii u edition. SYSTEM SELLER RIGHT THERE, yeah i could do a better job at nintendo than those brain dead morons.

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                            1. The New C-stick I wouldn’t really call an additional Circle Pad… It’s really tiny and awkward (inb4 that’s what she said)…

                            2. *Completely ignores the fact that the hardware outstrips the old 3ds’ entirely* Let’s see the circle pad pro do that.

                          1. You are done with Nintendo cause they don’t let you use a second C stick? There’s no need for it, other than quick smashes, which is a silly technique that nobody really uses, anyway. And having the Z/grab on the left side is going to be a little annoying, but it certainly shouldn’t be a deal breaker. I know Nintendo has screwed up a LOT over the last decade, but this certainly isn’t the worst thing they could do.

                            Being mad at Nintendo for not allowing the use of a circle pad attachment in a game that wouldn’t really use it is kinda a “first world problem”, as some would say.

                            1. I’m not done with Nintendo but like the guy saying “this just adds salt to the wound” the wound being new 3ds screwing current 3ds owners over with exclusives. I own a reg 3ds so a cpp with its extra grip and buttons would be great with smash and I would much rather use another pad then circle pad and a button for smashes.

                          2. Yo guys I’m not done with Nintendo so don’t bother commenting on it. I’m just rather upset with this new 3ds thing. I mean they randomly announced two weeks ago like a big screw you. And I know Wii U version is superior and I will be enjoying but I also know I will playing the 3ds version WAY more than the Wii U obviously because its available on a handheld for my play at anytime. I own a regular 3ds so its not the most comfortable thing ever (and XL is better but still little awkward grip) but the circle pad pro makes it easier to play with grip and extra shoulder buttons. And I would rather use another pad for quick smash along with z to charge smash then the circle pad and a button. But I found a solution and I will have to use circle pad and a button for smash attacks. Sakurai better have custom button configuration though.

                      4. This, is the definition of, a dick move.

                        Dick move, Nintendo.

                        Mind you, Kid Icarus Uprising didn’t support the CPP either. Guess that’s just Sakurai being a bit of an idiot.

                          1. He’s talking about the fact that you can’t use the circle pad as a second stick like you should. It only supports a second movement control option for lefthanders. What are yout alking about?

                      5. They would probably sell more CPPs if they did. I don’t understand why the wouldn’t have support for the thing. They could easily have a control scheme “with cpp” “without cpp”
                        Unless I’m missing something here, Nintendo I must say DERP .

                          1. Why not both? Why should the people who have already supported Nintendo by buying a 3DS and a peripheral be forced into spending MORE money to fully enjoy a game same as someone who just bought the new system? Not everyone has an extra $180.00+ just lying around to buy a New 3DS system for one game.
                            It’s good for people who don’t already have a 3DS yes. But for those of us who aren’t ready or unable to “upgrade” the CPP should be an option.

                          2. Yeah, but think about the fact that I and a lot of other people recently purchased a XL. So, in theory, I have to go buy another 3DS to play new games? Why should I when I can get a Circle Pro, have the same add-on buttons and controller, and play the game in the end without having to re-buy another system which I just recently, again mentioned, purchased sometime ago?

                            Nintendo makes shit complicated and why I question shit on their end. They don’t do Cross-Buy either. It’s why I didn’t buy Shovel Knight because I didn’t feel that I should make a choice on getting it on 3D or on a big screen when I want to play the game on different times. Shit like this makes me say “I’m not getting games or systems from them.”

                            1. Yup. Why should old 3Ds owners have the same functions as new 3Ds and Wii U owners? That’s like saying I bought 2014 Camry but the 2015 Camry offers RWD. After all every year a new phone comes out doing more than predecessor and forms a long line.

                        1. @ hollowgrapej then it would t be a reason to buy either a new 3Ds or Wii U to get that quality feel when at smash bros. Nintendo knows one thing off you Ninte do fans and its this, you fans are cheap when you want to be but when it comes to a popular Nintendo exclusive you buy it. After all the hollow WWGame is more expensive and is hard to find. Also the action figure was hard to find that came with WWHD once upon a time.Their just using a monopoly to get you to pay for exclusive gameplay only available for better hardware. Funny how MK8 at $59.99 can stay in the too 10 best sellers for three months.

                            1. “Why didn’t they just out a second circle pad on the 3Ds?”

                              I had to had read that comment in order to answer it. After you don’t know what comments I read off you since it is the 1st time I ever replied to you.

                              1. No. I’m talking about in your comment you said Nintendo fans are cheap and only buy Nintendo exclusives and that’s why I wondered if you were referring to me because of you read the comments I make on this site, you would know that I am not one of them.

                                1. Then no not you. But 3Ds only owners wasn’t going to buy no Wii u. Why would they when Nintendo was giving 3Ds better features than the home console? They weren’t going to just buy a new 3ds. Because I’m not I have a Wii u for smash bros. Nintendo has 40 million install base advertising Wii U on 3Ds and it is still under 10million . Advertisement is not the problem. The problem is 3Ds owners don’t buy Wii U.

                      6. Its dumb and smart at the same time. Its smart because if you own a Wii u you are less likely going to pay over $200 to experience new 3Ds playing smash bros. And just either buy SSB 3Ds and $59.99 for Wii U. Yet if all you have is a 3Ds then you have 2 choices buy new 3Ds or Wii U. or you won’t get that good feel quality. Either way you got to hand over $200 to experience the better gameplay to beat someone with a new 3Ds or Wii U with better controls over online. Genius. The dumb part is SSM 3Ds won’t get delayed.

                      7. Shut up you drones, you complain for the sake of complaining, Sakurai knows what he is doing, they entrusted him with Smash Bros after all

                          1. No I’m going to tell you what stupid is: stupid is giving 3Ds smash bros first after Wii U sales are in a drought. Having 3Ds games coming out faster than Wii U games. Having 3Ds having better online features as good or better than. The home console. That’s stupid.Its smart buy having current 3Ds owners have to pay over $200 for better gameplay only for 3Ds only owners. Yeah if Nintendo can’t get you handheld only owners to buy a Wii U they are going to get you to pay over $200 to buy for better Smash bros features. That’s smart as fuck!

                        1. Why? So? I paid $350 for my Wii U. Before the price cut. You 3Ds only owners finally is t getting better shit than Wii U only owners.

                      8. This is the smartest thing Nintendo ever did. So if you own only a 3Ds the adverage person will think, I paid all this money to get the extra thumb pad and bought a new 3Ds. I’m just going to buy a Wii U/ super smash bros bundle because its a better deal. Plus it has better visuals and other games not available for 3ds. Smart Nintendo. Now get rid of that upcoming super smash/3Ds bundle.

                          1. I own Both consoles. I own a Wii u and I’m less likely going to pay over $200 for better Gameplay for my 3Ds. That’s smart as fuck! Now Nintendo had this fucking plan to get as much revenue off smash as possible. In other wards the handheld version cost more than the home console.

                      9. Nintendo you really have a dick up your ass dont you. I know you LOVE riding it, and getting your asshole moist with cum, but now your just being a fuckin cunt. I really, reslly am starting to hate Nintendo. You aren’t the same as old nintendo. Iwata go leave nintendo, such a disgrace to the company

                        1. Wait. A month ago when I got on Nintendo for the dumb decisions y’all attacked me. Now that Nintendo made a way to persuade you to buy a Wii U y’all are against Nintendo all of a sudden.

                        2. Iwata doesn’t need to leave Nintendo now. He found a way to get you 3ds only owners to pay for a new console either way. But I don’t have to worry I own their latest console already.

                      10. Just fork over $200 if you want the better gameplay. Finally a reason to buy a Wii U for smash over the handheld is clear. So I’ll get both games but I don’t have to birch because I own a Wii U. LMFAO! I love. So this is the first time I see Nintendo factoring their home console over the handheld and the 3Ds only fans don’t like it.

                      11. Does nobody here understand that it will only be shadowing other buttons? it’s not like this will affect you in any way…

                        1. Do you understand the reason why the C stick is popular for GameCube controller and why Ninte do made a GC adapter? Yes the C stick is popular regardless if it is on the handheld or Wii U. It was the reason why so many people loved the GameCube controller. Now it is a standard feature for new 3Ds. But since I already own a Wii U I’ll just pay $39.99 for the 3Ds version. Nintendo, this is the smartest thing y’all ever did.

                      12. Shadow or not I paid $200 for my Wii U I expect the priceier hardware to have better something than the cheaper version. How word you feel if you bought a $45k BMW and a Camry offered the same features your BMW has? Yes fork over $200 for better functions!

                        1. Dude, the more you keep responding with that same logic over and over, the less people are going to listen to it. Move on already.

                          1. Oh so you going to put it out on me again huh? But this time I agree with Nintendo. But when I was against their dumb decisions before y’all put it out on me again. Form over the money 3Ds only owner.

                        1. 1 month and 20 days ago I also said, “well that’s dumb” and a bunch of Ninte do fans attacked me. So anyone wants to attack me now in thinking this is smart? Anyone? So next time when. Or I’d Ninte do makes a stupid decision and I don’t agree with it and I call them dumb, just remember how you felt when you had to buy a new 3Ds to play smash bros the real way.

                      13. And also even if I didn’t own a Wii U or old 3Ds, if I decided to pay for a new 3ds I don’t want you cheapwhenyouwanttobenintendo fans to have the same exact functions. What would my incentive be for buying a new 3Ds?

                      14. A month u was mad at Nintendo for dropping the Wii U’s price cut not offering any incentives. Now you 3Ds only owners know how I feel. I love it! That’s right fork over that money if you want to play smash bros the right way!

                        1. Bullshit? It wasn’t bullshit when I said last month Nintendo was stupid not to put more gigs in Wii U? It wasn’t bullshit when I was against them putting smash bros. And releasing every character on 3Ds as well as wui u. Finally something more than just visuals is a reason I got my monies worth for the most expensive console. You Nintendo fans were right Gameplay over graphics is important.

                      15. I’m sorry, but Pachter shouldn’t have a job in the industry anymore. His predictions are almost always incorrect.

                        In any case, if there is a console developer that will never go 3rd party, it’s Nintendo. At least not if Iwata is still in charge (which apparently Nintendo will have to completely fail for that to ever happen).

                        The Wii U hasn’t been the success that it could’ve been had Nintendo gone with something more innovative (or better power), but it’s far from being a big enough failure for Nintendo to stop making consoles.

                        I reserve my opinion of Nintendo exiting the console business for after this Christmas Holiday. Nintendo and Microsoft both have to come up with some solid sales this holiday, and Nintendo is far more primed for that move since they’ve got the games and toys to back it up.

                      16. You 3Ds only owners already have the NFC attachment coating less than Wii U. What else y’all want left Wii U has? You cheapwhenyouwanttonenintendo fans.

                          1. Funny how when I was against Aelous and Ice and backing you up with my comments you didn’t say nothing. I remember it as if it were yesterday 1 year and 8 months ago. What happens to aelous anyway.?

                            1. Err… Im sorry, but I agree with deleted, in a way, that you should probably not just keep ranting away at why people are always against you, and that 3DS only owners have to pay more… It’s just that you keep saying the same thing OVER and OVER. >.<

                              1. What you mean 3ds owners have to pay more? No they don’t just buy it for $39.99. Bitching about me but allowing thatPS4 fancalling nintendo games “baby”. Get over it more expensive hardware deserves better gameplay less expensive hardware needs worse gameplay…or should the Toyota corolla have same features as Avalon?

                        1. So you want give them money because you don’t want to pay for new hardware? So I guess you are another who doesn’t want future Wii U games at 1080p60fps which is expensive. Super Smash Bros. Revenue is going to make better games that support gamepad and better graphics. That cost money to do. They already laid off 360 people in UK. But if you don’t want to support Nintendo I guess then what’s the point of me defending against trolls about graphics and games and power?

                      17. Pingback: Super Smash Bros. 3DS supporterà il nuoco C-stick del New Nintendo 3DS ma non il Circle Pad Pro – The Last Bastion of Gamers!

                      18. You CheapwhenyouwanttobeNintendo fans trip me out. You guys want the Wii U to sell better right? Doesn’t Nintendo Commander want the Xbox to die? Will here is a solution pay more than $200 for the new 3Ds or buy a Wii U to help those sells. Its not fair if current 3Ds owners can play the same gameplay Wii U does. Same for future new 3Ds owners.

                        1. Seeing that the 3DS doesn’t have local co-op (unless you want to buy multiple systems), I’m sure a lot of people that enjoyed couch co-op will buy the Wii U version.

                          There are a lot of people out there that have played Melee and Brawl that don’t own either a 3DS or a Wii U. If they are buying either system, just for smash bros, I bet they would buy the Wii U version [if they were coming out at the same time].

                          “Its not fair for current 3ds owners can play the same gameplay the Wii U does”.
                          – This argument lacks a premise. You lost me here.

                          1. Lost you there.Wii U cost more than 3Ds? Why the hell should current Wii U owners have the same gameplay functions. Fuck that buy a Wii U or buy new 3Ds. If I buy a 2015 car it better have higher mpg, more features and better sound than the 2014 version. After all the 2015 model year cost more.

                      19. Hopfullly Nintendo uses the extra money to rehire the 360 people they laid off in UK since you cheapwhenyouwantotobeNintendo fans only wanted a 3Ds and hoping it will offer same features as Wii U does. Also use the extra money to make more Wii U games and new IPS. I tired of trolls coming on here saying we only like Mario and Zelda games.

                        1. It us used to do quick attacks and block faster than pushing A,B,X and Y. Nintendo knows this that’s why the new 3Ds has it and not the old one. Nintendo fans know it that’s why they are bitchimg.

                          1. That’s funny Navi 6 months ago you told Xbox one fans gameplay over graphics. When the Wii U got criticized for being so called “underpowered.” Now all of a sudden gameplay doesn’t matter? Flip flipping. So instead of trying to help Nintendo’s poor selling Wii u, you give this person a reason not to buy Nintendo’s home console? Really?

                        2. Same as it does in Melee and brawl. It will be your quick smash attack. So instead of pressing Forward and ‘A’ at the same time *which is really annoying to do on a 3DS circle pad* all you have to do is move the C-Stick forward and there you go: Forward smash. Much easier

                        3. The “c” stick is for smash moves. It’s for any one who can’t tap over and “a” at the same time. It will not change a thing, unless you have truble hitting over and “a” at the same time. Then your just screwed.

                            1. You calk me a dumbass but give an excuse not to buy Wii U version just accepting the current 3Ds gameplay. But I’m a dumbass for waiting better Wii U sales. So when the trolls come back bragging about PS4 sells don’t say shit.

                        1. You could be on to something… if Nintendo hadn’t already announced that the New 3Ds will release outside of Japan next year.

                      20. You guys do realize the people complaining about the CPP are a minority right? I know maybe one person that owns a CPP. The game is still going to sell. Just because a couple of people are salty doesn’t mean Nintendo is going to change anything. If you want the c-stick feel, get the Wii U version once it comes out

                        1. Thank you Shamino! That’s allllll Nintendo wants to do increase Wii U sales! Now when they are doing something about it, they want to bitch as if making hardware is free. I don’t know about you but I want the next generation home console to be more powerful than PS5 or on par. Not like Wii U. The money has to come from somewhere.

                          1. I never said shyt to u bro. I do like nintendo, but they are going downhill from their stupid decisions that their uneducated leader does.

                            1. I don’t care if you never said nothing to me. I saw a reply button and clicked on it. Now as for going downhill. Oh I doubt that will continue now that they cut out the old 3Ds gameplay having same as more expensive hardware. I paid more for Wii U I expect more than better graphics from a cheaper hardware console. This is why I didn’t buy Lost World’s. Wii U being the more powerful and better console version of Sonic lacked online.Yet the cheaper version had it. It should have always been the more expensive console with best features. It took dumbtendo to lay off 360 people to figure that out.

                              1. Also Lost Worlds for 3Ds had better gameplay than Wii U. Sells result, the game with the better gameplay sold better. So obviously they want the Super smash to increase newer consoles over older consoles. I mean if you bought a 2013 Camry you going to bitch because the 2015 has more horsepower and features?

                          2. If they hired GOOD marketers, besides their useless mofos who just go online at nintendominutes bullshit. Pisses me off that i bought a failing console

                            1. Better marketers wouldn’t had persuaded 40milliom 3Ds only owners to buy Smash bros. Wii U. About 25% of them would have bought a Wii U. Now that they see they aren’t getting the best gameplay those customers need to buy updated hardware. That’s a strategy to boost Wii U sales.

                      21. I never bought the circle pad pro to begin with, because it never seemd like it would be worth the monies… glad to know I was right. How many games was the CPP even usable on, let alone “better” using it on? -2?

                        1. But Smash needed the CCP. I mean, how would you play without dual sticks, and still win? Its like saying in COD or any shooter, you never use the right analog stick to control the direction of movement. Like how the hell you play a game like that :/

                      22. Today i realize that every console of this gen has many problems. ps4 IS struggling greatly in Japan. nintendo keeps on making stupid mistakes like this one, and Microsoft is considered the devil and has No worthwhile exclusives. For those of you fellow Halo fans who’d like to argue that last statement I have one question for you. How are you enjoying that Halo 4?

                        1. Well to be fair, Nintendo gives Japan priority, PS4 has a strong install base in the US, which is where a LOT of gamers are at. Xbox gets dlc early, which is great instead of waiting for getting dlc on other platforms (ps4)

                      23. Cool down guys…
                        I think I figure out why: Amiibos.
                        Amiibo reader and CPP cannot work at the same time, and Nintendo really want to push Amiibos and utilizing them more in Smash Bros. However, both Amiibo reader and CPP need to use the IR port on original 3DS, and only one can work at the same time, so… Amiibo reader get the preference here, I guess.

                        1. Nope. Still got to buy up to date hardware to get the best experience. Real Smash bros fans from 64era can give a rats ass over some Amiibos working with c stick or not.

                      24. Seems kinda pointless to leave this peripheral out. I think I’ve only got one game that supports it, so I haven’t bothered to buy one, but it’s kinda proving to be kinda useless to buy one anyways. I’m glad the new model will be supported, but we don’t even have a release date for it in the States or Europe yet which leads me to believe it’s a ways off. So until sometime next year those of us that buy it for 3DS have to go without it. If I remember right, the c-stick was used for some special moves? I really can’t remember, it’s been a while since I’ve played a Smash game cos very few of my friends want to play with me, it’s always Mario Kart, haha.

                              1. It’s funny how your youtube followers are helpingg to spread your information, the first rule on internet is to not answer personal questions to people on internet. if i were you lord aize or sasori whoever you are i’d rather block him.

                            1. wich nonsense my lord?. you started all of this. the clergy of your church is trying to troll the drones, you failed to do this and you did not bring us the promised victory. Beware, one thing is pissing of the nintendrones, one different is pissing off xbox fans. it’s on you what you want to do, father.
                              the cleergy of your church has warned you.

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                                    lord sasori’s sacred butthurt is at this highest point
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                          1. ok i meant the circle pad pro. “Is he fucking serious? Are you illiterate you Nigerian dipshit? ” it sounds like your another trying to find my information on the internet and spreading it on this site.

                                1. he promised us, the xbutts, a victory.
                                  now he’s flip fapping telling people that he would buy bayonetta 2.
                                  BAYONETTA 2 are you fucking serious?, the game that had to be xbox exclusive… :'(
                                  our father failed us.

                                              1. Want me to let you in on a little secret? I don’t troll with an actual account. It’s done under “Anonymous”. You’ll never know who I am. Lmao!

                                              1. a guy in a comment section that started a war against Nintendo fans because he is dissapointed with his Wii U. he had to take his arguments to the top dogs at Nintendo consumer service, not its fans or sell it, burn it or whatever :P
                                                what the heck a fan can do to help him?, the fans want to buy the games they want, they won’t leave the opportunitty to own, let’s say, Smash Bros because a narutard is dissapointed with his console XD

                                                1. I know you ain’t talking about me. Cheap 3Ds don’t deserve to be in Wii U level when it comes to games. After all the Honda Fit isn’t a v6 like an Accord. People who buy an Accord EX wants features and quality the Fit can’t offer. Don’t get mad at me because the Wii U version is better than 3DS. For some stupid reason Nintendo was trying to get 3Ds on par with Wii U.

                                                  1. Maybe but they just need to rember whatever the next console can do the more expensive one has to be better. Aiming for the cheap handhelt to be on par with a home console is dumb. That’s why 40million 3DS owners have no interest in buying a Wii U. They also should have never gave 3Ds Miiverse and NFC. If the Honda Fit offered AWD like the CRV why buy the CRV?

                                                1. The comments he makes on this site are nothing compared to what most other people say. I don’t know why people take him so seriously. The people here that make death threats and such to him are literally insane. These are just video games. They aren’t that big a deal.

                                                  1. good, the lord has penetrated your thoughs. now, kneel before the failed god sasori and help us to destroy the drones

                                    1. “`i dont think i have ever seen a 3ds c stick in walmart or gamestop”
                                      because is called “CIRCLE PAD PRO”, moron

                                  1. You Nintendo fans trip me out. You don’t really support Nintendo one bit but you want Wii U to sell the competition. SMH. Funny a year ago when I said it was a dumb decision to put Smash on 3Ds in the first place I was the bad guy. But when they left the little catch out what function not available I’m the bad guy again. You Nintendo fans defend Sony fans over gameplay over graphics. Nintendo is sticking with it for wii u having netter gameplay but still bitching. You fans don’t know what you want. DS4 is better than Vita why can’t pro controller be better than 3Ds?

                                  2. pls people dont be a blind +.+ that is still our money. That thif i must bou new 3ds ??? i have cicel pro and cant us that in Smash yep very thx nintendo

                                  3. See this is exactly what the fuck I’m talking about Nintendo. This is some real bullshit. I wasn’t that mad about the New Nintendo 3DS announcements because I didn’t think you were going to isolate the already established 50 million 3DS owners. But that is exactly what you are doing so now I have to join in the haters and say fuck you. This is some real shitty corporate bullshit you are pulling and puts you right in the league with the likes of Apple. Seriously, this is fucked up.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      High Command needs to be shaken by my forces to listen to some reason…

                                      I must declare Darkness Law against their ever increasing Martial Law…

                                        1. They did the opposite with the Gamecube and yet it did worse, regardless of what people thinks they do wrong on, they just hate Nintendo when it comes down to it because they have been severely corrupted beyond purification by the Xbot infection…

                                          1. Ok the gamecube still made prophet and was a true nintendo fan machine and a good system. I don’t care how bad nintendo does if they are kick ass. Just look wii u is losing nintendo money for a few years now after they never made a loss in 25 years, and wii u is NOT a good system like the gamecube in any way.

                                            The reason why you see this huge downfall in everything going on in nintendo, is the result in that shitty wii selling.

                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                              If the Wii U has not sold about 15 million units atleast by the end of next year then I can see it a failure 100%…

                                              1. Yeah i agree with that. I hope it sells like only that much. Nintendo has to learn from their mistakes. Even if it sells i will look at it as a failure. I want to see more kickass announcements like x, star fox bayoenatta. Heck even that yoshi game and kirby game are nuice because there different, and that’s all i really want, is new types of games and not the same old, mario and zelda stuff.

                                                  1. gosh defiantly man….. i wish i would of just bought the wii u right now. I’m going to rip off nintendo in prices next gen so bad to make up on this crap. Now 3ds owners are feeling the shaft wii u launch owners did with that new bullshit should have been like that at launch3ds.

                                                      1. Yeah xbox is just a mistake, i hate how it’s such a big part of gaming……. it feels like everything that videogames should be, the xbox destroys it. Not to mention it’s fanbase is a bunch of dudebro unoriginal meat heads who like shitty ass creed and madden, or dumb kids that don’t know the soul of videogames. The kids who like xbox are growing up on the shitty unoriginal AAA milked games, and the exclusives are nothing much special.

                                                        When the 360 became popular that’s when a big chunk of gaming died.

                                    2. A highschool drop out vs. A PhD. Why the fuck should the high schools drop out live in a $300,000 house and a neighbor to a medical doctor? That’s not fair. Buy a new hardware device for smash bros. Why should current Wii U have all the same functions as 3Ds on smash bros.? Ninten do did the right thing. 3Ds doesn’t deserve smash bros anyway not for the 9 million who bought a Wii U for $300 or more. And have the nerve to optimize 3Ds version of smash to also have 60fps.


                                      Your all going to be so confused that you haven’t see all of this since the wiitard era. Nintendo makes super ass cheap hardware just to make the biggest buck, when they used to offer the only best hardware you could get for the very best dollar. Then they sold out numerous times and became even more greedy now won’t even make the c stick work for cpp accessory, BUT you cAn buy A WHOLE NEW SYSTEM THAT SHOULD OF HAD THE ANALOGUE STICK IN THE FISRT PLACE BUT THEY KNEW THGEY COULD RIP PEOPLE OFF IF THEY HELD IT BACK FOR A WHILE, SO THEY COULD DO IT IN A UPGRADED 3DS!!!! Then they would make exclusive titles for it and fuck over the 40 million users.

                                      $$$$$$ WE can make $$$$$ from this and rip people off!!!

                                      1. See if it were me I wouldn’t had released the info about new 3Ds until 6 to 8 months after Super Smash was on sale globally. That way it wouldn’t look like they tried to rip off 40millikn 3Ds owners. But it is still a good strategy to get some 3Ds to buy a Wii U.

                                    4. Let me get this straight – In order the “fully enjoy” every aspect of the game (As you would have with Brawl or Melee), you have to (Assuming you’ve ALREADY dished out the cash for a WiiU and 3DS):

                                      ~ = Estimate/General

                                      *Own a 3DS and WiiU:
                                      **3DS at launch: $249
                                      **3DS Decline: $160
                                      **3DS Now: $90~
                                      /**Tossed 3DS for XL at launch: $199
                                      /**Tossed 3DS for XL now: $150~
                                      /**Tossed 3DS for 2DS: $90
                                      **WiiU at launch: $349 (Deluxe) $299 (Basic)
                                      **WiiU Now:
                                      *Purchase a GC Controller Adapter+GC Controller/GC-WiiMote extension +$20-25 (If no Gc Controller, x4 that’s $70~ at it’s cheapest – x4 GC-WiiMote about $70~)
                                      /**Additional WiiMotes (If no extra) for multiplayer: $120
                                      *Purchase the WiiU Version of the game +$59
                                      *Purchase the 3DS Version of the game +$39
                                      *Purchase Amibo Figures +$12-300 (And far into the future)
                                      *Own a 3DS/XL and a Circle Pad Pro/XL? Too bad. Buy the NEW 3DS next year. +$210
                                      *Own a 3DS/XL? Too bad. Buy our Amiibo adapter for your lame 3DS and then toss it away when you but a NEW 3DS Next year. + $25
                                      ++Circle Pad Pro (If you own one) +$20
                                      ++Circle Pad Pro XL (Uf you own one) +$20

                                      How has this effected you/how will it effect you? Do the math. For me, with how I was planning to play the game along with what I’ve payed:

                                      WiiU: $349
                                      3DS: $160
                                      3DS Game: $39
                                      WiiU Game: $59
                                      Amiibo Figures (Over a period of years): $90
                                      Amiibo Adapter for 3DS: $20-25~
                                      +NEW 3DS for decent gameplay: $200
                                      +WASTED Circle Pad Cost: $20
                                      +GC Adapter for decent gameplay: $20
                                      /+Three additional Gc Controllers: $60-70~
                                      +GC Controller for WiiMote at some point (I doubt most games will support the adapter): $20

                                      Ta-da!: $1040 USD (Rounded, no tax)

                                      Ehh… No.

                                      1. Now you’re just rambling as if you have no choice at all…

                                        No one is forcing anyone to buy all these things and buying 3 additional controllers is because you want to play with 3 others, not because they forced you to do it…

                                        Really, some of you truly acts or think that you are obligated to buy every little thing our empire brings out, doesn’t that make you the blind sheep?…

                                        1. I simply want to play the game the same way I did Brawl or Melee – But I can’t because you have to buy additional accessories. No obligation – But your experience is really dampened if you don’t dish out cash.

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            Well that’s life, we can’t all have the resources to spend in one second no matter how hard we want something…

                                            There are alot of things I want right now but I can’t because my resources have to go to other things first…

                                            The latest game I bought for the Wii U was Deus Ex HRDC which in my opinion is one of the best Third Class games I’ve played in a long time…

                                            It reminded me a bit of Perfect Dark 64…

                                            I understand what you’re saying but sometimes we can’t do much about it…

                                            However I do think it’s a stupid thing to come out with a new 3DS version right now…

                                            1. Are you getting Bayonetta 2? I was going to get it later after it came out, but after seeing the direct, I am 100% confirmed getting it ASAP. That was amazing…

                                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                Indeed I am, I never liked games like that but getting 2 games for the price of one and that it is a challenging game was enough to grab my attention…

                                                1. Why? Just get both. Oh well, suit yourself. I’m getting it as soon as possible so I can finally play as my waifu. Ehehe…

                                                      1. I’m actually aiming for Smash Bros. 3DS first, then either Bayonetta 2 or Sonic Boom on 3DS, after that its PKMN Ruby remake and finally the Wii U version of Smash Bros. 4. :3

                                                        1. I think I will get Hyrule Warriors first then Smash Bros 3DS. After that, Bayonetta 2. Then I’ll wait for Watch Dogs…

                                                          1. Watchdogs is nowhere in site and I’m beginning to believe Ubishit probably lied about the port from ever existing before launch because if there was a second studio who was making the port simultaneously with the main studio making other versions and the pulled from the last 6 weeks before launch, don’t you think we could’ve heard something about it by now or get a release date since it was being made and then delayed for a short time?

                                                            I’m telling you. Don’t get suckers into this. Ubishit likely lied about Wii U getting Watchdogs as previously mentioned and planned, just like they lied about Rayman being a Wii U exclusive and having such “optimism” for the platform. If I were you, I’d just get GTA5 since its more fun and probably designed while being worth your buck.

                                                                1. @Stranga The only possible way that I can get a PC is if I stop buying Nintendo games entirely right now. If I saved, I wouldn’t have a PC until next year. That’s a huge sacrifice. I’m still trying to decide. Oh, and I am getting Watch Dogs regardless of platform. Even when I get GTA V in the future. Watch Dogs is simply a game that I’ve wanted to play for a very long time. I’m not just gonna give up on it.

                                                                2. After what Ubisoft said about they’ll no longer give us M rated games for Wii U, I’m DEFINITELY not buying Watch_Dogs for Wii U now. I refuse to give them 60 bucks to fund the sequel that won’t even come to the Wii U.

                                                                    1. Be glad I don’t directly insult gays just because I use one of the keywords. I don’t mind gays living in society because their choice of relationships and life styles is none of our business or concern to suddenly start preaching that its immoral because we don’t understand it, never done it or even think about it. Believe me, there are far worst types of people who wanna preach about I morals but does exactly that but worse.

                                                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                        Except it’s not a choice…

                                                                        I didn’t choose it at all…

                                                                        And to the few that syas they did, they are nothing more than stupid apes that don’t know themselves…

                                                                        1. How is it not a choice when its basically that their mentality feels that they’re incompatible with certain people over some circumstances and they just went the other way? I really do believe homosexuality isn’t genetic related. Otherwise there would be science to prove that theory which is as farfetched as beyond crazy conspiracy theories like government mind control with satellites…

                                                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                            Homosexuality like Heterosexuality are based on multiple factors as environment, genetics and other things…

                                                                            You didn’t choose to be straight, you just naturally like females as I like males without choosing…

                                                                            You and others can believe whatever you want but the ones that are knows better…

                                                                            I’ve never thought “let me choose to be gay because no females likes me and I rather be hated by most because it’s fun”…

                                                                            More females than males likes me anyway so every argument that only homosexuality is not “natural” is invalid because if it is unatural then so is Heterosexuality, only the Abraham religions condems it and they are responsible for the retarded position the human race is on today ever since the Dark Ages…

                                                                            1. Okay. Seems like you almost ran out of role playing ideas a minute ago and use this subject to push it. XP IDK about you but let’s drop this. I don’t hate nor insult gays. I merely use words indirectly.

                                                                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                                I never run out of anything, except energy…

                                                                                So when are we going to race or something?…

                                                                                No one talks in Miiverse…

                                                                                        1. I’ve tried to talk to you and you never respond… I’m literally doing nothing right now and this is the most perfect time that you could possibly ever ask me to race. You can even include Stranga. This is my last day of the weekend before I go back to school, work, etc, so I suggest you get to it!

                                                                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                                            Too bad my brother is playing it right now…

                                                                                            But I’ll send you a message later and we’ll decide a time to race…

                                                                                            1. Dang it… Well, hopefully, you don’t ask too late. This is one of my free times of the day and I cannot guarantee I will be available later on because I might be playing something else or doing some work. However, if I’m just playing a game on my Wii U, I will occasionally check back with my phone and eventually see one of your messages if you’re ready…

                                                                                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                                                I don’t thin I can today but if you have the most time during wekends then I’ll message you during those days…

                                                                                                1. Yep. But the problem this time is that I might be going somewhere on the weekend and I can’t connect to the internet there which means you have to wait until next NEXT Sunday. Lol.