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Pachter Believes Nintendo Will Abandon Hardware And Will Go Third Party Next Gen

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter has told Venture Beat that he believes Nintendo will abandon the hardware market in the next generation of video game consoles. Pachter doesn’t believe that there’s a market for Nintendo hardware any more, but there’s still lots of interest in the innovative software that they put out.

“They are more than a decade behind the curve, and they are so insular that there is no desire internally to learn from others. Nintendo hardware goes away. There is a place for their content. There is no place for Nintendo hardware. Nobody cares. They will have to abandon hardware.”

Thanks, Fbt and Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

319 thoughts on “Pachter Believes Nintendo Will Abandon Hardware And Will Go Third Party Next Gen”

  1. Really?

    Looks like us, who grew up with Nintendo in our lives since the 80’s, don’t exist any more.

    Shame on us for supporting the company that gave the world gaming as we know it, and especially America its videogame market back.

          1. Nintendo’s line-up is great. I don’t know what you are talking about. You are a disgrace to the Sony army…

        1. I have a ps4 and I think the nintendo games are better on Nintendo products! Stop being cheap and buy a wii u, dont believe me add me on psn Frezh_blunts . Everyone is just jealous they can’t play nintendo games that is why the article was made in my opinion.

        2. Lol, won’t happen, but I can assure you I most likely will be playing Sony exclusives in the future on my PC since Sony is losing money.

          1. If you have played any of the new Nintendo games you will see they are a shit ton harder then generic COD and Battlefield.

        3. Never going to happen PS4 can’t handle Nintendo games they design them to work perfectly with their system not a generic over priced PC.

          1. That is funny, that you believe other hardware can’t run a simple game like mk8 or anything nintendo does. They do nothing special when it comes to performance, features. They do good family games that no one else can.

            1. Excuse me but what exactly defines mk8 game as ‘simple’? Do you make console/pc games for a living to make such a knowledgable claim?

              If you are making this claim simply from a perspective of a gamer/viewer, then I am surely allowed to state my claim as well:

              I will take the last-gen flagship sony title as an example, the beloved and highly acclaimed The Last of Us, and tell you that tlou is far more simple game than mk8, and I can tell you this with certainty simply by looking at the gameplay videos of these two, side by side. Starting with just the fact that mk8 actually *plays* while tlou is broken and embarrassing to watch.

              I will even go so far to claim that even Mario Kart Wii is more complex of a game than the Least of Us.

      1. No. I like this news. It gives us a chance to see how many idiots will actually believe the bullshit that spews from Pachter’s mouth. You’d think after being proven wrong countless times on major issues that he’d quit or that people would quit being sheep and stop listening to Michael “Shitty Analyst” Pachter.

    1. Considering pretty much without fail, the opposite happens of what he says, he has guaranteed they will make hardware next generation.

    2. This old fuck needs to gag himself already and die. I’ll gladly see his demise over the recent loss of Robin Williams.

    3. After the utter miserable debacle on the Mario Kart 8, I have to say that the next console I own will not be a Nintendo. No split screen play equals boredom – It should be a riot of fun and colour, not half views and unseen drops ending a game.
      When youngsters in my family go fetch the Game Cube to play Double dash over MK 8, I know Nintendo screwed it badly.

    1. I’m so sick of this wannabe prophet, and his apparent infinate wisdom. Even to this day, the gaming industry stays right where it’s at until Nintendo comes up with the next new direction for hardware and controls

    2. Most of us aren’t listening. We’re just hearing it. There is a big difference between listening & hearing, after all.

  2. The sad part is that when noah’s ark happened they allowed this guy to get on the boat and not the dodo bird. I much rather have the dodo bird.

  3. Nintendo said they are always working on the console already. As soon as they release one they start working on the other one. If anything Sony is closer to go third party. No comments on the cable box.

    1. yep, with the next-gen in mind, Nintendo is always into the future CONCEPTS, while sony/ms are by default lagging into a simple and unimaginative gpu/cpu upgrade. No imagination, no vision, just a hardware egotrip.

  4. only time will tell. agree or disagree, he’s right on one thing. Nintendo needs to stop doing its own thing and listen to devs and gamers.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

        Stop doing it’s own thing? Nintendo has survived for decades by doing their own thing, are they expected to listen to a retarded ANALCYST who believed the biggest smash in gaming since the Game Boy was going to flop?

        1. I think he means in terms of power and internet. They can have a powerful system comparable to the other two so that 3rd parties don’t have an excuse to not make games for it, and still have the Nintendo touch. And make the internet better, have voice chat as an option, with a mute button option. Mario Kart 8 I should be able to talk to my friends DURING the race, not just between them. And there’s the button you can press to turn it off already there. And Mario Kart 8 runs pretty smooth but there is lag from other racers, plenty of times I will nail someone with a green shell, and it shows the other racer get hit, yet the lose no speed and still beat me when I’m right on their tail. No acceleration set up in the game is THAT good to keep them from losing any speed, so it’s clearly a lag issue. And although Nintendo has survived for decades, the sales are dropping unfortunately and it’s cause of the weak system mentality, and no 3rd party and “kiddie” games. I love their games, but others want more, and I do too. They have mature games like Bayonetta and Zombie U, so they are getting rid of the kids only image, that’s a great thing. But now they need to power up and make a system with very comparable specs to PS5, not PS4, with mature titles and not just Teen and under titles, and the Nintendo goodness. Then there will be no excuses for people to slam them or not buy them.

            1. Most of the expense of the Wii U is the gamepad, which is why it’s only a hundred less than ps4, I like the gamepad for somethings, especially browsing and such, and will probably miss it, but for a controller I don’t like it cause it’s so big. I loved it at first until I started using my pro controllers, and then when I went back it just hurt my hands and felt awkward. I wouldn’t mind if they have the gamepad on their next system if it doesn’t put the cost up so much like this gen. Hopefully by next gen the gamepad cost will drop and it won’t be an issue. I think games like Mario Kart 8 look great but lots of people want more and more, and unfortunately Nintendo needs more buyers. They have been losing money the last few years, and I don’t want to see them go under. People don’t mind spending that extra hundred for the ps4 due to it’s power and all the 3rd party games so that tells me people ARE willing to spend more money despite the bad economy, which lots of people thought would have an effect on this generation. A powerful system with the Nintendo touch and mature titles and great online with options for everyone is the best thing that could happen to the gaming industry. Nobody could say anything then. No more “it’s just for kids” cause of Bayonetta and such, no more “it’s weak” if they were on par (from buyers AND 3rd party developers), no more “it’s internet sucks and has few options and hardly any voice chat” if they fixed that with the option of mute. Options are loved by all. And having games like Pikmin or Mario 3D World online doesn’t take away from the local multiplayer experience at all. It just keeps you and I from being able to enjoy them together and other people. If they fixed that next gen, I’d LOVE to hear what excuses people would have to not buy their new system.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                If they don’t buy their next console even if they would have rectified all the “problems” then it’s clear that it was never our empire’s fault to begin with in most cases…

                I think what most fans are mad about including me is that the Gamepad still does not justify the price…

                1. I can give you that, I don’t know how much it actually costs to make the gamepad, or the rest of the hardware, I just remember reading they were losing money on wii u’s sold for a while, but profiting off all software. That’s definitely on them though.

      1. and by that you mean anti gamer? nintendo making it’s franchises doesn’t make nintendo nintendo it makes zelda zelda or mario mario. nintendo being nintendo means no online, lies about 3rd parties, lies about no droughts, small games that cost too much like mario bros u, yoshi’s wooly world… terrible hardware that they only make different to make it different. how many games use the gamepad? how many games are based around the gyroscope, 3d on the 3ds?

          1. Yet 10 million people pay for online on PS4, together with 5 million on Xbox One. I’m assuming soMe of the are “normal”?


              1. at least you admit what you are. i never see you on articles that say nintendo did something wrong like the circle pad pro and sometimes when you do, you defend them. oh the stupidity

                  1. yes, the best way for them to do that is to split the 3ds userbase and make the circle par pro unusable in their biggest 3ds game this year. i still don’t see updates in games that will allow online mp. i still don’t see wii u updates that give us every missing feature. they always say something that makes everyone go “yeah, that is the nintendo i love” they did it when they said they would have 3rd parties, when they said no droughts on 3ds, again on the wii u, they said that wii u will be the console for the both casual and core gamer, they said that wii u will use 2 gamepads in the future. they said that gamepad makes the wii u stand out. none of those things were true. you still believe them? did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?

                    1. I said it once and I’ll say it again, “Nintendo has no control over third parties”. Meaning its the third parties fault that their games are not on the Nintendo systems, and from what we been hearing from them? I mean hello, apple to orange, Nintendo opened the door, but no one came. The drought was unexpected, by the way, I didn’t hear them promise that anyways, and have you checked lately about the updates? Further more I heard them say it was “POSIBLE” to…TO…use 2 gamepads, they DIDN’T, promise to HAVE them…yet. If they did, then show me.

                      Now either do your research or shut the fuck up!

                    2. yes, expect 3rd parties to adjust their games for the wii u that is weaker and is of a different architecture than pc, ps4 and x1. nintendo themselves don’t support it with enough games, and they should invest in it? i don’t think that would be a logical choice at all.

                      using 2 gamepads?ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? wii u cuts framerate in half in some games while using it like cod black ops, what games would we play with two of them? 2d games so the thing can run them? lol. the gamepad isn’t even available in retail. don’t fuck around with me. i’m a genius here

                    3. That’s still the third parties fault, they knew that the wii u was faster, they knew they could just rebuild it for the system so it can work better, but no, they wanted to port it instead, and what do we get? Exactly.

                      Yes two gamepads would be great and wonderful, hell, even do co-op easily…so what if its not for retail, point is, they didn’t promise it, don’t shove it in their mouths. Some genius you turned out to be.

                      1. That’s because Nintendo’s hardware always holds back developers. They don’t want to develop new games on a system that’s only slightly more powerful than a 360 or PS3. They want to show people the best visuals possible in their games. And Nintendo just doesn’t seem to care.

                        1. Countless devs have said that the Wii U is easy to develop for. Plus most of the 3rd party games are coming out on PS3/360 as well as PS 4 and One, yet skipping the Wii U. That’s not Nintendo’s fault, that’s the 3rd parties purposefully skipping the Wii U.

                          1. The ports for last gen is because most of their fanbase is there. They will make money there. The ports for next gen is to achieve the best visuals possible and get new people to buy. The Wii U can achieve neither because it isn’t powerful enough nor will the games sell well enough.

                            1. Exactly, it’s the low install base. The 3rd parties refuse to release their games not because the system is weak but because they’re afraid they won’t make money. However, if they released their games and helped the system look more attractive to people who haven’t picked one up yet, the install base would rise. What a concept.

                              1. Didn’t you read that article awhile ago about that indie company that didn’t make enough money putting their game on the Wii U and it gave them losses? Taking chances isn’t always the best thing to do with the Wii U. I feel sorry for those guys. They probably would’ve had a way better chance of success if they released it on PS4 at least.

                                1. You’re NEVER talking about indie games! You’re ALWAYS complaining about 3rd party games! Ubisoft and plenty of the other 3rd party devs that make the games YOU want will NOT go out of business because if they release their games on the Wii U. At the very least they’ll make just a little bit MORE money on top of the PS4 and One revenue. Again, don’t be daft.

                                    1. Oh, I’m not mad, the CAPS are for emphasis. The fact that you tried to use the fate of an indie dev to prove your 3rd party argument is a tad annoying. But it’s not worth getting mad over.

                                    2. Actually no. The thing about Ubisoft is the exact same reason that I just explained. The games sell HORRIBLY on the system. People complain about them making games for last gen and yet the games still very well on PS3 and 360. And even though X1 has sold less than Wii U, Ubisoft’s games sell better on that system. So they will continue to make games for the platforms that give them money. Simple as that.

                                      1. Ubisoft is in a different predicament entirely. They supported the Wii U out of the gate and when they realized that the Wii U wasn’t doing so hot, they basically abandoned ship and blamed Nintendo. The reason Ubisoft games sell horribly on the Wii U is simply because most of their games come far later then the other 4 consoles. Then you have the smaller install base on the Wii U compared to FOUR other consoles. You never see the ACTUAL sales figures. Just Xbox 65% and Wii U 1%. That 1% is the entire Nintendo community. The 65% is both One and 360. Again with being daft.

                                        1. What are you talking about? Assassin’s Creed 4 released earlier on the Wii U than Xbox One and the X1 was like not even a week old when it came to the system and it still did better. And this was before DLC was even confirmed. Care to explain?

                                          1. Rayman Legends and now Watch Dogs on the delay point. AC 3 and 4 along with Splinter Cell and whatever else has been a rush port full of issues. If it’s not delayed it’s riddled with bugs. Ubisoft has fled from the Wii U leaving broken games behind and they blame Nintendo. I could barely play AC 4 and Splinter Cell on my Wii U, yet look how well it runs on the other consoles. Coincidence?

                                            1. Nope. AC3 glitches and has framerate issues on all 3 consoles. It’s exactly the same. AC3 even had all its DLC. As for AC4, I haven’t played that but aside from no DLC, it looks exactly the same as the others in terms of gameplay. The DLC is clearly not the reason seeing as how 3 had all of it and STILL failed miserably even though it was a LAUNCH title. The Xbox One didn’t even have an install base and the Wii U had been out for a whole year and somehow the new console gets better sales on the game? All because they delayed Rayman? BS. It’s because more people play third party on that system and the majority of Wii U owners play first party Nintendo games. There are some Nintendo fans that like to play third party, but not nearly as much as PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft isn’t gonna keep losing money on the Wii U just so they can create a bigger install base bit by bit so people can buy games. They would lose tons of money. That’s not worth it at all to them. They are a business after all. If they don’t make enough, they have to leave and support the systems that actually do make them money. They aren’t getting anything from the Wii U and I don’t blame them for leaving.

                                              1. Pretty sure this conversation has derailed. AC 3 was a launch title, and I mentioned how Ubisoft supported the Wii U from out of the gate, and then jumped ship later instead of supporting through and through like they said they would. So your AC 3 point is, well, pointless. Regardless, Ubisoft doesn’t make quality games on any console. You said it yourself, AC 3 had glitches on all consoles… so why buy the dang thing? I haven’t played that one because everyone told me to skip it and go straight to 4, yet 4 was filled with bugs too. Ubisoft, like I said originally, is in an entirely separate predicament. They don’t make quality games and then blame the publishers. But they’re just one 3rd part dev. The other devs are skipping the Wii U as well with games that are being ported onto the last gen consoles. Yet they skip Wii U, just because reasons. Nintendo isn’t to blame when they plop a game on PS3 and 360 but skip the Wii U.

                                              2. Also, those guys didn’t make a compelling game. They would have failed on any system. Did you buy their games? No.

                                              3. they won’t rebuild it for the only different system there is that sells like crap.


                                                “final console supports two”

                                                you said “so what if it’s not for retail” i don’t live in america nor any of the bigger european countries so i cannot send it to nintendo in london to repair my screen or something if it breaks and the console some console features are unusable so i’d have to buy an entire new console.

                                                the only reason you fanboys think you are correct and other people are not is because you are like some sort of religion where every one is saying “we are correct, don’t listen to others, they are wrong, we are right. we are great, our god is the only god there is” it’s like christians believing their god is the one, muslims that their god is the one, and so on. and i’m an atheist, and not a fanboy nor a hater. i see things objectively.

                                                you are like a group of crazy people that tell each other that everything is fine. you can keep being delusional, i don’t fucking care. i tried to explain to you many a times how things are, but i guess you are so loyal to a company. lol. a fucking company that is made so they can make money, they don’t like you, they don’t care for you, they just want your money. that is the point of every company and you defend it like it’s a friend or someone that cares for you.

                                                you are just a group of sick idiots that is slowly falling apart

                                              4. Ok, you actually showed me something saying that they ARE, gonna do it…your still missing the point though. Oh and by the way, if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have gone out of your way to show me. That tells me you “do care what I say”. Further more, according to this if I’m reading it right. It means they are still planning but its gonna drop frame rates and that is a bad thing to graphic whores like a few here. But other than that, its a good thing to hear for the most part. Oh and no, Fanboys are a way different term of what I said and what they say. I for one want….WANT…3rd parties I want what they can offer, I don’t stick to one system. FANBOYS on the other hand (sorry NC) is like Nintendo Commander, at least he sugar coats what he says, term of fanboy means:


                                                Those are terms of fanboys, not by what I say or what religion I believe in.

                                                But thank you for proving me a bit wrong and showing you actually had some proof against of what I said earlier unlike others who really can’t.

                                              5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS


                                                Wait, wait, wait!
                                                Okay Hollow are you flip flopping?!?
                                                When you argued with Mike when he used his hardware theory, you said it was the sales, now your saying the problem is the hardware, which you solely disagreed with?
                                                Do not make me terminate you for hypocrisy.

                                                1. Sorry. It’s just that third party on the Wii U is the biggest issue that I have with the console. And every time someone defends Nintendo about it, it just drives me insane. I agree that it is not ENTIRELY Nintendo’s fault, but the people that say Nintendo did nothing wrong are absolutely wrong. I’m not going to go into details and all that because I don’t feel like arguing about this again, but that’s just the way I see it. I just think that since I played the Wii, third party has always been a big issue for me. I enjoy the exclusives but I wish Nintendo would just put more effort into trying to get more third party games on the system. Sorry if I come off as a troll, but basically right now I am infuriated with some of the decisions they’ve made over te past few years. What you are hearing from me now is the result of 7 worth of frustration. I try to like Nintendo, but every time they take a step ahead, they take two steps back. I was seriously considering selling my Wii U about a year ago because I was so disappointed. But I gave it a chance. And this E3 had a good amount of games I wanted. But I can never fully forgive Nintendo again unless they get third parties back to fill the gap. Although I do still want some Wii U games, I am still on my last bit of patience. I went through the entire 7th gen missing out on basically every one of the great 3rd party games that came out every once in awhile. I watched as some of the games I really liked and wanted like Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc, never come to Wii. And that was very disappointing. That’s why I’m so angry right now because Nintendo still hasnt gotten these games on their system. Before the Wii U launched, I dreamt of being able to play all my favorite 3rd party games and Nintendo games all in one place, but the Wii U didn’t turn out to be the console that fulfilled that dream. And after this generation, until Nintendo can provide me with that experience, I am going to have to stay away from them unfortunately. I just can’t deal with getting my dreams crushed all the time like this…

                                                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                    Either way, flip flopping does not help your case unless you are convinced, but it doesn’t seem like Mike convinced you. So don’t flip flop.

                                                    1. In either case Hollow, why not do what I do? I still got faith in them for so many years, to stop my craves for 3rd party, play other systems if can and just keep the wii u? I understand what you want and you want 3rd party on Nintendo, but it can’t be helped if they are being jackasses about it.


                                                      Even shokio sees what we are all going through right now. It’s bullshit but we now can see the light of the true colors of the 3rd parties. As for me, I’ll keep fighting…I’m a fighter. “Never give up, never surrender”.

                                                  2. Why do you bother debating this stuff with Hollow, ChozodianEmissary? Hollow is one of the chief 3rd party damage controllers of My Nintendo News.

                                                    1. Not my fault it’s true, Hollow. You are one of the people that damage controls for 3rd parties. Ridley has spoken! *flies off*

                                                      1. Well, somebody has to do it. You always defend EVERYTHING Nintendo does. From the lack of third party to the New 3DS. And then you insult the other two companies all the time… You insult everyone BUT Nintendo. I’m not damage controlling for anyone. I’m simply calling out the stupid decisions Nintendo has been making.

                                                    2. Oh & Hollow, about that one indie dev you mentioned. They made their game for other systems, not just the Wii U. Does that mean those consoles can’t be given a chance because of the possibility of not making enough money?

                                                    3. yeah, i guess you are right. i care that you agree with me, because i love arguing people and being right. it just boosts my ego.

                                              6. Yet millions and millions dont pay to play online on PC, so which one are the normals at the end ?

                                                I say its quite stupid to pay for playing online, on ps4 its SOMEWHAT better because of “free” (rented) games (which at the end it doesnt compare to a steam sale, not even close), but on xbox ? Completely stupid as online should be free

                                          2. all three systems have had droughts in their defense this generation so far. do we even know the size of Yoshi’s Woolly World or the price yet? the hardware isn’t terrible, just different, lots of companies like it, the project cars people just came out and said it’s a great system. I do want their next system to be as powerful or close to the PS5, though, I think that would help them a lot with sales and such.

                                            1. ps4 and x1 do have droughts right now, but if you look at how many games were announced for them this e3, ps4 and x1 have over 40, wii u has 12, that is a HUGE difference. do you really expect a 2d yoshi game to be big. it’ll cost like every other 2d game costs on nintendo systems 60$, here in croatia, 110$. for a game that can be beaten in 4,5 hours, that is nothing. don’t even mention the extra content which takes around 6 hours on top of that, making it 10,11 hours. replay value of those games is ok, but i won’t play it at least for the next 2,3 years. no online mp, no level editor, why do people even buy those games?

                                              1. They may have more games announced from e3, but even sony and microsoft fans voted that nintendo won e3, so I guess they don’t care about those 40 games or were being nice to nintendo lol. I don’t know how big yoshi would be, but DK was only $50, as was wind waker I believe, so I can see them putting a $50 or even $40 price tag if it’s not too big. and honestly, there aren’t many games from any company that really are worth playing for 2-3 years anymore. I wish they were, but it’s not the case. I think everyone needs to step up their game honestly. and I’m not a Nintendo only guy, but they are my favorite. I hate microsoft though, and have no shame in it. They don’t care about fans at all, and they turned Rare to shit.

                                                  1. Thank you sir lol. Have a ps3, and my roomate has a ps4, I’ve only watched him play though sadly. He’s getting destiny so I might finally try it then. But yea I don’t game only Nintendo. And even though I don’t like microsoft, I do like Halo 2 very much.

                                                      1. True that man. Life has a way of getting in the way of your free time sometimes lol. Do you play MK 8 often by the way?

                                                1. 2d games like that should be 30$ with 2d mario games that reuse the same goddamn assets every iteration should be 15-20$ max. don’t bring everyone down on nintendo’s level. you can’t tell me that skyrim and zelda are comparable content wise, nor is mario and LBP, nor is any nintendo game with any other AAA title. the only one probably being xenoblade and yet nintendo puts 50$ 60$ on small ass games that cost next to nothing compared to other games and people say “it’s about the fun we have, not about how big the game is” not realizing that fun = content. if the next 3d mario game had 5 levels, you’d play it and say “wow, that was a short ass game, but it was good” if it had 200 levels and player made levels, you could come every day and play the featured levels people made and the game would have unlimited content, but stupid people don’t realize this and act like nintendo is perfect, and when someone says that they act like nintendo is perfect, they say “no, nintendo has problems” and then they count 3 problems about the company because those 3 are really obvious like the circle pad pro one. no one can dismiss that one.

                                                  1. I’d rather pay $50 for zelda or $60 for the new one than $10 for skyrim. It’s all about taste. Zelda has always cost around that price and always will. Not saying skyrim is a bad game either. Just not my type. Little big planet is definitely better than the new super mario series, no argument there. I could list lots of flaws of nintendo, as well as the other two companies, and yes the circle pad is one of them. I even stated that the one already installed on the new 3ds is something that should have been on the original in the first place as well as the shoulder buttons. But I don’t need to sit here and list a bunch of reasons. I have my reasons for why I like Nintendo and why I don’t. I have 26 big reasons that I like Nintendo though. They are called years in my life, and that’s out of 30, so it’s not like I’m gonna just hate them out for things. I won’t support everything they do either. I won’t be buying the new super mario games, and unless they show me some things that really makes me feel I need it, I won’t be getting the new 3ds either.

                                                    1. i get that someone might like the company because it was part of their life, but that company didn’t create the memories you have about their games. you did. the company provided you with great games at the time, and if they don’t anymore, it’s just a goddamn company without feelings, soul or whatever else. they are here to suck the money out of your pockets any way possible.

                                                      i actually believe that the game’s cost should be determined by the development cost. if it’s good reviews will rate it good and it will sell. no game company will invest 200 million and make their game unplayable and expect it to sell. nintendo is notorious for not investing in their games, lack of voice acting, motion capturing, orchestrated music, lack of content, lack of online proves it. and a game that i as basic as mario bros u, 3d world, pikmin 3 doesn’t deserve a 60$ price tag while smash bros absolutely deserves it.

                                                      1. Yea it’s a company, but I can choose to like them. I don’t care about if they have a soul. I like their games. I’m hardly ever disappointed with their first party. It does happen, but it’s never a high percentage when compared to the ones I really like. Like I said I don’t have to like everything they do and I won’t necessarily keep buying anything if the quality drops off for a generation or two. You can get 3D world on sale for $40 in the eshop this week lol. That’s a joke, obviously doesn’t really solve your issue with the price. If you don’t like the price then don’t buy the games. Buy the ones you feel the price is justified.

                                                      2. that is the problem with gamers nowadays. they always are disappointed with games in some aspect, but they will never criticize anything unless it’s extremely obvious. we as human beings should ask for more, we shouldn’t be content if it’s obvious that something as easy to put in as online or level editor isn’t just because. look what nintendo is doing now. they are making the new mario bros level editor into it’s own game just to cash in on it.

                                                        and yes, the quality dropped, or at least the standard is much higher. mario 64, ocarina of time, paper mario thousand year door, twilight princess, link to the past, majora’s mask, mario galaxy. all of those games are fucking phenomenal and considered to be the best games of their time.

                                                        now nintendo games feel like they are made to cash in on nostalgia and that’s it

                                                      3. Just gonna pop in here… If you are talking about the NSMB series then yeah. That is overpriced however some of the things you say are a little wrong. No voice acting in Zelda is because that is really a. Staple by this point (not counting how bad it was in the CDi games/TV show) for Mario I don’t think ya need voice acting, just the occasional WA-HOO! is enough really. As for orchestrated music, Mario Kart 8 had live music (except for tracks like boo’s mansion, and electrodome) and 3d world had orchestrated music too (look up bowsers lava lake keep for the full extent) but anyway yeah.

                                                        PC/WiiU Master Hybrid Race

                                                    2. Orchestrated tracks in every 10th game they make. Zelda’ voice acting is a staple? I don’t believe it is. It’s a thing that holds the series back and makes it seem low budget…which it is. It’s not just mario bros. It’s every franchise they have. Zelda small overworlds, lack of voice acting, lack of motion tracking. Mario lack of level editor, bros games lack new assets, lack of online. Pokemon games. Lack of new things between games. All of their 2d games lack content, online, level editors. Lack of games in general, hence the droughts on the both wii u and 3ds. Lack of old/franhises…

                                                      1. I honestly don’t know if I want voice acting in zelda, there’s a small chance of them getting it right, and a huge chance they’ll fuck it up. I don’t think voice acting holds the series back at all. The mario level editor thing is semi-being addressed in the mario maker, although it’s not the same as having it included in a mario game instead of a standalone game. I already said I wasn’t defending their 2D mario games. I said there was issues with their online. Lack of games sucks, but without 3rd party that’s what happens, as I addressed already. I haven’t played the recent yoshi or kirby 2D games to even give an opinion on. Pokemon everyone has been wanting a wii u version, but they keep saying they won’t do it. Like I said there are things they do I like and things they do I don’t like. Skyward sword was on the wii, so how big a map did you expect? And the flying around was boring quick due to everything being so spread out and not much in between. But I still liked the game, and I didn’t feel it needed voice acting and had one of the best stories in the series. Not every series needs voice acting, it’s only an opinion of yours. There’s a whole lot of people who don’t want voice acting in it. I don’t have to explain to kids anyway as stated above my reasons for liking them or not. I like them regardless of mistakes, doesn’t mean I follow their every step. If they continue to drop the ball, I’ll eventually drop them. But I’m not dropping something that I’ve been playing longer than the peoples’ lives I’m arguing with, and something I’ve known far longer than the people I’m arguing with, just to make them feel satisfied. You wanna drop companies cause of your reasons, go for it, nothing wrong with it, you have your reasons, and I can respect that, so respect my reasons for not dropping them.

                                                      2. skyward sword was on the wii, and morrowind was on the xbox. they didn’t have to make the world that big, but skyward sword didn’t even have an overworld. sky was practically a hub to travel to levels or parts of the world if you want to call it that.

                                                        by that logic, no franchise needs voice acting, no franchise needs orchestrated music, we didn’t even have to evolve gaming to this point. it wasn’t necessary. we as human beings didn’t need to evolve to where we are now, but we did, because we always strive for more. it’s in our nature.

                                          3. Lets get one thing straight, dumb fuck: THIRD PARTIES LIED TO NINTENDO, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
                                            I swear, you trolls will follow even the most retarded of logic pathsfif it gives you a reason to bash Nintendo.

                                            1. Not to mention the indie titles are still 3RD PARTY titles so Nintendo didn’t really lie about 3rd party support.

                                                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                                                  Again, they didn’t lie about 3rd party support. Not Nintendo’s fault EA got butthurt that Nintendo denied their filthy Origin to infect the Wii U’s online infrastructure. Not Nintendo’s fault Ubisoft got greedy & butthurt that people weren’t buying their gimped games. Not Nintendo’s fault Crapcum is killing itself & needs to suck the dick of PS4 & Xbox One owners to make money & keep from going under. Again, they didn’t lie about 3rd party support. They are still getting tons of 3rd party support from indie developers. How were they to know that big name 3rd parties would screw over the Wii U at the first sign of trouble? They promised only what they THOUGHT we’d be getting. You want to blame someone for the lack of 3rd party games: blame the fucktards that shit all over the console when the current Wii U install base told them we don’t buy gimped ports. Now run along, narcissist. Run along & think you’re always right while everyone else is wrong because they are just “fanboys.” lol

                                                  1. yes, it’s everyone’s fault, but nintendo’s. makes sense. who thinks of indies when they think of gaming? nintendo 64 had cartridges which had higher costs than optical discs and less memory. gamecube lacked dvd support in the time where dvds were the standard, wii was too weak. wii u lacks the x86 architecture and is too weak. don’t tell me that everyone is wrong, but nintendo, you fucking imbecile. i’m a goddamn genius, you cannot beat me in this argument, you can only lie to yourself.

                                                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                                                      “Blah blah I’m a whiny, bitchy 2 year pissed off Nintendo isn’t giving me dvd player, super graphics, realistic Skyrim type Zelda, paying greedy 3rd parties to bring me 3rd party gimped shit, let EA infect the Wii U with better internet, bluray player, blah blah.” Sorry, Donko the Bitch, but you’re not a genius. You’re just another narcissistic loser that thinks you’re the most superior person here. Just another idiot that’s too stupid to realize how full of shit he really is. xD Now run along, Dumko. But I know you won’t since you are a narcissist. You NEED the last word to feel like you won the battle to soothe your pathetic superiority complex.

                                                1. Nope. I’m 100% serious. We are getting 3rd party support. It’s not the 3rd party support YOU want, but it’s still 3rd party support. Don’t like it? Oh well.

                                                  1. I am done arguing with you. You clearly do not understand what I am trying to say. So I am not going to continue. Thank you and have a nice day. Moving along now…

                                            2. and then you realize that what you just said isn’t true. 3rd parties won’t create for a console that is not made for them. bethesda said that nintendo didn’t ask developers what they want for their console to be. different architecture. less power. controller that is not used even by nintendo themselves and drains the power from the wii u.
                                              don’t give me that shit, you little fuck

                                              1. Yeah, no. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft don’t owe jack shit to third parties, let alone a console designed to allow them to get away with cheap-ass ports instead of games with actual effort put into them.
                                                The different architecture allows it to do things the others can’t, the power isn’t a valid excuse becuase third parties continue to make games for even weaker systems, and the controller is not only being used by many, but also uses literally no power from the Wii U itself, on top of the system being the lowest-watt-usage system on the market.
                                                Go fuck yourself.

                                          4. They didn’t lie about 3rd party. They just aren’t getting the 3rd party that people thought Nintendo was talking about.

                                              1. Wow, this article was used WAY out of context. First of all, this isn’t a lie in the way you are referring it to be. As of right now, the Wii U has COD, AC, and Arkham games on it. All of these games are 3rd party games. They are saying that it is important to have these games on the system. Not once did he lie about 3rd party games in that quote. Sure, all we hear today is the 3rd party game of the week skipping the Wii U. Again, not Nintendo’s fault. Now Nintendo is doing all it can to build the Wii U’s library and make it attractive, sure a little late but at least they’ve realized their mistakes. Now it’s simply the 3rd party devs choosing not to release their game on the Wii U. Man are you always this daft?

                                                1. I’ve already established the fact that I am done with this argument. This argument in addition to all the other ones I’ve had with you and others on this site has now forced me to stop being a regular on this site. I will no longer voice my opinions about third party and if this ever happens again, I am leaving this site permanently.

                                                  1. Awesome! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! You’re stupid 3rd party arguments have become so tired! I thank you for finally dropping it.

                                                      1. Yeah, aren’t you? Your 3rd party beef with Nintendo is irrational, always has been. You can clearly see the 3rd party devs porting games onto EVERYTHING else, but not the Wii U. You blame Nintendo from the beginning for building a “weak” console, yet you bought the dang thing. Nintendo is now in a rebuilding period, yet you don’t give them any credit for realizing their mistakes and attempting to remedy the Wii U’s status. No, you blame them for 3rd party devs releasing on everything else except the Wii U. Your argument is tired.

                                                    1. I cannot believe what you just said. I always try to convince you guys to see the situation from my point of view, but no one here ever seems to understand how I feel. I respect your opinion all the time but it only leads to insults “Why are you being so daft, hypocrital, etc” I never said I hated the Wii U. I was just disappointed with some of the decisions they made. But everyone seems to brush me off as if I’m just a fanboy looking for something to complain about. But the fact is I like Nintendo. I always look for Nintendo news and everything related to Nintendo. I’ve been playing them since I got my first gaming console. (Gamecube) I am sorry if my frustration and arguments are upsetting you, but you don’t always need to be so rude… I am an easy person to talk to. You could just explain any issues that I may have and I would’ve improved upon them. I already said I’ll no longer talk about third party and I will stop my negativity towards the Nintendo products if that’s what you want. The build-up of all these arguments has now made me depressed so It will take time for me to return to my normal self. But just to let you know once again, I am sorry for any inconvenience that I might have brought upon you. :(

                                                      1. Look, I’ve tried to explain things to you before and you don’t seem to want to understand when I am coming from. I completely understand where you are coming from. I would love to play Arkham Knight or even Metal Gear Solid 5, however I have come to terms that these games won’t arrive on a Nintendo console. However, I also understand that this is not entirely Nintendo’s fault. But that’s all I hear from you. That the 3rd party situation is all Nintendo’s fault. I never said you hated Nintendo but you act like it with a lot of your comments. Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta are topics that you speak positively about and most recently we’ve chatted about Kirby. But you seem to be stuck on your 3rd party thing and it’s just getting old. I’m sorry I insulted you, I shouldn’t have stooped so low. You are stuck in your thoughts and feelings regarding the 3rd party situation, I’m okay with agreeing to disagree. None of this is worth getting depressed over, it’s just games and I too wish we could just speculate and talk about the great things we love about games… this place is so hostile that everyone is on the defensive. Let’s try to be the few civil folks and just talk about what we love about this great medium.

                                                2. It’s not his fault, Chozo. Hollow’s so frustrated with the lack of 3rd party games that he’s misdirecting his anger at Nintendo instead of the greedy, cheap 3rd parties that are the real problem.

                                                  1. That’s perfect! He’s misdirecting his anger. He says we just don’t understand where he is coming from yet… he doesn’t understand where we are coming from… It’s really not worth all this arguing though.

                                                    1. I respect your opinion about how you and Ridley view third party even though I don’t entirely agree with them. You guys grew up with Nintendo so they’re probably a big part of your gaming life unlike mine. Me personally, I like some Nintendo games, but I don’t exactly like the decisions they’ve been making recently. But I think it’s absolutely GREAT that you like them! You should keep playing their games since you like them and I sincerely hope you get the most enjoyment of your Wii U. But to be honest, for me, the Wii U is probably the last Nintendo system I ever buy. (Don’t try to convince me, it’s just… I’ve already made up my mind. :/) But anyways, keep on playing if that’s what you like. On another note, Hyrule Warriors and Smash are my next purchases.

                                                      1. I appreciate you Hollow and I hope you get your PC so you can snag those games you’ve missed out on. We can all agree to disagree without getting ugly. So many trolls try to eat at us that when we defend our opinion we act just like the trolls we try so hard to ignore.

                                                        I’ll be snagging both Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta, they have online modes so if you ever want to connect on Miiverse, let me know. Much respect.

                                    3. I’m affraid it’s not entirely wrong, considering how much people hesitate to buy the Wii U even though there are some amazing games on it. They have failed to analyze the market and, like he said, are extremely stubborn. Now, will they leave the hardware industry, I don’t know, but at this point if that happened I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

                                      1. Miyamoto and Iwata already stated that they are working on their next system. I don’t know why Fagger even says shit when he’s clearly wrong.

                                      2. Even though it has a year on it, isn’t the Wii U selling better than the 360 in total units moved and not that far off from PS4? They also don’t spend as much money on advertising so there is that and the 3DS is the best selling system… home console or not. They are doing just fine being not too many years removed from the Wii, which sold enough to ride that wave through a so-so selling system which I and many people think is a great little system.
                                        Support the last gaming company out there

                                        1. The 360 is like 80+ million units… And the PS4 surpassed the Wii U already in less than a year. The numbers aren’t that far away from Wii U, but if it keeps doing as well as it is now, it’s going to be very far away. 10 million in less than a year. I don’t even think the 360 reached it that fast.

                                                  1. I do think the new 3ds is a bit shitty… so yeah, I got ya there. I don’t play 3DS but the idea of of upgrading the system with one that isn’t a “real” upgrade doesn’t make sense. Not sure what they are doing there unless the new one is really that much better than the old one. Also seems dumb to have dropped it after Smash Bros and with Smash 3DS packages

                                    4. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                      If I hadn’t made it clear enough, Pachter is in the top ten list of people I hate and would love to see take a punch to the testicles.

                                      Others include Sarah Silverman and Hideki Kamiya

                                    5. Didn’t Nintendo say that if they got out of hardware, that they would leave and take their games with them. ie: not go third party?

                                            1. No there won’t be. There are fighters, rpgs, racers, adventure, action, etc. People overlook them and focus on the shooters which isn’t entirely true.

                                              1. well as a matter of fact there are some other really awesome and great games , but there will never be any that matches nintendo games in their charm
                                                nintendo is a special thing . ( my opinion of course , doesn’t have to be right )

                                    6. no interest in nintendo hardware when the 3ds is one of the most sucessful platforms today?! does he even know the actual sales figures? and what about microsoft and their flop xbo? if you combine 3ds+wiiu nintendo is still the most successful hardware company in the console-business! oh and this man calls himself an “analyst”. very sad. but I also claim nintendo that they have never tried to stop this man and tried to fine him for his untrue statements.

                                      btw has anyone also noticed that he id always saying such things when ps sales go down (like at the moment) and the interest in nintendo is rising ( with higher wiiu sales and the new 3ds).

                                      1. Because he does all this game analysis bullshit on the side, as a hobby.

                                        In other words, he still has a job because he works for himself. ;)

                                    7. I hope that next gen, Nintendo tries to actually compete with the competition rather than doing their own thing. I hate to say it, but at this point, I will never buy a Nintendo console or handheld again until Nintendo can manage to get third party games on their system. They have some good exclusives, but their decisions just keep frustrating me. I don’t like seeing “this is game is not coming to Wii U” all the time. I want to see the games get confirmed! I don’t even care how many exclusives the next system gets unless it gets third party. I’ve been through it with the Wii already and now the Wii U. I already have the Wii U and there are a good amount of games I’m going to buy for it, but I am not letting this happen again. I will not buy another system just to back up the mistakes they made. If the next system doesn’t try to compete and doesn’t have a lot of third party games, then it would be best if I just went to a different console or PC. The Wii U is Nintendo’s second strike for me. (Ialready experienced something similar with the Wii) So next gen is Nintendo’s chance to win me back. They BETTER NOT screw it up.

                                      1. I’m 99% sure they’ll screw SOMETHING up… but I truly think that next gen, Nintendo will have their stuff together by then.

                                      2. Do you think that could be a solution?
                                        If nintendo do the same as microfuck and sony then you can say is the end, first of all you can say everything you want about wii, but at that time it was a good move from their part, because they offered something different but i agree with you they have to show a console that is not only powerful enough to kick microsuck and sony but also something different, why i have to buy a xbone if almost all 3rd party games are on ps4? then think why i have to buy products that are almost similar? that’s the nintendo difference they offer something unique and people like pachter enjoy to bash them.
                                        Ok, the wii u failed in part because they wanted to try the same trick as the wii, they created a “weak” console with a new controller and look how they failed, sadly nowadays market don’t accept different products, it’s like every product have to be a clone of other. I’m not defending nintendo, i’m just giving my point of view and i hope they have learned the lesson and next time they could offer us a not only a powerful console but also something different that pleases everybody (gamers, 3rd parties and so on)

                                      3. You know that the lack of third party support is not entirely Nintendo’s fault, right? There have been countless developers that have stated the Wii U isn’t hard to develop games for. The reason why there are so little third party games, is because the third party developers fail to advertise their games for the Wii U. Look at Ubisoft with ACIV for example. Hardly ANYONE knew that game came out on Wii U due to their lack of advertising that version. It also didn’t help that they kinda shafted it too. If third party devs want to be on Nintendo’s consoles, they need to make it known that they have games on that console. Nintendo isn’t going to advertise a game that isn’t first party, so if third party games don’t sell, then it’s on third party devs.

                                      4. Nintendo has always kept my wallet empty with exclusives. I am very happy with the WiiU and it is only getting better. Don’t write off Bayonetta 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles. Also Smash Bros. will be an obvious system seller. 3rd Party will have no choice but to develop for WiiU once Zelda comes out. Also Starfox, Pokemon, Metroid: all system sellers still coming. Pachter is a bad analyst.

                                      5. You’ve said this over and over again… But you slipped in the handheld this time? 3DS is on top right now, it’s getting 3rd party games that aren’t coming to Wii U. Plus the new 3DS will ensure that this system stays on top. I’m actually hoping Nintendo jumps ahead two generations with their next system and looks at it like a modern SNES. But that’s at least 5 or 6 years away, so I’m going to enjoy what they’re doing now and in the near future to bring the Wii U to it’s feet instead of complaining about the same thing over and over again. But I do agree with you on the home console. I’m hoping with the next gen it will be powerful enough to keep up, while still being Nintendo. Like the SNES back in the day.

                                        1. I was mainly talking about the console. The handheld is an exception though because Nintendo is one of the only ones that make games that I like for it. And I don’t care about the majority of 3rd party games on my 3DS. The third party games I want to play are on consoles. And I had started before that I don’t care how many exclusives the next system gets if it doesn’t have third party games. I already played enough of these games with the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS and they (with the exception of 3DS) disappointed me in terms of third party. I am not expecting tons of third party in handhelds, but with the console, there is no excuse. I’m getting tired of missing out on 90% of games every generation. The Wii U is the last time I am ever buying a Nintendo system at launch. And depending on what they do next gen, it might be the last system I ever buy from them too. I’m not saying they need to go third party, but that they should just get more third party games on their console. And quit sacrificing content like media features and graphics. That’s annoying.

                                            1. I am going to get a PC eventually. But I already stated that I won’t buy other systems to fix Nintendo’s mistakes. If I get a PC, I will not buy the next Nintendo console if they keep making the wrong decisions.

                                                1. And that’s exactly the problem. They force you to use it. It only raises the price. If Nintendo didn’t include it in the Wii U, NOBODY would’ve bought it.

                                                  1. It’s not an add on accessory the GamePad IS the system. The duel screens worked great for the DS family, why does everyone seem to think the GamePad doesn’t work for the Wii U? Sure, Nintendo tripped over themselves thinking the colossal success of the Wii would carry over and when they realized that wasn’t the case they kind of forgot about the GamePad so they could get games onto the system. But that doesn’t mean the GamePad shouldn’t be a part of the Wii U. Nintendo is already playing with new possibilities, and if ZombiU showed us anything, it’s how to use the GamePad. It’s a comfortable controller that has incredible potential and Nintendo has gone on record that they will be focusing on why they created the thing in the first place.

                                                    1. And since Nintendo can’t rely on Ubishit, Electronic Assholes, Crapcum, Squeenix, or other big name 3rd parties, they have to ignore trying to make the Gamepad work intuitively, so they can get out the games to help boost the Wii U’s sales. Til then, the Gamepad will just be like the 2nd screen of the DS: used for map & menu.

                                      6. lets just face facts. home consoles aren’t really worth the money anymore. regardless of the system. All three companies are leaving a sour taste in our mouths because they can’t justify their price tags. who wants to pay $60 To play games that may not be any good. Or wait months to play a new game because their aren’t enough developers anymore in the console market.

                                    8. What he is saying is true. All you bunts are just thinking that Nintendo is rich. Well I’ll tell you, my autntie woks at Nintendo of America and she says that they are losing more and more people to Xbox of America. She says that staff are planning to replace satoru Shivata with Joan rivers and that Metroid is being worked on. Idk why you all want to think Nintendo is doing well. If you look at meta critic it clearly says that Wii u is the worst selling console and I am angered that there are still no star fox game for it. What happened to the good old days when Nintendo made media players for there consoles? Gone! Now all they do is make boring Wii pro Kinect. I remember te ds had very good movie apps and I liked watching movies like breaking bad and walking dead in it. The graphics were very good too. But now Nintendo doesn’t want to listen to iwata and Shibata is silently trying to add virus to Nintendo network. I hope that eventually someone will stop theis and bring Nintendo back to ther former glory. I still love those memories of playing great retro games like Alex Kidd and silent hill on the snes. The blast processing was very good aswell. If Nintendo buys retro studios maybe they wil survive. For now all I can see is a bleak future as clearly Phil phish is running Nintendo better. I hope ningenkdn listen to this or else the next batch if Wii us wi actually release virus cloud according. To my aunt by shibata and miyanoto collaboration

                                    9. Doubt it seeing how Nintendo is still doing better than Microsoft… also, I see Microsoft going third party next gen and Nintendo will buy back Rare but just all the old IPs

                                    10. “Nobody cares” – what about 7 million people who bought a Wii U? What about the millions upon millions of people who bought a 3DS? What about all of the people who grew up with Nintendo (like me). We care.

                                      1. Don’t forget about how the Xbox One still has less sales… if any console isn’t cared by anyone, it’s the Xbox One XD

                                    11. Thats some Utter Bullshit. In fact the games that Nintendo make usually heavily rely on the Hardware to even exist (use of the Gamepad or the 3DS entirely for instance). People shouldn’t even be listening to people like that at all especially not paying him for it.

                                    12. And yet again, Pachter has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Why do people even listen to this guy? He has never predicted a single thing right. Why has this idiots career not died yet?

                                    13. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                      There is no excuse for Nintendo to “win” the next generation. Everyone has such low standards for them and just wants standard controls, better graphics, and good online. All Nintendo has to do is make their console normal and 3rd parties will develop for them (easy to develop for a console with an accessible architecture) and they won’t be “weak.” Seriously. They should win EVERY console generation. They did well with the Wii and SHOULD have learnt recently what they did wrong with the Wii U. Giving up now would be foolish.

                                      If their next generation console also fails… they’ll probably be forced by shareholders to sellout.

                                      1. If Nintendo made their consoles “Normal” then it’d feel less like console and more like a crappy media (Hint hint, Xbox One and PS4)..

                                    14. I wish I could get paid to pull shit out of my ass and make random predictions that are never correct. This dude is living the dream.

                                    15. Nintendo said that they’re already working on theeir next home console and handheld console, but it’s nice to laugh at Pachter once in a while! :’D

                                    16. Who the fuck is this guy and why does he still have a job? Everything he has said has been wrong. He’s a idiot and needs to got punched in the face at this point just to shut him up. I’m really sick of this guy. Can someone please just get ahold of him and tell him to shut the fuck up for me

                                    17. Is this guy actually retarded? The Wii sold tons on tons of units and the Nintendo 3DS family is also selling like crazy. Just because they have ONE system that isn’t selling as well, the Wii U, suddenly means they should abandon hardware? This guy is a complete moron.

                                    18. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
                                      Oh Patcher. Always makes me laugh. ^^

                                    19. Seriously, MNN — Why do you keep reporting on this guy? He is one analyst (an idiot one, at that) that just spouts meaningless and unsupported ‘predictions’ out of thousands.

                                      Stop giving this guy coverage. I don’t really give a shit who he’s ragging on; from a purely analytical perspective, this guy just doesn’t deserve it.

                                    20. Bullshit. The day Nintendo goes third party is the day I quit gaming… like hell I would buy a Sony system or Microsoft system…

                                    21. How dare you soil the good name of Mario by having an image of a Mario figure as the header image of that so called ‘Professional Video Game Analiyst,’ Patcher. Seriously, you should have had a troll face as an image instead, much better fit. Wouldn’t you say???

                                    22. You want to know what? I don’t really care about this whole console war or console sales thing, but I hope the Wii U sells amazingly well, so that it will shut this pile of Monkey crap up, seriously, does this guy not have anything better to do than to troll………….

                                    23. BTW, a sign that someone’s a “false prophet” is if they contradict facts: Nintendo said that when their hardware division goes down, so would their software edition (and their IPs).

                                      In other words, even if Nintendo’s gonna give up the console market, they won’t go third party.

                                      Also, it doesn’t make sense anymore to pronounce those “doom” prophecies onto Nintendo – they’re currently second place in the market due to the fact that Nintendo’s strategy of using great video games like Mario Kart 8 to sell the Wii U seems to be working.

                                    24. Blah, blah, blah. Same shit another article. Give it up and give up this ridiculous notion that Nintendo will EVER be 3rd party and have games on PS-whatever and Xbox-anything.

                                      1. Tell that to Patcher.

                                        I don’t think anyone can be pleased around here – only having positive news would make trolls bash the site for being somewhat of a “fanboy”, and posting negative news alongside positive ones, like what this site’s doing, would attract cries of “show real news, not bashing of Nintendo”.

                                      1. Also the 3ds is by far the best selling console this generation, even if they give up making consoles because of one fuck up, they’ll continue to make handhelds

                                    25. Now, to be fair to pachter, even though I think he’s wrong. Nintendo does need to stop being so insular and thy ARE really behind. They need to do some serious work if they want to start competing again.

                                    26. It’s funny that he bases this entirely off Wii U sales. Forget the fact that the GameCube didn’t do well and they came back strong with the Wii. Forget the fact that the 3DS is a strong selling system (though it had a bit of a slow start). Nintendo has no desire to go third party. I just can’t imagine playing Mario on Playstation or XBOX, though I certainly would if they did go third party. He is right about them being behind, the Wii U is in no way up to par with the PS4 and XB1 in numerous ways. Graphics are an obvious one, the overall design of the Wii U is a bit clunky. The gamepad’s battery life sucks, it’s uncomfortable to play with it (I find myself using the Wii remote or Pro controller instead whenever I can). And the Pro controller is terribly uncomfortable, it’s a direct rip-off of the 360 controller but the placement of the buttons is terrible. Pushing any of the face buttons pretty much requires you to stretch unless you have long fingers. I really don’t know if the Wii U will last too long, but I do hope they figure out how to properly use the internet. They really need to look at what Playstation and XBOX do with theirs, they’re both similar in a lot of ways but Nintendo doesn’t take any leafs out of their book. I think they’re stuck on being “kid friendly” and forget that they’ll just choose the other systems. Friends list that can be accessed in an instant, notifications of who came online, messaging system, achievement/trophy type of structure… all things that should have been implemented with the Wii U. If the next console isn’t similar in basic aspects to the PS4 and XB1 then they won’t be coming back as a first-party developer. But one system being underwhelming doesn’t end a company, especially one with the longevity of Nintendo.

                                        1. Because this fool never touched anything. Claiming something sucks right off the bat without much details behind it clearly gives away the fact that this is merely a fanboy talking hallow BS to justify another platform he blindly worships. I have both 360 and Wii U controllers and both are relatively comfortable and calling Wii U Pro controller a ripoff of 360 is a dead giveaway of him talking out of his ass big time. Wii U Pro layout is far different, doesn’t have a shitty D-Pad design, built in rechargeable battery that lasts for 80 long hours and the twin sticks are located besides each other in parallel when 360 are located on top and bottom of opposite sides. In fact, Xbox ripped off Nintendo’s controller designs of the letter and colored buttons from SNES just swapped around.

                                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                    The only thing that matters now is the extermination of the Xbots…

                                                    The N-Dub Nation has failed, their emperor thinks that the Xbox Done is better than the PS4, pathetic…

                                                    1. I LMAO at that last part. It didn’t even beat Wii U yet, not by a long shot with its own share of games coming this year and the next. All those fuckers got is yet another lame ass round of Halo ports just to wait for the fifth game for another 337 days after.

                                    27. Nah. Even if they fall out of the home console market eventually, Nintendo will probably always have the handheld market under control.

                                    28. This Pachter guy is probably the most butthurt troll in real life. for YEARS he’s been saying the same shit and he still hangs on to nintendo premonitions. Do your job properly man.

                                    29. A DECADE BEHIND THE CURVE


                                      DUALSHOCK OVER 15 YEARS OLD GOING ON 20 YEARS OLD



                                      VS A BOX WITH A DUALSHOCK


                                      HOW CAN THE COMPANY THAT BUILT GAMING BE BEHIND ANY CURVE THERE THE FOR MOST LEADERS IN GAMING TECH this guys a fucking clown




                                    30. DAYS AFTER NEW 3DS ,DAYS AFTER BIG GAME EXCLUSIVE NEWS FOR WIIU



                                    31. What a shock, more troll-bait from This website … It should be renamed… My troll bate Nintendo (Fox) News …..

                                    32. HE MENTIONS 1985 IN HIS RANT THE YEAR NES TOOKOVER THE INDUSTRY



                                      YOUARE COMPARING 85 TO 2015 the industry is going to crash again isnt t patcher I EXPOSE YOUR TRUE GOD THE INDUSTRY THATS ALREADY 80% SMALLER THAN LADT GEN AND IS GOING TO SUPER CRASH SOON



                                      THESE COMPUTER INDUSTRY TROLLS HAV HATED NINTENDO FROM 1985

                                      FUNNY YEAR TO MENTION PATCHER hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm exposed you fool EA ubisoft etc WILL CRASH

                                    33. Nintendo provides an alternative for all gamers and all ages. If they changed to satisfy one demo(mature) gamers, then what’s left? We’ d have three companies all doing the same thing!
                                      It’ s enough to have Sony and Microsoft essentially providing the same hardware and software.
                                      It’s always good to have choices, and that’s what Nintendo provides, a choice to have a different and fun gaming experience. I have not touched my ps3 since buying a wii U…it reminded me just how fun playing video games can be, and should be.
                                      Most importantly I can play with my nephews and niece, can’t play GTA5 with those young ones.

                                    34. I kind of hate the idea behind the new 3DS. I know that its merely a stepping stone in keeping the 3DS Brand fresh in the minds of consumers but still… arrrrgrrhghhh.

                                      Anyway, I hope Nintendo has the foresight to see about phasing out the older 3DS models before this one hits and it had better cost less or similar to what the present models cost.

                                      Second, there should be a program where people can trade in the old models for a discount on the newer one.

                                      Third, I’m sure a proper follow-up to the 3DS will be forthcoming in 2 years with a large swath of games made prior to its release.

                                      Oh, Nintendo needs to build up libraries prior to release. They can no longer trust the fickle cunts that are the game developers.

                                      As for the Wii-U, Nintendo needs to step up the development of games and their DLC program needs a bit of a fix.

                                      As for their next console, Nintendo said that they will focus less on the passive audience and more on the real gamer, this gives me hope that they are bringing a system that will be just as powerful or more powerful than either Sony or Microsoft’s next consoles. They have to go there this time… c’mon Nintendo, bring a beast this time!

                                      The only thing about the next console cycle is that Nintendo is always leading the charge. They tend to throw something out onto the market without thinking ahead it seems. Additionally, Sony and to a lesser extent, Microsoft tend to sit on the fence taking notes on Nintendo’s moves. They quickly throw in a new gimmick that tries to one up Nintendo’s newest configuration. Its fucking annoying, I doubt we’d ever see either Sony or Microsoft ever releasing a system before Nintendo.

                                      That is why I hate Sony, nothing but a fence sitting cunt with nothing real behind its own ideas. Just a shallow shell of a company,

                                      Microsoft I can respect because I love their games and their online presence, they should team up with Nintendo and fuck Sony so hard up the ass..

                                      Anyway, come 5 years time no one will remember this cunt Pachter and his Sony/MS jizz filled mouth. :P

                                    35. This guy again? Why does his opinion matter?

                                      Nintendo has been and is still releasing many heavy hitters on the Wii U and after its first year the 3DS has always been a solid device. The Wii U has Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8. It’ll soon have Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros. Next year we can look forward to Mario Maker, and the new Zelda and Starfox games. This is just a short list of all we have to look forward to on the Wii U alone, I just didn’t feel like typing all the other games, but there are plenty that are worth a mention. Also I’d be here all day typing all the great 3DS game there are, I don’t even know where to begin.

                                      I don’t even know how this fool gets paid! Its like he’s a broken record that doesn’t do an ounce of research before making a bold statement.

                                      When is this guy going to get fired, when will this site stop recognizing his predictions as actual news, why did I waste 10 min typing all this???

                                    36. Every time I hear about this guy, the stupider he sounds. I don’t know if he’s been living under a rock or not, because Wii U sales have increased amazingly cuz of Mario Kart 8. I’m surprised that he is still on the “Nintendo Doom” bandwagon when pretty much everyone else got off. Looks like he can’t get over the fact that he’s wrong about something.

                                    37. Why should we care about what this idiot has to say? Please stop making news about his blabbering, because he’s getting attention that he doesn’t deserve.

                                    38. Will this idiot STFU?! Every, last, dumbass “prediction” this retard utters out of his ass is always 99.9% wrong. The other .1% is obviousness that even a baby earthworm can tell.

                                    39. Isn’t this old news?

                                      But seriously, can Patcher shut the hey up?

                                      I mean, Nintendo’s sales aren’t awful anymore.

                                    40. patcher still gets butthurt at nintendo. smh rofl.
                                      >abandoning. they’re not going to abandon the only thing that makes them successful. nobody gives a shit about what he says.
                                      >there is no place for nintendo hardware. so he’s most likely being bias to sony and microsoft. the more you know!
                                      >there’s a place for their content? where.

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