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ESPN President Says eSports Isn’t An Actual Sport

ESPN president John Skipper says that eSports are not an actual sport, but says they’re more like a competition much like chess or checkers. Skipper’s comments came about during Re/code’s Code/Media Series conference when he was asked what he thought about Amazon’s recent acquisition of Twitch.

“It’s not a sport—it’s a competition. Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition. “Mostly, I’m interested in doing real sports.”

41 thoughts on “ESPN President Says eSports Isn’t An Actual Sport”

  1. Check out the brains on this guy! Only a man of true intellect could understand that

    Plus, Sport is competition so I don’t get what he’s trying to say there

    1. Pretty obvious what he’s trying to say. Esports aren’t sports. Sports require physical exertion. Esports are competitions more in line with chess and spelling bees.

      1. Apparently, some people haven’t played DDR, Just dance, or a even to name as a small example, mario and sonic at the Olympic games.

  2. Steven Quarts Universe

    Look at all you ninty dweebs, bad mouthing EA, ya’ll just jealous you got no games just failed rehashes of trashy franchises, ya’ll makes me sick, ya’ll dweebs 4 lif

  3. He means esports like cod championships and league tournaments and shit to bad chess doesn’t have teams and a point system, if you look and the definition of a sport those kinda tournaments fit the bill

  4. I think what he’s about is the meaning of Sport as a Physical Activity with it why its called eSports (Electronic Sports) because its entirely different. It was probably only called it for convenience or something. At the end of the day saying eSports is just so much easier than having to say Videogame Tournaments/Competetitions all the time.

  5. So please, president of ESPN, why did you broadcast The International 4 on ESPN3? Especially when most people interested in it, including myself, would watch on Twitch?

  6. What, the dude in charge of sports coverage doesn’t like something that’s moving focus away from his channels? Weird.

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