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Miiverse User Draws Amazing Tribute To Robin Williams


An extremely talented Miiverse user has sketched an incredible tribute to American actor and comedian, Robin Williams. It took Miiverse user Craig thirteen hours to complete the sketch which is possibly the best depiction of someone I’ve seen on the social network.

Thanks, Lord Zedd

55 thoughts on “Miiverse User Draws Amazing Tribute To Robin Williams”

  1. Hey, guys glad you like it! It took me 2 weeks to make but in the end it was worth it! I have to say, I am very surprised to see one of my works be featured on a popular website like this. Make sure to add me on Miiverse, there are plenty more in the works!

      1. Dude, that’s enslavement and here you are talking about Microsoft brainwashing fools to be their drones, you want to make someone your artistic drone. XD Can you say “Double Standard” three times quickly, Commander? lol

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  -Subject S-45 fails to realise that the correct form of the word is ‘realise’ while ‘realize’ is the inferior retarded version of the Xbot Homeworld-

      2. Yeah well my artwork was better but my gamepad ran out of battery cough cough so I couldnt finish lol
        damn I wish I had his skills.

        1. Aww, I bet next you’ll say there is no Santa Clause.

          This is no hack. Close observation reveals it truly is a painting. “His” left eye and “pointer” finger.

          That said, this is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. A remarkable tribute few could pull off on a WiiU or 3DS.
          Just amazing.

      3. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

        My god, that pic is amazing, it almost feels untrue a person can draw something on a mere game console.

      4. I was watching flubber the other day, and robin williams kept missing the weddings. So he was on the 3rd wedding and he met up with his fiance, and she said you remember the wedding is tonight at 6:30? He was like oh yeah that wedding, oh yeah, yeah OUR wedding. SHe said it’s thw world for me please don’t miss again. He said I WOULD RAHTER DIE THAN MISS THIS WEDDING.

        He missed the wedding lmao, it was really weird.

      5. My name is Craig. I drew this picture. I am also the owner and CEO of Craigslist, and every company affiliated with the name Craig. I also own the name Craig. Not just the username Craig, the actual name. The name is patented by me. If anyone wants the name Craig, they must ask me for permission. And I have complete ownership and control over every person, animal, or object with the name Craig. If your name is Craig, I am controlling your mind right now.

      6. I never seen something more amazing in my life! I must say, great job Craig (and I do not mean any of your trolls…)

      7. I’m notoriously hard to please as I disregard fanart as a so-called art form, but this… is a masterpiece. Someone give this person some money.

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      10. I can’t even find this particular drawing or user, Craig. However, I found another very impressive drawing of Robin Williams by someone named Ryo.

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