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Here’s Plenty Of Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Japanese Demo Impressions

NeoGAF member Alistair Roo has rather handily compiled a batch of information taken from the recent Super Smash Bros Japanese demo. We’ve now got details about newcomer Shulk along with many of the other famous characters featured in the upcoming game. Here’s plenty of information for you to read through.

– Chrom appears in robins victory pose.
-Robin: His hair color changes, but not the model
-Robin is FANTASTIC. Magic is not slow, when he has his spell book his attack speed is really good. If you use a smash attack in the air IT USES HIS MAGIC SMASHES. If you use a normal aerial it uses his other weapon.

He has two swords, the magic and the non-magic one. (Forgive me, not an awakening veteran).
All of tilts are using the physical sword. They have good combo ability. All of his smashes use the magic sword, which has an electric effect.
When in the air, if you use the inputs for a smash attack (and you still have the magic sword available), you will do an aerial that uses the magic sword. If you just typically hit an aerial he will use the normal sword.
You use up your magic sword quite quickly but it regenerates rather fast so it’s not like it ruins your tempo. Very fast.

The fire move we’ve seen is actually a fireball that comes from above robins head and rains down in the vicinity in front of robin. His neutral b shoots and electric lightning bolt straight across the stage.
The healing move is his down b and you would be surprised to know it heals for a LOT (I healed for about 20%) and it stuns your opponent while you heal. It has a start up though so it’s not as easy to land as any regular grab. I can see Robin being a PAIN IN THE *** to people who can’t avoid getting caught in it. Unsure if you can force break it from slapping buttons, I only played AS him.
His up b jumps up a bit and shoots wind slicers down. Important to note it’s actually not straight up, he jumps jump and slides slightly to the side in the direction you’re facing THEN shoots them down, so it can be a ground option too.

Marth feels very nerfed. His range seems even worse than in Brawl (I was whiffing smashes like crazy and I’m pretty good with tippers). Aside from his range and no ability to double fair he seems mostly the same, aside from running faster. It’s his range that REALLY feels kinda killer to His melee/brawl play style.
Tippering with Marth seems to require your opponent to be a lot closer than ever before, it seems he won’t be as much of a spacing monster as he’s always been.
This can’t be overstated enough, his range feels significantly shorter (by significantly I mean that it’s noticeable. It’s all relative of course), and seems to be his most notable nerf. Spacing his tippers seems to Be considerably more skill-based due to the range needed.

-Shulks standing a is a 3 hit combo
-Shulks up b is a TWO PART combo
-You can choose to do the second part by inputting b again
-Basically he swipes up like dolphin slash
-If you hit b again he will do a swipe in front of him and send the opponent flying
-His up smash is sort of like palutena, except a much smaller pillar of light coming from his monado
-I think his running dash attack is just a sword swipe. Don’t quote me on that I didn’t take it to memory (As I quote him anyway lol)
-Shulk lunges forward and swipes down with his forward b In to the ground
-When you press neutral b it changes the insignia. Can’t change while rolling, unsure attacking
-His bair he shoves his sword behind him without even turning around like under his arm.
-Shulk has the underpants alt we all know about, rest are recolors
– Shulks second jump is a somersault. Feels funny. All his smash attacks have a strange millisecond-ish load-up time before they come out. The Monado powering up or whatever.
– Shulk has amazing spacing options because his Monado reaches so damn far

– Pacmans costumes change his gloves and shoes
– Pacmans forward a is a combo like Marth except with punches
– his down aerial is like lucarios except he kicks like 2-3 times.
– Pac Man is SLOW. Every single one of his aerials are kicks. His forward aerial is a double kick, his back air is like Mario. The thing that stood our about him is his utter sluggish-ness. His fall speed is like brawl. His run speed is slow. His forward b sends a pellet out in front of him, and then he turns in to classic pacman and boosts towards it. It’s kind of like greninja’d shadow sneak thing except you can’t time it.
– Pacman. He feels slow, but his attacks felt like they had a good hitbox, because he’s really fat and his legs stretch when he kicks. He just felt really interesting to play, but I ended up using his aerials the most because of their hit boxes.
-Pac-Man: His color doesn’t change, but he wears accessories.

-Link: Fierce Diety, White, Purple
– Fierce Diety Link confirmed (Face changes too)
– White tunic and Purple tunic confirmed
– His down air has less recovery frames, but doesn’t have as much knockback.
– Boomerang throwing animation is more reminiscent of how it used to look in 64
– link has a costume with like red markings under his eyes. It looks nothing like link… But his eyes are whitened and has red markings and he has dark colored clothing. There’s also a white and blue link.

-Dark red charizard, Blue charizard
– Charizard can be purple, yellow, red, grey
– Charizard’s up throw is seismic toss, similar to Kirby’s throw.
-Charizard: Shiny Charizard

– I made a mistake for the light blue costume of ZSS it’s actually gray
-ZSS comes in dark blue, green, black, and red.

-No dark pit costume.
-Pits side b fist has a bad lag if you whiff, big KO power if you hit at higher %s

-Captain falcon still has his knee of justice but they made HUGE landing lag. His side b still does strike dmg (I’m sorry), I think I misinterpreted a guy next to me who was playing him say that. Shouldn’t have said it without confirming myself
– Captain falcons uppercut (side B) doesn’t do strike dmg anymore, only a grab his up b goes straight up

Little Mac has 16 costumes! He has 8 costumes for his fleshy self, and 8 costumes for his wireframe

– Pikachu: Gold/Silver’s Trainer Hat, X/Y’s Trainer hat, Party hat returns
– Glasses Pikachu confirmed
– Pikachu has a hat with sunglasses on the front costume, and a fighter headband (red and black colored I think).

– Lucario has a purple and green skin and dark grey skin. Rest are shades of blue.

– No Masked DDD alt

– Diddy kong only gets 1 banana. If you pull another It disappears

-Peach’s forward B has BARELY any startup time anymore (the butt slam)
– Peach: Fire Peach color
– Peach’s turnip pull speed is nerfed. She can still move in to float to do things like crown and nair. Her smash goes tennis club, golf club, and frying pan. I believe it’s a set order now.
– Peach is unchanged except for her up aerial. It’s now a rainbow thing, it has an arched hitbox over the top of her head, she draws it with her hand.

– Wolf deconfirmed
– Fox has an alternate skin that looks exactly like wolf. He’s gray fur, purple eye device and grayish clothing. It’s the only skin that changes foxes fur. This is only a color, NOT a costume

– Zelda has a white costume
-Zelda has no alternate costumes only colors
– Zelda’s new phantom move: It doesn’t hit a character right up in her grill. The phantom spawns maybe a character away, so if your opponent is right up on you, the phantom will just spawn in front of them and whiff.

– Meta knights up b is like Marth’s up b. It hits people like once and sorta knocks them away and has an upward direction to it.
His tornado still has a lot of hits but you can DI it pretty easy because the hits are actually less frequent, I don’t know yet about its priority.
-Meta Knight: Dark Meta, Galacta Knight

– No Metal Sonic. Shades of Blue/One White skin
– Sonic still dies pitifully if you end up in a spin without a jump

– Megaman has yellow
– megaman has a green/orange costume, and white/red costume, a blue and white costume

– Marth has an Orange Skin
– Marth double fair is not possible

-There is no island toon link costume.
– toon link has the four swords colors + old style link color, the black with red eyes.

– lucario is unchanged except his smash attacks feel MUCH faster.

– palutena’s smash reach is incredible. Her up smash is the giant pillar laser beam thing. Her side smash moves a bit forward and her wings slap in front of her.
– Palutena: Viridi color

– Olimar: Alph (full model change)

– Black and purple Yoshi colors confirmed

– Ike feels unchanged. I was never an Ike main so I don’t know the specifics but his attacks were all the same general thing, nothing new I noticed.


– villagers up b is the most overpowered recovery I’ve ever seen.

-Back Ledge Grabbing is back
-Shield while running
-Fast falling is pretty swift. It also has the ash 64 effect sparkle when you do the input.
-There is no Melee dash dancing. It’s incredibly hard to do with the circle pad but it’s essentially the same thing as brawls. IE not super useful or practical.
– the ledge is DEFINITELY tougher to grab and there is no snap. Unfortunately both Marth and Shulk flip for their 2nd jump so I could not test ledge re-grabbing within a short window of time because it waits for their flip animation to finish before actually grabbing.
– The game still has a sense of floatiness to it that is present in brawl. It’s definitely not like Melee where you drop like bricks.
– Shield rolling is extremely fast and there’s a neat little sparkle star effect when you do it and acting out of shield is as well. I think of it like a mini-wave dash. No wave dashing or l-cancelling. Just rolling baby.
– Ledge snap SEVERELY nerfed. I feels like Melee ledge grab.
– whoever is worried about combos, there are combos.
-I could no re-grab the ledge directly after letting go and jumping back in to obvious grab range.
– Pivot cancel is still in
– Lucina is not playable.(DEMO)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

53 thoughts on “Here’s Plenty Of Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Japanese Demo Impressions”

    1. The costumes are failures, because Sakurai isn’t as great as people say he is. He might have help with one of the great series in game history, but his inclusions of clone character after clone character to just fill in space is mediocre. And he said he was going to cut back on them…….. Yeah right. That’s why Nintendo is getting tiring.

        1. Ummm. If that leak is true, then we have Ganondorf, dark pit who will just be like pit, dr. Mario who is just mario with pills…………seriously hope that leak is false though.

          1. There’s so many weapons in Kid Icarus uprising ‘m more than sure there will be differences in Dark Pit. gannondorf has plenty of moves he could adapt from his games. And Dr. mario? Eh, I definitely don’t know what he’ll do with that.

          2. The leak is real and that’s STILL only 4 clones out of a cast of 48. But Ganondorf is a semi-clone. Lucina and Dr. Mario are most likely 1-to-1 clones, with basically hit differences.

            1. The thing is we don’t even know if Ganondorf will still be a clone. He could very well have a completely revised moveset.

          3. Data from Star Trek @Jester

            I have a theory that Dark Pit will have the Dark Pit Staff instead of Pit’s Golden Bow, which are two completely different weapons. If this is true, Dark Pit will have a very different moveset (save his recovery).

            If my theory is correct, DP’s b standard could be a simple shot from his staff (essentially a fast version of fox’s blaster). his side b could be some kind of slash combo with the staff (sort of like marth’s side attack, but slower and better range/flinch) and the down b could simply be a small area attack using the powers of Pandora that he stole in Uprising ( little bit of backstory, sorry)

  1. “Captain falcon still has his knee of justice but they made HUGE landing lag.”

  2. Steven Quarts Universe

    Didn’t I tell you nintenerds that 3ds was for babies and casuals, babies r us
    Lol you go have fun In the baby area while i play my ps4, with rad games like infamous and kill zone, have fun with wiik u and Ds with add-on, ya’ll dweebs 4 life fools

  3. As a competitive tournament player, I must say that these gameplay mechanic changes are good to hear. It shows sakurai is acknowledging the competitive community. I’m a little sad about the marth nerf, but I wll just have to adjust. I also hope captain falcon isn’t as bad as he was in brawl, AND I hope metaknight got super nerfed.

    1. I heard Meta Knight got super nerved. I think he nerved Marth just to balance him. I’m happy too. The game seems like it’s becoming very balanced to wear every fighter has great potential.

  4. how are we going to see the gameplay over here i can t see the gameplay look like i lin t see good gameplay tin this friday and five day of school five day of shit

    1. Jigglypuff is in. Just unlockable. The unlockable characters will be officially revealed after the Japanese release. Ice Climbers are probably cut though.

      1. Ice Clumbers Cut? I knew from the start it was a dumb idea to put SSB on the 3Ds. Why can’t they just put them on Wii U version ? Unless Wii U is too weak.

        1. Wait weak by it can’t handle a gamepad and 8 Ucr climbers at the same time. That’s got to be why the twins got cut. Too weak. They should have thought of more power in 2008.

  5. Sigh, typical “hardcore” review. Things such as whether they actually enjoyed the game aren’t even touched upon… only metagame crap and all that. Sounds like Hell to me.

  6. Fierce Deity Link!? YES!! YES!! YES!! FUCK YES!!! Who needs Hyrule Warriors Link for SSB when we get Fierce Deity Link!

    1. What’s with all this stupid DLC for smash. Other smash games didn’t have it. Don’t tell me they have to make changes or add more because they didn’t think of all this from the start.

    2. Ice climbers are too much for Wii U to handle. They would have to desperate them.. keep in mind they didn’t think about adding more power to it thinking 3 cores were enough back in 2008.

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