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Hyrule Warriors Bundle With Link’s Scarf Available For North America Exclusively At Nintendo World Store

The wonderful Hyrule Warriors special edition set with Link’s Scarf will be available for North American residents – but it’s exclusive to the Nintendo World Store. The special bundle was announced on the New York store’s official Twitter account earlier today, which will go on sale at 8AM on September 26; the launch day for the Zelda and Dynasty Warriors spin-off.

Unfortunately due to high demand, the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition set will not be available for pre-order. So for those who live in or around New York, you’ll have to purchase the bundle in person on launch day. Fans living in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can already pre-order the bundle from participating retailers at the RRP of £49.99.

68 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Bundle With Link’s Scarf Available For North America Exclusively At Nintendo World Store”

    1. I actually want this but I don’t live in New York so you know what
      This game is stupid baby ugly game and the scarf sux big balls in the ass

        1. I used to like playing god baby games, but the police caught me playing with the babies, and now I can’t live close to the school

  1. Here we go again. X( This is why America doesn’t get nice things anymore. Fucking A just like MK8 bundle, nobody else but very few gets this. Oh but an entire country of Japan and UK does. WTF?

          1. But I don’t care anyway. Its just incentives to sell the games although I did wanted that scarf and that Blue Shell figurine. Its unfair that we get nothing while other countries do.

        1. Yes… I missed out on those simply because I have a job and responsibilities.
          By the time I could go and check it out, only to see big fat “SOLD OUT” laughing at me.

          But on the other hand, this is what “collectibles” were about, limitations.
          I visited my retailer week or so ago, and there was a lot of Watch Dogs dedsec editions on sale.
          Other games too have a lot of the “collectors editions” still available after months of release.
          And “Special Edition” starts to loose its shine when they print a copy for every citizen on Earth.
          But yeah, this is beyond ridiculous.
          To limit this to one city and one retail shop.

          And honestly though, I’m not that in to collecting, I just want to play some damn games.

  2. Boo. In another world where responsibilities didn’t matter I might have driven to New York but that’s not practical for 99% of us. Oh well still keeping Amazon preorder.

  3. Why the hell is everything at the world store or exclusive to other countries? Things shouldn’t be exclusive to freaking New York City… it’s not fair…

    Is it so hard for NOA to make things available for the rest of the goddamn country?

    1. Nintendo of America has always sucked, that’s why. This generation, they are sucking with Club Nintendo rewards & preorder/order bonuses.

  4. This is some bull. That scarf is badass and only people in NY can get it! My jimmies are ruffled and that’s not cool! D:<

  5. Why does Nintendo insist on giving North American’s the shaft over and over again. First it was the absolutely laughable Platinum/Gold rewards for Club Nintendo and now this? What a crappy way to treat your fans, who comes up with these horrible ideas?

  6. i like how they aren’t taking preorders because of high demand but won’t sell it anywhere but their own store. they know people want it so sell it in other places, or at least sell it online. they probably don’t want to get gamestop involved because of what they did with xenoblade

  7. I’m in Maine so I could very well travel to New York but I’d probably spend SO much at that store! I don’t understand why they don’t have an online store as well, they certainly make a lot more money doing that. Oh well, guess I’ll just get the standard edition, the scarf isn’t worth travelling that far.

  8. For anyone as annoyed by this as I am, you should let Nintendo know how you feel. Use Twitter or Facebook or whatever. It’s pretty damn annoying that North America has become a 2nd priority in terms of getting these awesome pre-order bonuses and limited edition items. I’m going to be ticked if all we get for pre-ordering Ruby and Sapphire is a poster.

  9. No artbook or OST? No thanks…I can buy the scarf in other store (in my country – Perú – i can buy the best scarf with the best material).

  10. This is the same thing that happened last time with Mario Kart 8. I preordered from Gamestop just a few days ago.. Dammit, I should’ve waited. And I live so close to NYC too fuucckkk…

  11. Meh I’m not too bummed, sucks for people who wanted it though but I personally did not think the scarf was that great anyway.

  12. What the fuck?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is some real bullshit here Nintendo of America. Give us the fucking collector’s edition for ALL of this fucking region. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Complete and utter dick move. First the shitty Club Nintendo rewards, now this? Nintendo really doesn’t seem to give two fucks about the North American region.

  14. Ugh! Nintendo of America is always doing something wrong. Last gen, it was delaying 3 games that had a huge demand. This gen, it’s giving us shitty Club Nintendo rewards & preorder bonuses. And these are just things I can name off the top of my head!

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  16. Huh… living down under, I’m pretty used to America, Japan and sometimes the UK getting all the cool preorders, events (Symphony of the Goddesses only came to the other side of the country) and exclusives… is it wrong to say it feels good to get my hands on something for once? You may diss NOA, but we have to live with Nintendo of Australia too.

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