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LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Season Pass Is Skipping Wii U

The latest LEGO title LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will be receiving a season pass, but it won’t be coming to the Wii U. The season pass which costs £12.79 will only be available to those that have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, The season pass, which comprises of various LEGO DLC, will add additional story and free play mode and can be purchased for £12.79, or you can buy the DLC individually for £2.55. There’s no word regarding whether the DLC will come to Wii U or not.

Thanks, Nintyguy and Gamertimeusa

141 thoughts on “LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Season Pass Is Skipping Wii U”

            1. As are any on any other devices, even 3DS has APPS.
              It’s not like APPLE owns “APPS” or even remotely started the concept.

      1. I have Persona 4, Uncharted, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Velocity 2X, and remote play is beast. There are hundreds of awesome games (and alternate ways to play games) for the Vita, if you know where to look.

          1. To be fair Persona and Velocity both look pretty good.
            Sure the 3ds has a much better selection of games (JRPGs and 1st parties as far as the eye can see), but different strokes for different folks. I don’t see why you have to criticize him for having a video game system. If it makes him happy, why do you have to take that away? I just don’t understand people sometimes…

              1. i am sorry, pal. i was not replying to you. did you read the comment by gabe newell?. does your burn need more explanation, dood? :P

            1. Oh so when Nintendo fails to advertise the Wii U, you say “Its a dead console” but when Sony fails to advertise you say “Its not dead its completely okay!”
              Fail damage control.

                    1. I’ve been saying the Vita was dead since forever. Just ask Nintendo Commander. You’re not that important in my life that I have to change my mindset just to please you, please don’t think so highly of yourself, or should I say, get overclocked :)

                    2. I quote “Saying what I agree with to get me off your back?”

                      So now you’re saying the fact that Vita is dead is my opinion trying to be fact? Make up your mind.

                    3. “The bigger idiot is the one adding meaningless comments to a conversation he doesn’t belong to” in other words you’re talking about everybody who visits this blog. yep, including you.

                    4. Yes I did say that Mr. Yoshida the dumbass who tries to put words in other people’s mouths.
                      If you think that statement means “EVERY” comment you make, then you probably generalized everything too much without think about the specifics.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  It’s not excuses…

                  You’re not a gamer if you don’t game…

                  I’ve played every single game I’ve ever bought ever and atleast above avergae or higher in most of them…

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      It’s been the same with the Samsung Galaxy phones. It’s like the companies are copying each others lameness. That or they’ve hit a brick wall in the creativity department and think a shiny new design will be enough to eternally satisfy consumers.

    1. We don’t need ’em.
      Let’s just stay 1st and 2nd party. Oh yeah, and the Indies. And Virtual Console.

      I’d be ok with that.

          1. Ps4 is dead once Sony goes bankrupt in two years if they can’t pull they’re shit together in that amount of time.
            So by your logic all of them are dead and PC gaming will rule all.

              1. Reported profit, yes that is totally good news.

                Sony: Yes we are totally fine now because we made up a tiny portion of our debt of $8 billion which caused our credit rating to go to junk, did I mention its still “junk” even though we made a profit for 2 months even though 2 months of profit won’t make that up?

              2. So, the main issue, is Sony has lost a fuck-ton of money. A few million profit isn’t going to help them financially, however it IS a sign they may have slowed or stopped the bleeding.

    1. This is WB man… they slapped us in the face with the Cold, Cold Heart DLC and now they won’t even give us DLC for a Lego game… Ubisoft at least tried to explain why they’re slapping us in the face, WB just slaps us and walks away.

      1. Don’t even go there with Ubishit. They haven’t explained jack shit of why DLC was in AC3 and not 4. They also never acknowledged the real truth behind Wii U Watchdogs which IDGAF about anyway, if the port even exists and why they just stop the production when it was completed or almost finished since there was a second studio making it.

        No. Ubisoft is just another jackass 3rd party cunt back stabbing Nintendo fans over nothing. They never tried but always lied. That’s all they’re good for.

        1. Oh no, you and I are on the same page with Ubisoft. I’m just saying that they at least tried to poop out an excuse while slapping us in the face. WB just does it and walks away.

            1. Agreed, I’m not buying anything from Ubisoft anymore… I’d love to play more Batman games but it doesn’t look like WB is treating the Wii U with respect either…

                1. Yeah, I’m thinking about dusting off my ol’ building skills and slowly putting together a PC to play the Arkham games and ALL their DLC. Along with MGS 5 and so on. Have had an Imac for years but that thing can’t handle Steam or any game for that matter…

                    1. Absolutemente! I assume you’ll be running everything off Steam right? I actually don’t know if there is anything else other than Steam.. Origin..? Is that still around?

              1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                In general, this is the worst generation to be an early adopter. Everybody’s got it bad, Still weird that the Wii U with it’s super low install base has the widest selection of games… >.>
                I got the Wii U at launch because I wanted to play Xenoblade. ;_;
                Feels like an eternity ago.
                And I bought the 3DS… I don’t even remember why I bought that thing. Didn’t have games for ages. XD I’m just waitin’ on the Wii U to pull a 3DS. I’m Not sure why I feel so inclined to tell you these things.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Fear the truth my children, the Master Race, the true one, not the misguided one of today shall be the doom of everything…

                        Except Nintendo…

                1. I have a house, two dogs, an gotta pay “grown up” bills. I have a decent job, but I can’t afford to blow money on all consoles AND the games and accessories needed.

                  I kinda need to stick with one console and one handheld so I can buy most any game when I want it.

                  Just so you know, some of us are Nintendo exclusive and put up with their bullshit because we’re addicted to their IP’s and can only support one console. ;)

            1. If I’d have known stuff like this would’ve happened back then, I wouldn’t have a Wii U yet. I’d have gotten a different console for my third party first and probably a Wii U in 2015. But it’s too late for that now. :/

              1. It was kinda like me a reeeeally long time ago, where during the REAL console wars (SEGA VS Nintendo) I only got the SNES. But I saw all my friends in school always talking about stuff like Sonic and Phantasy Star, and I was like “screw it” and saved up for a Genesis. Ever since then I was more of a Sega kid, then transitioned to Playstation during the N64 era, but I always got Nintendo systems too, so I really got to experience the greatest games of all time.

            2. I only have Nintendo and have a huge backlog of WiiU games, maybe people have to much time on their hands to claim that there is no games?

              That really amazes me, I play an averagr of 9 hours a week or so.

      1. Honestly lego games are so jam packed with content anyway. So it’s fine by me. If its still brought to Wii U I would definitely buy the dlc. Still really excited for this game!

      2. pink0crystal0midbus

        Why season passes don’t come to Wii U is beyond me. Especially when the season pass is to a LEGO game which will sell best on Nintendo consoles in the first place…

      3. already there’s dlc for another lego. we got 2 lego games this year. dang their killing this video game franchise with tis nonsense.

      4. Thanks WB for giving me another reason to continue boycotting your games and dlc. Been doing it since they badly treated Wii U owners regarding Injustice and Arkham Origins.

      5. Oh. Eh, whatever. I lost interest in Lego games the moment they started using voices instead of relying solely on physical stuff to express the comedy & emotions of characters.

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