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Miyamoto Says Blockuster Video Games These Days Aren’t Innovative And Unique Enough

Revered video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto previously called out developers during a recent shareholders meeting in July. Miyamoto said his impressions of E3 were that the video game developers are beginning to become obsessed with creating violent shooters which sport ultra realistic visuals.

“This year, the majority of what the other developers exhibited was bloody shooter software that was mainly set in violent surroundings or, in a different sense, realistic and cool worlds,” Miyamoto said at the time. “Because so many software developers are competing in that category, it seemed like most of the titles at the show were of that kind.”

Miyamoto was recently quizzed by EDGE magazine to follow-up on his opinionated comment. He told the publication that the video game industry needs to create more risky and unique titles, but it still has a long way to go. Here’s what he had to say.

“Oh, I’ve made quite the grand statement, haven’t I? My comment was based upon the fact that I have not been fully satisfied with the inspirations that I have or that other people in the industry have in general. I feel that industry tends, rather than the creator’s individuality and uniqueness, tend to be prioritized. When the people who manage the development budget take the lead in making a game, creators tend to make games that are already popular in the marketplace. Even when there is opportunity for young developers to make something freely, they tend to make similar proposals. I can’t help but feel that the industry has a long way to go. I hope Nintendo will always be a company that aggressively invests in something new – something born from each creator’s individual characteristics.”

231 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Blockuster Video Games These Days Aren’t Innovative And Unique Enough”

    1. good thing we have pokemon, mario and zelda that turn the entire gaming industry upside down…. lol. you people give nintendo credit for being innovative, but those days are long gone. the last game like that was mario galaxy, before it, majora’s mask….that was 2000… nintendo isn’t innovative anymore. they just create good quality games, though they lack online, longevity and a lot more. they are still good gameplay wise.

        1. toads treasure tracker is pretty much the minigame from mario 3d world. splatoon is a new ip. nothing specially creative, but good to see a new ip. starfox….i’d like to wait and actually see the game. all of those games.

          1. How is Splatoon not innovative in comparison with Majora’s Mask and Galaxy? Nostalgia blindness is strong with this one.

            1. Because splatoon is people shooting themselves with paint. It is a concept that has been done in similar ways in other games. There are mario party games like that. De blob has similar premise. There are many games that do that. Some things in the game are creative, like turning into a squid, but that’s it. Majora’s mask had the 3 day dynamic with sidequests and the story that work around it. It had mask transformations, it had time manipulation. Mario galaxy was made around the gravity, everything in that game is made around the fact that levels now have 2, 4 sides to them, some of them are planet shaped… It was great.

              1. ugh, the originality argument.
                So you’re implying that day-night cycles, transformations and interesting side quests did’nt exist before majora? not to mention the gameplay from ocarina?. Look dude I enjoy them games, I think they are classics but nothing is truly original anymore, the only game I can think of that i’ve played in the last 10 years that’s been truly original is katamari damacy, pikmin and a few others and even then there’s probbly something similair to all of them. which does’nt matter ideas are an amalgamation of things seen before, dark souls has certainly been done before, just not in that exact same way and probbly not with the style it had.

              2. tell me where has something like 3 day cycle been done before in the same way that it affects the story of the game and the sidequests. the only thing it has from ocarina of time gameplay wise is time travel and controls,even though time travel in majora’s mask is completely different. pikmin is kind of a nintendo’s spin on strategy games and yes i admit it is innovative, i just didn’t think of it while writing this comment.

              3. You mark territory w/ paint/ink. Shooting the opponent gets the player points, but it’s not the primary goal.

                I also doubt you could swim around in the paint of said other games.

        1. if i made a console with 20 2′ screens, would it be innovative? the fact that hardware is different isn’t innovative if they don’t use it, and they don’t. the only game they used it for and was useful was nintendoland. though, that game didn’t even need it. if it had online mp, we could’ve had asymmetric gameplay without the gamepad.

          1. How did Nintendoland not need a second screen? It might not need it in the single player but the multiplayer would be ruined if they placed the gamepad’s screen on the TV, and also, five player local multiplayer!!

            1. Because if there was online, 4 players would play one way with their controllers while one would play another way with his. Online, you dumb retard, online.

        2. Dreamcast’s controller & GCN/GBA connectivity did dual screens for a console before (both in the 6th gen). But in the 8th gen, the Gamebad is bigger, higher resolution, more integrated w/ the console, wireless, & includes NFC tech. So it’s been done, to some extent, before. But, the Gamepad is a huge improvement on that concept.

          1. *Gamepad. (No, I don’t think it’s bad. It does, however, need to be utilized more, more than just Off TV Play [although there’s a market for it]).

      1. Sorry what I meant to say is I give to much credit to my stupidity for being retarded and unable to fully grasp the full concept of disagreements of my opinion. Therefore I am retarded and only the last part of my comment is the truth.

          1. I’d say they’re innovative. When companies go out of their way to make something that has a giant possibility of failing, i.e., the Wii U, THEN they’re being INNOVATIVE. Literally, the definition of being innovative is creating something no one has done before, which they did/are doing currently. I think it’s important to keep an open mind, and, yeah, definitely play devil’s advocate and have a differing opinion, BUT, to say they haven’t been doing anything innovative is a pretty lopsided thought.

            1. where did you pull that shit out? so by that logic every cod is innovative because no one ever did that new call of duty.

            2. When companies go out of their way to make something that has a giant possibility of failing,

              And this is were you lost it, the Wii U was a cop out, its pretty much the DS as a home console. The pad is also pretty much a tablet which in case you forgot, are all the rage and have been for the last 4-5 years.

              Nintendo really hasn’t inovates software in a bit, at least since its Wii big hitters. In terms of hardware it hasn’t innovated since the DS.

            1. i said they are not innovative. i said they are creative, you imbecile. and not all of those are even creative. mario maker, hyrule warriors, toad’s advantures are not. maybe the toad will have some interesting puzzles, but it’s just a mini game turned into a bigger game.

              1. You are a dumbass, innovative and creative are the same thing, you want to know why? Because the core of both definitions is “originality”.

                1. Hm… I agree with you partly. Creative for example can be anyone that makes paintings and they can do some pretty good drawings. But innovative on the other hand would be painting The Mona Lisa.

                      1. I love when you people are left without any arguments to make and you can only insult…oh, yeah. I love fucking with your minds

                      2. Exactly, Snowman. People like Dumko are too high on their own selfish, biased opinions & think their opinion is fact while everyone else is in denial about the “real” world, aka the world that revolves around them. They are the center of the universe; we just live in it. Narcissists. The epitome of the very first sin: pride.

                  1. Sorry, m’lady, for the dudebros and beta’s out there who have taken my name. I am the TRUE Đonko, you see, and do so enjoy revealing my intelligence the same that an ugly stripper reveals her coitus-stained undergarments.

                    I beg pardon, but I must take my leave once more, m’lady.


                    1. I can see why the other Donko is a stupid ass and only says “I win, you lose.” Without even giving evidence other than his huge ego.

                2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                  Mario Maker is innovative– Nintendo never really did a custom-built level maker that was online-based before, at least not to my knowledge.

                  Hyrule Warriors wasn’t meant to be innovative, it was meant to be fun. It’s like dynasty warriors combined with zelda. At least it’s something new on both their ends, though.

                  Toad’s adventures is something you haven’t even played, so you can’t judge it yet.

                  Overall, I see where you’re going with it, but at the same time I think you went about it all wrong.

                  1. people have been making flash mario games since mario games….it’s not innovative just because nintendo makes it, you reeeeeetaaaaaaaaard.

                  2. ??? Mario Maker isn’t innovative. Lol. Super Mario Galaxy is. You can’t launch into space and use epic power ups like the bee Mario in Mario Maker! Hahaha. Lmao.

              2. He is blind, he can’t even read what he’s saying because “creative” and “innovative” are practically the same thing.

              3. Mario maker just lets you create your own levels, which has been done by Little Big Planet. Hyrule Warriors is basically Dynasty Warriors with a zelda skin. Yoshi’s wooly world is basically Yoshi’s epic yarn. Captain toads adventure is a mario 3d world minigame at retail price. Project Robots is probably the only creative title that Miyamoto has coming out, which is good because his work has been lackluster as of late.

        1. In no way are they Not innovative. they just hit a rough spot at the time. just like any other systems failures. doesnt mean they are taking a beat down cause of 1 thing. thats like saying. well Xbox main games are halo fable cod (sony also) and other jank games that really arent that interesting. i mean look at cod. dead beat series past MW2 but somehow people love the way they just alter the game and guns to make it {better} when its not. im not really looking forward to Advanced Warfare cause that too doesnt peek any interests and looks rather boring. NIntendo atm to me is doing fine cause they arent demanding much and they arent over killing it either. which the other 2 have a major tendency of doing WAY to much. but thats just me. their quality of games arent much better than their predecesors from the past. its just a bunch of {HD remakes} if thats enginuity to you than let that float your boat. they arent doing any better than half of what nintendo has yet dished out

          1. well, explain how they are innovative if you claim that they are. hardware doesn’t count, sorry, only game that use the hardware or games that are innovative in other ways

            1. Why wouldn’t harware count, thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So the only things that count are the products that you deem worthy? give me a break, Nintendo is the most innovative by far.

              1. because why would it count. the games are what show what the hardware can do. what would wii be without n64 be without the games that utilized it’s controller and 3d capabilities

                1. Funny how no one will bring up a lot of comments. Yet when I brought up 3DS version of smash lacking a feature multiple times I was the bad guy. Please continue to reason why Nintendo was stupid developing Wii U in 2008 in laack of innovation Donko Wins. Last innovative game to me was Pikmin and now Splatoons. Also Captian Toad is still innovative even if it is a miniga because you don’t know what the stages will be like on the actual game. Also ignoring the bad guys shown onCTTT game without lack of killing the creatures. Even Pikmin kill enemies.

                  1. What are you talking about? How is pikmin innovative, and far cry isn’t? What logic is that?
                    How is splatoon innovative and titanfall isn’t???? Please explain to me in detail how that is the case

                    1. Pikmin is innovative because it is a totally different experience. Instead if you traditionally controlling a character to do all the work, the player has to control the character that control the Pikmin to attack and carry at a certain time before the sun goes down. Pikmin 2 offered two characters to cover more ground and go to underground tunnels with very little opportunity to multiply your Pikmin. Pikmin 2 was the best. Splatoon is more creative than innovative. You have guns like a traditional shooter but don’t shoot to kill.

        2. Luigis mansion? Kirby’s air ride? Mariokart double dash?
          Wii sports? Excite truck? METROID prime?
          Those all came after majoras mask and before galaxy your argument is short sighted and invalid.

          1. luigi’s mansion was a creative use of mechanics like the poltergust, but the premise of the game was pretty much the same as ghostbuster, but just put into a game. it’s a good game, still. kirby’s air ride?no. mario double dash? please don’t tell me you consider two people on a car innovation, please. excite truck…..really? metroid prime was a good game, but it is mix of many fps elements with a few new ones. it’s like calling crysis 2 innovative, or calling titanfall innovative.

        3. You’re basically calling them “not innovative” because they haven’t changed their characters ever… You need to look up the definition of innovation. It has nothing to do with characters.

          Judging by your comment, you are probably under the misguided impression that The Last of Us was innovative. It wasn’t. It was an original series, it had a great storyline, but it wasn’t innovative.

          Innovative means new gameplay features.

          1. You know what they say about people who assume.

            If every game that brought new gameplay features was innovative, every game ever would be innovative.

            1. yes every game is innovative to some extent. They all bring new gameplay features. See this is why I said you didn’t know what innovation was. Innovation is about introducing new concepts to a field. These new concepts are then used by everyone.

              Innovation has nothing to do with characters, that’s why your argument sucks because innovation isn’t making a new story. It’s expanding the field for and showing other people what works and what doesn’t.

              Innovation is expensive, they are taking risks when they innovate. Adding a new gameplay mechanic may be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever, and you may have to scrap your whole project if that innovation doesn’t turn out well. This is why Sony doesn’t innovate much, they are making new franchises YES, but they aren’t actually taking any risks with them.

        4. I’m sorry, but…pokemon? I’m only speaking about the gen 4, 2, and 5 ones, but what was innovative between them again? New are and new pokemon and a tiny amount of tweaks here and there. *goes and plays pokemon Diamond.* Aw man this game is cool! *goes to play soul silver* feels really similar, but okay! *plays black* okay this is just a reskin. Sorry, that’s really how I feel when playing those games

      2. I guess in word of the wise man Philip J. Fry, no one want anything new, they want to see what they have seen thousand of times, ZOMBIES AND GUNS…….

      3. Biggest Nintendo fan since NES

        This is just too hilarious xD yeah Nintendo the new Mario games are soooooooo fuckin innovative it’s uncanny xD

      1. Miyamoto your one to talk you goldfish looking fuck! You’ve been out of touch with gaming fans for 8 years now. Go fuck yourself you gook!

      2. Oh look Commander. Now we got another poser, from Xbox this time. lol

        I hope you’re not being sarcastic over this statement. Otherwise, Quadraxis “Nintendo” Commander is gonna destroy you quick. lol

          1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

            Commander, the Prime minister was too humble to mention that the competition waits for something unique to come out of our empire, so that they can copy it waay after it stops being cool.

          2. Greetings all. I am not sarcastic. I fucking love Nintendo. I have a Wii U, 3ds, Wii, GameCube, N64, and Super Nintendo. I also have an Xbox one and Xbox 360. Playstation is definitely the worst of all. I am getting a PS4 for bloodborne though, unfortunately.

    2. People are going to take this the wrong way, so I’m going to quote this very important tidbit:

      “My comment was based upon the fact that I have not been fully satisfied with the inspirations that >I have< or that other people in the industry have in general."

      In other words, he is not exempting Nintendo in this case.

      1. Which is what exactly? They’re not EA who milks and strips games to death for profit from idiots who blindly support them and yet complains about Nintendo (not) doing the same thing.

      2. And you are just recycling a notion.
        Nintendo usually add new mechanics to their games, sometimes taking center stage.
        Mario Sunshine: water gun ink mechanic, Mario Galaxy: Gravity/directional attraction , Mario 3D Land/World: Directional movement + clones, Zelda ALBW: wall merge, MK8: gravity slingshot + items. Zelda SS: motion control, and new IPs.

    3. I have an Xbox One and I’m going to sell my Wii U for more Xbox One stuff, but I will however buy the next Nintendo console if it’s more like a Playstation, and less like a Nintendo.

      1. “I will however buy the next Nintendo console if it’s more like a Playstation, and less like a Nintendo.” Then just buy a Playstation then. lol

      2. That’s just as stupid as not buying their stuff at all because of what they do for the past 31 years in the business. Even when the next console is out and sorta like PS4, its Nintendo doing its own thing and not mimicking the same potential mistake as Sony did with PS3 and Xbox One.

        If you’re not gonna buy or support them to continue to improve, then adios and enjoy your Betamax until it blows up in your room. Hope you have Xbox and fire insurance. lol

          1. Don’t even mention Xbox. PC is the same thing and you fools buying Xbox have been blindly paying more for gimped PC experience without the PC. Congrats. lol

            And you thinking about buying consoles for power and not the good game it offers is just backwards thinking. Thank god I’m not that stupid.

            1. Are you done insulting me? I didn’t even want an Xbox, it was a gift from my grandpa, I wanted a Playstation 4 but I couldn’t get one because they were all out of stock but I really wanted one :/ Yeah Wii U has fun games but none of my friends play it and they make fun of me for playing it, and I’m mad because Wii U isn’t getting any third Party games like Call of duty, Assassins creed or Resident Evil. I want Nintendo games and third party games in ONE device is that too hard to ask for?

              1. All three next gen consoles suck anyways, your right, I was stupid enough to buy them. I’ll just stick with my GameCube (A badass Nintendo console)

                1. I may be the fool to respond to your pitiful lie but I have to say this…

                  “Yeah Wii U has fun games but none of my friends play it and they make fun of me for playing it”.

                  if they made fun of you for play Nintendo, then they ain’t your friends, hell, they ain’t gamers…oh I mean real gamers, my bad. They wanna be’s, they can’t hang with the dirty south crew aka real gamers. I said it once and I’ll say it again…

                  “A true gamer plays all”, Remember that! Own it or not, play as many no matter the system from Nintendo to PC, it does not matter, you play it for the fun!

              2. Actually, its now almost impossible at this point since 3rd parties have gone off the deep end gimping garbage after garbage. Maybe until the next console becomes more powerful (eve though nobody should care too much about hardware horseshit power) and maybe combines both worlds of home and portable console gaming and pretty much fixes every last flaw imaginable along with bringing new features, it MIGHT entice that jackass 3rd party to come back but after how they’re treated fans from Wii U, its pretty damn long shot to earn such respect and support back. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for those assholes at all.

                Best gaming combination is Nintendo and PC, maybe PlayStation since they have their own exclusives which are good.

                        1. Wha?? No way! Lol I’m getting a PC! Then I’ll focus on what my next console will be. If I find my PC satisfying enough, I’ll just keep the Wii U and just continue using PC for next generation.

                  1. Nope. He’s just disappointed with Wii U’s third party and he wants to jump ship. I don’t blame him either.

                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                      You apparently missed the part where he said “Yeah Wii U has fun games but none of my friends play it and they make fun of me for playing it…” I commend him for having a Wii U in the first place, but if this is one of his main reasons for wanting to get rid of his Wii U, he’s a sheep. If it’s a minor reason, I can forgive it & take back the sheep comment.

        1. You’re selling a Wii U the year smash comes out, and the year before a new Zelda title? The Wii U’s next year is having the games most people but the system for, but you already have it and are selling it now? That’s kinda funny/doesn’t make much sense to me lol

      3. hahahahah ahhh… Miyamoto really knows best. It’s nice to seem him call out the other devs for rehashing the same genres.

        Hopefully, they will pay mind to his advice.

        1. Of course, everybody with a functional brain can see that. lol Its an orgy of shooters along with the “biggest graphical dick” popularity contest and its starting to piss me off.

        1. You’re only right about New Mario Bros. and maybe Mario Party but 3D World is a direct sequel with its own changes like Miiverse, Ghosts data, 4-5 player multiplayer with 5 characters instead of two, HD visuals that looks beautiful and Gamepad exclusive levels aside from Toad levels that requires tilting, microphone and touchscreen. 3D Land doesn’t have any of those so calling it a rehash is plainly retarded.

      4. He’s straight up right and its very obvious. All we see these days are an orgy of shooters and cinematic-like games that more in tune to feel like a movie than a video game. There’s hardly any variety left in the market and Nintendo knows that first hand which is why they’re wise to not cater these types of piss poor demographics because they’re so much as brainwashed to like, make and buy only one type of genre.

      5. This is so true!!!

        That’s why people doesn’t change their mentality towards Nintendo! Because actually makes games with innovation and fun! That’s why Nintendo will always be my favorite Video game company until the day I die!

      6. Hey Miyamoto, how about putting your money where your mouth is and giving us something else? Oh, what’s that? All you have are those novelty gimmicks that Nintendo made you start working on to utilize the Gamepad that you showed off at E3? Yeah? STFU.

          1. There you go again making asinine statements and assumptions. I don’t even have a Sony or Microsoft console to go alongside my Wii and 3DS.
            Good grief. All you fanboys do is flame at someone instead of actually addressing the issue. I never insinuated that Sony and Microsoft are exempt. Before you get your panties in a knot and rage at someone who is going after your precious “empire”, try using your brain for once.

                  1. If only that were the case and you really did shut down. If I keep posting, will you malfunction permanently? Please?

                        1. I know. But I’m unbiased in who I criticize. Just because I don’t like Commander and think he’s a dumbass doesn’t mean I won’t go after other people who are also being stupid, regardless of their stance – especially those who 1) use that language and 2) use it poorly. At least Louis C.K had the balls to explain why he uses it, and uses it in a better fashion.
                          Two wrongs don’t make a right, so the cycle continues. Perhaps I’m just being unrealistic and foolishly optimistic – so if you guys just want to continue insulting each other and inflating your egos for superfluous reasons, be my guest.

                        2. Just leave me alone, he called me an Xbot because I said I didn’t think the Wii U was gonna succeed.

            1. I like you, you make good points. At the very least, Splatoon and we don’t know everything he’s doing with the new Star Fox just yet. I’m hoping he goes beyond his 2 other pet projects though. The ideals are kinda interesting, but they’re 5 minute time wasters honestly. Though, I could see the camera one being a good mechanic in some kind of spy game or something, but not standalone, and definitely not as a retail game release

        1. Said the Xbot who paid $500 for a failed NSA camera that flopped the second time, only to find out that he was duped when Xbox finally ditched that POS novelty spy tool that was pointless from last gen but still doesn’t give a fuck and still waits for Halo 5 like a dumbass. Oh and he’s pissy about Wii U still kicking Xbox DOne’s ass when it was already destroyed last year by PS4 and Microsoft themselves before it even launched.

          You were saying

      7. I love how he says even he has room for improvement. Well said. Take note, guys. This is how you adress situations without being a dick about it.

      8. he’s so right , sometimes I feel like the only ones i can trust are Nintendo and Kojima , everyone else goes for the FotM shit we all already know









        imagine CDOD built for wiiu ground up NEXT FUCKING GEN







        BE ASHAMED


        twin aalog fps IS A CLUNKY SCREEN SCROLLING MESS


      13. The thing with the way Nintendo makes games is they are almost always kid friendly. I feel like they lose out on customers as a result. Sure Mario is seen as an ageless game, but Splatoon looks like it’s trying to be a shooter but is doing it in a kid friendly way. They’re definitely not newbies to game publishing, but they certainly act it sometimes. I’m glad they don’t do a ton of bloody games, but they should at least try to do something that appeals to people that like those games. Metroid at least sort of gears to that type of gamer, yet there’s been no word of a new Metroid.



      15. Very true. Sad to see Nintendo struggling with their home console just because they don’t follow quite the same model other companies follow, especially when Sony and Microsoft go for the easy path, which is basically powerful systems. That’s what this industry and all other creative industries are about : trends, often shaped by the ignorant masses.

      16. can miyamoto ever shut up and think for once. i find black ops 2 and tales of phantasia just as fun as acnl. this guy still thinks nintendo is the king elitist of gaming devs. they are many fun games out their that aren’t just nintendo games like tekken, ninja gaiden, ghost recon future soilder, batman arkham asylum (best innovative game i play this year) and many more. also miyamoto not all your games are fun or innovative soo stfu or still stfu

        1. I do agree that there are games just as good, if not better, than Nintendo games. But me personally, I think Zelda is the most awesome series ever. Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc are kind of “meh” to me.

          1. Seriously Donkey Kong is meh for you? man DKTF is better than the NSMB series, you’re sick if you think the DKC series are meh, give that meh to crap of duty and assassin’s crap.

                1. I have plans to get it eventually. Never really been interested in it before, but the game may finally get me into the series…

                  1. the best 2d platformer on the Wii U. I love NSMB U, but DKTF is the apple of my eyes!.
                    Excellent gameplay, challenge, soundtrack, if you have the opportunitty to try it before you decide, DO IT!!

        2. For once you actually have a few points, means you finally used the 3 squirts of the brain you have…and I ACTUALLY AGREE TO SOME OF THAT! A feat of its own for someone like you.

          But seriously, and again, he still has a more valid point. I turn here, destiny (shooter), I return around, COD (shooter), and try to back up, Splatoon (shooter and one I want to try out), then I look up, TITAN FALL (shooter with massive robots)… all of them violent, most with blood and gore going everywhere…OH LOOK, battlefield and watch dogs (shooters with tanks and hacks), Oh and speaking of tanks…TANK!TANK!TANK!

          again I agree to some of what you said, but he has a more valid point.

            1. Yeah, it’s pretty sad since they depend on nothing but Sonic these days. But they are at least in a better situation than the likes of Crapcom nowadays.

      17. and you wounder why devs can’t even surpport wii u with a chance . the mentally from this guy makes me sick. “This year, the majority of what the other developers exhibited was bloody shooter software that was mainly set in violent surroundings or, in a different sense, realistic and cool worlds,” miyamoto is mad wii u doesn’t have destiny or any other games. also advance warfare isn’t even a bloody shooter not even metro redux. there’s been only 2 shooters released this year which was metro redux and destiny. he’s trying to hard to convince people wii u is more innovative than other platforms.

          1. to the anonymous. the clergy of the church anounces that we took notes of your comment and cancer wil fall of you
            do not pronounce the name that should not be pronounced or consecuences will never be the same.
            the clergy of the church warned you clown
            sammy’s reaction to that guy whose name should not be pronounced

            1. you made me laugh to death!
              i can imagine sasori’s dad telling NIMB “consequences will never be the same” while sasori is crying

        1. how cute, you are offended because shigeru miyamoto said 2 or 3 words about your beloved call of duty. i am doing a favor to you: guess where i have tattooed the triforce and use that image in your mind for your “pleasure”…
          and remember to thank Miyamoto after that

        2. Man, you’re so stupid, it’s Miyamoto’s point of view and i respect that unlike you a moron who wants to be listened and respected but acts like an asshole.

        3. OK let’s do some comparison

          CoD, Halo, etc.
          Only new mechanics were new guns, better graphics, and abilities

          Mario: New play styles (Gravity planets, 3D platforming, etc) new powerups, new mechanics, and all of the above
          I would continued owning you but I’m busy at the moment ^_- ciao!

      18. Call it what you want to call it.
        Love it or hate it.
        I have more real fun playing Nintendo games than any other games. Gta, cod, battlefield, whatever…played them all, and mostly enjoyed them. Playing Nintendo with my nephews and friends is just lol fun. I own a ps3 and plan on getting a ps4 later on, after a price drop and remodel. The wii u is the gaming machine I enjoy the most.

      19. He has a point. I mean, think about it. There’s been little innovation in gaming recently, due to the current game demographics being obsessed over visuals over gameplay.

      20. While I agree, sadly that is the entire point of why they’re selling. For some stupid reason people always want the same things over and over, everyone can shit on Sony and Microsoft like they never had innovative games but they have had plenty also, the problem is idiots don’t buy new gaming experiences and they never sell good enough.

        That is why a lot of this grand IP’s from the past no longer even exist anymore because now, they would sell like absolute shit when everyone is so obsessed over the same games like Call of Duty, I mean its sad walking into stores seeing long lines of kids on black friday, holding nothing but Call of Duty…

        The same even shows on the Wii U with many of its games, only the ones people know well from brands in the past, are the ones selling really well. Anything outside of that has done very poorly.

        Sadly that is the mentality of an idiot, branding is what sells to them not quality gaming or innovative new experiences, just branding and that is why all these developers making these titles are afraid to step outside the box because they already know it is one huge gamble. They know people are too dumb and how unwilling they are to try new gaming experiences or games they’ve never played before that aren’t that familiar.

        I mean seriously this reflects in far more than just gaming, the entire worlds is always so set on the past instead of just moving forward. Even the saying “History always repeats itself.” can apply to gaming.

        Hell even Nintendo knows this, all their big block buster games coming to the Wii U are games that were made before also, I’m not complaining but if your going to point fingers don’t act like Nintendo is that different.

        I know I will get a lot of flack for this but it’s true, all of them do the same, they rely on what their fan base already knows more than taking risks with brand new innovative IP’s. While Nintendo may take risks more than others, honestly ask yourself how well has that payed off? When it is the same exact scenario on other systems, people only buy the same games year after year and the same can be said about Nintendo consoles for the most part, all their best selling games are what? The same series also.

        1. Now the subject of Nintendo’s gaming systems being innovative? The only thing Nintendo did was make a handheld before anyone else and a camera used with a gaming system, that is it. They have never been that innovative since and it isn’t a bad thing, I don’t pick on people for not coming up with brand new spanking ideas all the time but I just like to see people improve upon already great ideas which Nintendo has done well in that regard.

          Again people build upon others ideas, there is nothing bad about it because that is how the human brain functions, building thoughts and ideas based on what is already around them.

          Basically everything you see used on consoles and even handhelds was all mainly made possible because of Sega and the Dreamcast, I mean almost everything even used in the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS were already done back in 1999 with the Dreamcast.

          Even consoles becoming more like PC’s, the Dreamcast was already doing that also.

          The Dreamcast had motion controls before anyone, it used a microphone before anyone, it had online multiplayer before any console, it had the VMU which was a second screen on your controller not only that but it worked with the system and its games making it portable just like the gamepad or remote play, it had an internet browser, it had a separate OS just like the Xbox One and even ran Direct X with Windows CE, they made the Dreameye the first webcam for any console, it was the first HD console with a VGA adapter so it could be used with computer monitors or HD screens although they were very expensive at the time, they were the first to make their own proprietary disk technology to prevent pirating and increase disk limitations, the Dreamcast even worked with other handhelds like the Neo Geo pocket, it was also the first console to work with so many different peripherals and it could use a keyboard and mouse before any console.

          Nintendo may have revived the gaming scene but if it weren’t for Sega who knows how far back everything in consoles would be today. If people like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft didn’t use ideas from the Dreamcast, gaming wouldn’t be what it is today in terms of innovation.

          1. I forgot games like Seaman actually had voice commands and used the microphone I was talking about before any console as well, the same concept or Kinect and it’s voice commands.

            How the hell Sega came up with all these ideas is beyond me but I thank them dearly for it, although the Dreamcast failed miserably, it is still by far one of the most amazing consoles to have ever graced this earth in terms of innovation and it truly really did pave the way for all the features we see used in systems now almost 16 year later.

            1. WHAT? Dreamcast did all that? LOL! That’s hilarious! How was that even possible back then? Wow, I really wish Sega hasn’t gotten out of the console war. If they could do that back then, I can only imagine what they would’ve had now…

      21. I didn’t need Miyamoto to tell me this for me to realize it… I can assume most other people feel the same way as I do too?

      22. W101 was innovative and Rayman Legends for Wii U and Lego City Undercover. Some games on Nintendo Land were innovative. Too bad they didn’t think of Online on Nintendo Land in 2008. That was stupid.

      23. It’s true……. most AAA games are fucking the most generic, overtired same old overrated shit garbage there is now.

        Back in the 6th gen these bigger studios pumped out original games all over the place, they have been sucking for a while. Who’s ready for the same old grey fps or same old shit sequel? Let’s go back to 6th gen when we didn’t have to have indies to al the original work but got big games that were original and not tired out.

      24. Interesting post. I agree that many mainstream games are similar, but all the while new games are always on the shelves (so to speak) but are perhaps less popular because they’re different. Audiences may tend to gravitate towards games that they are used to playing and may not be willing to step outside those genres.

        1. True, its really sad. On top of that, todays gamers are having it too easy. They don’t want something that is too hard for them. They want games that are easy to do, which throws the challenge out the window and makes them not think for themselves. The older gamers on the flop side wants challenges, but it as zeama said, “It’s true…most AAA games are fucking the most generic, overtired same old overrated shit garbage there is now”. Meaning that we are the last of the golden gaming generation, we are the only ones that know how hard gaming was back then, kept it original, and had very good and smart ideas then what we see today.

          1. True. I think iPhone and Andriod apps also distract players today from playing more challenging and original games. Game apps are easy, repetitive, and non-commital. While many non-app video games are repetitive in some ways, non-app video games are nonetheless more challenging, more complex, and can be more meaningful thanks to plots and characters that stick with you for a long time.

      25. Shigeru Miyamoto is right. Thank you for stating this. You didn’t even shy away from putting Nintendo in the same boat.

        I think the real problem is the fact video games have gone mainstream in the past decade, though. 3rd parties, Sony, Microsoft, and, to a lesser extent, Nintendo are all trying to appeal to the masses. And the masses want shooters, interactive movies, “mature” games, & easy games with little to nothing new. It’s very obvious when you think about it. The more mainstream games like Call of Duty, Madden, Fifa, etc sell millions upon millions upon millions while games like Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Jak & Daxter, Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy to name a few all sell under 10 million or less.

      26. I feel that this is very arrogant of him to say. Granted I love Miyamoto, I feel his the father of the modern game industry, but this comes off as a bit rude, and I don’t think he meant it that way. However I feel its a bit near-sighted a bit of him to say that a genre of games are “same-ey” and “not innovative enough”

        The shooter genre has had its fair share of similar games, but there have also been some unique gems in the pile. Also considering the types of games he makes, and the types of names that are popular in Japan (shooters are not high on this list compared to America), I really don’t think Miyamoto has THAT much of an eye to judge the shooter genres.

        Besides, I feel that recently Miyamoto has been pushing innovation just for the sake of calling it innovation. I know I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this and I want to say that I do like the Wii U, but trying to push unique ideas to implement the tablet and amiibos in almost EVERY GAME, is simply unnecessary in my opinion. You don’t NEED to bring new, fresh things to every console or game to stay relevant. Nintendo has proved that for decades. I just wish he, and Nintendo as a whole, would take a step back and take a break from pushing big ideas with every product and enjoy the process of making a game that is both fun and simple.

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