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There’s A Possibility That Octodad Could Come To Wii U

Development studio Young Horses who are the developers behind the bizarre Octodad have said that they are in the deciding process of bringing the game to the Wii U. Young Horses wouldn’t offer any more information, but it would be nice if it’s on the cards.

“We’re still working on whether or not we want to bring the game to WiiU. It’s not yet a ‘No’, but also not yet a ‘Yes.’ Trust us, we’ll be quite loud about it if we do happen to decide to do the port. Sorry for the non-answer, but it’s all we’ve got right now. :)”

Thanks, Elias

41 thoughts on “There’s A Possibility That Octodad Could Come To Wii U”

  1. You know how franchises that come to Nintendo like to work Nintendo references in, like Bayonetta’s new costumes? It would be great if the Wii U port of this game had a “Blooperdad” option…

  2. I’d definitely get octodad if it came to wii u! It’s just a different kind of game. I thought it looked fun when they showed it for the ps4.

  3. I’d actually love to see the Wii U have this game :)
    It’d mean the PS4, PC and Wii U are the only platforms this generation to get it, leaving the Xbone in the dust ;D

    1. It’s so obvious that you’re Dark Horse Rider… Please try harder to differentiate yourself, Trolls For Good… I mean PC Master Race…. Ahem Chris Bingham

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