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Minecraft Maker Mojang Could Be Bought Out By Microsoft

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is looking to acquire Minecraft maker Mojang. The publication says Microsoft is currently in serious talks to purchase the company and that the deal would be valued at $2 billion and could be finalised this week. If true then it’s unlikely the hit franchise would come to Wii U or 3DS.

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174 thoughts on “Minecraft Maker Mojang Could Be Bought Out By Microsoft”

        1. Admin, can we get an investigation on bashing over here? Seems like someone doesn’t like the news you’re providing and is bashing the consoles relative to your news content.

          As a person who seeks news on all consoles, this is relevant not only to the 3DS or the Wii U, but also to the PS4 and PSVita. Think before you act, Ps4.

            1. Servers can still be shut down and games can still be pulled, only leaving the people with physical copy as proof that it was on the PS3/PS4. As far as I know, the PS4 move was quite recent.

        2. Trust me I know all about babies. I play minecraft 24/7, and I made a giant pacifier.
          I wish a baby would come and suck my giant pacifier :'(

        3. I have a ps4 and Wii U, Nintendo games are far from baby games seriously I wonder how far a kid can get in Donkey kong tropical freeze it took me longer to beat Donkey kong than it did to beat to infamous second son. Dude my friends and I are all over 21 and we gather and play Mario Kart 8. Still I have not seen this news on any other gaming website

        4. *coughs* It won’t be coming to your precious Playstations anymore, either, dipshit. xD If you like Minecraft, you better pray the Xbox One flops hard & forces Microsoft to go 3rd party.

    1. Actually it kinda does because if this deal goes through the chance of a Wii U/3DS version is going to be immediately scraped.

    2. Its because they were thinking of making it for Nintendo systems. Which wont happen if they get bought (most likely) they still make Xbox games for windows devices (phone, PC, tablet) so it could always keep supporting other systems, and if that’s true they could make it for other systems the game is not yet on

    3. Well, the demand for this game for the WiiU/3DS are really high! And if this deal comes through… there’s no hope for this game on Nin platforms ! Which would kinda suck as this game has so much potential on the WiiU and I have yet to try Minecraft (only if it came to WiiU/3DS)
      heres a vid to show off just partial potential!

        1. If you were a game developer and the biggest tech company in the world offers you 2 billion dollars to buy your game company, what would you do?

          1. If it meant only making games for one specific brand, I’d kindly tell Microsoft “No thanks. I’m not a sell out.”

    4. It actually does in a way. If you read it you’d see that if Microsoft buy Mojang there probably won’t be a 3DS/Wii U release of Minecraft. The Wii U and 3DS are Nintendo consoles so the News is very much about Nintendo.

    5. This has everything to do with Nintendo. Open your fucking eyes. If Microsoft buys mojang thay completely removes the chance of their games coming to Nintendo. The users on this site are so whiney.

      1. So the developer who has never made a game, nor has ever had the intention to, get bought off by M$, it is news worthy because nothing is changing?
        You retarded?

  1. There goes another good game Company down the drain. They are gonna go the same route Rare went. I swear Microsoft buys these companies just so thier competition cant get certain games. Microsoft is a plague to the gaming world.

      1. Nintendo will one day but the playstation division and all their IPs. Sony stock is junk status and they are going bankrupt. have you been residing under a rock?

      2. HA! does not cost a lot? Nintendo aint selling, and if it was it would be in the tens of billions, a price Sony cannot afford currently. Nintendo was even worth more than all of Sony in January.

        1. You realize the same website that said Sony has a 79% chance of going bankrupt in the next 2 years now says that Nintendo has a 75% chance while Sony’s is now 46% and Microsoft’s is 1% since you seem to believe the website so heavily guess that means Nintendo is going bankrupt

          1. Actually you got it mixed up, I just read the statistics, Sony has a 79% of bankruptcy while Nintendo is 38% of bankruptcy and Microsoft is chillin at 1%

      3. LMAO dude your funny. Nintendo can buy Sony ! You probably dont even have a ps4, add Frezh_blunts ill take you on in destiny

      4. you realize sony is losing money and almost out of business right? haha the only thing making them money right now is ps4 but everything else is failing hard in the next two or three years microsoft will buy sony too

      5. xD Sony has barely gotten out of the woods of losing millions of dollars. They couldn’t buy Nintendo even if they wanted to and even if Nintendo was offering.

      1. I failed to mention those because there are none. They turned Skype to shit, Rare was amazing until they turned to shit, basically everything they touch turn to shit, even 343 Industries is showing signs that it will go that same way too soon. Only thing that Mircosoft succeeds at is non-gaming electronics.

        1. Not really, they fail there too. My Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse were horrible. I bought a Microsoft laptop mouse (mini mouse with a short cord), total pos because the scroll wheel grinds against the buttons.

          Microsoft doesn’t have a good history with buying game companies (Lionhead Studios), nor do they have a good history with Java. They don’t even have a good history with Windows updates as it seems like every update/patch is to fix something they broke with the previous one.

  2. 2 Billion for the studio that made Minecraft? Not worth it. What other things they have done that can make them worth that much? Because the game minecraft is already a dry franchise for MS, whatever value that MC could have as a system seller has long gone. I think it is a fake rumor. I do not think Microsoft could be that stupid and also I do not think Mojang could have another lightning in a bottle of a game that only Microsoft know about it.

    1. They bought RARE thinking RareWare owned the rights to Donkey Kong. microsoft I tell you hahahahahaha. Their logic is flawed like windows eight.

  3. The thing is, Mojang is hardly a company. They’re an indie studio, with nowhere near the man-power of other 3rd party devs. Games take a while to make at an indie studio. Sure they are an incredibly powerful rich studio, but owning the rights and ip to Minecraft/scrolls/etc won’t really get them anywhere. Even a Minecraft 2 for PC/360/xbox one wouldn’t be able to get them that 2 billion it would cost them to buy Mojang. If Minecraft 2 was 20$ they would need over a hundred million copies to be sold. And that’s the best case scenario. There’s no way they would be able to turn a profit in for at least 5 years. I’m no expert at financing or the game industry- but this doesn’t sound like a good idea for them. Unless they want to completely exploit Minecraft by upping the game’s price by 40 bucks and making yearly installments.

  4. i will lough my ass off if this turns out to be another rareware mistake and it turns out notch still owns the rights to minecraft XD

      1. Mostly because their greedy bastards, and that greediness is getting to them, just watch, Sony’s gonna buuuuurn, and I feel bad for you, having to pay extra money just to play online, Nintendo doesn’t charge for internet usage =_=

        1. Sony reported a profit less than a month ago. And at least the internet WORKS on Sony’s consoles. You obviously don’t own a Sony console

  5. And we care about this why? Minecraft is fucking boring and overhyped to no end by idiots. All you do make pixelated block buildings and shit. How the fuck is that even fun? Mario Maker will put this shit to shame. Hell, LittleBigPlanet already buries this joke.

    1. Minecraft is really fun. I can already guarantee that it is more fun than Mario Maker, but this doesn’t go without saying that Mario Maker will surely be fun in it’s own right.

      1. Of course it is more fun than Mario Maker. Mario Maker is just a level editor. But yeah, it will still be fun. Making death traps and impossible levels…

    2. Minecraft as an epically large following. It could double Nintendo’s install base, and that’s a fact. Kinda like the Wii brought casuals…well, we’d get… Minecraftians…

      Anyway. It would move consoles far better than any 1st party game has because I shit you not, it has a massive following.

      1. That “massive following is already playing that game on their preferred platform, Wii U coming late to the party would not do shit for the console.
        Game surely would sell, I’d predict about 1/3rd of the install base within its first year.

        1. Sorry, what? Minecraft is a ridiculously deep game. You’ve either never tried the game or tried to play but never got to see stuff like the Nether, Ender Dragon, Villages, taming wolves, dogs, pigs, sheep, cows, crafting spells to summon bosses, making Iron Golems, reaching the Far Lands, and a LOT more

  6. As in don’t buy out a game so no other systems can use it, honestly it’s not doing well for them… Sony is at 79% of bankruptcy because of their greediness…

  7. Mojang have always been far up Microsoft’s ass. This reduces the chances of Minecraft on a Nintendo console by, gee, I don’t know, zero.

  8. This god like game is just too awesome for baby gamers the wiik u or nintendrops 3ds is just too weak
    It can’t handle the graphics and you going to see lots of framerate drops

      1. Actually it’s true in another way. I doubt Minecraft would work in 3DS. The draw distance would be terrible, they would have to cut out loads of content to get a good framerate, and there would be a ridiculously small world. It’ll be like Pocket Edition, but at least Pocket Edition had infinite worlds

        1. Actually your thinking is false. Have you played any 3DS games? Let’s take Legend of Zelda OoT for instance. The world was huge and the graphics weren’t bad for the DS franchise, not to mention it was crisp and the game had pack loads of content, even more than Minecraft with 20 full implemented worlds loaded

          1. Your thinking is ridiculously dumb. I’m not comparing it to other 3DS games. I’m comparing it to all the other ports of Minecraft. If the Xbox 360 can’t handle all the stuff I mentioned above, I don’t really think the 3DS can do that.

    1. …. 1: Minecraft in 3D (without glasses)? YUSH PLEASE! 2: The Wii U has no internet problems from what I experienced 3: The frame rate of the Wii U, Xbox, and PS4 are all the same, 60 FPS not to mention the Wii U has more 1080 p games then Xbox and PS4, The 3DS also has 40 FPS and yet again decent internet, the graphics aren’t as good but who cares about graphics when it’s in 3D!?

    2. You are saying this again? *facepalm* Then I’ll say what I said to your last comment again. If Microsoft buys them, your precious PS4 won’t get any more Minecraft stuff either, dipshit.

  9. NO! I want Minecraft on Wii U! Quick! MOjang! Make the game now before it’s too late!!!!!!!

    Microsoft only knows how to buy up other developers and make them crappy…

    1. It’s very ironic that there is no mention of PS4/PS3 or Vita. If this is true then all that work for PS4/PS3 and vita would have been for nothing! this article has no merit and is most likely completely false and illogical!

      1. They would still release the PS4 and Vita versions obviously. I doubt the buyout would affect any previous contracts and I doubt a buyout would happen “overnight.” It will probably take a while before Microsoft could buy the company due to legal reasons.

        Or maybe I’m wrong and Microsoft buys Mojang tomorrow and cancel the PS4 and Vita versions of Minecraft…

  10. I don’t see why that should happen. Mojang is a one-trick pony, the only success they had was Minecraft, all their future projects had crashed and burned. Furthermore, Minecraft is already on every Xbox platform, so I don’t see the need for MS to buy them

    1. So they can control Minecraft. When the next Xbox launches, if Microsoft owns Minecraft then you can bet a billion dollars it would be an exclusive game to their console and with the HUGE following that Minecraft has, it would be a huge advantage for the Microsoft console.

      People would buy ANYTHING if Minecraft was exclusive to the system.

      Look at Microsoft and Rare. They bought Rare in order to control the Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct and Conker IPs. They hardly cared about the company itself… evidence is shown in the fact that Microsoft sat on Rare and did nothing with it…

  11. RIP Minecraft, It was good while it lasted. I don’t really care about this game but I know that lots of kids play it these days on their Ipads. These kids might grow up with huge hate towards Microsoft, so MS should becareful.

    1. The Pocket Edition (which is the iOS/Android versions of the game) is commonly referred to as the worst version of the game.

    1. Microsoft actually does have money. It’s Sony that doesn’t have a penny to their name. Microsoft had 80.2 billion dollars in total assets and 36.1 billion is cash and short term investments in 2010 and they have only improved since then. The company’s stock has risen steadily over the years and they have accumulated more money.

      It is always one of the top ten most grossing tech companies in America. It has more money than Google. Microsoft makes most of their money from their Commercial Licensing at 47% of their profits. While their Consumer Hardware only contributes to 14% of their profits… that includes both their computer hardware AND the Xbox brand.

      Sony on the other hand makes most of their money from their actual gaming division while every other division is losing money year after year…

    2. Microsoft has been profiting since the beginning of their start-up. They’re among the lines of Apple and Google. $2 billion is nothing to them

  12. Aaw crap. This better not affect the PC version of Minecraft.

    And why can’t Mojang just stay as an independent company?

    1. Frankly, I don’t want anyone to buy themhether it’s Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo.

  13. He should sell, while his game is still relevant.
    One game wonder like him should just take the money and retire.
    Won’t take too long for people to hop in to the next fad.

    1. They can’t stop it.
      Most they can do, is kill any updates when contract ends.
      I believe there is contract of support that they had to sign when they brought their game to platform.

  14. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    For the fans of Minecraft, I weep for them, one does not simply stay the same once turned over to Microsoft.

    Ask Rareware

  15. There’s one thing that doesn’t seem right about this. Didn’t Notch once say that he is very unhappy at the fact he allowed an Xbox 360 port of the game to be made. Just seems a bit weird if he let Mojang get bought out by them.

    Either way i hope it doesn’t happen, despite not owning a Wii U or a 3DS i can tell Minecraft has some awesome potential on both of them.

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  17. God I don’t get what’s so great about this game all you do is build things theirs no story its just a simlation game like the Sims everything is square looking how is that cool terrible game

  18. Just to share with you demographics, people who own a Wii U: 6% are children under the age of 17. The demographics show that most people who buy online are of ages between 18 and 35.

    A few questions for those who call games “Kiddie games”: What makes a game “kiddie?” and how is a game “mature?” I’m asking this from a neutral standpoint and I want to know since it’s a pure mystery to me.

  19. If Age of Empires & Viva Piñata released on DS, Microsoft could still release Minecraft on 3DS. Remember, Microsoft is the one “console” company that will release their big 1st party titles on other platforms like PC. & MS isn’t even competing in the handheld market.

    Microsoft already tried buying Nintendo before either one released a 6th gen console. Seems MS isn’t just afraid of Nintendo & Sony by possibly trying to prevent a definitive, Wii U version & new PS versions, but this (among a buncha other tactics) might be another way to try & force Nintendo into selling out to MS.

  20. While this is a bit unfortunate for the future of a Nintendo and Minecraft but on the otherhand it’s good for Minecraft snd the realms servers to hopefully be able to integrate with Microsoft cloud services for a more open/public possibility for these servers.

  21. If this happens, the PS4 & Vita versions will also be screwed in the long run. Not to mention no future releases will come to the PS4, Vita, or their next gen consoles.

  22. Oh good we need Microsoft buying out Minecraft. what’s next facebook’s gonna buy the Occulas rift?… oh…
    Still I don’t like this idea :(

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