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Ubisoft Mexico Announces Release Date For Watch Dogs On Wii U

Ubisoft Mexico has announced a release date for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. In a Facebook post aimed at Nintendo fans, the publisher said the open-world title will hit Wii U in Mexico on November 18th. It was recently revealed that Watch Dogs will likely be the Wii U console’s final mature title from Ubisoft. The game has been available on competing platforms for a few months now.

144 thoughts on “Ubisoft Mexico Announces Release Date For Watch Dogs On Wii U”

    1. They’re going to cancel this game on the wii u
      Just wait and see
      You guys don’t deserve to play this awesome game
      Babies ubi will poop all over your face
      Nintendo fandorks don’t play matured games babies

      1. PS4 is for babies soon enough microsoft will buy ubisoft and no more ubisoft for ps4.
        Just imagine all the kinect games ubisoft can make :)

        1. MS allready said a few minutes ago, they are going to buy Minecraft-developers! Say bye to Minecraft, Sony xD

          Also- EA will become a 100% digital company soon. This means, no more disc-games for Sony/Ms. It will also mean, that EA will also distribute their games via Origin (look at Sims 4).

      2. Watchdogs is no “mature”game, dumbass! Man, i hate PS4-Pauperstation, fanboys like you ;) PS: Playing such games has nothing to do with mature/grown-up, failboy. You FAIL!

  1. I hope the Nintendo community will support this fine game. Maybe we can bring more third party games to the Wii U if we buy this!

    1. I wanted this game since I had first heard about it. I wanted to buy it on day 1. Then it was delayed for only the WiiU – for several months. I know this game is probably loads of fun, seeing how it sold on PS4, but I absolutely will not buy this game anymore. Ubisoft’s blatant disregard of the Nintendo fan base is recurring and abominable. We’re already a lost cause to them, so why reward their prejudices? They could have delayed the release on all consoles! They better be prepared to roll with the punches that are coming. Not many will sell, and they know it.

    2. Honestly, sure Nintendo its self makes to many E rated tittles that kind of cause all fanboys to buy E rated first party games. But at the same time customers shouldn’t complain about the missing third party games when they arnt supporting those games. Also another effect is the harder development prosses do it being different then Xbox and PS. But I do plan to buy it, and I hope others do to. I dont care for assasins creed, I feel it burned out gameplay to fast and then only focused on graphics. But I wouldn’t mind ghost recon

    3. I will buy Bayonetta 1/2, that would same a better message to 3rd party: “We like 3rd party games and we will support you, but we do not like to be treated as second class consumers and we will not support you if that is what you are going to do to us”

      If they want our money, they need to put respect and some fucking effort.

        1. No, it is completely opposite.
          Do not buy a game that gives you second class gamer treatment.
          Because that is what you will be getting from there on, if you bend over and take whats given to you.

          1. They give half ass support, because they know the sales of the game well be low, if they add top support they well lose money do to such low sales, they need to see motivated consumers to assure top quality is worth their added time and money spent. The reason their pulling out is because of Nintendo consumers only being motivated to buy first party / E rated games. If you don’t buy, then your proving their point

            1. No they need to put out quality games…..this AC crap isnt going to cut it, and Raymond is a shitty game, and sorry to say child of light was decent but turned based fighting is so boring i stopped playing after the first 10 minutes. Everyone thinks they give nintendo 2nd class games, well they ONLY make 2nd class games.

              1. Exactly!

                What Ubisoft has to understand: They are in concurrency with Nintendos Games. And Nintendo-games are not rated 50-70% by standard. They are rated in most cases 80-95%!

                Ubisoft is Thirdparty. Not Nintendo is. Nintendo doesn`t necessary need Ubisoft. N can even buy Ubisoft tomorrow and then its “Goodbye” Ubisoft ;) If Ubisoft fails to sell enough Units (WD failed to achieve 8 million units, thus its a flop for Ubi), Ubisoft will go down. The same happens with Sims 4 yesterday when it came out. It will flopp, mark my words…Hundreds of negative/1-star-recensions says everything dude.

                Its the beginning of the end of EA, when their big cashcow “Sims” falls and no one is any more buying that crap ;) Its over for EA then. They have a big bunch of red numbers which they have to pay back (the bank wants their money back).

            2. They got no point and also no shame for showing such disgusting treatment towards fans even after buying more Wii U Rayman Legends than everyone else since the BS delay.

              Not this time. Bayonetta is more deserving of our purchase than this piss poor, punch-less GTA knockoff.

        2. No. Not this POS game from a POS company giving Nintendo fans a second hand treatment when they never deserved such disrespect in the first place. Fuck them and this game.

          Everyone else, I hope they go for Bayonetta 2 because I’am.

          1. Bayonetta 1 Remake + 2- Smash Bros (for me =>both for 3DS and WiiU), Pokémon. a lot of not really cheap Indie-Titles (dude, i plan on buying 10 till x-mas! IronFall, Bitminer, The Keep and Moon Chronicles and some more) < most money is going to 3DS and NOT to console, dude. 3DS has much more games in petto than EACH console rightnow. I only buy Watchdogs if its as least as “mediocre” as PS4/Xbox One-version. Otherwise not going to buy it.

            Persona Q, Final Fantasy explorers. Well i might going to buy Sonic Boom for WiiU, but only if its good.

        3. if we support them and their mediocre games… they will continue giving us the same mediocre games, just as carlos said. otherwise bayonetta.

        4. IS not US wanting their games, IS them wanting OUR money; and if they are not going to put some effort on that, then they will not get our money.

          WE are not drones, we are consumers, we have the last word in this, that is how it work.

          They need to WIN us, not the other way around; If they will stop making “mature” games for the Wii U, is not US giving up to them, is THEM giving up on us.

    4. if the game is good (aka better than 80% or at least the same 79% as PS4/Xbox One-Versions) i will buy it- if Ubisoft fails to achieve that, then its => Bye Ubisoft ;) Never going to buy any game of them again. See? They did the same with Rayman Legends. And we players are on the longer-run this time. Ubisoft can fuck themselfes if they think they can do the same as EA does (Sims 4 will flopp, just watch the next days, its hillarious xD).

      So to make it clear- If Watchdogs will be the same as ZombiU- buggy, laggy as hell- no real good game- i will not buy it and thats it then for Ubisoft. I will boykott ubisoft-games then. Even the next rayman which will come out- i won`t buy it ;) And i will laugh about Ubisofts dumbness in all social networks. Cause its so funny how they allways fail.

      Just ask yourself a simply question:

      Why buy a crappy 70%-game (asssuming WiiU-Version will be only 70%)- when you can play instead a much better GTA 5, dude? Why? Are there any reasons? I for myself don`T need a shooter-game any 24 hours, dude. I play things like Half LIfe 1/2, Portal 1/2, or Max Payne 1/2, meaning => perfect games. No bugs, no lags, no problems there. I don`t like playing 60/70%-games like sonygamers do. I don´t need to buy a 70%-game if i can play the same genre in much better GTA-style, dude. No point in buying WD if it fails again to achieve at least that 79%.

    1. We all know you will buy this game
      Your the number one fun and the number one supporter of ubisoft
      Don’t forget that
      You always buy their game no matter what even they poop your face all over because it’s so freaking awesome and kool

        1. Destiny came out today, and the rest well…. aside from Alien Isolation, they all dont have release dates and the windows suggest that they wont be here this year. So You Father was half right, they were waiting up until today, but how long can Destiny hold them over?

                    1. Your link doesn’t really claim anything except that the developers spent $500 million on it and they had many preorders, which indicates they might make a profit. It says it’s too early to tell and at the 7-day mark, we’ll see whether it sold the most.

                    2. My link also said that Activision also revealed the game has snatched the title of “most successful new video game franchise launch of all time,” along with “highest-selling day one digital console release in history”

                    3. $500,000,000/$60=$8,333,333 copies. A rough estimate. 8 million copies in 24hours not bad. Got back their half a billion dollar investment in 24 hours, not bad at all.

        2. Dude I don’t know where your head is at but Destiny is by all means not a good game, not even remotely. The game is bland and boring and repetitive as fuck. I’m pissed that I wasted $60 for the Xbox 360 version. It’s nothing but a Halo clone with some Titanfall elements thrown in but nothing special at all. I’m really stupid for buying into the hype

          1. Why did you buy a last gen version of a game made for next gen? Destiny isn’t a Halo clone, It has MMO elements. It uses what makes shooters brilliant and perfects it. I’m having a great time with it

            1. Dude what are you talking about? The current gen versions don’t look that much better than the last gen versions. The game is a Halo clone…hell…even some of the weapons look like they came out of Halo. And the reason I bought the Xbox 360 version because I refuse to buy any of the 2 remaining current gen consoles until I see an exclusive that’s worth buying on either platform. The game is catching a lot of negativity from other people that have played it besides myself. I know a game that’s barely on mediocre status when I see it, and I’m sorry man, but Destiny falls right up under that category

              1. Yeah, I can see it being a really divisive game, but I still had fun with it. As for the exclusives part, do you mean you’ll wait until they come out, or do you really not see any exclusives at all?

                1. I mean I’ll wait for the exclusives that I wanna play or the ones that peak my interest. For the PS4, I’ll have to see how Uncharted 4 turns out since I’m a huge fan of the series, as for me getting a Xbox One however I’ll have to see how Sunset Overdrive or maybe Scalebound is but for the most part I’m very satisfied with my Wii U as one and only current gen console especially with it’s upcoming lineup of exclusive games

              2. I agree. It really doesn’t look next-gen either, after playing Planetside 2 on PC for the last two years I was looking forward to Destiny being something special, unfortunately I think Planetside 2 is still the place to be for that MMO shooter experience on a grand scale.

              3. Destiny is my last 360 game lol. The same reason as yours too, i am not going to buy a One or PS4 for one game. Plus at this point in my life i do not have the time to spend on 2 consoles and a handheld.

  2. Sadly they will release it and it will get poor sales because a large percentage of people like me who own multiple consoles already played it on another. Sadly, this will convince them to not bring more games over. Yet, if they would have brought it out at the same time, I would have gotten it for the Wii U instead of the XBox 1 simply because of the wii u pad integration..

    1. You are 100% correct sir!
      That’s why I’m waiting to snag this from a bargain bin like I did for AC 4. Only paid $7.99 yet I’m still disappointed in that game..

  3. “Players can use the Wii U GamePad as an interactive map of Chicago or just use it as a controller.”

    Wait, so you can’t even hack with the controller? IT’S LITERALLY JUST A MAP??? Wooowwwwww… disappointed, Ubisoft.

  4. So they’re going to shove an afterthought Wii U port out the door right before Christmas in the middle of a huge surge of major retail Wii U releases long after anyone on any platform stopped caring about Watchdogs?

    It’s destined to fail, so when no one buys this we can hear the obligatory “Wahhh…Nintendo console owners won’t buy our gamez!”from Ubisoft while they still happily collect the money from annualized Just Dance releases on Nintendo platforms.

    1. I’m not going to campaign against Just Dance, little girls love that shit,
      and they’re sure as hell are not going to listen our complaints and discomfort about Ubisoft.

  5. Don’t Smash Bros and the first pack of Mario Kart 8 DLC release right around that same time? Come on, Ubisoft, it’d be easier to just dump them directly into the New Mexico landfill… You can put resources towards porting and rereleasing thirty Assassin’s Creeds a year, but you can’t spare the manpower to make sure your hot new franchise gets released on all platforms simultaneously?

  6. Get ready for UBI soft complaining that the Wii U user base is at fault for the game not selling well, instead of the fact that they lied to consumers about the way the game looks and everyone who wanted the game has pretty much already bought the game on another platform.

  7. Ubisoft set this game up for failure on the Wii U. The people that wanted it already bought it for other systems and NIntendo’s biggest games this year are going to be released by the time this game comes out.

    1. Nintendos biggest game this year was Mario Kart, there is no way in hell Super Smash is going to sell more than MK8. That beign said, I agree with the rest, UBI is sending this game to die, and I have a feeling theyre only doing it to finally kill support for the Wii U and blame the fanbase for it.

  8. Considering how many *NEW* games come out around that time this is pretty low on my list of priorities… And I purposefully didn’t buy it on Xbox waiting for the Wii U release. But now, even if I do get it release day, i’ll be busy with Smash and a million other games. Smh Ubisoft setting themselves up for failure on a Nintendo platform once again.

      1. I’ll add you if you want, but I just let my Xbox LIVE die out for a little while since I have a bunch of games I plan to buy for Wii U, 3DS & PC these next few months. My Gamertag and NNID are the same as my name here though man.

  9. If Smash Bros for the Wii U releases in November Watch Dogs is gonna get curb-stomped….SEVERELY and then watch Ubisoft try to use that as an excuse for not wanting to support the Wii U..hell… may get curb-stomped by Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric LOL

    1. Trust me…Ubisoft will get shitstormed on Miiverse ;) Remember 2013 when that first happened? It will happen again! Ubisoft is just shit. I willn ot buy other Rayman-games of them ever if they now fail with Watchdogs. Its over for them. Just like Sims 4 will flopp just watch it. Man, Sims 4 is allready the Flop of the year 2014!

    1. Personally I don’t feel that WD is a worthwhile purchase. It’s split mainly into three categories: Sneaking into the ctOS buildings, transporting people using cars and trying to not get caught by the police, and chasing someone by foot. It doesn’t do anything much after that, it’s kinda repetitive. If I were you I would recommend getting the sequel, there should be more polished gameplay. And the driving in this game sucks too…

      1. Wow! You seem to know the game in every aspect and I… admittedly overreacted to the post. I appreciate the suggestion Mr. Yoshida, promise you I’ll think about it twice (the “getting 2 copies” thing).

  10. Let’s all do a buy in of this game! It’s probably not the type of game I would buy, but I’m gonna support it anyway! Maybe if it’s successful Ubi will produce more great games in future!

  11. Ok. In all seriousness here. Its clear Ubisoft are doing well in terms of profits, however, how much does it actually cost the company to release this on Wii U, given manufacturing costs, marketing etc??? I really wanna know plus how many copies will they need to sell in order to make a profit.
    I think its the first time in ages I’ve seen a comment section in agreement. This game will tank on Wii u

  12. Only time I’m buying this game is if its the definitive version and is identical to the 2012 showcase, free from the horrid downgrade

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  14. Oh how I wish this was one of the new Assassin’s Creed games instead. I just started loving A.C., then Ubisoft stops wanting to bring any more to Wii U. I will NOT buy a PS4 just for one game/series. Besides, with all of the cool Nintendo games etc. coming out soon, I’ll never be able to afford a PS4 anyways. And btw… SUCKS that the PS4 isn’t backward compatible with PS3 games. I always wanted to play Red Dead Redemption. The wild west is cool!

  15. In a very strange, perverse way I kind of hope this game will do well on the Wii U. Then it will show that Ubis decision to not bring anymore mature titles to the Wii U is just as stupid as delaying the thing and then releasing it at a time when it will probably struggle, is just as stupid as their cock up with Rayman, just as stupid with giving the Wii U shitty ports and just as stupid as all their other stupid decisions.

    Perhaps then they may rethink their strategy.

  16. If you buy this game you are supporting the notion that Wii U is a second class system, and that we are second class gamers. Third party support will not come to wii u even if a million watch dogs are sold. Leave this game to rot.

    1. If this doesn’t sell I can promise you that the Wii U will never, EVER have any third party support from the “big” cooperations (EA, Activision, Ubisoft). This is the Wii U’s last “mainstream” multiplatform game, bad as it may be. Your choice if you want it to fail or not

      1. Watch dogs sold like 4 million. Wii u version comes out in November. Ubisoft still hasn’t showed Wii U version or what it can do on Gamepad. Plus a lot of Wii U owners own other consoles. Why would Ubisoft think this is going to sell good on Wii U for $59,99 as tardy as it is?

        1. I honestly don’t think they care, they are probably only releasing it on Wii U to save them from further backlash. I guess the bright side will be is no one is going to buy it on Wii U, so it will end up cheap as hell like every other Ubisoft game on Wii U.

            1. No doubt, that is exactly what they’ll do but nothing new there. As with most bullshit developers, they can never own up to their own stupid decisions which lead to these poor sales.

      2. Slippery slope this one. More of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation.

        In one hand people should not support this type of behavior from any developer. In the other, yes, it would be good to show third parties the system is worthwhile.

      3. “Shuhei Yoshida”- dude? You know that Sony was sued for Watchdogs not being 1080p, right? And they DESERVE it ;) Sony deserved for this LIE! They had to pay the bill now!

        And watch what happened with Ubisoft 2013? They were shitstormed for WEEKS ;) Only on Miiverse alone- with thousands of pics describing what Ubisoft does to their customers. Watch it repeat…

        What will happen if Sims 4 from EA now fails to achieve its sales-goal? => No more Sims 5 they said => Thus EA looses one of its big cashcows. Might even be the end of EA as we know it (they are allready bleeding money).

        What will happen, if Ubisoft gets Shitstormed again in Miiverse? Dude, its OVER then for Ubisoft ;) Millions of People will know it and not buy any more Ubi$oft-game again. Ubisoft is only lying. They will get what they deserve.

        Just watch it dude. It will be hillarious. Also don`t forget:

        The developer of Rayman Legends wanted to LEAVE Ubisoft-studios in February 2013! Guess, what might happen if they upset gamers any more? I think, Ubisoft is destined for bankruptcy then.

        1. Uh, Sony was never sued. Try again please.

          Miiverse? Really? The place filled with children?

          LOL, Ubisoft is the third most profitable game company ever. A bunch of petty Nintendo fanboys isn’t gonna stop sales of their games anytime soon.

            1. This guy is not going to get far with that lawsuit at all. Sigh, typical morons… If he even makes it to court, he is going to look like an idiot.

              Here is why, one reason being that this was already known before the game even released and it is still 1080p by definition. So is he going to sue someone because he doesn’t research anything that he buys or even knows what he is talking about?

              Sony themselves even clarified this before the game had released, as well as numerous other sites reported on the multiplayers resolution before it came out as well.

              Even worse for the guy, Sony’s explanation is completely sound, as usual many people unfortunately have no idea what they speak of. If you know about native resolutions or what any of these definitions even actually mean, which this guy clearly doesn’t, 1080p does not mean 1920×1080. This is a huge misconception.

              On top of all that, even some TV’s used rectangle pixels instead of square pixels, so they were able to have a lower resolution than 1920×1080, having a res of 1024×1080 and still be 1080p HD TV’s. Many plasma TV’s were this way.

              The HD definitions refer to the measurements of the number of lines within the resolution and these definitions only measure height, not the width. In others words it is determined by the vertical lines and not the horizontal lines, 1920 being the horizontal lines and 1080 being the vertical. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people still don’t even know what the “i” or “p” even stands for with these definitions.

              So this guy is pretty much wasting his own time and money trying to sue Sony over this. People just automatically assume 1080p means 1920×1080, purely because everyone else does and no one really cares enough to learn how they go about defining these definitions.

              If anyone can’t understand what I’m saying, use your computer to learn something. What is ironic, seeing all these resolution whores arguing over 1080p, when they don’t even know what the hell it means either.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                He is almost as stupid as the fat humans that blames McDonalds for becoming fat when they eat there every day haha…

  17. Being a lame ass GTA ripoff that was pointlessly delayed like Rayman and being a “final M Wii U game” from these assholes thinking we don’t want their games or mature titles which is BS, this game doesn’t and shouldn’t deserve to exist on Wii U at all. If it comes in November, I hope everybody remembers exactly WTF Ubisoft has done to us and go for Bayonetta 2 and even Pokemon instead. Let this POS to rot and send them the same message again: We don’t need your disrespectful lying ass anymore.

    1. I’m starting to wonder. Maybe Ubisoft said that Watch_Dogs for Wii U will be the last mature title for Wii U because they hope it will get people to buy the game in a bid to get future “mature” titles from them.

      1. No. Its all baited bullshit and we don’t care plus I’m pretty damn sure this crappy ass port is gonna be a déjà vu of the PC version: All poorly optimized so they can further blame the consumers for being smart enough to buy their shit.

        Like I said, get Bayonetta 2. Let’s bury this POS once it dares creeping into our console.

        1. Oh don’t worry about that. Watch_Dogs won’t be bought for my Wii U. Least not brand new, anyway. Buying it used will be my “FUCK YOU, TOO!!!” to Ubishit. lol

            1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

              I don’t mind. I’ll have Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1 & 2, SSB 4 3DS, SSB 4 Wii U, Omega Ruby, possibly Alpha Sapphire if my HG/SS Kyogre can’t get the new form, & whatever else exclusive to the Wii U comes out.

  18. I’ll buy the game a year later when it’s on sale. No matter how many people buy this version, Ubisoft will never change their mind because of just 1 game.

    Just a reminder, if WD do well on the Wii U, Ubi will publish a stupid Party Game and not any of the big titles. So is it worth to support this on release day? No!

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  20. Finally a Wii U release date. BUT it doesn’t matter. I won’t buy this game till it’s either on sale for 15-20 bucks or being sold used for 15-20 bucks. And that’s if I’m not busy with other games on my Wii U.

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