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Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS Demo Hits The Japanese eShop

A demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is now available to download via the Japanese Nintendo eShop. The demo requires 1,016 blocks of free space and features a roster of 36 characters, including the recently-announced Shulk. The full fighting game launches in Japan this Saturday, September 13th, followed by a Western debut on October 3rd. Nintendo has yet to confirm whether a demo will be make its way outside of Japan.

64 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS Demo Hits The Japanese eShop”

      1. Not a chance babies
        This game is so ugly
        No one will buy this game
        No one will play this stupid babies game shit eat poop and drink peepee

        1. Smash brothers is okay still waiting for microsoft to buy it, but playstation allstars is what real babies play.
          All Ps4 has is octodad a baby game lol!
          Also once the new halo comes out the ps4 will only be a toilet for real gamrs.

          1. What would MS do with Smash Bros?
            Have Master Chief circle on stages alone? With that guy/girl/hermaphrodite from Fable?
            I guess they could bring the characters they have raped beyond recognition like Banjo and Conker.
            Obviously they could not use Nintendo’s licensed characters without buying whole Nintendo, and that is impossible.

          2. its a nintendo exclusive series that will never be bought by microsoft because it makes them too much money to sell one of their golden geese. You are followish to assume this.

  1. if THAT is the starting roster (demo characters plus all in the shot) then i’m severally disappointed. almost every newcomer is unlocked straightaway and several veterans who have been locked in the past are now unlocked.

    two thumbs down.

    1. Because there are more characters to choose from at the beginning of the game, it’s suddenly a horrible game now? Dude. Like. C’mon.

  2. This game is going to suck balls hard… Kinda like Stranga’s significant other. She is an unfaithful tramp. Her crotch smells like tuna…

    1. At this point both him and Jigglypuff have to be unlockables.
      It makes 0 sense for veteran fighters to make no presence.

  3. This is such a kiddy casual game. My iPhone 6 Plus can replicate all of this and BETTER, with 1080p 60fps. My iPhone 6 Plus has the REAL hardcore games, like Mordern Combat and Monster Hunter

    1. Let me know when phone and tablet games even match half the quality you’ll find on consoles or even handhelds like the PS Vita and 3DS. They still manage to put out better looking, better playing and just all around better games than your phone ever has or will.

      There is a reason Modern Combat is so cheap, bottom line it is cheap, not just in price but in general. As far as developers go, Gameloft is a complete disgrace of one, they have ripped off about every popular game franchise there is while just putting it on phones. To make matters worse, they make some of the shittiest console and handheld games I’ve ever come across in my life. They started focusing on phones and tablets because they knew their crappy games would never sell anywhere else, if it weren’t for phones and tablets those thieving assholes wouldn’t even be in business anymore.

      It is dumb asses like you keeping shitty ass developer like that alive.

      Call of Duty for fuck sakes is miles better than Modern Combat, it kills me to even give Call of Duty a compliment these days but seriously, Modern Combat is absolute garbage. Modern Combat is beyond generic also, it might as well be free-to-play it is that bad. It reminds me of all those terrible free-to-play generic FPS you can find all over the web or through people like Nexon.

      Hell even Killzone: Mercenary on the PS Vita is far better than Modern Combat 5 or any of them for that matter. The textures are better, the animations are better, the graphics are better, the body physics are some of the best I’ve seen period especially on a handheld and more importantly the gameplay is better. Modern Combat has none of this, it is a generic piece of shit that couldn’t even copy the games it tried to well.

      All you people can talk about is Gameloft when it comes to phones and tablets, even though they might be some of the best looking mobile games, which really isn’t saying much at all because they still look outdated as shit. Even with their latest one, Modern Combat 5, it still looks like a upgraded Counter-Strike from 1999.

      How pathetic is that also when you go on about your phone having real hardcore games, yet you can only list two? A complete rip off of Call of Duty made by Gameloft, that can’t even live up to the rehashed gameplay that they tried to copy from and an old ass PSP game…

      Monster Hunter Freedom Unite even with the improved graphics on iOS still manages to look barely any better than it did on PSP, so again what is the point you’re trying to make other than proving mine? Monster Hunter has never been a graphical powerhouse anyway, the only Monster Hunter that looks good to date, is Monster Hunter Online.

      So what good is all that power doing you when you’re literally getting nothing out of it? You do also realize that it is a phone right? It will never have the same gaming experiences you get on consoles or handhelds because of that, no matter how much shit they cram into them. They are too thin and small as it only increases the limitations of the device, full touch screen controls blow, not including they overheat easily and their batteries drain so quickly with heavy usage such as gaming. That is why even with mobile phones and tablets outselling every gaming system there is for years now, you don’t see every developer jumping ship from PC, consoles or handhelds. Even with all the money hungry developers we have now, there are only a handful putting out mobile games and even those that they do end up fairly crappy still.

      A lot of developers know better than idiots such as yourself who slop up whatever Apple feeds you, phones and tablets have far too many limitations for them to actually put out quality games like you’ll ever see on PC, consoles or handhelds. It shows with your poor examples of hardcore mobile gaming.

      What is even more pathetic is the fact that the iPhone hasn’t been the best phone in a long ass time and the iPhone 6 plus is still lagging behind everyone else in terms of hardware. LG and Samsung put that crap to shame and they have higher resolutions screens than 1920×1080 with new QHD screens that display 2560×1440, far better processors and higher megapixel cameras than just 8MP. What I find super funny is you are probably the typical iPhone user who talks shits about Samsung also and how much greater your iPhone is compared to theirs. Many iPhone users don’t even know that Samsung makes the processors for your precious iPhone, what is even more amusing about all this is that Samsung doesn’t even use those same processors in their phones… They use quad core processors, not dual core, that run at double the frequency (hertz, since you probably aren’t that smart) your iPhone 6 plus does..

      So way to go, bragging about getting ripped off once again by Apple with a phone that is barely any better than their last that just released months ago which still isn’t any better than their competitors either by a long shot.

      Pro tip – If you’re going to brag about something, at least make sure that it’s the best of the best.

    2. news flash moron, monster hunter is on the 3ds… in 3d… bet your iphuck cant pull that off. as for modern combat, most likely a predictable FPS game. never seen the game in my life but i bet i’m right.

  4. It was stated in the pic of the day that a demo IS coming to the west, just like Raymondo97 stated, to everyone worrying about us getting the demo.

  5. I got the demo already and can take on level 9 ai no sweat with every usable character bring on the challengers i’ll crush them all!

          1. why the ha ha ? if your reallt that confident i’ll battle you when the games worldwide then we shall see who’s laughing !

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