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Nintendo America Details The Three Colourful New Looks for Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo’s 3D portable video game system will be getting three cool new looks for the holiday season. Nintendo announced the three special-edition Nintendo 3DS XL systems during the GameStop EXPO in Anaheim, California. The new systems are sure to be scooped up by collectors and anyone who was waiting for an excuse to buy a hand-held Nintendo system. Systems announced today include:

  • Super Smash Bros. Edition Nintendo 3DS XL: Red and blue systems go on sale at retailers nationwide on Sept. 19 in honor of the Oct. 3 launch of the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game. The cover of the new hardware features a dozen of the game’s characters, including Mario, Link, Samus and Little Mac. The systems will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99 each. (The Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game is sold separately.)
  • NES Edition Nintendo 3DS XL: This cool-looking GameStop exclusive goes on sale Oct. 10 at a suggested retail price of $199.99. The hardware is modeled after Nintendo’s iconic NES controller and the box looks like an NES system.
  • Persona Q Edition Nintendo 3DS XL: In honor of the Nov. 25 launch of the ATLUS role-playing game Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, GameStop will be the exclusive retailer for the Persona Q Edition of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The design evokes the essence of Persona Q with the iconic Grimoire styling on the front – the tome used by the attendants of the Velvet Room and containing information on the many Personas – and the new style of character art represented on the back. It will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99. (The Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth game is sold separately.)

“More than 12 million systems in the Nintendo 3DS family have been sold in the U.S. alone,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “These new models give shoppers even more choices during the holiday shopping season. Based on past experience, these special editions likely won’t stay on shelves for very long.”

“We expect these new special-edition designs to be in high demand,” said Michael Turner, director of merchandising at GameStop. “Nintendo 3DS is a great kid-friendly gaming device with excellent games, and we are pleased to share that these new designs are available for pre-order starting today.”

42 thoughts on “Nintendo America Details The Three Colourful New Looks for Nintendo 3DS XL”

  1. With all due respect to people who want these designs, why would you get this with the New 3DS on the horizon?
    Unless someone absolutely needs Smash now, I don’t see the point.

    1. The new 3ds wont release in the U.S. for another year. And most parents don’t even know about it. These will sell pretty well. If you noticed the announcement of the new 3ds in Japan did not curb the sales of the original 3ds hardware.

  2. “The Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game is sold separately.”
    “Includes pre-installed Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS” on the box art… what?

      1. I was about to say… is there any way you could change the header image? That’s REALLY gonna get confusing on first look.

  3. Think about it….

    Home Consoles barely ever move, they stay in one place, with the most action it ever gets is a game inserted…..

    3DS get dinged-up, and the screen is on the system itself, if one goes – your out your 3DS untilits repaired….

    Every two years is a good period of time to upgrade a 3DS, its still a ploy for money, but what has make Nintendo money? Us, these, so release as many as you want Nintendo, i thank you for the absolute colection of Hardware to choose from when i upgrade!

      1. Are you a fan [of Super Smash Bros] and willing to buy this product? If not, it was not intended for you….

        Choices, i thought people liked choices…

        1. please, tell me this is sarcasm. please, even if you are a troll. i know that the first rule of being a troll is not admitting, but no one will even see this, just tell me that you are a troll. PLEASE GOD DAMMIT. don’t tell me that you are this stupid. please. PLEASE!

          1. Dickhead…


            Many of the things that you are…

            Dont be stupid and buy a new 3DS everytime one comes out, wait for the ONE (underline that shit cuz botches are ignorant) you want…


        1. – It is a 3DS still but slightly upgraded. I wouldn’t say it’s vastly superior.

          – Making exclusive 3DS games for it that are not compatible with the old model 3DS’s, which aren’t that old to begin with.

          – it isn’t actually a new handheld and they are still essentially 3DS games.

          – It is alienating their fan base by making them feel as if their current model is worthless now. It isn’t just a revision or a few cosmetic changes, they are making exclusive games only for that model which is still a 3DS.

          Seriously just think about that from a consumer standpoint also, how confusing this will be to the average gamer or parent. How these poor game store employee’s are going to have to explain this daily to people buying a 3DS, when people still probably won’t understand it at all.

          I don’t know about you but this is not the future that I want to see with handhelds or even consoles. Watching them get annually released like stupid phones and tablets, never really being that much better than the last.

          It would be great if Nintendo just focused on providing the same functionality every other handheld device has now, when they release their devices, instead of cutting out functions only to sell them as add-ons later or in a new model with exclusive games. Even cheap knock off handhelds have these basic things that aren’t provided with the 3DS which bothers me, even though I love the device. It just doesn’t make sense other than trying to squeeze every last penny out of your fan base.

          I think it is a really piss poor way of attempting to regain profits and trying to increase the longevity of their current devices. They also could have just waited and made an entirely new handheld that was truly superior, not just a tad bit better. People probably wouldn’t care at all if it didn’t have exclusive games for it, that is the part that is bad and what is alienating every other person who has bought a 3DS.

          I mean that literally is the definition of alienating. Isolating a group of people to make them feel different, this is exactly what Nintendo is doing, isolating all their current 3DS users, making them feel like yet again they need to buy another 3DS because it has exclusive games for it.

          The problem I see with their plan is that it could backfire in so many ways. Everyone may buy this model but it still may not sell a lot and it will kill off the sales of every other model of 3DS and 2DS currently out there, so it could potentially make 3DS sales overall worse. Another thing would be is that Nintendo may end up being the only people who want to support it and a lot of developers will still want their games to sell to the other 40 million users out there, so they won’t want to make exclusive games for this new 3DS. Even worse it could just flop altogether because many people are not happy about this and it might be the straw that breaks the camels back, no one really liked how many times Nintendo revised the DS, nor did anyone like when they tried to pull the same thing with the DSi.

          As usual Nintendo relies on the past too much assuming a majority of their fans will be just as dumb as last time, but I think even the people who are dumb are smartening up to this types of anti-consumer practices now.

    1. That is just you, I may not be a collector but I treat everything I own as if I were one, always have even when I was a child, maybe it’s my OCD. Everything I own no matter how long ago it was bought, looks like it did when it came out the box.

      I take good care of my things.

      It is also nice when you want to resell something because you can up your price since what you’re selling still looks brand new. I also take pride in selling something of good quality like that used, it always makes me happy to find something myself used that is in excellent condition, so seeing how amazed people are when they buy my stuff only makes me happier. Telling me they can’t believe how well it was kept and that they had spent months searching through a bunch of beat up systems.

      I personally don’t understand how people can spend hundreds of dollars on something and not take good care of it, portable or not.

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  5. CRAP! I was already thinking of getting the blue Smash Bros. edition 3DS XL. Now I hear about this NES edition. I can’t resist an NES edition, since the NES is my favorite console and I own nearly every US game on it. I’d be crazy not to get the NES version. With it being a Gamestop exclusive, it’s gonna be worth a LOT of money some day. I just wish it showed a picture of it on here.

    1. ??? How can you not afford a PS4 or you are thinking about getting this $200 handheld and you own life every NES game? What? Lol.

      1. It took many years to collect all of those NES games. And circumstances in my life are different now. Any extra money I have usually goes on some sort of Nintendo related item. And lately, Nintendo has been emptying my wallet.

        1. Well, Nintendo has ALWAYS emptied my wallet. But it’s a bit different now in some ways. I’ve cut back a bit on how MUCH I buy at a time.

  6. Like I said above, it will be a year before the new 3ds launches in the U.S. and probably Europe as well. And also most people don’t even know about the new model. Especially parents buying a 3ds for thier kids. The announcement of the new 3ds in Japan barely had an effect on 3ds hardware sales there. I think everybody is really over reacting about this new 3ds, Nintendo has always done this.

    1. Nintendo has never made a game like Xenoblade exclusive to one specific model of their handhelds compared to the other. *facepalm*

  7. What? Not xenoblade specifically, but yes they have. Your just confused becouse they decided to keep the name 3ds. They always upgrade thier hardware every three to four years. Since the very first Gameboy. Two years in one occasion. Nobody should be suprised and nobody should be bitching.

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