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Here’s The Hyrule Warriors North American TV Commercial

Nintendo and Koei-Tecmo have teamed together to produce this action packed advert for Hyrule Warriors. The short commercial features plenty of fast and frantic gameplay footage which is bound to sway anyone on the fence about the fusion of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. Hyrule Warriors launches September 26th in the US.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

92 thoughts on “Here’s The Hyrule Warriors North American TV Commercial”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      YEEAAAAH!!! XD Though, I imagine there will be people who have no idea what this game is about, and purchase it thinking it’ll be the Legend of Zelda experience. O_o

            1. Nah was never into it, it was fun checking out what people created online though, personally waiting on MG5, Uncharted 4, probably Quatum Dreams looks interesting and Final Fantasy 15..

            2. LBP3 is not a system seller. Everyone is waiting for Uncharted 4. That’s when the REAL greatness begins! (Btw I’m not saying PS4 needs help to sell. It’s obviously selling well. XP)

            3. Actually, second son and killzone are awesome. I’ve also been play lego marvel and injustice quite a bit as well. Oh yeah… and destiny. Oh how i love that game. :) it’s going to be tough to balance between destiny and hyrule warriors next week.

                1. I have First Light but I haven’t played it yet, I bought it on sale for $19AUD which is pretty cheap here but I just haven’t felt like playing it yet. Been playing the Smash Bros Demo on 3DS and catching up with old backlog.

                        1. …. It’s going to take an even more backseat when Hyrule Warriors comes out this Sat too so hopefully I get to it soon.

                                1. Idk where people are hearing this myth that XB1’s explode. WTF even made that up? Lol that is so retarded.

                                      1. Yes they do. lol Why? Because that freaking huge ass black cinderblock draws too much power that in overtime, the circuitry burns out and combusts and all of the power for what? Struggling to run at 900p native 30FPS with framerate hiccups? lol Embarrassing.

                                        1. To be fair, most of the games giving the Xbox One trouble aren’t on the Wii U at all, so we can’t compare. There probably run like 2X as worse. o_O

                                            1. Lol. They aren’t all garbage, but most I’m probably not too interested in to drop $500 on an X1. All I really want is Halo to come to PC then I’ll be set. If it never does, then screw Microsoft. I’ll just go pick up 1 and 2. XD

                                              1. Every single Xbox game or “exclusives” (not) will come to PC anyway because they’re both from Microsoft and fans from PC will get pissed if they ignore PC.

                                                Wait for Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 to come to PC. You’ll see.

                                                  1. Right. lol Until something goes wrong with your PC, let’s say viruses or it getting outdated in a few months. XD What then? That’s right. Back to good ol Nintendo gaming. :3

                                                    1. Lol outdated. If you knew anything about me, it’s that I know a good amount of stuff about PC’S. ;) The PC I have my eye on is like 5X more powerful than PS4. I won’t need to upgrade for YEARS. And even then I probably still won’t because there’s a ton of games I want. You don’t upgrade every month. That’s what “PC enthusiasts” do. Good thing about PC is that you CAN upgrade. If anything is gonna be outdated, it’s that Surface Pro you want. XD

                                                      1. It was a joke ding dong. lol

                                                        I wanted a Surface Pro 3 for different reasons but have gaming on the side as an extra. :) But I’m hearing more negativity about it so I might not get one.

                                                        1. But if you cheap out and buy something that isn’t that powerful, you’ll regret it in the long run. Especially if you plan on getting newer games.

                                                          1. Me regretting buying a powerhouse console for power reason only? That’s just as stupid. Good thing I didn’t cave for PS4 this because they ain’t got shit besides a good few games that’s still not as fun as I hoped. I’m happy with my Wii U and don’t give a fuck about power as long as the games are fun, decent looking and works like a charm. The only thing I regret in gaming in my life is wasted my money and time on PSP for that exact reason you people buy other console for: Power while offering almost nothing good, at least consistently.

                                                            1. Lol you treat Anonymous’ mean on this site. XD Anyways, I’m not talking console wise. If you buy a PC, the amount of power you have matters a lot because unlike consoles, games aren’t optimized so they run on how powerful your PC is. I mean, you could get a cheaper PC or something for less, but if ya wanna play GTA V at 15FPS, be my guest. XD

                                                              1. There’s like a million of anonymous accounts here so who exactly am I (not) being mean to? XD

                                                                And that’s the thing about PC, I have to worry about getting more powerful hardware which means more money is required and I’m not such a big or reckless spender like that. lol And if PC really has that advantage of no optimization (although needed for some stability), then WTF is the reason for having an Xbox? ^^;

                                                                1. Ya, that’s why I said you gotta buy one that’s powerful if you plan on playing high end PC games. Don’t worry about it like that though. A good graphics card will run EVERYTHING from newer games to classics. There are so many games on Steam that you could even ever count so you can play all of those without needing to upgrade. At all. You only upgrade if you want better graphics and higher frame rate. Seriously, don’t listen to the idiots that say your card will be outdated and blah blah. PC gaming isn’t all about graphics. You can play on the lowest graphical setting possible. That’s what options are for! Then when you do upgrade, you can play it and it’ll look and run much better! I’m probably only gonna go through like 2 graphics cards through the entire generation If I get a PC. :) All those clueless idiots that say you need to buy one every year or so literally have no idea what they’re talking about. XD

                                              2. The average consumer isn’t going to think that music is very enticing. It’s very dated and not very epic compared to the visuals. Also, the narrator needs to kick it up a notch.

                                                    1. Lol I remember last time when BO2 came out, everyone was always talking about CoD at my school. Saying how it’s awesome and stuff. And then I noticed it started to decline. I overheard two of my classmates talking and one of them said “Hey, you going to get Advanced Warfare?” And the other guy said “…Nah. I don’t really like CoD anymore. …Cuz of Ghosts.” LMAO! And then today I heard some more classmates ask the same thing to each other “You getting Advanced Warfare?” “Hell no” Lol. XD What happened? What did Ghosts do to these guys?!

                                                      1. the worst POS since MW3, hell, even worst than MW3..the online part of course. The story is bland, graphics..GRAPHICS is utter crap, the laziest looking game yet and the multiplayer…may I dare say how horrible it is compare to the rest of the series?

                                                        Ghosts left a huge dent in the fanbase’s taste. Now its taking its toll and even more COD fans don’t want AW for several reasons. AW is like if Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 came early but in a mixed way. I bet Treyarch’s next COD is gonna be better. Hell, they should be the only studio to handle COD games from now on. IW was King because the original creators knew what they were doing until after MW2, the series has gone to hell due to Activision’s greed and lies about IW’s MW2 launch bonus pay which Activision paid a settlement thus proving they were BS and broken up the studio and its reputation so now COD is falling apart without Jason West and Zampbell (founders and creators of COD and IW studio)

                                                1. Why not both? o-o
                                                  No money in the wallet? o-o
                                                  Not to brag, but I’m getting both. x3
                                                  But, if I were to choose either one, I’d definitely wait for Smash. I’m not saying that Hyrule Warriors is a bad game, I just prefer Smash Bros over Hyrule Warriors. Despite saying that, I’m still getting both game. XP

                                                  1. I have the money. But I don’t need to spend it all at once. I’m saving up for a PC so every dollar I get right now is pretty much dedicated to that (and non game related stuff like paying my phone bill of course :p) I think I will be skipping this. Smash Bros seems much more worth it and I don’t really think those pre order costumes are enough to make me drop $60 on this right now. I’ll get it later sometime I suppose.

                                                        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                                          If you want the games for the Wii U as bad as you say, screw the PC & 3rd parties for now. That’s why I facepalm. Don’t deny yourself the games you want & can get RIGHT NOW for games you won’t be able to get for months to years. If you think missing multiplat 3rd party games is bad, imagine how many good games you could be enjoying now but are missing because you’d rather wait till you get another system.

                                                          1. Lol I appreciate you looking out for me. ;) But it’s actually not going to take that long to get a PC since I make more money now! :p I’d say it’s gonna take at least by January. No more than March. I’ll definitely have it by then. I’m just saying it would make more sense for me to get the most expensive thing out the way first. If I keep sending my money on Nintendo games, I won’t even have a PC until like WAAAAAAY next year. Lol. And besides, Hyrule Warriors and all those other games are still going to be there. I didn’t say I want going to get any more games for my Nintendo products. I just said I have to put them on hold until I get my PC. I like to play third party games more than any other type of game so I have to fill that gap! I mean seriously. Look at my activity log and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. I spend over 118 hours on Sonic Racing Transformed, 80+ on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, 110 hours on Assassin’s Creed 3, and 70 hours on Need For Speed Most Wanted U. I think I spent maybe 30 on SM3DW, 20 on NSMBU, and WWHD is like 18 or something. Not saying I don’t enjoy these games, I just don’t play them as much as third party. Super Smash Bros though… I’m going to spend years on that thing. It is knew of my favorite Nintendo franchises ever and even after putting so many hours into Brawl, I will play the crap out of this one! Anyways, it’s good for me to get a PC because I can get ALL the games I want along with my Nintendo games and the gap will finally be RESTORED! I’ve missed out on third party for far too long and it’s about time I get those games back. After I get it, you won’t even hear a peep out of me about Wii U’s third party support. I don’t care. I’ll be having too much fun with Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, etc and all my precious third party games!

                                                2. Smash on Wii U? If you’re wondering whether to wait for Smash on Wii U, I say go ahead and get HW, since Smash Bros. won’t be coming until mid to late November. You could set aside 5 bucks a week up until then, as a Smash Fund.

                                                  1. Nah. I was talking about the 3DS version. I go to places a lot and it would be great to be able to play Smash anywhere I go. Smash Bros Wii U is a 2015 purchase for me.

                                                      1. I don’t get Christmas presents anymore. Not since the last 4 years. I buy my own stuff now. XP And besides, instead of getting Smash in November, I can get my mom (and my aunt since they are twins and have the same b-day) a birthday present. I never got to buy them one before because I didn’t have a job but now I want to make it up to them for being so awesome to me my whole life. ;P

                                              3. If you don’t follow the games industry closely, this is a bit misleading. It looks like a Zelda game.

                                                Remember the disappointment you had as a kid when you got a copy of Mario Is Missing for Christmas thinking it was a Mario game? Yeah, that’s gonna happen to a LOT of people.

                                              4. am still hyped-up for watch dogs for wii u. hopefully i have enough money by then. can’t wait for the holiday discounts at walmart.

                                              5. Not really buying this game. I’m saving for the AWESOME BAYONETTA 2 !!! I’m so hyped !!! #OperationPlatinum #OperationPlatinum !!!!!

                                              6. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                                The commercial is way too damn short & it does make it look like a Zelda game! Bleh. I guess it’s better than nothing.

                                                Anyway, next Friday can’t get here soon enough! I changed my Gamestop preorder to the digital game, so I can get it on release day instead of having to wait another week for it to arrive in the mail.

                                                1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                                  At the same time, maybe it’s a good thing that it gives the impression of a Zelda game instead of a Dynasty Warriors game with Zelda characters in the game instead of historical Chinese figures. lol

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