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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Won’t Be Coming To Wii U, Banner Was Apparently A Printing Error

Nintendo of Germany has confirmed that the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate banners that could be seen sporting a Wii U logo were a result of an apparent printing error. The company says that there’s no plans to bring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to the Wii U.

“Nintendo of Europe confirmed, that the promotional banner with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the WiiU logo at the Connichi in Kassel was a printing error. Monster Hunter 4 is exclusively planned for Nintendo 3DS – Capcom also refuted the rumours of a Wii U version.”

Thanks,  Michelle


60 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Won’t Be Coming To Wii U, Banner Was Apparently A Printing Error”

      1. Coming from the guy who is part if the kiddy race on PS4 ;)
        Remember, Wii U has more ADULT audience than the PS4 and Xbox One.

        1. Nintendo targets kids in their marketing, if Sony has a larger young audience than Nintendo, Nintendo is doing something wrong with their advertising.

  1. Hahaha…..well, I don’t think we needed another version anyway, but this is a bit of a running joke for Nintendo now. No way this was a printing error, it was definitely deliberate. It makes sense since the “leak” was on just about every site in a matter of minutes. Ah well, we’ve still got Smash. #NintendoIsOnTopOfThings

      1. Not sure if you are trolling or still dreaming. Even if it would come it might be either end 2015 or 2016 or even never.

        If some big game were to come, capcom and nintendo would be announcing it to build momentum for players and investors. It’s all about business perspective.

        There’s no point for secrecy where the wii u units are far lesser than 3ds. If this is true, this will push wii u units and that’s what nintendo wants. Build hype and push units out fast n compete with other consoles.

        But still, I love your daydream assumptions with nothing else to back up where capcom has repeated said NO NO NO ample times with their reasons.

        Just look at capcom’s links on mh4 and mh4u platform availability reasons.

      1. Since the 3DS MH3 was a bit disappointing and also drawback some features to make the game functional, I’m sure they’ll port it to Wii U later for more content and squeezing more sales since Crapcom is going broke and desperate fast.

            1. That the next Monster Hunter game will be on PS4?… Well too Bad Nintendo owns the rights to publish this game on Consoles and Handhelds ;)

              1. No they do not. Capcom does…

                If they owned the rights to publish the game on handhelds and consoles, MH would not be coming to the PS3 and PS Vita. Which it is, Monster Hunter: Frontier G is coming to Sony platforms.

                It probably won’t get localized but Capcom owns all rights to Monster Hunter and can release the game on what they choose.

                The reason Capcom has been with Nintendo so long is because Nintendo owns any rights, it’s because Nintendo helps them by letting them use their servers which Capcom in return doesn’t have to pay for. It isn’t like it is the first time Nintendo has swooped in to help others in return for their games.

    1. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this particular version. It’s one thing for Nintendo to hide it but like I’ve said there is a video somewhere from ages ago, where Capcom said they aren’t putting this on anything other than the 3DS when it was still after MH3U was already on Wii U. This was in response to people asking for it on Wii U as well as other consoles and the PS Vita.

      So I’ll take their word for it. If they were, I don’t think they would just dismiss it completely but would instead just keep a tight lip.

      Why would they want to hide this? When it would clearly boost Wii U sales a bit, especially in Japan.

      I think they will make a whole new one for Wii U with Panta Rhei or at least a better engine. Now that is something to hope for, because Deep Down looks incredible, could you imagine MH in that engine? This current MH engine has been used for way too long and I think that is why they are just keeping it on 3DS this time around.

      I know I’m tired of MH looking so dated. The only one that has been updated was MH online, that uses CryEngine.

      1. Michelle is someone who talks with brain and analysis.

        Guys don’t just dream from your own perspective. Read more reports and analyze with a clearer mind.

        Releasing the info if it’s true is very important to push wii u consoles as consoles are dying in japan. Sales are getting lesser and lesser for consoles but not 3ds handhelds.

    2. Any logical reasons for secrecy where wii u units are selling lesser and lesser and it’s urgent timing to push wii u units ASAP?

      Do u follow japan sales report every week to see the problems?

  2. What a load of crap from Nintendo and Capcom. Of course this was done intentially to build hype for the Wii U version. What they are doing, is working for all you MH fans out there! :P

    1. Any links about until 2015?

      And if it’s true, I will love the day when mh series all become apple exclusives. No android mhfu still not on androids.

      So better not 2015.

  3. People need to understand that most MH games have been portable….very few have come to home consoles before, so it really should be no suprise….and as for conrols being “crappy” on handheld, i can’t help but say bullshit. The controls on handheld are just as good as home console controls for MH, getting used to them is a key aspect of the game’s diffuculty…so all of you Wii U owners, suck it up and empty your diapers….you’re probably going to be waiting until the next game, sorry!

    1. I absolutely agree with what this poster said. 3ds is just fine and dandy. It’s meant to be played on handhelds. This was said by capcom themselves not me. Read their media reports.

      And for those people playing mh3u on wii u, you should actually thank 3ds in fact. Capcom said when developing mh3u, their game engine was not designed for online multiplay that’s why they switched engine for mh4 and it has online capability.

      If it’s not for the sole reason to let mh3u on 3ds to reach out to other 3ds players, capcom wouldn’t even port it to wii u in the first place. Again, this is not said by me, but capcom themselves. Just google on their reports.

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