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Devil’s Third Has Apparently Made Big Improvements Since E3 Build

Devil’s Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki has explained to Japanese gaming publication Famitsu that the game has undergone some big changes to the build we saw at this year’s E3 event back in June. Itagaki also explained what it’s been like to have Nintendo become publisher of your game. There’s plenty of interesting details below.

Q1. Can you tell me the how and why Nintendo has become a publisher for your game?

Tomonobu Itagaki: Because we love games more than anyone else. We love to play and have fun. That’s exactly why we went independent in the first place. We wanted to develop in an environment where the question, “what is a game?” could be our central focus when making a decision. And it was absolute luck that allowed us to create this game with Nintendo. I think it’s our mission to take advantage of this encounter and meet the expectations of both gamers and everyone working in the industry.

Tomonobu Itagaki: But remember that what was shown in the trailer is only just one small part – we’ve poured our identity into every part of this game. Since E3, we’ve made major improvements in every area, from graphics to animations to playability. I know there will be some reactions like “what the hell is this?” But for now, we’ll just keep charging straight ahead!

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96 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Has Apparently Made Big Improvements Since E3 Build”

      1. Sounds like the game will surprise in the graphics/gameplay area can’t wait when he says some people will say “what the hell is this”makes me think it’s going to surprise day1 for me this will end up being the exclusive huge shooter for Nintendo going forward as it sounds like there creating a huge foundation for something special.

    1. Because that’s what it look like on the 360 and Ps3.
      Not only that, why should you care? You have a computer that can barely even run a smooth game of Castlevania with somewhat horrible graphics, and yet you are satisfied with that. So shoo.

          1. look at this loser trying to defending the graphics of the game. even your fellow wii u fans and fanboys knew the game had terrible graphics. castlevania game on my simple hp computer looked better than the game. also many 360 and ps3 and wii u games look better than this. FRAUD EXPOSED

            1. Show proof or it didn’t happen.
              Also “A little rough” does not mean “complete shit”, your argument about having a capable “gaming computer” is complete shit.

              You have been EXPOSED.

            2. And this is coming from the person who plays on a very weak non-gaming computer and claimed it was a very powerful gaming computer then immediately later claims its not a good gaming computer!? LOL

            3. You can clearly see from Devils third’s trailer that the graphics when considerably updated will be very special end of….mark my words when this comes out in Q2 2015 my guess it will blow minds.

        1. Lol since when did you get a PC? I thought you couldn’t even afford an Xbox? You must be talking about one of those weak desktop computers that can barely run Minecraft.

            1. Lol it’s quite hypocritical when he calls the Wii U weak and then continues to play Battlefield 3 on his mom’s ancient desktop at 10-15FPS on the lowest setting possible. XD

              1. Oh no, the fps is worse than that, I ain’t no expert in fps, but I can tell that it was less than 10fps on most of it, and you can’t get any lower than lower quality, then he claims he has a capable gaming computer.

              2. i really dont know what your talking about. but “MY” pc can games very decent. battlefiel;d 3 is not even 15fps on my pc lmao nits way more than that. like 30fps and up up. it’s on medimum settings with FFAX and anti annalaisng

                1. the clergy of the church of sasori disaproves the comments made by mike lenduckway. yes, technically is sasori’s pc but in fact is the pc of sammy “the redneck” onnuorah, who thinks hs pc got virus because lord sasori sneezed on it. cancer will fall on you, lenduckway. kneef before yo’ mastah.
                  this was sammy’s reaction to that person, whose name can’t and should not be mentioned. and yes, sasori cried that way.

                2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                  Doubt it. If castlevania runs like shit on yours and runs amazing on mine with medium settings and fancy effects, pretty sure battlefield on medium graphics would make your PC explode. Just like your dick at the thought of that Xbox Done you’ll never get.

                  Noob, please.

                  1. Hell, my PC can run the game on Max settings in 1440p at 60 fps. Even my PC destroys his PC and also Blackb0nd’s PC as well ;D

                3. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                  My shitty-ass laptop can run minecraft on medium rendering with fancy effects no problem. What’s your point?

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Well when he’s rejected he goes and tries to find some hentai to satisfy his anger and disappointment of himself.

    2. “i felt like throwing up in front of my screen when i saw the horrifying” lol you’re wrong, you were in front of a mirror!!!

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  2. The graphics weren’t that bad. I think everyone is over reacting. But moving right along. Does anyone realize that every Nintendo developed and published game for the Wii U not look anything like when it’s initially shown?

    They are constantly upgrading the game while others are taking steps back.

    1. Mario Kart 8 looks the same from its e3 showing imo. Bayonetta 2 looks better to me. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks kind of like it downgraded. Idk.

  3. They should put this game on the ps4
    Nintendo don’t deserved this game
    Babies will not buy n support it
    It will failed big time Nintendo babies gamers they’re so cheap n complains a lot

    1. Actually I’m just butthurt that I’m not mature enough and smart enough to play this mature game because I am a huge baby. I cry and shove my pacifier up my ass and complain, but my voice will not be heard because I cannot accept the cold harsh reality because my brain is too stupid to figure it out.

      1. The game would never be because Sony/Microsoft only care about Battlefield,COD,so expect any other shooter to be half assed in terms of online MP on them consoles maybe add FarCry as well but new shooters/fps’s nope,i hope Nintendo keep dong what their doing,they improved Bayonetta’s gameplay Platinums words and I’m sure they will help make Devils Third amazing also.

      1. Devs like Platinum understand after working with Nintendo that they live and breath game development and when developing with Nintendo you actually get the chance to make it the best game possible rather then all the poor practices Sony/Microsoft have in terms of strict deadlines ect putting quality second and it’s this reason Platinum have came out and said they would just develop for Nintendo.

      1. thats what a lot of people have been saying. Destiny was supposed to be the ps4’s Big Game. well look on the brightside. you got a PS4 instead of an xbox one.

            1. PS exclusives explains all the dust for multiple platform owners. My PS4 has been collecting dust since P.T demo was released. Currently i’m playing Hyrule Warriors and D4.

            2. Face it guys all the bad press for WiiU not getting 3rd party multiplat games and not one of them has broke any records in reviews unlike 5 wiiu games on Metacritic go look…..

    2. Some bring this person a tampon because he grew a vagina and Its bleeding out of his anger that his gameless, pc wanna be console wont get this game.

    3. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

      Is “babies” the only insult you have in your repertoire?

      And why are you so obsessed with babies, anyway? Is it like some wierd fetish of yours?

      You sick fuck.

      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

        I know, right! He should see a psychiatrist ASAP. Oh I forgot. Pedophilia is something that unfortunately can’t be fixed.

  4. Good to hear. It looked kind of rough at E3 but hopefully Nintendo is smart enough to give them all the support needed to make this game an exclusive worth buying and one of the reasons people want a Wii U.

  5. “Because we love games more than anyone else. We love to play and have fun. That’s exactly why we went independent in the first place. We wanted to develop in an environment where the question, “what is a game?” could be our central focus when making a decision. And it was absolute luck that allowed us to create this game with Nintendo. I think it’s our mission to take advantage of this encounter and meet the expectations of both gamers and everyone working in the industry.”

    Tomonobu Itagaki

    1. Nintendo should allow full freedom and programming ease of their partners so they can proudly create fun titles that aren’t so focused on cash grabbing stunts but rather make the game and their work much more rewarding for the players so they can keep coming back for more which does create a better and growing long term success. :) Nintendo understands this well and hand pick the best creative minds out there to help them and even each other.

  6. Glad the see the game has improved very much and now I’m getting this with full confidence. ^_^ Screw COD AW skipping Nintendo. We have this badass slashing gunner to enjoy which nails COD in the nuts at full swing. XD

  7. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    This game will be the reason why I won’t even bat an eye at Destiny skipping the Wii U. I’d rather have a game that allows me to quickly change from shooting to slashing a sword! I prefer getting up close & personal with my enemies in games. Doing that with a gun isn’t very fun.

  8. This is the title I am looking forward to the most from everything I seen at E3. The hybridthird/first persob is going to be bananas. Specially the create a map mode.

  9. This game gave a wrong impression during E3. However, after reading this interview I can rest assured that The Devil Third is gonna be one of the best games of 2015. The passion Itagaki had during this interview was intoxicating. I never felt this much excitement for a game since Mario 64 and Zelda OoT. thank you Itagaki-san.

  10. Devil’s Third interested me and excited me at E3 despite the low end graphics but now they are saying the graphics have vastly improved has made me pre-order the game 5x X3

    Can’t wait to play this game and I’d love to see the newer version.

  11. Quote from above.

    “We wanted to develop in an environment where the question, “what is a game?” could be our central focus when making a decision.”

    EA’s interpretation – “How can we create a game that will fool people into buying it and that we can screw them as much as possible with doing as little amount of effort as possible to maximise our profits.”

    This is why Nintendo is the most relevant gaming company.

  12. Doesn’t look like some weird Call of Duty rip-off anymore, good. Still not very excited about this since it’s not my type of game but hey, we’ll see.

  13. Sigh. whats wong with people. Yes the game looked a little poo so what. you know they were making it for last gen so most the footage is likely from thise console. happy to hear they are improving on it. gamers play games regardless of console. I have them all, bar ps4 and an epic gaming pc…..still play my wii u every day.

  14. Yes I knew they would. Everyone complained about the graphics of this game during E3 but I knew they would improve the graphics overtime. People have to remember the development hell this game has gone through. Can’t wait to play it with my friends.

  15. I don’t really care about the graphics, the game itself looks kinda questionable. It looks like it could be fun, but the main character is bothering me to no end. It looks like they’re trying to make him the coolest thing ever, and in doing that, they’re making him lame. I already thought this before, but now they have him playing drums, cause all awesome baddass’ play drums, right? Right? I just can’t fully enjoy a game with such a weak protagonist.

    1. don’t you see ? this is why the game will be awesome! because they are trying to make him the coolest thing ever makes him the lamest ever making him cool again! and the silly multiplayer adds on to that!

      did i explain it properly to you ? :)

      1. Uhh. You might have explained it right. I kinda see what you mean. He’s kinda like Duke Nukem, but I don’t know. I just really don’t care for him.

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