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Nintendo America Says Hyrule Warriors DLC Will Be Coming To The US

Nintendo of America has tweeted that the recently announced Hyrule Warriors DLC which is coming to Europe and Japan will also be coming to the United States. You can purchase the DLC individually or purchase it in a bundle for $19.99. Here’s more information regarding each set of DLC.

– Out on October 16
– 1,200 yen
– 1 new scenario
– 1 new weapon
– New Adventure Map
– 2 costumes

Twilight Princess pack

– Out in November
– 1,200 yen
– 1 new character
– 1 new weapon
– New Adventure Map
– 2 new costumes

Majora’s Mask pack

– Out in January
– 1,200 yen
– Two characters
– New adventure map
– 3 costumes

Ganon pack

– Out in February
– 500 yen
– 2 new game modes

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89 thoughts on “Nintendo America Says Hyrule Warriors DLC Will Be Coming To The US”

    1. I heard that target will have a buy 2 get 1 free next week. I just realized that this game may be out by then. I’m gonna pick up both batman games and W101, they’re around the same price (a little over $20).

      1. They need to cancel everything they’re doing, there is no hope in Nintendo anymore they should go third party now
        They’re just gonna look stupid n damn what their doing now
        Nobody likes them anymore only babies
        This game sux soo much in the assballs eating shitcrapoop

        1. how do you know that it sucks, if you haven’t even played it. (And don’t say, “Cuz I liv in Japanz and I alweady playerzed it!! aeoifoughegsjdnfj!”)

        2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

          There you go again, with you nasty-ass fetish for babies.

          I think you need to change your face diaper, pumpkin, there’s too much bullshit leaking out of your face.

        3. oh , then let me introduce myself
          i am a baby who doesn’t give a fuck about what you say
          jeeeeez i don’t usually feed trolls , but seriously this guy is really getting on my nerves

    2. Dude Nintendo finally realized the joy and happiness of overcharging for DLC, hopefully this means more SSB characters confirmed, id send my wallet 1st class straight to Nintendo for Lucas and Wolf DLC

        1. nintendo and obama are lying aholes

          Yeah more dlc in one game than capcom could dream of. Moght as well call it zelda the dlc game smh only shitendo can het away with anything it seems

    3. Wow, DLC really took long to be announce, but since it’s Nintendo’s game, I’m sure it’s fine. They make everything best. They are perfect.

      1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

        Just like you, apparently! Because you’ve NEVER been wrong. You’re ALWAYS right, and full of sunshiny happiness and fucking rainbows.

        High-fucking-five. No wait, I don’t have the honor of doing so, Sir Jesus Christ the Second…high five your own face, so that your glory may clash upon itself in a sound pleasant unto mine own ears.

    1. (I haven’t played any of the games either, but) I’ve heard good things from various people about the dynasty warriors series, so i think Im personally going to buy it as soon as i get the chance ;)

    2. It shows you beating guys but the game is mostly objective based. take over territories, support your allies, beat an enemy mini boss causing trouble. Some missions can take a while just with the things you have to do. I had a mission on Pirate Warriors 2 that took 25 minutes to beat.

  1. Has anyone heard if you can fuse weapons like in typical DW games?

    Can’t wait to slash through enemies as my favorite Zelda characters!

  2. Okay. Once again,I’m going to be unable to purchase this because my internet connection’s bandwidth.

    I do like to ask you guys. If I were to purchase DLC for both this game,and Mario Kart 8,how do I purchase it?

        1. … you need to have a gift card or a credit/debit (dont recommend debit) card (make sure its yours lol), then go to add funds, then tap on whatever amount you want to add, then enter in your information. then enjoy!

  3. I like how Koei Tecmo is going to support this game in the near future, but the price of this season pass seems a little steep considering the content announced so far. It doesn’t seem like that good of a deal compared to the MK8 one.

  4. hmmm… I’m not a huge fan of all this “DLC” stuff from Nintendo and having ti cost like $20 and what not… I bought Mario Kart 8’s in a heart beat, bu I’m not so sure I should buy this DLC pack.

    Who am I kidding, I’m totally getting it, because it has those awesome characters that I need to play as… damn you Nintendo.

  5. I would have paid ten bucs for dark link alone. So yea, might as well pick this up. I’m still kinda on the fence about this game though. If it wasn’t Zelda related there is no way in hell I buy a game like this. Never really like the DW games…. way too shallow for me. However I am a sucker for anything Zelda..

    1. And that’s exactly why they created it. To appeal to fans like you that like Zelda. If you enjoy this game, there’s a high chance you will enjoy an actual Warriors game.

  6. “Season passes” make my skin crawl, but at long as it’s not used for in-house Nintendo productions I can live with it.

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  8. So my assumption is that none of the preorder/Club Nintendo exclusives are included in this. So we’ll have all of this AND the preorder exclusives, right?

        1. A05V2WW31U8FXCAB

          I know one of these doesnt work but the people i shared them with never installed so im sending this out before the smash demo releases

  9. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    Sweet! 20 bucks! I should be able to afford that! If this was EA, I bet this would have gone for 30-40 bucks. xD

    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      IF not more. Maybe I’m being too generous towards EA.

          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

            Wow. xD Good thing I didn’t care for the game anyway. Besides, I got the less supported Most Wanted U for my Wii U. Which I haven’t played in awhile. Along with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

  10. here we go, forget about Hyrule warrior in my library and honestly I hope it fail miserably. Nintendo finally doing DLC like Sony, MS, Capcom, Square-Enix and co. For me it was the main reason I stuck with Nintendo. To be fair to Nintendo I read a lot of posts even here where some idiot (yeah I use the the term idiot and I stick with it) requested chargeable DLC and will buy DLCs just to have the extra character and/or costume. So in the end Nintendo did what some of their customer asked for. Since I update Mario kart 8 I magically stop playing with those DLC promotion always in your face.

        1. The DLC in this game. It’s basically just skins and a few other things that don’t really matter. Plus, I do believe you can buy them separately. And plus, this isn’t a “Nintendo”game. Lol. And plus, $20 is cheap. XD

    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      What Hollow said. You really are overreacting. DLC is great if done right. And so far, Nintendo is doing it right. Fire Emblem Awakening had great DLC. So does Pikmin 3, though I haven’t really bothered with those.

      1. Fire Emblem Awakening DLC costs almost $40 put together. That’s not really the best example to use here… xD But I agree with you. :)

        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

          Not really. There was quite a number of DLC for the game, so of course it’s going to cost a lot. Just like how Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper ended up with DLC worth around 30-40 bucks: because there was so much more content added.

        2. Well you are wrong it’s just not skin. Here what I think is a rip off and you should not pay for it:

          Out on October 16:
          – new scenario
          – New Adventure Map

          Out in November:
          – New Adventure Map

          Out in January:
          – New adventure map

          Out in February
          -2 new game modes

          At the end of the day it like they released half a game (like Mario kart 8 where 50% courses will be added) and you have to pay extra. I am sorry but, there is not excuse for that it just greed. New characters or weapons OK that would be fair enough and I would agree with you but new scenario??? new Adventure maps???!!!!! additional games modes???!!!!!! it’s big NO NO

      2. Well I am glad you haven’t mention Mario kart 8 and Hyrule warrior. I never play fire Emblem games or Pikmin games so I can’t comment on it. But in general I hate with passion DLC business model and when you have that:

        Out on October 16:
        – new scenario
        – New Adventure Map

        Out in November:
        – New Adventure Map

        Out in January:
        – New adventure map

        Out in February
        -2 new game modes

        It’s just make my blood boiling and confirm my dislike toward this type of business. On that occasion Nintendo screwed it up and it’s a day light robbery.

        You seems to be indifferent or enjoy this business model (DLC), but this is where you and me will never agree on this matter. For me it is like: OK yeah we will release Hyrule warrior but we won’t release all the scenarios, 2 games mode and some adventure map cause we can milk it and sell them as a DLC.

        I say Hyrule warrior the same goes for every games where there is a mode or additional scenario in those DLC I think the worst one was Final Fantasy XIII-2 where you have to pay 3 DLC content to have a end or god of war ascension where you have to pay for the network pass which will allow to have one trophy by just completing the training…… Sorry for the long response but you get my point :-)

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