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Super Smash Bros Demo Now On Nintendo 3DS eShop In Europe

Nintendo Europe has confirmed that you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the Super Smash Bros demo for the Nintendo 3DS today. The demo is already up so be sure to visit the eShop and download it.

Thanks, Luigi

38 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Demo Now On Nintendo 3DS eShop In Europe”

  1. Does anybody knows if the game will support download/singlecard multiplayer? I hope it will, I don’t want to buy three copies of the game just to play with my brothers.

    1. I’m pretty sure everyone needs their own copy of the game… but the demo is free, so you can play that with your brothers without problems!

      1. Oh, oh well! Thank you. That’s a shame. I know the demo is an option, but it has limited tries. Thank you anyways!

  2. Don’t crucify me, but I’ve got a few out of state friends playing Destiny, GTAV and other multiplayer games. Gears Coop,… So I got:
    – xbox360 slim
    – wireless controller
    – 15 games including GTAV, All the Cods, Bioshock…a ton of good games..
    — all for $200. Free shipping. Used (Microsoft didn’t get my money. ;)

    I can finally play all the 3rd party shit I’ve been missing and hang out with my friends across the US. So… I’m no longer in any rush. Take your time Nintendo. One game ever couple months works for me, now that I just opened my game library to the shit-ton of online coop games I’ve been dying to game with people on.

    It also came with all the Halo’s through 4. .but I find them unoriginal and boring. Like they wish they were Metroid. I’ll probably trade them in ASAP.

    No more empty threats for me. I

    1. Cool! Hope you have fun with those games. I would highly suggest:
      The Orange Box (3 really good games in one. Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, and Portal),
      Borderlands 2 (lot’s of fun with friends online/ couch co-op. Lot’s of content and hilarious dialog),
      Super Meat Boy (tough as nails platformer. Addicting and very premise controls),
      CastleVania Synphony of the Night (Virtual Console Metroidvania masterpiece),
      and Banjo Kazooie (Virtual Console action-puzzle-collectathon. It’s sequel is also a lot of fun).

      Those are my 5 favorite games available on the 360 games. I’m sure those 15 games will last you a while, but if you bought a bundle on eBay the genre of the game assortment is usually pretty constrained. Check those games out if you get tired of shooters (although Borderlands is a shooter-RPG hybrid and Team Fortress 2, in the Orange Box, is also a strategy-shooter).

      1. Sweeet, thank you! I’ve played some team fortress, and I’ll check the rest out. One thing I loved about the N64 era was all the coop games you could play.

        Since Ninte do won’t get with the times and let me coop game with people over the internet, they’ve left me no choice but to buy another used console. :/

        I can’t wait to coop game again!!! :D :D

        I get it next week! I’ll trade some of the games I don’t care about for some you suggested! I’m also getting that Titan Fall game when it’s cheap and used.

    2. well you got an xbox360 which means that you cannot enjoy the new gen games that are avaible only on Ps4 or xbox one. i own a wii u and a ps4 so i can play every tipe of game with an amazing graphic, i don’t understand why you bought an xbox360 and not an xbox one or ps4

      1. because its his life, and xbox 360 has alot more games then Xbone. if it was backwards compatible it would not be competing with itself. both systems dont have enough games worth it yet.

        1. Exactly. I have no interest in paying $800 in system, accessories and games for a system with practically no games I can’t get on the 360, and since I can’t coop with 360 gamers it would have not been a good idea.

          $200 bucks bought me months if not years of coop gaming online. That’s a price I can live with so I can buy the New 3DS next year. ;)

      2. I paid $200. I’m not about to sink 4X that into a next Gen system when I have a WiiU.

        Besides, you may have missed my point. I didn’t buy the system to play next Gen games. I bought it to game with friends and family. They have no interest in an xBoxone. So buying one defeats the purpose.

    3. You made the right choice. Third party awesomeness! Me personally though, I’d have went with a PS3 for the exclusives. God of War 3 and Uncharted 3 alone is worth it to me. But either way, both systems are great.

      1. I would have gone PS3…that’s my preference, but the people I want to game with have 360’s :/ – so, I had to go that route. Still, pretty happy about the deal I got!

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