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IGN Says Bravely Second Is One Of The Best-Looking Nintendo 3DS Games

Online gaming publication IGN had the opportunity to play Bravely Second at this week’s Tokyo Game Show and came away with glowing impressions. The site says that Bravely Second is one of the best-looking video games currently on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not just the sumptuous visuals that the publication was impressed with, but it’s also the level of detail and the art direction. Here’s what Brian Altano had to say.

“Bravely Second might be the Nintendo 3DS’ most beautiful game. With the 3D slider up, the town environments pop like beautiful little pop-up books or papercraft sculptures adorned with meticulous dashes of watercolor paint. It made me want to explore every little nook and alleyway of the ornate little village that our demo began in.”

“When it was time to head out to the world at large to battle, a lush forest with winding paths, mossy stumps, fallen trees and hidden treasures awaited us. It was both dreary and whimsical and harkened back to the scene in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where our hero first finds his master sword.”

“The art direction at play here is absolutely wonderful, and once the random field battles start popping up, that sentiment is echoed in the character and enemy design as well. We’ve only experienced a tiny sliver of what the main game will offer so far, but everything we’ve seen is gorgeous.”

53 thoughts on “IGN Says Bravely Second Is One Of The Best-Looking Nintendo 3DS Games”

  1. hahaha! thats what I’m thinking. I never played the first one but I know it almost got perfect scores on many review sites.

      1. If you truly believe that, you are likely brainwashed by companies pushing “powerful” hardware (Sony used to be really popular with “weaker” hardware). Or you are simply swayed be shiny things.

        1. Only if I truly believe what? Also, I can think for myself. Maybe you’re the brainwashed one, loving when nintendo shoves baby games and weak baby hardware down your baby throat.

          1. If you truly believe that 3DS owners and 3DS games are for babies, then you are likely brainwashed by companies pushing “powerful” hardware (rather than games). Or you are simply swayed by shiny things.

            I am glad you can think for myself. Hype seems to be what the industry feeds on these days and it’s rare to see people do their research and see what’s really going on, and still refuse what’s popular when it doesnt suit their tastes. Most companies prey on teenagers because most monkey-see, monkey-do and dont know what is important.

            Now, clinging to your assumptions that colorful, fun games with E ratings are for babies, and that Nintendo’s hardware is not just weak, but because of that for babies, you seem prone to snap judgements. You sound superficial, and using baby sounds very ignorant and immature. Hardware is only as good as the devs working on it. And if specs are all that you care about, tben I can only pity you. You will never be satisfied chasing perfection and you will neglect what is important. For all the resources poured into the AAA game, what good does it do if gameplay is sorely lacking? And if that same gameplay can run on last generation consoles? When does the pursuit of graphics become a waste of money? I can afford a great many things, including two eighth generation systems right now. But that doesnt mean I’ll throw my money away for a few gems.

            Stop taking things at face value. You might find you’ll get more bang for your buck, and games more fun than they are pretty or “cool”. The movie Toy Story looked kiddy but was not. South Park also looks kiddy. It’s not but still immature in a lot of ways. If you want to look lowbrow, then that’s your choice. Now I’m Sad you think you think for yourself. And Nintendo forces nothing on me. But, being a gamer, Sony and Microsoft have forced me to look elsewhere since they have lost the meaning of what gaming is supposed to be. Baby? Thats what graphic whores make of themselves.

            Consider taking this seriously. Or carry on. We both play with these toys called games.

            1. Lmao you’re typing as if you’re in my head. Who are you to say what people like is wrong? For me both gameplay and graphics are important. There is nothing wrong with things looking pretty, just as there is nothing wrong with music sounding pretty. Try again!

              1. So you know the irony and noticed when I wrote “I am glad you can think for MYSELF.” Informing someone to think for themselves always looks like the opposite of the message.

                But then you missed my main point. I never said there was anything wrong with things looking pretty. Stop skimming and look deeper. It’s the pursuit of more power and having super detailed graphics for their own sake that can easily make people forget what is important. Are you the type who wants everything? Every game and movie has to be remade using the best and most current specs just to have merit? And thinking everything must look adult for it be adult is just ignorant.

                Nothing is perfect. And it IS great when things look very pretty. But that is not everything. Read what I posted again and if you still disagree, at least come back with a post that fits with the topic. Or not. Your choice. But there are standards and a line between facts and opinions. The 3DS, its gamers and games and Nintendo are not kiddy or baby when looked at with a probing lense. That’s fact. Only a superficial look would form your opinion, which is weak and immature (babyish).

                1. -Doesn’t like someone’s opinion, Goes on a huge rant and calls them immature. Not even going to read this, but still nice try, try again, butthurt!:)

                  1. -Expects me to like an opinion based on weak reasoning.

                    I respect many opinions I disagree with, mostly because the opposing viewpoint holds up well and are true opinions. But if you read my post, you might know that what I was saying goes beyond taste and is instead about technical aspects. A good opinion still requires facts. You’re more than welcome to remain in the dark, though.

                    You’re right, I tried my best to present my side with explanation. But that’s too much and too deep for the likes of you. I say that based on the evidence you provide. It seems clear you want or can only comprehend whats on the surface. But as you requested, I’ll try again and show you the path. I’m not forcing you or anybody to walk it. Just handing you a flashlight.

                    You seem the only one butthurt. Why would I be when I can find more beneath the surface? When it is you who overpays for what looks like powerful and underutilized specs? If you are satisfied by illusions generated by raw power and puffed up exteriors, then to you, Bruce Lee must have been weak.

                    If Microsoft and Sony had shown how their power could benefit games rather than graphics and porting, and 3rd parties actually used those powers for what’s important, we wouldnt be having this conversation. Even so, Nintendo still utilizes their “weaker” specs for what’s important: gameplay and affordability. I get more fun and deepr, playable experiences without spending so much money on a mere hobby. As long as the current machine is more powerful than the last, it’s gravy. And new controllers keep things fresh, even improve things, and still prices are less. I guess less really is more, if people are willing to look.

                    1. Odd that Sony could make “weaker” systems in the beginning, and that gamers just flocked to them. But now it’s an arms race of specs, and those who come first are expected to be powerful. PS3 showed arrogance and was neither flocked to in the beginning or fully utilized. Crash Bandicoot and PaRappa the Rapper were cool, but not kiddy.

                      When Nintendo is more powerful, people hate them. But when they ease back and focus on what’s important, people hate them. Mario and Samus and Link and Fire Emblem and Donkey Kong and Eternal Darkness are kiddy. But when Sony does it, or Ubisoft still makes Rayman look like a cartoon, it is not kiddy.

                      1. The entire argument you just had with Nostalgiaww was over the comment “only for babyds”. *facepalm* That’s not worth an argument. Let alone a response. XD

                      2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                        What Hollow said. You wasted your breath with this one. After all, it wished a painful death on Iwata & his family over the Wii U not being powerful or “better” than what it is. And it did use Robin Williams’ death to further drive it’s stance on Iwata.

      2. Sorry, right now it’s for mature gamers who can see deeply rather than superficially, who arent pigeonholing “kiddy” games and “weak” hardware based on their own insecurities. Gamers who can formulate actual opinions rather than constantly use baby as an insult. You seem to have a one-track mind. Almost like a baby. Get outside, learn, and grow up. And most importantly, stop monkey-see, monkey-do.

        1. If you werent such a baby, you would be able to think for yourself. If you happen to be a teenager, then it is a matter of peer pressure, but your mind should be devoloped enough to be your own person. Otherwise, get help.

    1. Wonderful news.

      Hopefully, Square-Enix will start using this franchise as the standard for their other endeavors. The artistry, ingenuity, & overall crafsmanship shows not only what 3DS can do, but what their devs can do if motivated properly. Reminds me of the old days (pre-6th gen), when Squaresoft, Enix, & every dev HAD to be creative in order to survive. When console power was limited even then, but the potential w/ in those confines was boundless. The less their is to work w/, the harder it is to create. But if one has the drive & the imagination, they can overcome. & when they do, it not only becomes more than the sum of its parts, but the “finished” product actually appears fully realized.

    2. I played the first one and i was very impressed with art style as well. Not with battle graphics but with how smart art style was chosen, and how perfectly it fits on 3DS with a 3D ON and the hand-drawn landscapes by not overusing the 3ds limitations. Bravely second should be even more beautiful since they already have experience from the first game.

      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

        xD Learn the difference between graphics & art style. The graphics are definitely the same but the artstyle is slightly different. The character models aren’t as chibi as they were in the previous game.

    3. I realy liked Bravely Default. it is not a Fire Emblem Awakening or a Link Between Worlds but it’s a realy good game so… I don’t need the opinion of people from IGN to say I’m gonna buy Bravely Second. maybe even pre-order it.

    4. sasori deidaraobi the puppet master clown and destroyer

      meh, am not buying this game. am saving for the xbox 360 am planning to get and am going to play cod with kids. i saved $10 way to go

      1. actually i got my 360 a month ago, anyone can play cod wether kids, teens or adults. am getting bravely second since default was my favorite 3ds.

        1. Ironically real men play cod on wii u while kids play it on ps and xbox. and before you start to damage control i asked at a game retailer and a guy who works there told me that they know kids are the ones who convince their parents to buy those consoles (ps and xbox) with crap of duty but they can’t do anything against it.

    5. sasori deidaraobi the puppet master clown and destroyer

      ^ look at this fraud. bravely default is so difficult and i prefer to play cod with kids, adults always kick my ass. am gettig my xbox 360 and i will create a white and thin avatar

    6. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      I hope I don’t have to wait as long for Bravely Second as people had to wait for Bravely Default.

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