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Super Smash Bros Demo Now Live On US Nintendo 3DS eShop

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived as the Super Smash Bros playable demo is now available on the US Nintendo 3DS eShop. The demo went live in Europe a few hours ago. You can grab it now free of charge from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Enjoy.

Thanks, VoiceofFault

177 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Demo Now Live On US Nintendo 3DS eShop”

            1. I’d say it’s better than both of those games. That’s not to say that those games weren’t excellent in their own right. Well Ryse was excellent, Knack was okay at best.

              1. You realize, these are Nintendo fans trolling “in character” as Xboxes and Playstations, right? It’s stupid, I’ll admit, but they aren’t saying any of that seriously.

                And yeah, I actually quite liked Ryse. To each their own.

                1. I always thought Ryse looked pretty awesome. But I’m concerned with the length and replay value. I hope it’s not just one of those games I beat and then not want to play anymore. :/

            1. If you ever played All-Stars, you would know they’re very different beasts. All-Stars Battle isn’t perfect, and it clearly owes its existence to something very special that came before it. But it’s also special in its own right. you can see for yourself that the two games are as different as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

              I know it’ll be hard for some skeptics to believe, but All-Stars is its own game, and it even happens to do some things better than what inspired it. Give it a try and see for yourself.

          1. You are a bored Nintendo-fan troll, or you’re a mentally handicapped person… If you are the second, the world is a hard place, but you’ll be ok.

            1. He better get some custom moves that are more true to the Zelda series. And the custom movesets better be available for use on the online modes. If not, I don’t think I’ll even bother unlocking Ganondorf this time around. I really wish he would have just ditched Ganondorf & replaced him with Ghirahim. Least then we’d have another unique Zelda character to control

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                That’s what separates the Wii U version from the 3DS, the custom move set as far as I know…

                I hope they give him, Energy Ball, Sword, Double Sword etc etc…

          1. I think he is. The disrespect continues. How do you make Ganon a clone of Captain Falcon anyway? Let’s all be serious and quit fronting, how many people actually knew who Captain Falcon was before Smash Brothers? There were lots of F-Zero players, but nowhere NEAR as many Zelda players. Captain Falcon’s true fame came from Smash Brothers 64 (where he was the undisputed best in the game, with Kirby or DK being a fight for second). His speed was ridiculous in that game lol. I could run up as soon as the match started and grab you, back throw you, and run and grab you again before landing he was so fast.

            1. I, for one, did not know Captain Falcon, or even F-Zero, existed til Super Smash Bros for N64. xD So yeah. This is disrespectful to Ganon & all his character has done for one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises & for Nintendo itself. I can understand it with Ridley since the series he’s in isn’t exactly a running success for Nintendo. Unlike Zelda or Mario, Metroid is one of Nintendo’s cult games.

              1. I knew about F-Zero but not Captain Falcon. So yea kinda strange. And yea Metroid sadly isn’t as famous as Mario & Zelda. Don’t know why they can’t come up with a better move set for Ganon. He’s been in plenty of games and had enough moves. Oh well lol. Guess I’ll barely use him again unless he’s not as crappy.

                1. I actually saw Ganondorf using a sword for that second SSB 4 3DS trailer on the SSB 4 3DS United States trailers article. He popped up in the ad around 7-10 seconds in. I highly suggest going back to it & pausing it just right.

      1. You’re the biggest dipshit.

        I’ve owned every Smash and while I agree the demo gets boring fast, it’s still nice to be able to try it before I buy it. Now I’ve been reassured the game plays like I’ve come to know it and works well on the 3DS. I also got to try two completely new characters as well as play old characters to be reassured they feel the same. There is a lot to like about being able to play a demo, and it’s whiny bitches like you that cause companies to think making a demo is a waste of time.

        It’s a demo, a taste, not a complete game dumb ass.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Another silly Xbot taking thing way too seriously and assuming things that aren’t even there…

          -Logic malfunction detected-

          1. Xbot? I’ve never owned an Xbox in my entire life. I’ve owned Sega, Nintendo, and Sony. You’re the one who consistently posts on this website about how much you dislike the article or what the article is talking about.

            I’ve seen you say negative things about pokemon, Mario, Zelda, etc. How can you call me an Xbox fanboy when all you do is whine and conplain on every post on this site?

            You talk about how terrible the demo is, yet another post I saw you make, you said the demo was dumb and you weren’t even going to get it…

            Don’t sit there and call yourself a Nintendo fan or even a fan of this site if all you do is bitch and moan about literally every post.

              1. LMAO the day has come when fanboys get angry at you now for saying something remotely negative about nintendo like how a demo got boring fast.

                Are you starting to see the light about your fellow nintendo fanboys? Fucking wiitards.

              2. Join me and the rest of the non wiitards. You need to turn villain because from not sucking nintendo’s cock at every decision lately it seems the fanboys can’t handle it.

                I’m not around here or read very many comments anymore but these people seem to be hurt that your not a corporate cheerleader or mind controlled by nintendo.

                people make me sick haha it’s like they throw away there opinions and soul just to please nintendo and this is why nintendo keeps on making shitty mistakes and dumb decisions because to the wiitards it’s ok and they would rather just accept it.

                1. I’m in the grey area. Most people don’t interact with me because I bitch all the time and hold Nintendo accountable, trolls don’t because they know I’m a Nintendo fan.

                  Just a handful of people who use their brain around here!

                  I agree with Commander, the demo doesn’t really keep you interested. I will say I am not that good at smash, so I’m able to try and work my way up to level 9 CPU’s.

                  Some lucky bastards have people they can locally play with…that would make the demo Golden… So I understand why they like it so much. It makes sense.

                    1. fighting on the internet is like fighting with yourself in the mirror. Yeah you can throw punches but you are only hurting yourself..

                    2. Hey man, like whoa, I can’t help my mental condition, I was born with a wiimote up my ass instead of a silver spoon lol

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I’ve never been a Wiitard, I’m a Guardian of the empire but without being a mindless slave or of low rank…

                    I’m already a Villain though…


                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        -Correction: Massive Security Defence Drone – Rank: Commander-

                        And I find your language to be very primitive, maybe as old as 567.8 cycles…

          2. Agreen idk why the fuck ppl comment on a nintendo site where ppl will get excited for something they like… some ppl are just stupid

            1. Not he plainly tried to speak out for most people by saying “The demo doesn’t make you feel anything if you’re a fan of the series or have played the games before…”.
              That’s the most idiot shit i ever heard, I played every smash to date, and loved each one, i got the demo early and felt amazed at how smooth and overly functional the game was. I’m still loving the demo, if you’re a true smash fan, and i mean a TRUE smash fan it will feel like an honor to play something so incredible.

              Commander deserves his fake and false, self-proclaimed title stricken from his crap of a username.

              1. He probably felt a bit disappointed with it since the demo was hyped up all week long, heck some people even bought the demo code due to all that hype.

        1. Yep, I shared my codes with friends that had a 3DS. It’s a lot of fun when you can play against people that have skills better than level 9 although I love playing against the CPUs at level 9 as well.

          1. My roomates have a 3DS so I shared two of my codes with them, it’s definitely fun with friends, although 3 Level 9s is still fun like you said.

              1. Don’t feel bad man… I started on Level 5 CPUs, I’m an EXPERIENCED gamer… But I don’t have the Smash skill, so I worked my way to Lvl 7. I don’t know how long it will take me to beat Lvl 9! Lol.

              2. I almost beat Villager on level 9 my first try. On Brawl I used to pawn then all the time though so I probably just have to get used to this new one.

          2. Level 6 is the best I can master. I can do level 7, 8 or 9, but that’s with a bit of luck, skill and more luck…

    1. Seems tooo slow epecially playing with Link. And link’s up a move looks different……and horrible. We need a new person in charge of Smash 5 because Sakurai is horrible

      1. It’s definitely faster and better than brawl in my opinion, and although I am not really a Link user, I think he is better at recovering and such, and his running A move is much better in my opinion. I played the demo for a week, and a few days ago after playing the demo I played brawl with friends after we had some demo matches, and brawl felt like shit in comparison. Oh and throws finally have some relevance in the series again and can actually kill people at a decent percentage. Haven’t played Melee in like 3 years unfortunately but I can say I enjoy even just the demo more than brawl. And the U version will be much better than this, I played two matches at best buy and they were great. Everything is much smoother than brawl.

        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

          I don’t like how Link no longer does a twirl when he attacks while holding an item like the Beam Sword or Home Run Bat. Other than that, I’m happy with the way Link is.

              1. lol hadn’t noticed, I knew you wanted ridley but haven’t seen you talk about who you use other than your statement about link a little bit ago

                1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                  I haven’t played any of the Smash Bros in awhile, so I can only recall Link & Samus as my mains.

      1. Well 3ds can stay on for days… I just leave mine in stand by mode until my next play.
        So the only reason to close it, is to play another game.

    2. FINALLY! For some reason Nintendo never sent me a download code for Club Nintendo even though I am a loyal customer ( I feel betrayed) so I have not been able to play it until now, because I refused to beg like a child to other people online for their codes.

      Nitnendo should have just released the goddamn demo for everyone at the same time… sheesh.

      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

        Giygas didn’t get his because he forgot to set it to where he’d get emails from Club Nintendo. If you were a Platinum Member for 2013-2014, you should probably check your Club Nintendo to make sure you have the email notifications set.

    3. Hope that wii u owners will also get the demo for super smash bros probably in October or in November. Can’t wait to play this game

      1. yes it does. you can play it with the gamepad, pro controller, classic controller, wiimote, wiimote with nunchuck, gamecube controller and your 3ds if you have one. 7 different ways to play smash!

    4. The demo is absolutely amazing. If you get bored of it then TS for you. I cannot stop playin it and Mega Man is by far my faveourite character out of the demos roster. I’ve been playing 4 lvl 9 CPUs for about a week now. Definitely a great taste of the amazing game that is only a few weeks away.

    5. all these articles on the demo keeps rubbing my face in the fact I have to wait for the wii u version, which they won’t even announce when it’s coming.

      1. Mega Man is awesome if you know how to use him. He plays different than mostly everyone else. Trust me, he’s great. Just practice with him and figure him out.

    6. I didn’t think this demo was only going to have 5 characters and the battlefield stage… I mean a demo without even having classic mode is pretty pitiful… Should have had at least like 10 characters and classic mode.

      1. Do you mean like having 4 CPUs AND you so FIVE people in a match? Or just having 4 fighters, and 3 of them being CPU Level 9 and whatever color you want? Cause if that’s what you meant about just 4 fighters, that should have been obvious.

    7. sasori deidaraobi the puppet master clown and destroyer

      nintendo please keep smash bros away of america and leave the xbox be relevant :'(
      am retiring of the internet while the mario kart and smash bros hurricanes last
      I can not handle much stress

        1. Stop relating immaturity with 15 year olds. I used to be 15 not that long ago and I don’t act like that at all. Nor do many of the other teens that use this site.

    8. Hm… For some reason, I think I want to change my mind to the Wii U version. Wii U has HD and local 4 player Smash. With the comfortable Gamepad and Pro Controller! And I don’t really see enough of a reason to get both now. Too many other games about to come.

      1. Hey buddy! I’m justt sticking to the HD version. I hate the fact Ice Climbers were cut simply because of another version! I know, I’m hating but they could haave come back. I need a hug. =(

      2. I don’t blame you, if you can only get 1 and have both systems, I’ve said all along the Wii U version is the way to go for the reasons you said and more. Controller comfortability and bigger screen alone have been the main reasons I always knew it would be superior. Slider doesn’t compete with joysticks, the 3DS isn’t shaped for hands, it’s just a mostly flat rectangle, the buttons are small, the screen being small makes you have to look extra close even with the little box around your character and so on. There’s been a number of times I glanced off the screen for not even a split second and looked back and took me a second or two to find where I was, but on a big screen I wouldn’t have lost my place in the first place, and if I did, it would be much easier to find my place. I know when you’re in a serious fight you usually have your eyes glued to the screen, but every so often you might glance at the most random thing for the most random reason, a pet walking by or something for instance, and you can’t afford those seconds of finding where you are in serious matches. I found myself falling off the stage with like 20% one time lol. Total waste of a life. Sloppy on my part, but I know it wouldn’t be as much of an issue on a bigger screen, cause well, I have been playing smash since the original came out in like 98, so that’s 16 years without an issue til the screen size was limited to a handheld.

    9. Castle Siege is back as a stage for the Wii U version. I guess Sickr either didn’t see it yet or decided not to mention it. Oh well.

    10. now that all of you played th game.
      what do you think about the speed.
      for me it is a good speed it feels competitive and the game itself it’s beautiful from any perspective.
      what do you think guys?

      1. I can’t compare to melee cause it’s been about 3-4 years, but it’s much better than brawl just from the demo. Faster, smoother, more responsive, throws actually matter again, visuals on 3DS are much better than I expected as well as controls, just a great game so far. And the U version will be even better.

        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

          I wish the demo at least let us control the outline, so we can get a look at that little feature for the 3DS.

    11. I just do SO much gaming in the 3DS… I’m not sure I want to pay $60 to get my ass kicked. ;D Now $40 to get my ass kicked? Maybe. xD

    12. Honestly, in my opinion, it all varies with preference.
      If you want to rush out and buy the game closest to release then go for it. Or if you are the patient type and want to wait for the better version then go for that.
      I’m currently playing with my brother right now, but am sticking with my decision on the Wii U version.

          1. It depends. I take my 3DS everywhere with me, but I only actually get to play it so few times when I have it. School takes up a majority of the day and when weekend comes, I almost always play my Wii U instead. So technically, I guess I’d be playing on the Wii U more despite the fact that I always have my 3DS. Lol. Btw, I am playing SM3DW as I posted this message. XD

    13. I played the demo, and it played much better than I expected it to be. Honestly, I didn’t really have any problems with the screen especially since I’m using the original 3DS.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Sonyan Shapeshifter knowns as “Shuhei Yoshida”, what is your NNID?…

        I want to battle a Sonyan in Smash Brothers Wii U…

    14. Yeah the demo is boring, but hey, they won’t give out the whole game. Also, Megaman is shit.Still, crazy waiting for that game to come out (1month after Japan’s release, for some reason).

      1. Trust me, TRUST ME, Mega Man is definitely anything but shit. He is great, he just plays differently and doesn’t have a Strong A attack (his forward A & Backwards A attack are the same as his regular A attack). His smash attacks are NASTY, although his up and down ones don’t have much range. I’ve been wrecking LVL 9s with him, and my friends when we play. Act like this is Smash 64 and you’ve never played Smash and have to learn everything again. Then you will have a better time mastering Mega Man.

        1. Which is a good thing. I doubt I’m the only one that had a slight fear of MegaMan being given a moveset similar to Samus’ before he was revealed as a playable character.

          1. I don’t think you are, I’m pretty sure I read that fear before. It’s definitely a relief. I love him! But I’ve only played a few friends who aren’t as good as me so I haven’t gotten to really test him. My roomate is about as good as me but hasn’t played the demo as much. Just a little longer til release lol. I hope there’s no lag cause I’ve had a bit for a few seconds in some local matches.

            1. This is exactly the reason why I’m still against Dark Samus getting added as playable. I really do fear it’ll just get turned into a more powerful version of Samus, just like how Ganondorf is just a more powerful version of Captain Falcon.

                1. Because it’s just that: an assist trophy. It’s not a good representation of what Sakurai would do with Dark Samus. It’s not like the assist trophies are given a full moveset, after all. He could easily take the easy way out with Dark Samus. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d do it & it definitely wouldn’t be the last. Just look at Lucina, Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Falco, Wolf, Toon Link, Kid Link, Ike, Roy, even Luigi is a clone to a small degree…. But I digress. I’ve made my point. I’d love for Sakurai to prove me wrong but it definitely won’t be til next gen. Unless we get Dark Samus as DLC at a later date.

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