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The Creators Behind Child Of Light Have Become A New Core Team At Ubisoft

The creators behind the well-received Child of Light in the Wii U eShop have revealed that they are now part of a new core team at Ubisoft. The team will be tasked with tackling a brand new project that will no doubt be equally as exciting. Hopefully it will be released on the Wii U eShop once it’s been completed.

“The group behind Ubisoft Montreal’s Child of Light has been installed as a core development team at the studio and will explore a new project, CVG can reveal.”

“We are super happy with Child of Light. The team did a good job and the game had a great reception. We were proud to deliver something new and unique – a lot of people were surprised that Montreal was delivering this kind of game.”

125 thoughts on “The Creators Behind Child Of Light Have Become A New Core Team At Ubisoft”

  1. Another yet innocent indie now in the hands of one of the 3rd party devils. Good luck not having your own team bankrupt and turning your games into split DLC scams or loaded with microtransactions since Ubishit is now another EA follower.

    1. your just retarded as usually. “Another yet innocent indie now in the hands of one of the 3rd party devils”.ubisoft is no third party devil neither is EA. ” DLC scams or loaded with microtransactions ” describe dlc scams. there are people in this world who actually enjoy ea and ubisoft games. just because they didn’t release a game on your favorite console doesn’t mean they’re ” one of the 3rd party devils”

      1. I actually agree with you there. I enjoy Ubisoft’s games. I like some of EA’s too like NFS and The Sims. And I might try Battlefield ac3 and and see if I like that too. :)

      2. “Your just another retraded”…

        I’ve never seen such broken ass English in a while.

        And you’re just another sheep and rather stupid one while trying so damn hard on hiding your dumbass “change of heart” act, Sasori. You’re always gonna be the same self-racist fucktard who’s wishing for someone to put you out of everyone, plus your own, misery.

        1. Yes, I see that now. But you’re overreacting. Also, if Ubisoft didn’t make it, you should’ve bought it. The only reason you didn’t buy it is because Ubisoft published it. Which doesn’t make any sense. You just missed out on a great game because of your stubbornness.

          1. Again, I’m not supporting anything out of these fucktards just so they can keep fucking with Nintendo/fans/Wii U and its ports and you’re calling me stubborn? lol I rather be stubborn than stupid.

            1. Excuses, excuses. Lol you missed out on some great games. Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Splintercell Blacklist, etc. All because you have a grudge against Ubisoft. I mean let’s be real here… You not buying their games doesn’t mean anything to them. They have plenty of other platforms to make money off of and you really aren’t proving anything by not buying their games. You’re just missing out on the games. You’re also giving them reasons to not develop games for the Wii U. Ubisoft: “Why should we make games for a platform that no one is going to buy them? Besides, they hate us anyways, so who cares?” Almost every Ubisoft game on the Wii U has bombed from now all the way back to Wii U’s launch. Even before the Rayman delay, AC3 bombed. And Assassin’s Creed is one of their big sellers so that’s really an issue. They lost way too much trying to make games on the Wii U. But for awhile, they dealt with it and just kept going. They thought to themselves “Ok. This is fine. The Wii U just has to get a bigger install base, then our games can sell more.” And over time as the Wii U’s install base slowly grew, the games still bombed. And that didn’t work out for them at all so now they are gone and done with the Wii U. Ubisoft had the most patience out of any other AAA third party developer, but their games were selling horribly and on top of that they were getting tons of backlash from Nintendo fans about the Rayman delay. And now most Nintendo fans hate them. Would you develop games on a platform where people hate you? Would you make games for people that aren’t going to buy them anyways and just call you insults? Exactly. In the end though, it’s all about money. And they weren’t making enough of it. So they pulled the plug. Lol. Of course, they’re gonna be called insults while they leave, but it doesn’t matter. They’ll be making money from the other platforms and making games for the people that actually want them. What’s sad though is that there are SOME Wii U owners that actually want to play their games, but of course, we get the punishment as well because of the other Wii U owners that don’t buy the games and call them names. This whole thing that happened with Ubisoft, the entire reason as to why any of this is happening, is because of MONEY. It has nothing to do with Nintendo and Ubisoft’s relationship with each other or any other reason. It’s simple. If the Wii U sold well and had a lot of people that wanted to play Ubisoft games, they’d have been making good money and produced more games for the system. Third parties aren’t trying to destroy the Wii U or any of that nonsense. Lol I mean, with as much money it takes for Ubisoft to make games like Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, you really think they would joke around about making their money just to have s few laughs and giggles because the Wii U isn’t selling as good as it should? Of course not. Ubisoft wants their MONEY and they aren’t joking around about it. If they don’t get it, they’ll leave. And they did just that. And that’s where we are today. So technically, it is Nintendo fans’ fault as to why there aren’t any more games being made. They were given the opportunity to buy Ubisoft games at Wii U’s launch before any of this happened. Before the Rayman Delay, before the other two next gen consoles came, all of that. It was just Wii U. And there was no excuse. In fact, there were tons of games to choose from third parties! But everyone skipped them for some odd reason. We got Mass Effect 3 from EA and that could’ve been a chance right there to get more games from them. But everyone complains and blamed it all on EA saying that everyone already played it (even though most Nintendo fans never got to play any games in the series at all before) and it just doesn’t sound like a valid excuse. Also, it came on Wii U’s launch day. How could anyone have possibly played it any earlier on the Wii U? Nintendo managed to get a decent amount of third parties on board at launch, but the slow sales of the Wii U and the low install base made their games sell badly and they were forced to leave. And most of the other third party devs like Rockstar, Bethesda, etc weren’t even convinced to make games for Wii U. They just took one good look at it and knew that they were never going to make money off of it. They just sat on the sidelines waiting to see if it improves and other third parties benefited from it and they didn’t. Which proves them right that it was a good idea to not make any games for it. Nintendo has failed to gain the attention of the hardcore gamer, they didn’t advertise, and they made some pretty messed up decisions with the Wii U. And now as a result, 90% of third party games this gen won’t ever see their way towards the Wii U. It’s gotten to the point where only NINTENDO can save the Wii U. Either that, or 3DS owners start helping out. I mean, there’s like what? Over 40 million of them? They just sit on the sidelines while watching the sister system slowly lose all support. I suppose it wouldn’t matter though since if a 3DS owner bought a Wii U, they’d have most likely bought some Nintendo games instead of third party games. I just wish this generation could just restart so it could be different. This is literally one of the worst generations Nintendo has ever had for a console. It’s getting even less support than the Wii. And that’s not a good sign. Btw *puts up flame shield*

              1. dude stop making essay’s. thestrangablog is a fraud and idiot. he can’t even stand playing a videogame that is not made or published by nintendo. he’s just has an ignorant mentality. arguing with people doesn’t end stupidity. only embarrassment and regret ends stupidity.

              2. About the Mass Effect thing… EA released Mass Effect trilogy at the same time as the one on WiiU. Plus it was cheaper.
                I think the WiiU version was $60 while the trilogy was… I think… $45? $50?

                1. I really doubt that could’ve came at Wii U’s launch considering that all 3 games would’ve had to be completely remade for the Wii U.

              3. You, Anubis, Iceazeama, Shuhei, PinkInk, Namie, and one guy in the Ice Climbers Glitch article who I can’t remember the name of are the last remaining true gamers in this website. You guys deserve a medal

              4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Of course it doesn’t, it has to do with them and the fans and they are the ones that has treated our empire’s people like garbage…

                I hope they all submit to Oblivion in the near future…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    You kids will never get it, I don’t blame you, you’re still too young…

                    Have fun playing whatever you want, I’m too occupied fighting Xbots over here right now…

                    1. I’m apparently busy fighting off the Ubisians. They sure do have some very loyal fans. Too bad their loyalty for Ubishit is misplaced.

                        1. Take your time. Just a few more times of Ubisoft fucking my preferred console company up the ass without the proper reach around, and I won’t even care enough about the worthless company anymore to even be mad. The fact I’m getting pissed off just shows that I care about Ubisoft & that I want to support them, but I refuse to do so with the abuse we’re getting from the bastards.

                  2. Uhm… do you have a shorter version of all you just said? I don’t feel like reading damage control that is that long.

                    1. How’s that damage control? If anything, that was one of the best comments he’s ever made over here. The only one who seems to be damage controlling are you and Stranga

                      1. Anything defending Ubibullshit with their bullshit is damage control. Fuck Ubibitch. They can rot away on the Xbomb with their business clone known as EA, aka Electronic Assholes.

                    2. Like I said to Quadraxis, GET ANOTHER PLATFORM if it’s that big of a deal. You should’ve known by now that it would eventually come to this. All support is gone. They got tired of making games just so they can hear comments like yours and barely make any money. We should be lucky Watch Dogs is even coming to the Wii U. Think of it as a goodbye present for all the remaining Nintendo/Ubisoft fans. Of course at this point, Ubisoft knows it’s going to bomb, but they still made it anyway. And we should be grateful for that. I honestly don’t think Wii U owners even deserve the game. They should’ve kept their money. Ubisoft was basically a test for third party games. Since they are one of the more well known AAA third party developers, if their games succeeded, more third parties would’ve followed along. But that chance is gone now. You lose Ubisoft, you lose them all unfortunately. And if you aren’t buying Watch Dogs for the purpose of “standing up to Ubisoft” then congratulations. You’re one of the very reason they quit making games. Not only do you miss out on one of their games, but now you also get nothing in return for not buying their games. So either way, it’s a loss. That’s how it works. No buy= no more games. :)

                      1. lmfao Hollow, your idiocy with defending Ubishit & their shitty, greedy business practices is becoming tiresome. As long as you keep sucking their dick & taking their shit up your ass, they will never learn & will continue fucking over the mindless masses like the weak humans they all are.

                        This is truly the last fucking straw for me. Fuck Ubishit. Not even Watch_Dogs being sold as used at Gamestop at a 20 dollar price tag is worth it. Along with EA, the companies itself can go to Hell.

                        1. Now take your pathetic damage control to someone that gives a flying fuck because I’m done with anything Ubishit.

                          1. Tsk tsk. Sigh. People these days. Getting so pissed off over video games. XD Fine, whatever. Do what you want. I’m still gonna be enjoying Assassin’s Creed Unity. Good thing it isn’t coming to Wii U. Now it can get the sales that it deserves. ;)

                            1. You are one to talk about getting mad over video games with the fact you’re pissed off Nintendo isn’t selling it’s soul to give you what you want from 3rd parties, Ubisian. Don’t try & take the high ground with me when you aren’t any better. I don’t like it. And enjoy Assassin’s Creed Unity. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed since Ubishit won’t be shitting all over that game since it’s on the consoles they truly care about.

                              1. Just enjoy the video games and there will be nothing to worry about. That’s why I’m telling you to get another platform. Why do you think that’s what I’m trying to do? I don’t want to be limited to just Nintendo. You’re only getting yourself by not getting a PS4 or any other consoles! I’m definitely not missing out. I don’t know who in their right mind would want third party games but just stick with a Wii U. o_O

                                1. Oh I will definitely enjoy the video games, so don’t you worry about that. Like Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Super Smash Bros 4 3DS & Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles for New 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda U, Shadows of Mordor, Fast Racing Neo, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, Bravely Second, Sonic Boom U. And that’s just the games I know will be coming. As for Ubishit, fuck them. They are now on my Blacklist of shitty companies to avoid along with Electronic Assholes. I got more than enough games from Nintendo, Square Enix, Platinum, Capcom, & Sega to keep me happy. I was going to enjoy Ubisoft as part of that list of companies I like, but they fucked that shit up with their bullshit.

                                  1. Sigh. I understand then. But seriously, you’re missing out on stuff like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, etc. As for me, I’m NOT going to miss out on these games. I’m getting another platform to play these on. I don’t want to miss the games. The only reason you aren’t getting these games is because not enough people bought them on Wii U. And from my understanding, you bought the Assassin’s Creeds but you aren’t getting the next one. You have to suffer just like me because some people didn’t buy the game. That’s the price you have to pay when Ubisoft doesn’t make enough money… Although I probably wouldn’t buy Assassin’s Creed Unity on Wii U because it isn’t the ideal platform for me to play it on. :/

                              2. (I wanted to reply on your earlier comment but the reply thingy isn’t there)
                                I’m actually fighting the Ubishitsians too. I actually never fight unless I’m really mad and Ubishit just crossed the line for me.

                                1. Definitely. I also noticed another article has arisen about even more stuff Ubisoft is denying the Wii U version of the game. lol They keep digging their hole deeper & deeper.

                    1. And I just read your comment to Hollow. It’s published AND developed by Ubisoft. But now Ubisoft’s putting them as a new team to increase efficiency. Do you get it???

                          1. Originality? Fuck originality. If I wanted to be original, I’d go actually write a book instead of posting videos to someone that is just mad some of us aren’t taking Ubishit’s bullshit laying down. Now run along, Ubiknight. Because the fact is, Ubisoft was only half ass supporting the Wii U, so they won’t get NO support from us just so they can take that money we put into them for games not coming to the Wii U.

                1. Child of Light had great artwork, great music, and an amazing story. I don’t regret purchasing the game at all. But it got boring for me after a few hours into it, and I never finished it…

                  Ubisoft already said no more games besides party stuff for Wii U.

                        1. You’re right about the first sentence. The second sentence is far from true, though. I’m just a Nintendo fan that wants fair treatment & support from Ubisoft. Since they aren’t giving it, fuck them.

                2. This game looked so good but it was a bad RPG. highly overrated boring combat and easy even on Hard.

                  I wasted 25 hours playing this game on hard to come to one of the most boring final battles I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I would have stopped playing the game before the end if I know how bad the end was going to be.. I just kept waiting for something good to happen with all the wonderful art.

                    1. Honestly? Wii U is the 8th gen casual console. Nintendo’s just making the same mistakes as they did with the Wii. Only difference is that the Wii actually sold. Why are we still getting stuff like Wii Sports, Party, Music, Fit, party games like Nintendo Land, and rehashes like NSMBU or NSLU?

                3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I just love watching the sheep praise the Ubisians a few hours after they screwed the empire again…

                  Obviously you can’t think bigger…

                  But be my guest, I enjoy reading the amount of ignorance and Stockholm Syndrome…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I get my varied palette from real empires like Platinum Games and Blizzard, I don’t need corrupted imbeciles…

                      1. So what if they’re “corrupted” (which I honestly have no idea where you got that from)? If they can make good games, why not? Why get so political over VIDEO GAMES?

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Unlike you, I don’t buy gimped and delayed games for full price, principles matter, I don’t care if they cost 10 dollars today, they started of greedy and they shall not receive my resources…

                      1. True that. Like that poor soul, dreager. He’s a prime example of what will happen if you keep taking the shitty business practices from 3rd parties like ElectronicAssholes & Ubishit lying down. Poor guy even defended Ubishit & look what he got for his troubles: DLC less, half ass port Watch Dogs for Wii U. Maybe one day he can overcome his addiction for EA.

                        1. I’m excited for Mirror’s Edge 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Dawngate, etc. I don’t see what’s wrong with liking EA. You do realize you don’t have to buy their DLC?

                          1. It’s not about their DLC, which I hear is just features removed from the game itself at the last minute of post development to sell to the masses later as “DLC.” It’s more about their treatment towards the Wii U. Since they couldn’t infect the Wii U’s infrastructure with their damn Origin & thus sap money from Nintendo’s console, they showed their true colors as the greedy bastards they truly are by abandoning the Wii U when it could have really used their help.

                    1. I feel so damn sad for people like you. You don’t own any non-Nintendo consoles and will always be stuck with a specific set of games Nintendo always makes. One day you’ll grow up and realize the beauty of a thing known as “multiplatform”

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Not really, the bigger human groups get mad at the few ones because they can’t understand how they don’t become blind sheep like they are…

                            They cannot comprehend how anyone can think for themselves since they are all connected to one brain themselves, society…

                            Human society is a plague that must be cured at once…

                      1. Ignorant human assuming I’m just a sad Nintendo fanboy that hasn’t played anything but Nintendo. Accept the fact I’m pissed off at Ubisoft with their “support,” & I’m not caring what any Defender/Damage Controller of Ubishit says.

                          1. See, Commander? I told you I was dealing with Ubisians earlier. They are so mad I’m actually expressing my discontentment with Ubisoft with such defenses as “just buy their games on another console.” At the moment, I only have a damn Wii U so of course I’m going to get pissed when Ubisoft is constantly shitting on my only console. And I don’t buy certain games after a certain amount of time passes because I hate having a backlog of games to go back & buy when there are always current games coming out I want more. So even when I do get a PS4, unless there is a drought of games I want, I won’t be going back to any of the games that came out a year or so ago. So Hollow & whoever else that has a problem with me shitting on Ubisoft for shitting on my only console can bite me! lol

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I wouldn’t buy their games even if I had a PS4 and since I have a PC and still don’t buy their crap then the amount of consoles I own don’t matter regarding these fools…

                              1. And btw, I’m not a blind sheep. I just explained why all third parties don’t make games for Wii U. The only Ubisoft games I have even been interested in a lot is Rayman, Far Cry, and Assassin’s Creed. I haven’t even gotten to try the other games. But everyone here thinks I praise Ubisoft and worship them. That is complete nonsense. I haven’t been remotely interested in Ubisoft games until Assassin’s Creed 3 came to Wii U. So anyone with the blind sheep Ubisoft comments can just stop. At this point, it doesn’t even matter. Ubisoft is done with the Wii U and there is no use trying to go against them anymore. People take these video games way too freaking seriously. Like Ubisoft kidnapped your family members or something. It’s completely ridiculous. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going to buy the games I want to buy. I enjoy most of the Ubisoft games, so I am going to buy the games if I please. Call me a blind sheep and yet forget that I also own a Wii U. I’ll be enjoying Smash Bros, Sonic Boom, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, etc. And after I get another platform, all the 3rd party games as well. True gamers care about the games. Idiots care about the company. -.- Btw Nintendo Commander, this comment isn’t directed at you, I’m just putting it out there. And plus, although I know you are against these third party companies and stuff, but at least you have a better attitude about expressing your feelings. Other people take this crap beyond seriously.

                              1. It’s not bullshit. Anyway, I’ll get the fucking PS4 when I can afford it. Right now, I can’t afford it because I’m busying buying more important games. And I already told you that when I do get a PS4, it damn fucking sure won’t be for Ubishit’s wretched games. I don’t have time for EA 2.0 anymore.

                                  1. Only when I’m mad & Ubisoft has really crossed the line I drew in the sand. For that, they will not see a single dime from me til they quit being douchebags. I’m sick & tired of the “best for business” mantra bullshit. More like “best for their money, so fuck the consumers!”

                                    1. Lol it doesn’t really matter anymore. We should stop coming to this post because it’s like every time a Ubisoft topic pops up, I become a different person. When these posts come, I grab my sword and shield and get on the opposing team ready for battle. I don’t know, but I really like third party games so I just feel the need to defend them since most people here hate them. I hate arguing with friends! That’s why when future Ubisoft articles come, I’m only going to be positive. With no threats, insults, or anything towards either team. You can continue the war against Ubisians for now, but I’m retired. Done and done. I’ll get some of their games after I get a PC, but if they fuck me over on that platform, then I’ll be 100% supporting your team. XD But for now, I’m just going to relax and play games. Sorry if I offended any of you guys btw.

                  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!



                    GIT TO DA CHOPPAAAAA!!!

                  2. I swear…some users on this site are cancer. There’s rarely any article here that doesn’t have totall BS unrelated comments!
                    *Ahem* I’m excited to here this! Really did enjoy the work they did with Child of Light!

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