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UK Charts: Fantasy Life Enters At 10, Hyrule Warriors Slips To 15

This week’s UK charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart-Track. It’s an unsurprising victory for FIFA 15, which claims the first four spots in the chart, while Destiny follows closely behind. Level-5’s Fantasy Life – a cross-over between life simulation and RPG – has managed to nab a place at the tail-end of the individual top 10. For those still uncertain on the game’s potential, make sure you take a look at our Fantasy Life review, which garnered a solid 8 score.

While Fantasy Life grabs a top 10 spot, Hyrule Warriors slips down from last week’s 4 to 15, with Tomodachi Life not far behind at 17. EA’s FIFA 15 makes a surprising debut at 23 for the Nintendo Wii and beats the PC entry which lands at 28. Elsewhere, Mario Kart 8 gears up for a small flurry of movement up the chart and sits at 26. You can take a look at the individual top 40 below.

1. (NE) [PS4] FIFA 15
2. (NE) [360] FIFA 15
3. (NE) [XBO] FIFA 15
4. (NE) [PS3] FIFA 15
5. (01) [PS4] Destiny
6. (02) [XBO] Destiny
7. (03) [360] Destiny
8. (08) [360] Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
9. (06) [PC] The Sims 4
10. (NE) [3DS] Fantasy Life
11. (07) [PS3] Destiny
12. (09) [PS3] Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
13. (05) [360] Disney Infinity 2.0
14. (11) [PS4] The Last of Us: Remastered
15. (04) [WIIU] Hyrule Warriors
16. (12) [PS4] Watch Dogs
17. (14) [3DS] Tomodachi Life
18. (NE) [VITA] FIFA 15
19. (19) [PS4] Call of Duty: Ghosts
20. (16) [360] Grand Theft Auto V
21. (10) [PS3] Disney Infinity 2.0
22. (18) [XBO] Call of Duty: Ghosts
23. (NE) [WII] FIFA 15
24. (22) [360] Terraria
25. (23) [360] Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
26. (28) [WIIU] Mario Kart 8
27. (24) [360] The LEGO Movie Videogame
28. (NE) [PC] FIFA 15
29. (35) [XBO] Forza Motorsport 5
30. (32) [DS] Frozen: Olaf’s Quest
31. (25) [PS4] Infamous: First Light
32. (26) [XBO] Titanfall
33. (33) [360] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
34. (29) [360] Skate 3
35. (21) [360] Watch Dogs
36. (31 [PS4] Metro Redux
37. (27) [PS3] Watch Dogs
38. (34) [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V
39. (RE) [360] Call of Duty: Ghosts
40. (13) [PS4] Disney Infinity 2.0

90 thoughts on “UK Charts: Fantasy Life Enters At 10, Hyrule Warriors Slips To 15”

            1. Vita sold slower than Dreamcast. That’s why you see devs pulling away from it. The reason why Wii U’s support is low because of the Wii U hate bandwagon jackasses are hoping over. First of all, calling it “weak” without as much as touching the fucking thing is stupid. Wii U > Xbox DOne for 3 reasons: 1. Has more innovation behind the hardware 2. Has more exclusives that DOESNT DISAPPOINT 3. The hardware works, Eco-friendly with electricity use and doesn’t blow up or catch fire, whatever the hell that Xbox/Betamax does.

              Not to mention, Microsoft hasn’t spoken a word about how much it actually sold besides shipping 5 million last early Spring and that’s it. For all we know, Xbox DOne probably sold worst than Wii U did last year.

              1. “First of all, calling it “weak” without as much as touching the fucking thing is stupid. ”

                Criticizes someone for calling a system “weak” for not touching it, yet calls a system “done” even though he didn’t touch it. – the belief system of Stranga a.k.a. stranglethosenuts

                1. Don’t even go there. lol I tried the system before from my neighbor. Believe me, it didn’t even click to all and the game selections and actual performance sucks ass compare to PS4 versions and even Wii U has some better looking games that doesn’t overhype and then bore and/or disappoint fans (Titanfall). Besides, I don’t wanna waste $400-500 on a big ass DVR box from the 90s thats specs are lesser than PS4, focuses too much on TV (Xbox DOne’s most pointless feature since Kinect; TV exists for over a century and now already so WTF would I need that and the voice commands when I have a fucking TV remote plus Xbox controller next to me?) plus has a chance to combust in flames and possibly burn down my home. lol Can’t afford to have a faulty “TV Box” destroy any more property than studios and games by the hands of Microsoft/EA.

                  1. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

                    Not the same thing Stranga… I tried the Wii U at Gamestop before it came out and thought it was amazing. Now it justs sits at home collecting dust while I spend all day on my 3DS and occasionally go to Mario Kart 8 and the eshop…

    1. With like only a few exclusives listed and Wii U has no 3rd party support? I don’t think so. Most shit listed is on multiple platforms.

    2. Your brain cannot process xboxone huh! Of the three next gen consoles, the xboxone does not have any first party software that is even worth the bargain bin. Even Sony’s mediocre knack is better than any first party Microsoft entry.

          1. Than was pretty funny.
            But you do know, running something at smaller quantity is more efficient.
            But I wish it was 900 people.
            The amount of paper pushers we have, could make an army large enough to invade and permanently occupy Switzerland.

    1. Do not embarrass us in the US, the UK and Europe are not one country. In fact the UK is a combination of a number of nations. Check out France and Germany’s charts then speak; you shall humble yourself.

      1. I think you just embarrassed yourself..

        I know what the U.K. is, and it and all it’s residents resides in Europe. Just like the U.S. resides in North America. Europe is a continent made up of several countries, Just becouse this list does not include France and Germany doesn’t change a thing. If you live in the U.K., then you are a European. Also, saying Europeans is more generic compared to other slang terminology that could potentially be very offensive….

        Anyways, my intial statement stands true…

  1. Man, seeing all of those FIFA games (and many others) on this list makes me think that European gamers have brain damage.

    1. It’s funny when people say just UK, when something applies to whole Europe, and Europe, when something applies only to UK.

  2. both ps vita and wii u are fails. well you can also add xbox one to that list as well. it sells only because microsoft is giving away stuff for free. lol here in holland if you buy xbox1 you get 3 games for free, some are offering even more.
    the only good consoles are ps4 and 3ds now.

  3. Fifa needs to be lower. Destiny is in its right spot, shitty Hyrule Warriors should have sold less, Fantasy Life should be top spot, Minecraft should be third, Tomodachi Life should have bombed by now

    1. No, you are in the silent majority, don’t worry about it. There are a lot of butt-hurt Nintendo fanboys on here trolling because they don’t get to play this game on their weak-ass system. Then you have another crowd of naysayers who hate Activision and latch onto any bad news about the company to justify their hatred. Then you have hipsters who don’t know anything about the game at all, but have made a strong opinion of displeasure about Destiny because it is the popular thing to do right now.

      Basically, everyone who doesn’t like the game falls into one of those 3 categories; and those groups are made up of a bunch of fools and losers. It’s best to just ignore that circus and play the game. I’ve got a level 25 Warlock, where are you at?

      1. Well I said the same before I had played it but now I have I realize how wrong I was… I had played a bit and said IGN would give it a 6.8/10 but now I have played it I agree with IGN’s 7.8 and I would even give it a min of 8/10. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but to not play it at all and have an opinion on it based on what it looks like is pretty ignorant… trust me, rent it first if you are not sure, as it really might grab you and not let go. Personally the moon multiplayer zone mode is one of the best gaming moments I have had in 20+ years of gaming… sniper beats turrets, turrets beat vehicles, vehicles beat snipers… classic rock paper scissors strategy, so many ways to play and all fairly tight in terms of gameplay.

        Single player if you prefer loot over story then it is fantastic. If I want a story lots of other games to play, I never played Diablo 1+2 or 3 for the story…

        COD fanboys need not apply for Destiny as there is no America saves the day hand holding story modes, just shoot stuff with awesome Halo mechanics and collect gear, and boy it is fun! :)

        1. Have you ever stopped and realized just how pathetic you are? Whether it’s an “act” by roleplay or if you actually feel that way – it’s just….pathetic.

      2. The ambiance created by the beta alone was more than compelling enough for me to take interest in the game from an innovation standpoint.

        Borderlands is similar fundamentally, but so different in it’s tone and design. Halo is similar in its gameplay, but differs greatly in that it’s much more linear.

        I say, if Destiny was able to extract the best of both of those games then that’s plenty innovative enough because nobody has yet to accomplish that.

        From the sounds of it though, Destiny has fallen a little short of that measure, however, the MMO structure is very conducive to add-on content, patchwork, and maybe a little bit of overhaul to help aid in areas that create an identity crisis for this game. I think Bungie is wise in how they operate but steadfast in their beliefs to stay true to who they are. I have respect for how they conduct themselves among the elite developers of the world and hope nothing but the best for this franchise despite its slightly rocky takeoff.

        I hope those who’ve purchased it are enjoying themselves enough to help progress the community and preserve it long enough for me to jump on board. I’m going to hold off for now until I hear that the game has found itself, allowing for a more immersive, and rewarding experience. It may be for some, currently, but I’m going to just take the opinions of multiple industry pros and mold a judgement call from it and save $60 for the time being. The Beta was great, but I want to hear that this game has finally blasted off, so here’s to Bungie making it happen!

        Cheers, and enjoy your journey’s!

      3. You must be the dumbest and most irrational sheep that has ever existed. What’s the last great game bungie made. You just claimed destiny is great LOL. I hope you are employed by either Bungie or Activision; cause your sight is clouded if not.

  4. PS4 still taking the lead as usual. Nothing we haven’t seen before. I’m surprised to see Watch Dogs still in that area. It just doesn’t seem to go away. Destiny was definitely over hyped imo I just started losing interest in it recently. Idk… I don’t know WHY people keep buying games like Fifa. I don’t even know why they keep making them. I know people have different opinions and can play whatever they want, but I mean come on. This is $60 a year every year. (Even more for the deluxe edition) Lmao.

  5. Oh I see. That explains why Hyrule Warriors got bumped from 4 to 15. >.< Whatever. I'm having a fucking blast with the game. The gameplay is definitely Dynasty Warriors with bits of Zelda stuff thrown here & there but the story is ALL Zelda. Anyway, I can't wait to see how Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor does. I hope it does well. The PS4 version will most likely be the better seller.

  6. To be honest what’s wrong with fifa? OK every year you got the same game but what most do not understand is the fact the league change, the players names are not the same since they change club from one year to another or new player coming or going. People who like FIFA want to be as near as possible to the reality, I don’t see nothing wrong with that and if they are willing to pay the same game every year why not. Now if you have the same person criticising Nintendo cause of the number of Mario or Zelda release that mick taking. True to be told UK is part of Europe and does not represent the E.U. But saying that the US have the exact same chart (the one who criticised the Uk chart should really look at their chart before even commenting), the same apply for countries like Ireland,Germany , Norway or Sweden.

      1. LOL my point is, there is not need to slag UK or people who love FIFA. FIFA is really popular game not just in UK. It’s a simulation game and even if it’s not the cup of tea of some people. it’s still a decent game (i personally stop playing FIFA around 2006).

        1. I’m not knocking Fifa individually. If you like the game fine, it’s just the overall list is very lackluster. North Americas top games are lackluster aswell, just not quite as bland as this. Japan however always has the best top ten list in my opinion… And thats all this is, an opinion..

  7. Fifa, Madden, NBA, don’t care. I just don’t see the appeal of these games if you can actually watch the sport on TV.

  8. Why do Nintendo continue to release games in the UK when they should now by now that the UK gamers ONLY buy Fifa,NFL and all the cack 3rd person shooters!
    Watchdogs was reviewed badly yet it sold the best in the UK, AGAIN with Destiny a badly reviewed game yet it is right up their i the top 5!
    If Nintendo want games to sell great in the UK then they better make up with EA otherwise it will just be the usual Mario and Zelda that may get in to the top 5 and drop out of the top 10 in its second week!
    The Wii U needs scrapping, even with the MK DLC it still does worse week after week.

    1. Then why does Mircosoft bother to sell they’re crap in Japan when its obviously going to fail there? Your argument is now moot.

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