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Fans Developing Zelda Ocarina Of Time In 2D On PC

Some ambitious Nintendo fans have recreated the majestic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 2D on the PC. The game is meant to mimic classic games of the past and was built from scratch by just nine people. As you would expect the project isn’t very far along at the moment, but you can check out the website or download it.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

31 thoughts on “Fans Developing Zelda Ocarina Of Time In 2D On PC”

  1. It’s not first Time someone doing this and it will be not the last. And after all those Tries I saw I still don’t know why recreating this Game still in 2D should be any Fun. The same crazy Stuff like this is done many Times with FFVII which does not have much 3D-based Gameplay compared to OoT so it’s not as strange as.

    I simply don’t get it, all the Effort could be also done for (Fan)Games that are not Demakes like this.

  2. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    I applaud their motivation, shows that they love OoT so much they want to re-imagine it, kinda like that HyruleCraft thing.

  3. I love the dedication but all the great moments in ocarina of time come from that 3d world experience so it won’t have that same presence that the 3d one has but I guess if this is their hobby then why not lol

  4. It’s great to see fans of the zelda franchise try something like this, though i’ll never play this it does look like fun. some of those texts reminded me of earthbound, with its qurky unpredictable nature.

  5. I like 2D Zelda’s for handhelds. I played OoT 3D but I’d definitely play a 2D version of it again. Though, it might not be as pretty as A Link Between Worlds, but it doesn’t really need to be, I like the Link to the Past look. I wonder how they would handle auto jumps and climbing in a 2D landscape though. Add vines on everything that was climbable? And make the rocks feather jump an auto-jump thing? I guess that could work but at the very least, the vines I’m less inclined to like. I wonder how they’d handle the Z-target enemies that would be more vertical specific? I suppose a targeting system could still be implemented, but attacking those enemies feels like it’d be a bit weird. Maybe if it had a bit more of the LBW design and mechanics, but I don’t see that with the LttP look they’re going for. I’m definitely interested in seeing how this would be handled

  6. I’ve played the current version V .10 and so far it’s very well done. It stops after you beat Gohma, but V .15 will be out soon.
    There have been a lot of attempts at a 2D OoT and this one has, by far, has gone the furthest.

    1. Yeah! You can join the club of losers that want Nintendo’s great games on the Playstations & Xboxes because they are too cheap to go out & actually buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games.

      1. That’s Nintendo’s fault. They keep limiting their hardware. Literally no one is forcing them to do that.

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  8. Uhm… How in the hell are they going to do the Water Temple? They’ll have to completely remake the temple from the ground up if they want it to work.

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