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Nexis Games Revealed As Mysterious Developer For Minecraft Clone On Wii U

The mystery developer behind the intriguing Minecraft clone for Wii U – which is aptly named U Craft – has been revealed. Nexis Games, the developer behind BrickBlast U! on the Nintendo eShop, has confirmed they are developing U Craft for the Wii U eShop. While we’ve seen a few screenshots of the upcoming sandbox construction clone, sneakily unveiled by HullBreach Studios last week, the game is apparently well on its way to completion.

In fact the studio has since said U Craft could arrive for the Nintendo eShop before Christmas – though such plans are not yet set in stone. Let us know your thoughts on the game’s potential on Wii U, and whether it could become a substantial carbon copy for Minecraft in the comment section below.

92 thoughts on “Nexis Games Revealed As Mysterious Developer For Minecraft Clone On Wii U”

    1. Yah, I just hope that it still has the potential of the normal Minecraft and not babied out by taking out cool features like online communications and groups or limiting the game to a certain existent.
      (something tells me those chances are small and the game will be babied or cut from full potential)

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    I doubt Nintendo would approve this, it has to violate some copyright and considering this is from a actual game studio and not a no name App store wannabe programmer, Microsoft can find grounds to sue.

    1. If any of that were any true Microsoft would have taken down all like fifty of the Minecraft clones on their indie channel for the Xbox 360 (many of them popped up long before Minecraft was ever ported to the consoles too).

      As long as they don’t actually steal assets from Minecraft it’s totally legal and fine.

      1. But still. As soon as this hits eShop, I suggest everyone buy it as soon as possible. Because there is a very high chance it can be pulled the very next day.

        The same thing happened with Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3 (SNES) for the Wii Virtual Console. Those who have it downloaded are lucky, because they are no longer available on the Virtual Console.

        Thanks Microsoft.

  2. Yep. No foul here. Think you’re confused on what’s grounds for a lawsuit. And good for them. I hope they make a small mountain of cash. The outcry for minecraft on wii u is astounding. Yet…crickets. I hope this is a smashing success! I may buy it even though I have zero interest.

    1. Oh no, I was hoping for this game to be good, since i love minecraft i really wanted it on my wii u, i was expecting for this clone to be as good as survivalcraft who showed us how a clone can be its own thing. should i give up on the posibility of this game having online play? :(

      1. Nah I think at the very least they’ll include online play. Right now they’re a really amateur developer, but there’s still a chance they’ll strike gold with this one.

        The crafting survival game formula has already been done a billion times since Minecraft made it so popular (FortressCraft was like the first clone of just Minecraft I think and that was like made based on and released while Minecraft was still in it’s early stages) so maybe it’ll be okay I mean it’s not like they have to really push for new ideas now.

        But still don’t get your hopes to high for this, but it’s best to really wait for at least like actualy gameplay footage to be released.

  3. This is the final straw for me. I was looking forward to playing MineCraft on My Wii U and have been waiting for the game since I bought my Wii U for launch. Instead of trying to bring the game to us, Nintendo goes and hires some fourth rate studio to give us a knock-off which is most likely going to suck. After months of endlessly mulling back and forth, I’m finally gonna pull the trigger and sell my Wii U and use the cash to buy a PS4. It’s just not what I was expecting nor what Nintendo was leading me to believe. Hopefully, I have enough money after selling all of my things and won’t need to add any onto to the console because there’s so many cool games that I need to buy that I missed out on with Wii U.

    1. Well if you were honestly waiting for minecraft to be release on the wii u launch day, then there is something truly truly wrong with you hahahaha xD

    2. You seriously get mad at Nintendo over Minecraft on Wii U being impossible now that Microsoft has bought yet anouther game that’s on its way to damnation? Get it right. You should be pissed at the creator for not considering it but also joked about it and then Microsoft buying the studio so they can repeat another “Rare” predicament.

      1. Not only that, but I wouldn’t like Minecraft to be the next “Rare” OR “Skype” Predicament. Skype has been utter crap for the past few months, killing calls that I’ve had on quite a good connection.

        Other than that… “I, for one, welcome our new Minecraft clone to the Wii U.”

        1. Trust me, I know its gonna happen and its gonna spark one hell of an outrage in the gaming community knowing how big and widely welcome Minecraft is no matter how much I think the game is boring.

    3. Weird thoughts! I never expected Minecraft on the U, hope, yeah, hope, but expecting it…?!? On launch day…?!? Oh my gosh!
      And I think it’s a wonderful idea to sell your U and just buy it again cause then you realize all the U Exclusive games coming to it: Wait, ONLY to the U!
      Especially Zelda! Or Star Fox! No, Splatoon! Oh, forgot Smash Bros U!
      But perhaps there are some guys who bought a only a PS4 who still wait for these games to be launched on a Sony console… O_O

    4. Just to clarify since I seem to be getting a lot of nasty comments, most likely from people who are taking this way too personally. I was NOT expecting MineCraft to be out on launch, but I was expecting the game to come out AFTER I bought my Wii U on launch. Also, I highly doubt that I’m going to miss games like Splatoon and Star Fox when I’m going to be playing Uncharted for the first time, The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Order 1886, LoTR Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age 3, The Witcher III, Destiny, FFXIV, I could keep on listing games. It just doesn’t make any sense to hold on to the Wii U anymore. I’ll miss Zelda and Metroid, but I’ll just watch some let’s plays.

      1. If I can find a buyer or a good deal like get $150 towards a next-gen system at GameStop then I’m definitely selling the Wii U today and coming home with a brand new PS4 Destiny Bundle and Shadow for Mordor. Yup, I just did that. I’m gonna go so hard first day that I get my PS4. I’ll probably burn the thumbsticks out from going too hard. No, I don’t plan on sleeping.

        1. Well done! Watch gameplays. It’s ok for me. Hope it’s ok for you… ;-)
          Btw: NOW you say you don’t care about Splatoon. But you will! That’s for sure! It’s not I’m a fan of Nintendo, it’s because of the gameplay! Splatoon is such a new and innovative game that it will blow away our minds! I don’t want to tease you or someone else, it’s just the truth. :-)
          Back to topic: Nexis games…I was surprised to see that they plan except of BrikBlast U 3 other games for the U. Wait: 4 with U Craft. Hey, why not! Let’s wait and see what this guys can manage! :-)

        2. I don’t think Nintendo, or it’s fans realize just how close they are to a total fanbase-collapse. There are a ton of people on the edge, like yourself, jumping ship. Nintendo has great software in the pipeline, but it’s too damn late. A lot of people don’t care about smash, or Mario maker and may just be curious about splatoon.

          I finished hooking up my used360, and now I have Bioshock 1,2 and infinate, Diablo 3, GTAV, and that’s just what came with my purchase. I’ll trade RainbowVegas, Madden and Cod for Destiny (which is actually doing pretty good)

          Nintendo is in real danger of losing the gaming market all together, and people are going to stop buying their consoles when they know they won’t get decent software for 2 years.

          It a fucking shame, and I’m just glad I can afford to keep my wiiU so I didn’t have to choose consoles. :/

          Were it not for Hyrule Warriors, and a few great Indies, and Ubisoft (ZombiU and ME3) I’d just play my last Gen 360 and 3DS.

          1. I may have gone overboard, but seriously, this kind of thing is happening everywhere. I got two friends to buy a WiiU, and they never play it, so I kinda feel bad. :/ I know is going to try to get into Hyrule Warriors, but they asked if we could play online together and I’m like… X.x… So they were like, “oh..” I really hope there is an update. I would pay $$$ for online coop. HWarriors is so fun!

          2. Everyone is hyped for Smash -,- Tons of people are hyped for Splatoon and alot of people want Mario Maker. Your theory is wrong there buddy.

      2. Trade in Zelda wii u, smashbros, splatoon, any future Mario games, Mario party ten, Mario vs. donkey kong, Kirby and the rainbow curse, more mariokart dlc, Yoshi’s wooly world, starfox, hyrule warriors, bayonetta 2, miss out on amiibo, and metroid for a lot of shooter games that get relly old, really fast and two of those titles you mentioned have gotten some pretty mediocre reviews from fans aka order 1886 and destiny, But whatever I’m sure you know what you’re doing! XD

            1. I got the same reaction from PinkInk pretty much when I told him to stop being a bitch about the New 3DS & get over it already.

      3. I have to agree with Rick on this one. 1. Most of you are way overreacting to his original post. 2. I’ve been a stone cold Nintendo Fan all my life, since the regular Nintendo days. I’ve owned every console and never bothered to dabble in other systems. However, I’ve also had the WiiU since launch and the lack of third party support is getting beyond frustrating. Zelda is my favorite series of all time, but is that reall All my system can do? Ps and Xbox have a lot of great first and third party games that are epic, huge, long hours of gas splay, and look great. But the WiiU is lacking in all of those. Sure there are games coming down the pipeline and there are more promises, but every day I’m hearing of yet another great game not even coming to WiiU (or one that’s there that isn’t getting any DLC). It’s just beyond frustrating because Nintendo promised to return to focus on hard core gamers and all we have after two years is, uh yeah sure we will Eventually release an actual Zelda game or at least Real first party game.

        1. But he’s whining & blaming Nintendo for something they have no control over. Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft, so Minecraft for Wii U is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Go cry at Microsoft over no Minecraft for Wii U because Nintendo has no control over it.

    5. Good choice. This gen’s gonna be exactly the same as the N64 PS1 one. All the GREAT dev’s will develop the next revolutionary, innovative, generation-defining games on PS4, and junkie Nintendo’s gonna keep doing their own thing. Only difference is that at least the N64 sold moderately well.

      1. Ugh no. The ps1 was less powerful than the n64 and not as innovative so that means, the ps4 will go the way of the n64 and the wii u will go the was of the ps1. Ironic isn’t it?

    6. Wow! Because you can’t play minecraft on your Wii U you’re going to sell it…
      Do you really think Nintendo gives a fuck? They already got your money!

      Why the fuck did you even get a Wii U in the first place?

      Pull the trigger on yourself as well while you’re at it….

    7. The fuck? Nintendo didn’t pay them to make this game. They are an INDIE STUDIO, meaning NOT OWNED BY ANYONE. They chose to make this and put it on Wii U as a fan service, since we got screwed on Minecraft they did this so we get something similar and new, frankly Minecraft is boring beyond anything now, it will be fun to play something similar but new at the same time.

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  5. yeah I can see a lawsuit coming with that clone. I do believe Microsoft will wait for the game to come out and start selling before they do anything. They will be in a better solution to estimate the loss of revenue even if they never intent to release the game on the Wii U. Now to be really different, they need mode which are really different than Minecraft. As well as changing the style of the game and the colour. As it’s now, the game looks to much like Minecraft, if they don’t get sue I will be really surprise.

  6. If that’s a screenshot from the current build it certainly doesn’t look “well on its way to completion”. It looks rubbish.

    Also, why is everyone talking about a lawsuit here? There are 100s of Minecraft clones, but this is the one that’s going to draw a lawsuit? Microsoft own Minecraft, they don’t own the whole genre of sandbox building block games. They own creepers and things like this.

  7. Awesome! Now I’m excited about this! they can take their time if they need to need to rush it, even though it’s a knockoff minecraft doesn’t mean it can’t be a wonderful wii u addition if they make it right. (P.S Mushroom Kingdom skins pack! Make it happen:)

  8. If Nintendo was smart, they would support the developers by giving them/allowing them to use textures for blocks that fit various Nintendo franchises. You could build your own Zelda temples with official textures. Take them directly from OoT. Different textures from locations in Metroid, or Mario 64 textures to make your own areas or something.

    I doubt they’d do that, they would probably think it would somehow cut into sales of Mario Maker or something, but honestly, they would be stupid to not release official “blocks” for a game like this.

      1. They do where have you been, most recently bayonetta 2 has a two player online only co op and mariokart, supersmash bros is also has an online option. I’m tired of people complaining about the online play, it’s free! I like how they don’t charge me an additional $45 just to play a part of a game that I already paid for!

          1. Nope, I just do what makes me happy. I got tired of giving Microsoft my extra cash when I only played halo and cod games online, it just wasn’t worth it to me.If not spending money makes me ignorant that’s fine with me!

      2. Yep. The world isn’t like Japan. We are not all crammed in a small space. Online play could have massively increased the replay of NintendoLand, Pikmin, MarioWorld…hell, all their games where they insist on Local.

        Then they take a Flagship game like MarioKart, stuff it full of babies and launch it with shitty gamepad support. Do they really have so much money they can just half-ass everything? Apparently so.

        Maybe we are just an afterthought though and Nintendo doesn’t need us to survive? Maybe they can get along with just the Japanese market and handhelds?

        1. Online is key in most games, but not all need, it I couldn’t really see Nintendo land working online to much do to some factors( Metroid game is the really the only one that would be good). I know some people wanted online for DK TF but DKC multiplayer is terrible unbalanced( if they adjusted it maybe, but it really depends) I see it more as single player game, 3D world should have had online I agree, but the camera is one think I hate about the multiplayer, and the game is focus around it more. Pikmin did get DLC, but agree the multiplayer should have had online NSMB…SHOULD NEVER HAVE ONLINE EVERYONE WOULD BE DICKS, AND CAN’T BEAT MY FRIEND OVER THE INTERNET lol. I don’t understand how the gamepad would be any good for it most people would use the pro over the game pad, no matter what it offer, I guess they could have added mode something like events on DS( miss those) I’m not saying the game is great I give a 8. Roster never bother me up till babies which there are too many of. The first DLC roster is shit( besides Link). but MK8 is warming up to me with the dlc packs, we might get a Nintendo all stars racing game if the dlc does well. Nintendo is doing well in some areas of online DLC is pretty good most of the time. I will say Nintendo still doing local is good, most people have dropped that design games and some are online only or need online to actually have something to it arrrchTITANFALLGHJJ, AFGHSDESTINEYGHJJ. I’ve been disappointed in 2014 over all with all three companies. I say the only people that are doing good in 2014 is Nintendo, and Sony but they had bumps as well. Sony doesn’t have must have software, and Nintendo needs more. The games that have my Interest in 2014 that are left Are Bayonetta 2, Smash, pokemon and that’s it. I’ve enjoyed Hyrule warriors little worried at times but it was fun. 2015 looks ok Bloodborn, MKX, batman, splatoon, Zelda, starfox, yarnyoshi and few others but not to much so far. I do think nitendo being at the wall is good thing because remember the gamecube, and 64 we got some of the best games from Nintendo miyamoto pretty much said the causual market is gone so they are most likely going more towards the hardcore more. Sony is better balanced then Nintendo and Micro to a level, I still feel they treat most of their IPs like crap, micro is too dood bro for me, and Nintendo appears to kiddy at times, but recently they have tried to change that image. That’s enough typing for me dood but think what u wish doods not forcing my opinion on you keep on gaming

    1. I wasn’t so keen on Blockblast…but it was only $4. They need a serious bump in quality for this to be successful, but I’ll cross my fingers for them!

  9. … That’s a bad sign seeing how their games aren’t really… well… “Quality” enough for the e-shop but hey, if the Letter can get through then this game… let’s hope it’s a good game.

  10. All you people who assume Microsoft will sue over this, need to realize something. As others have stated above, they own the rights to Minecraft, not the genre. Seriously, it’s not that difficult to understand. Unless they are directly copying something iconic, like say the diamond sword or one of the enemies, they can’t sue anybody just because they made an open world, online “building block” game. Just like Capcom can’t sue SNK for King of Fighters. Heck, KoF has Ryo, who looks and plays like Ryu. Don’t see them getting sued. Nintendo never sued SEGA over Sonic, because it’s basically Mario with speed and no princess.

  11. Jaded_Drybones and Rick Nash have to be the dumbest motherfuckers alive, Y’all even worsethen that bitch ass Sasori. If I was y’all momma, I would have swallowed y’all instead of giving birth.

    1. What Merciz said. Of course, Microsoft could try to copyright the word craft just like King tried/is still trying to copyright the word saga.

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