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Image & Form Share New Details For SteamWorld Heist’s Enemies

steamworld_heist_scrapperSteamWorld Dig creators Image & Form has shared some delectable new details for their upcoming game SteamWorld Heist. Announced earlier this month, the turn-based strategy game will see players venture into a space-filled scavenger hunt as the captain of a bunch of ragtag robots. Your mission is to simply survive and heist other ships in the SteamWorld universe for water and other such necessities.

As part of a weekly segment on its official blog, Image & Form will bring fans new information on SteamWorld Heist every Tuesday until release. Today’s serving offers up details on one of the game’s fearsome foes: Jack the Crippler, a Scrapper with a strange interest in blue hat collecting – pictured above. Check out the official word for these enemies from Image & Form below. SteamWorld Heist is aiming for a Spring 2015 release on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

“The Scrappers are a new faction of steambots that have quickly gained power through their ruthless piracy and exploitation of other steambots. Heinously, they defy the taboo of creating new steambots from “dead” or damaged parts, warping the personality of the newly created steambot towards wicked and cruel traits.

“Steambots is short for ‘steam-driven robots’. You might think all steambots like each other, since they’re made from the same stuff. That’s not the case. Which is good for you, since this means there will ample opportunity for conflict.”

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    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Lawl. Someone had to. They sure as heck weren’t. I’m all over this. Loved steamworld dig. If that’s anything like this anyway.

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