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EGX 2014 Attendees Vote For Their Game Of The Show

Attendees at this year’s EGX event were asked which of the many games on offer were their favourite. There’s a number of familiar games on the list, but it’s nice to see Splatoon for Wii U included. Interestingly the game of the show was Alien Isolation. Here’s the games that EGX attendees enjoyed playing the most at the event.

10. Mortal Kombat X
9. Splatoon
8. Destiny
7. Bloodborne
6. Far Cry 4
5. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
3. Elite: Dangerous
2. Evolve
1. Alien: Isolation

50 thoughts on “EGX 2014 Attendees Vote For Their Game Of The Show”

    1. I wish we were getting a few of those games on Wii U especially Alien: Isolation. Don’t really care for Splatoon. There’s still plenty of time left for it to impress me. It does highlight how bad we Wii U only gamers have it.

  1. The Dark Lord of the Sith

    Awesome to see Alien: Isolation as #1. Hopefully it will be the first superb Alien game in a while! Playing right now Colonial Marines, it’s so bad it’s good… And AVP was OK but felt unpolished. It’s a shame it’s not coming to Wii U

          1. Sounds like a plan ! d:
            Also, mind if I add you on the WiiU ? Very unexpectedly got one from my friends today, so now I’d love to add some of the people on here. (:

  2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    How is Smash or Pokemon beaten by Splatoon? Hell even Starfox U or Captain Toad would be hyped, but Splatoon?

    Not knocking it, but saying it is more hyped than Smash or Pokemon is strange.

    1. HollowGrapeJ-Too Lazy To Sign In

      Pokémon= remake. Same old. Not as hyped for it because it is literally the same thing as before. Lol. Splatoon on the other hand is completely new and fresh. Definitely way more hyped for it.

        1. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

          I wasn’t insulting it. I just said it’s still the same thing as before just an upgraded version. I haven’t played it before though so it’s technically new to me.

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        “Pokémon= remake. Same old. Not as hyped for it because it is literally the same thing as before. Lol. Splatoon on the other hand is completely new and fresh. Definitely way more hyped for it.”

        As opposed to CoD: Advanced Warfare which is “new and fresh” and not “literally the same thing as before.”?

        1. The new CoD is being made by a completely new development team and it has had the longest development tine out of any CoD game. I haven’t liked any of the CoD games since BO1 but thus one is to me.

          I’m still more excited for Alpha Sapphire. I’ll rent CoD.

    2. Dude im so glad your not hyping up lame splatoon haha, i agree.

      That is like the bottom of the barrel. I understand that people are excited that nintendo’s finally making a new ip. but splatoon seems pretty lame for a new ip. This is know eternal darkness, luigi’s mansion xenoblade and even pikmin. That’s on the bottom of my list of wii u games and for a good reason.

      That’s the reason it’s getting so much attention from people, because nintendo is FINALLY making a new game. It really shows something that a really lame paintball shooter game is the one nintendo game getting noticed just because of it being a new ip. Hint hint nintendo people want new ip’s from you, not casual wii fit games either……..

      Even if splatton seems lame, at least nintendo is making a real new ip………

      1. Lol disagree completely. Splatoon is awesome. What made you dislike it? You never know. Could be fun if you try it..

  3. isolation reviews are all over the place atm.? suprised splatoon wasnt higher considering attendees reactions to it.

      1. There’s a range from 100 to 59 on metacritic, which is a pretty significant difference. But, for the most part, it’s averaging a bunch of 70s and 90s to get a metacritic score of 80%. That isn’t that bad, but, seeing that there is still a bunch of reviews to be entered+how harsh metacritic scores usually are, the only direction that score can go is down. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good/bad game- more like “different strokes for different folks”.

  4. Nice to see all the attention Splatoon has been getting. Nintendo should have gone into the shooter business a LONG time ago.

    Westerners go CRAZY for shooters. 3rd parson and first person. I think 3rd person is more popular right now, though.

    1. Naw- most of the “semi-casuals” and “sheep” adore FPS, I would say. Halo, Titanfall, Call of Duty, Destiny, Evolve, and Battlefield are all receiving (/received) a lot of hype.
      While GTA and Gears of War are pretty popular series, Watch Dogs was pretty much the only mega-block-buster 3rd person shooter this year. Unless I’m forgetting something?

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    1. To be fair, the meta-critic rating is hovering around 80%. A similar scenario occurred with ZombiU where the first few reviews were abysmal but the vast majority of reviews proved to be overwhelmingly positive.

  6. So sad that Nintendo isn’t getting any of those games that are listed except splatoon which is Nintendo exclusive, Wii u confirm is a secondary console so sad, I blame Nintendo for leaving the core gamer during the Wii 2006-2011. Nintendo is now replace by PC .

  7. umm i dont see how Wii U is second console choice. most of thoes games are not even polished well or complete games lol. some of them are okay i guess, but nintendo is getting Beyonetta 1-2, X chronicles, shin megami X fire emblem, New starfox!, zelda HD and were already getting smash 4! and have Mk8 with awsome Dlc. Dkctf, SM3DW. and soon to come prime4. yeah i think were good

  8. a mine craft game, 3 new sonic games, some awsome big indie games and we still have VC to play. i cant wait until i try out earth bound and golden sun they seem very good and lots of people praise these titles. also cant wait to try out amiibo and splatoon :D and if you have a 3DS well yeah thats a whole lot of gaming with Wii U and 3DS

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