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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Sold Out In Japan Due To Stock Shortages

During its third week on sale, Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS is currently sold out in Japan. The reason is due to stock shortages which Nintendo will have tried hard to avoid. So far Super Smash Bros is at 1.37 million copies sold in Japan. It launched in the US and Europe today, so I’m sure most of you will be playing it.

Thanks, Kallum S

53 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Sold Out In Japan Due To Stock Shortages”

    1. How is “Sold out” still a thing? People never heard of Downloading or something? Especially in a technical place like Japan. I understand ppl still want the real thing or whatever but id rather download than wait a week for it to b in stock

  1. Well Japan seems like they don’t like normal videogames anymore. They didn’t buy Bayonetta 2 and they have been on the decline for a while now.

    When a really awesome games comes out, Nintendo is going to be cautious in Japan and not ship too many units if Japan isn’t reliable enough to buy games.

    Japan did this to themselves. Nintendo had no choice but to ship a small shipment, because even Nintendo couldn’t predict if the Japanese would put down their iphone and Android games for a good old fanshioned Nintendo 3DS game.

    1. Actually they just don’t like console gaming. They love portable gaming. That is why the 3DS sells so many consoles with Vita in the second place and when you look at japanese sales, you’ll always see 3DS games selling better then in other regions.

    2. 1.27 million copies is a small number. Am I missing something here? I thought a million is a lot. Plus the Japanese have great taste in Gaming. I am a Nintendo fan and say Nintendo should have released the WiiU powerful software titles. Just because Sony is dwindling does not make the Japanese industry or gaming verse small. Nintendo is on fire right about now, raking in money and gamers :-).



      1. 1.27 million in one day in a small island nation of Japan that prefers portable gaming over console, being a bad? Retard alert! Retard alert! Somebody put this moron in a stray jacket, tied to a boat shipping out to Nigerian pirates. lol

  2. Now this is awesome news! Let’s hope it does the same in other regions and for the Wii U version.

    And I’m on the fence for the 3DS version. I don’t feel like buying the game for both Wii U and 3DS but the demo made me a big fan of the game and I also want it for the 3DS now while I prefer the Wii U version becauae : bigger screen… :(

  3. Nintendo was correct to wait on releasing the WiiU version. Smash bros. Braw shall always have dedicated console players. Now that they have lead into the Frey the massive handheld Warriors; they shall be captivated to buy the console version after the ads for the WiiU version are unleashed. Nintendo can then release a game a month for 2015. It is a great nintendo Christmas this year and next.

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  5. Sounds great! But where is the problem? Don’t they have an eShop…? Download it guys. We’re in the year 2014!
    I’m sure the 3DS version is bombastic, but I’ll wait for the U release and then perhaps decide to get the 3DS version if a see a bigger benefit having both versions, e.g. like crossplay.
    Btw: Metacritic score ( until now 45 reviews included) is 85 and the user score ( only 38 reviews) is 8.9. Not bad.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Japanese people like having hard copies of things. Games, CD’s etc. itunes does really poorly in Japan.

  6. I have it, and so far it is awesome! It’s taking me time to learn the characters, but so far they’re all pretty fun.

  7. Yeah I dunno what’s wrong with me. I love pretty much all Nintendo first party games except for smash brothers. I just can’t get into it.

  8. Let’s be honest with ourselves guys, there’s no way the wiiu version is going to sell as much as the 3DS version, even if it’s the definite version.

    1. definitely not… it is just a matter of sheer numbers… there are more 3DS’ s out there, so they will sell more smash on 3DS… plain and simple. However, the popularity of the 3DS version with the WiiU version coming out will push more Wii U sales I imagine

    2. not when people can get the 3ds version sooner and cheaper, yeah nintendo kinda shot themselves in the foot. by wanting more software sales and making it for 3ds they hurt their wii u console sales.

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    1. Right! Have you unlocked all the characters yet? The easiest way to get them is set Smash mode to 1x Stock and die 120 times unlocking 1 character per 10 rounds. The final characters are a pain to beat though. XP

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