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More Evidence Smash Bros Wii U And Amiibo’s Are Coming November 21st

Twitter user David has posted more evidence that both Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and the Amiibo figures will be arriving with us on November 21st. The release date for Super Smash Bros on Wii U and the Amiibo’s are listed in the catalogue, which you can see above.

Thanks, Carla

74 thoughts on “More Evidence Smash Bros Wii U And Amiibo’s Are Coming November 21st”

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  1. Man, I HATE when games come out near the end of the month instead of the first. I’m always broke, or low on money at the end of each month. At least the 3DS version was released on the 3rd of October instead of the end of the month.

      1. I don’t make enough money to save. I can’t even afford to keep buying games, but I do. Which is why I usually only buy old, retro games. Because they’re cheaper.

    1. Its around black friday you know the time of the year when people crap like crazy, its where it should be at

      1. Don’t remind me, retrogaminglord. I’ve always HATED black fridays. Not only because of people going ape crap over a few % off. But because I’m always broke. I never have money on black fridays. Besides, no bargains are worth facing those insane crowds.

  2. lord ghost : king of the federation

    its the week watch dogs comes out for wii u :). yah for aiden king for the hackers. everyone will be play their wii u’s that week.

    1. It’s 69€ actually, which would be nearly $90. Where I live, the version that includes both games is 59€ (~$75) and the regular version with Bayonetta 2 only is around $60.
      Gaming as a hobby is damn expensive here in Europe, and even worse in some other parts of the world. American gamers are just so so lucky. d:

          1. At least it’s something. We can’t expect them to send us a freebie with every game… Do Sony and Microsoft do something like this?

            1. Who cares if Sony and Microsoft have it, we’re talking about Nintendo right now.
              And all I said was getting the nice rewards is difficult, as you need to buy a lot of games until you actually have enough points to get them. I didn’t say I want rewards for every game I buy. But considering the nice rewards start at about 5k points and you only get like 200-250 per game, chances are that the reward you were saving up for will be long gone from the shop before you even have enough points.

        1. Yeaaa, I heard about the incredibly high prices in Brazil. It actually was the country I was thinking of when I said “other places of the world”. q:

  3. So if that’s true, Smash and pokemon both come out the same day…….. Nintendo competing with Nintendo…… Classic nintendo

  4. Check it out I have discovered an advanced technique in super smash bros for Nintendo 3ds!!!! I will be posting this to YouTube soon. please excuse any errors if I’ve made any. anyways. you need to have a brawler mii fighter made, and Feint Jump equipped! Also you can only do this on a “platform stage such as battlefield. When facing between two platforms press down b (feint jump) and you can cancel it with another special attack!! I call it Feint Canceling!!!!

      1. Actually, I was planning to get both of the amiibos either way LMAO. Bowser is like, my all-time favorite Nintendo character and Ike was my main in Brawl and I just really like him, so I gotta have both of ’em. (:
        But it’s true I’m more enthusiastic about SSB now, if I hadn’t unexpectedly gotten the WiiU as a gift, I honestly don’t think I would have ever owned one, so I wasn’t all too excited about SSB before. Considered getting it for the 3DS sometime maybe, but yea, it wouldn’t have been the same experience as it will be on the home console, where the game actually belongs. d:

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