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New System Update For Nintendo 3DS Introduces Themes

Nintendo has released a new system update for Nintendo 3DS. Version 9.0.0-20U allows users to customize the design and sounds of the handheld’s HOME Menu. Five themes are pre-installed and additional themes can be purchased from the Theme Shop. Themes can be changed by using settings located within the HOME Menu settings. The latest update also adds a feature that allows users to capture screenshots of their HOME Menu. In addition, the Nintendo eShop Title Information page has been updated to provide easier access to any available videos, demos, user reviews and other information.

52 thoughts on “New System Update For Nintendo 3DS Introduces Themes”

  1. Thats so weird. PS Vita just did something similar like a week ago (and I’m loving it!!)
    Happy this is a thing on the 3DS as well :)

        1. Lol I don’t even own a Vita and I agree with you. Let other people have fun with their systems if they want to. That guy Stranga replied to has both a 3DS and Vita so he doesn’t care about what haters say. Lol.

          1. I’m in the same position too and have both systems. The 3DS is a better overall system due to the games. When it comes to games, Nintendo cannot be beaten! :) I do also love me some The Last Of Us! XD

        2. Less the 9 million…in 3 years..while Sony doesn’t even acknowledge its existence at all. Yeah, Only fools still care about it and then shelve it away until they need it as PS4’s Wii U Gamepad.

            1. No. That’s like 3/4 of PS4 buyers who get it off of hype and also buy Watchdogs/Destiny off of hype and then end up disappointed with how BS their big “next-gen” promises were. I’m still waiting for a few more decent games before I throw down $400.

  2. I got the Zelda ALBW theme. It’s so cool it plays the theme and makes the sound effect from the game whenever you click on something! ^_^

  3. Now that I think about it, this actually makes me pretty excited for the New Nintendo 3DS. I don’t know why I was against it before but the idea of it just seems really great for those that want to upgrade. I might not get it day one but I’m definitely looking into it though. The upgrades of it are definitely too good to pass up. And I never played Xenoblade Chronicles either so that is something I’m looking forward to. I’m really starting to like Nintendo a lot more than before. That’s weird. Lol.

  4. Cool, now we wait and see if anyone can find a way to make their own custom themes, then we’ll be in business of all sorts of creative themes.

  5. Sure hope there’ll be a way to turn off that music eventually, because as awesome as it looks, the brown wood design music has that goddamn SMSunshine bonus level music that I hate with a passion.

    1. I agree. I don’t hate the music but it doesn’t look like they can be turned off. Because of that, I’ll stick with the black theme since it has the default sound.

  6. They better be cute, Nintendo! * shakes fist *

    Seriously we need more free content and reduce those prices on DL games. Still hate paying 7.99 or whatever for a DL game I can get cheaper on the psn, Microsoft store.

  7. I want a Fairy Fountain theme for my 3DS with the Fairy Fountain music. Til I get that, it looks like I’ll be using the Link Between Worlds theme.

  8. It’s a nice idea, though I’m kind of disappointed by the lack of a Kirby theme (among other big Nintendo characters).

    The theme tunes playing constantly on the home screen seems like it could be annoying, hopefully you can mute that.

    I’m happy with the simple ‘Red’ one that you get for free for now :)

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