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Nicalis Teases The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth For Wii U

Nicalis has teased that it is bringing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to Wii U. This rumor stems from a new video posted by the developer, which briefly displays the Wii U dashboard before delving into a clip from the upcoming remake of the original dungeon crawler. Nicalis has yet to officially announce the game for Nintendo’s console. Confirmed platforms include PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC.

20 thoughts on “Nicalis Teases The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth For Wii U”

    1. Now that I got my wiiU developers license I’ve considered the idea of making a game that has to do with religion. The main stoping me is I can’t find a way to do it without it seeming wrong. For example I coudn’t have you play through a Bible story becuase well, it’s not a game. I can’t have the player controlling religious figures. Btw is this game disrespectful to religion? I have it on pc but haven’t played it.

      1. Please make a religious game! Wii U deserves to get something different :D as for the game, no. It’s not disrespectful, but just controversial in the way they use satan and stuff

      2. You bet your ass it’s insulting to religion xD (especially when your mom tries to kill you because “god” told her, and when you have an items called “Jesus juice” and “mom’s pads”)

        1. I will agree with you on the items but the whole mom killing her son
          because God told her to is based off a story in the bible so that’s not too offensive.

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Haha, guys, Naruto the show is ending, Obinna is going to be crying like a little baby bitch

    1. Oh thank fuck for that… How can a shit show like Naruturd last so long yet amazing Animes like Dragonball Z, Death Note and Gundam Wing didn’t last very long?… Sad really

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        I know, this is like the most amazing news, not for some people, I feel for them but now that little twerp may see what it is like to have something important to you slandered and abolished, after all, he wished that to Robin Williams, he wished that on Nintendo, but it has happened to his precious Naruto.

        Naruto is dead and it died before Nintendo, how do you like them apples you Nigerian dog?

  2. Dear Nintendo Family, I never met Iwata. And I was never in a room when he spoke. But every time I turn on my Wii U, watch Nintendo Direct, and hear the classic bow, then see the classic “directly to you”, I feel Iwata’s presence like a brother. Never, never again will the soul of man-made object be so fused with its creator. I grew up with Nintendo, and, therefore, grew up with Iwata and his relentless pursuit to make me a console that thought like me. I truly felt Iwata worked for me, created for me, designed for me. His leadership of the company was simply that personal. To those of you fortunate to call Iwata your friend, my deepest and most heartfelt sympathy. You are indeed blessed for having been so close to him.

    R.I.P Iwata
    Died from sperm cancer, 7 October, 2014 4am

  3. Well, it just shows that they have made a version that runs on the Wii U. But the issue has always been that Nintendo didn’t allow the game. They have always stated that they want it to be on every platform, so this isn’t really that much of news, is it?

  4. A game that will be fully supported for the Wii U should definitely come to the Wii U. The problem this time just so happens to be Nintendo. But since they fucking allowed Darksiders 2 onto the Wii U which is based on the Apocalypse, this game shouldn’t really be a big issue.

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