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Check Out The First 60 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate On Nintendo 3DS

Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded the first sixty minutes of the recently released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which went on sale in Japan this weekend. Sadly we’ve got a while to wait as the game isn’t coming to the west until sometime early next year. Still, judging from the video, it will certainly be worth the wait.

17 thoughts on “Check Out The First 60 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Average Nintendo Fan:
    *see’s cool game
    “Hey this game looks cool! Im going to buy it! Wait, it’s not on Wii U? That game sucks then! No one will buy it! The only good games in the world are on our holy system!”

    1. I love Nintendo and the Wii U games, but I’ve seen posts like that within this year. I could definitely see it in that Mother 4 post about a month ago as well as a few others.

    1. Because Smash 3DS is the only game ready that can even use it’s extra features so far, and that’s not enough. It will likely release around when MH is done being localized and Xenoblade is nearly ready. No amiibo games are ready yet either. They are delaying until they have content that uses the new features is ready … most likely (*Pure Speculation).

  2. Yea, I agree about the spoilers. I try to avoid them especially if it’s a game I plan on getting. But I also agree that buy watching one hour of MH wouldnt be a big spoiler at all.

  3. Man I honestly get the whole thing about MH being (supposedly) more popular in Japan than in the West and that’s why they always focus on that market first. But if the west received as good marketing for the game as it does in Japan, it would sell more, there’s Monster Hunter fans all over the world, and delaying it by years is not a good selling strategy.

    By the time this game reaches the west, everything that has been found and experienced will be gone and done. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still get the game to play with friends and have a good time, but doesn’t anyone else feel like it would be the same thing and Capcom would still make MORE if not the SAME amount of money if they localized the damn game from the very start?

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