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Project CARS Vs Real Life (Video)

YouTube channel DigiProst has put together an impressive video of someone racing on the legendary Spa Francorchamps circuit and then recreated the footage in Project CARS. As you can the results are stupendous. Project CARS launches this November for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Wii U version coming next year.

85 thoughts on “Project CARS Vs Real Life (Video)”

        1. Well, yeah. But you can get the better version anyways. I don’t think this game really has any advantage on the Wii U. Unless you prefer to use the Gamepad.

            1. You can get it on whatever you like, In not really interested in this. Only racer that has gotten my attention is The Crew.

          1. The developers are gonna kill the Wii U version of this game with the delay. Honestly I’m actually suprised they didn’t just cancel the Wii U version all together.

            1. They didn’t just cancel it because they’re taking a chance. They probably knew from the start they wouldn’t make enough from the Wii U anyways, but they even made a limited edition for the Wii U. People are viewing the delay in the wrong way. I just think everyone is judging it based on all the other third parties and thinking that they might gimp it. You don’t need to worry though. Wii U owners are finally getting the complete package! And plus, Wii U owners will be looking for something to play after this holiday and this will probably be the title in the spotlight. If they time the release date right and don’t make it coincide with another game like Splatoon or something.

              1. Not to mention that since there’s few other games like this on other platforms, having a complete port of a Gran Turismo-like experience on Wii U with a bonus is a treat which is why I’m not upset about this game being delayed because for once, these devs have shown prove of dedication for Wii U hardware unlike Ubishit and EA lying through their teeth and Activsion not doing enough for Wii U.

                    1. Dude, it’s not going to look like the PS4 and X1 version. But the gap probably won’t be that noticeable.

                      1. That’s what I mean. If the port looks on par as the others and runs as smoothly plus having that “extra content” I’m hearing about, then that port will be worth it.

              2. They are contractually obligated to, because the game was funding through Kickstarter with Wii U & PC being the main platforms.

            2. still curious to know how they’ll get around there not being any analog triggers.. steering may end up being compromised on the wii u

              1. Maybe it will have Gamecube support? Complete Guess…eitherway we won’t know anything until they finally show it.

              1. What I meant was he said he had a PC but whenever something happens to the Wii U version of a game, it’s like he forgets that he has a PC and doesn’t buy it anymore. XD

                  1. You’re gonna be eating those words in a couple of months. Ugh. I’ll get one, you’ll see! XP *goes back to looking up PC build videos* XD

                      1. For me, it depends on the game. Something like Rayman Legends is more fun with co-op so that would be a Wii U buy for me. A game like Project Cars which is basically the same on every version except the PC one has better graphics, I’d just get it on PC. Unless there’s some exclusive content on Wii U.

                      2. I always go with the Wii U version first, cause of simplicity. Hit the power button and I am in the game, when I play games I don’t want to think or deal with stuff, same with movies.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          That’s what they all say, what they really mean, atleast most of them is:

          Let’s leave the Wii U version here to collect dust for a few months until release date when we will undust it and sell it…

          1. Yea they probably focused on the other versions first. They’re a team though and they need to make money. The wiiU was considered a sinking ship when they decided to make a port for it.

            1. This is why I hope they make as much money as possible from the Wii U version. They’re putting a lot of effort into it even though they know it will probably not sell that well and that deserves respect. It’s time for Nintendo fans to talk with their wallets instead of their mouths to see how they really are towards third parties that put actual effort.

              1. Yea, not to mention this is the only game of it’s kind on wiiU. This is supposed to be something like forza or gran turismo. We don’t have that on wiiU. Definitely a day 1 purchase for me. This game has a chance to get good sales on wiiU. What you said really drives it home though. They “seem” to be putting a lot of effort into a wiiU version. Most companies avoid the wiiU now especially when it’s a “next gen only” game. This is a pc,xboxone,ps4 and wiiU game. We know that the first 3 are a lot easier to port between. The wiiU isn’t as capable as those machines but it is more capable than the 360 and ps3. Usually companies won’t bother porting a game to wiiU unless they already went though the trouble of making a 360/ps3 version. These guys went ahead and worked in the middle ground that is the wiiU and for that I want to support them. Besides, it looks like a really good racing simulator.

        2. I’ll believe that when I see it. If I was judging these guys off every other 3rd party out there, then the Wii U version isn’t anything more than shoddy port.

            1. Wii U version looks amazing, and the controls with it as the wheel for the cockpit would make the game the best because it’s a simulation game. Only issue I saw is the driver in real life will always hold the racing wheel and it will jerk around like a real steering wheel. The project cars version made it seem to easy to drive at any speed.

            2. Well, they say that now. We have just been burned by these third parties too many times. I’m sorry, but I just cannot trust them. I’ll have to see it first.

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

        You heard it here first Project Cars. You delay the game, and you’ll get nothing from us. NOTHING.

        1. You actually don’t have a choice anymore at this point. This is one of the only third party games even left on the system. Lol. And the delay had a reason behind it: to improve the Wii U version. If they are willing to take a chance and risk losing sales by improving it, then it’s pretty clear that this isn’t all about money.

    1. The steering looks pretty lifeless.

      No use posting this here though, seeing as the mysterious Wii U version probably doesn’t look anywhere close to it.

      1. it likely dont exist f it does runs thru unity there gimps these guys typical shitty third party

        no excuse at all for this other than talantless and anti nintendoism

    2. Good thing this was delayed for the Wii U for next year…Since Smash Bros and Pokemon will be reigning the Wii U in November. Glad they did that so I can afford it!

        1. No you’re right. Pokemon would’ve also affected its sales which is why the douchebag Ubishit gimped Watchdogs Wii U port and release close to those games so the sales can suck and blame fans for not buying their shit. Its not gonna work and I hope Ubishit continues to fail until it fucking hurts and when they dare come back when Nintendo rises again, we better give them the bird next time they do.

      1. What?, uhm no. Nintendo needs all the games they can get, like NOW. This Christmas is actually very weak for the Wii U. Nintendo had a stronger holiday season last year. I love Nintendo, but they are just not getting these games out fast enough.

        1. This Christmas isn’t weak at all, Deepsouth. It blows last year out of the water. Hyrule Warriors was just last month and I bet a ton of people want to get it. Bayonetta 2 is this month. Super Smash Bros and Sonic Boom is next month. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is in December. There’s also Lego Batman 3 not too long from now. That fills out the rest of the year. That’s already a lot of money to be spending in addition to Amiibo’s and I doubt most people will even get half of the games they want before the end of the year. :D

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant


          2. Yea, I guess I agree that this year is better Grape. We have more games than last year. But honestly I was really excited for Mario 3d World last year. And REALLY excited for A Link Between Worlds, even though it was on the 3ds. I just don’t seem to have that level of excitement this time around. Even though Captain Toad will be amazing.

        2. The thing is, not everyone is rich. Smash bros is a must for the majority of the Wii U owners and even more with the Gamecube adapter. Nintendo fans are loyal to Pokemon (the majority) so ORAS is another one that’s going to be bought for sure. Watch Dogs is coming three days before, but Like I said many times, almost nobody will buy it at launch due to Smash and Pokemon. That’s $180 there for three games. Right now people can’t spend money like that anymore. I can’t buy Watch Dogs because Smash is coming three days later and I can’t skip that game. Besides, Nintendo have other games that had already launched and they can be on sale this Christmas, so no problem there.

          1. Yea, totally agree there. I will probably end up getting the Smash/Controller bundle. Add pokemon, Bayonetta, and Captian Toad. That’s 240 bucs right there!

            1. What you said about watchdogs is true. I mean, wow. Ubisoft seems to have done everything in thier power to make this game a failure on the Wii U. And i’m not being sarcastic or funny. They screwed up the launch of this game so so bad. In fact, if you want to know how to properly launch a new game, just do the complete opposite of what Ubisoft did with watch dogs for the Wii U. lol

    3. They need more life like when steering the wheel. In the game is calm in the real life those cars turn like a bus meaning they need to turn the wheel almost full circle and how he’s moving back in forth to steady it especially in the speed he’s going. No way you will race with that speed and just turn the wheel slightly and you will do those turns with the greatest of ease. It’s impossible.






      1. Unity is more than capable. What makes you think Unity can’t make a high end game? They won’t be using Unity free for the port, they’ll be using Unity pro.

    5. I have a feeling the Wii U version will look exactly like real life (lower frame rates?), while the X1 and PS4 versions will look better than life.

    6. Dam the guy on the right is so good that it looks like he’s just on a regular daily drive 😝😂 meanwhile the guy on the left is struggling to match the performance of the other guy lol idk that’s just the way I see it in the video 😜😜😜😜

    7. If the Wii U comes even close to the above video, it will forever change the way I look at my Wii U. It’s a miracle to imagine something so small outputting something like this. I think the new Zelda is going to feel that way for sure though!

    8. I don’t understand the delay, but I understand why they made the xbox one version first. xbox seriously has no games worth buying right now, they will definitely get more people to buy it because that console my friends, is starving to death!

      1. It’s not starving anymore. It’s about to get a ton of major third party releases including 4 remastered Halo games in one. All three consoles are getting good games to play but everyone still find a way to pick at one or the other. The Wii U is in a much better position than it was in 2013 but it’s future isn’t looking bright.. Unless third parties miraculously change their mind, Wii U is going to miss out on almost every single game coming out for the rest of this generation. The only way for it to make up for that is to release amazing exclusives. Nintendo is supporting the console on its own at this point. That’s what ended up happening to the Wii and they quit supporting it long before everyone else quit supporting their console. It’s all just a matter of opinion anyways. To someone that doesn’t like Nintendo games and loves third party games, the Wii U would have “no games” to them. But we all know that’s far from true. There are plenty. Same goes for the Xbone.

        1. Exactly and wii actually had 3rd party support because of the money it was getting. It just had horrible ports. One of the best ports was spiderman web of shadows.

      2. You’re in denial. X1 has Killer Instinct 3, Forza Horizon 2, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. And yes, I am a Wii U gamer.

    9. Too bad the WiiU version will look and feel nothing like it. The WiiU doesn’t have the requirements to run games like this at this level. WiiU doesn’t even have analog triggers. If you people really want to play games like this then you should invest in an xbox one or ps4 or a gaming pc. To those idiots complaining about the delay, just be happy you’re getting the chance to play it on WiiU. If it was up to me I wouldn’t put it on the WiiU. It will not make them any money on the WiiU, delay or no delay. Understand?

    10. Nintendo gotta make a 3rd person shooter MMORPG Metroid style or Nintendo universe MMORPG with amiibo…but they got too many stupid idiots making the worst decision from advertising, naming hardware, not understanding western consumer. PC took Nintendo spot with steam machine next year, Nintendo with its dumbass management team will still cause the company too lose money after 3 years losing money already.

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