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Game Freak Explains Why A New Pokemon Stadium-Style Game Hasn’t Been Released Since 2007

Game Freak has explained why a new Pokemon Stadium-style game hasn’t been released since 2007’s Pokemon Battle Revolution for Wii. Speaking at a recent event, Pokemon series director Junichi Masuda stated that legitimate reasons are needed in order to create another entry in the fighting series. Improved graphics aren’t enough to justify another sequel, according to Masuda.

“It kind of goes back to the core philosophy of Pokémon as a brand: We really want to excite people and surprise them with new things they weren’t expecting,” said Masuda. “The original games, of course, were 2D and in black and white, and seeing them in 3D was a stark contrast… it was kind of a huge surprise for players. Nowadays, the Pokémon are already in 3D, and I’m not sure that better graphics would be quite as impactful or impressive. So in order to come back to the Stadium series, I think we’d need to have some sort of new invention to justify it.”

113 thoughts on “Game Freak Explains Why A New Pokemon Stadium-Style Game Hasn’t Been Released Since 2007”

  1. A Wii U sequel to Colosseum and XD would be more unexpected and exciting than yet another cheap ass battle sim like Stadium and Battle Revolution.

    1. Translation: “We have basically ran out of ideas since the last decade”
      The moment when you realize that the above is literally the truth…
      The pkmn franchise quality is declining, ppl still play emerald on mobile even if they own a handheld. Guess why

      1. Or.

        Translation: We are actually trying not to make squeekwels even though squeekwels are what you “core gamers” want.

        Shouldn’t only point to pokemon because there are hardly any veteran franchises on the incline in terms of quality or fresh ideas.

        WiiU and it’s Gamepad + Wiimote and nunchuck combo is an answer to that riddle.

        However, since “core gamers” want their squeekwels, unchanged, in any way, shape or form, the publishers won’t (not don’t) care about the answer.

        Devs do whatever they are told to do by the publishers.

        Cod : Super Awesome, You’re Hardcore if you play this Edition 4, sub edition 3.

        Street fighter 7: Face punchin, sweep kickin, turbo 4, version 3 edition, 5 minus 4, limited, blue and gold edition, plus pink hat version Alpha 2.

        Assassins creed: Climb the object 6 edition, red alpha 3, backward flip, hairy palms, special green edition


        1. i dont hink we’re on different lines here. i think we agree. Im not saying i want the same game and while i might or might not agree that they are trying enough in the pokemon deparment, trying is not enough if it isnt accompanied by results.
          also i poined at pokemon because this is the thread were on
          While it might be a mediocre-to-ok business decision for nintendo to play it safe with pokemon, i think where they are wrong is that they focus the games as if almost completely meant for kids, there is not too much challenge and secrets and puzzles for teens or adults i think(im not even touching the story, most kids dont read it (smash A button) and the adults find it boring at least)
          btw i very much enjoyed COD BO2 on wii u, but yeah rehashes are rehashes. AC is meant towards wanna-be-gamers anyway. Shots fired

      2. Whether this is true or not, it is what it seems like it’s basically the F-Zero excuse. They can’t think of something since 2007? What bullshit. Yet it’s ok to rerelease a bunch of past Pokemon games with better graphics? Damn. Much contradiction, so Fail.

        1. You say the 10 year old remakes only have better graphics? lol That’s hilarious as the case behind that is you clearly missed a bunch of details behind these decade old remakes especially since ORAS has current gen and new features that the old game from 2002-2005 never had nor pull off in its time. Nice try. lol

          1. That wasn’t a joke!
            Yes, if they can remake very old games. There is no reason a Stadium remake can’t be made.
            Hell. Half the fans here could come up with some great changes. Updates and such to make a remake possible.
            It’s the F Zero excuse, and it’s lame

            1. F-Zero excuse? Mario Kart already filled the F-Zero void and overshadowed the series years ago. Hell I never heard of F-Zero until the late part of GC life cycle but by then, I didn’t care because Mario Kart was the premier racing game of Nintendo. Mario Kart has room to grow gameplay wise. F-Zero is mainly about driving ridiculously fast. I see no change or improvement for that formula anytime soon.

        2. The Pokemon games introduce new mechanics every year for what comes to training pokemon, or making battles more interesting. It’s not just graphic upgrades, then XY moves the series to 3D, with more new mechanics that enhance several aspects of the games.

          1. Yes, but the updates are incremental. Are you saying they can’t make small updates to the stadium game? I would disagree.

        3. -.- Competitive players need Stadium-like games for tourneys. Showing battles to the audience from a unified screen, using official hardware and software (instead of installing capture devices and using a PC in the middle). It’s become a necessity as much as or more than Pokémon storage extensions like Pokémon Bank.

    2. game freak doesn’t know what they’re talking about a colosseum or a stadium would make fans drool all over it, there isn’t any real pokemon 3d games and there isn’t any hd ones.

    1. Nintendo’s strategy is to continue gimping wiiu sorry.

      Have you guys hear what playstation has been doing? You should get on google, Nintendo is about to have it’s shitty online and gimped social network smashed.

      If Sony keeps this up, in a year or two, I’m getting a PS4.

      1. You say they suck but failed to tell the other comparison. That’s what you call “all talk but no action” and it’s pathetic of you. If you think Nintendo has shitty online which was never aggressively hacked or attacked once but Sony “sorta” does but got hacked several times with personal info stolen and taken down for over 2 months to fix because they’re fucking stupid to never update their firewall while Nintendo performs their scheduled maintenance, then something is wrong with your comprehension of the facts that lies before you. STFU please and do your homework before you slightly open your unclean lip again.

      2. “If Sony keeps this up, in a year or two, I’m getting a PS4”

        Keep up what?
        Having a drought of worthwhile games to play, relying mainly on third party to sell they’re consoles, paying to play online which should be free because I already pay my internet provider for that, no worthwhile exclusives, trying to be a PC instead of game console, and being only sold by hype?

        If that’s the case, I’m then you can have mine, I don’t need a console that will be useless to me.

  2. I don’t care about better 3D graphics. I just want another Pokemon Stadium game. Not Colosseum or XD:Gale of Darkness stuff either. A legit new Pokemon Stadium entry.

    1. Yeah. Also when you breed pokemon let them be a mixture in not only moves but also look.

      Nintendo can be innovated with their consoles but yet they and Gamefreak can’t with their games.

    2. Something like a huge, open world, Pokemon RPG could save WiiU’s ass and would be epic… So forget it. :/

  3. “Nowadays, the Pokémon are already in 3D, and I’m not sure that better graphics would be quite as impactful or impressive. So in order to come back to the Stadium series, I think we’d need to have some sort of new invention to justify it.”

    All they do is update the graphics and add new pokemon. Rehash series. Change things up and bring it to the Wii U which needs help in sales.
    Like what Anonymous said ” an open world Wii U adventure”.

    Make the charcter travel the whole entire world. And instead of pokemon hidden, you have the option to see what pokemon is in front of you and you have the option to pursue it or run away from it (since it will try to attack you)

      1. Why not? sounds simple to me. you have the idea, you have the resources why not make this for the fans it will sell!

        1. Because they run a business, this is something often ignored by fan. It’s not always smart to pour in large amount of resources on projects. Last gen and this gen, studios went under and publishers lost money because of that. Things don’t come for free and risk aren’t always rewarded or rewarded enough to make it worth it.

          But okay, lets say you improve the graphics to WiiU level, but you also increase cost by a lot. Pokemon games have complete worlds that rivals GTA, so expect AAA-game like budgets and development time. Remember it takes years to make games, by that time WiiU is either getting replaced or is already replaced.
          Will it really sell? You are also expecting people to pay more to play the game on a console that people don’t really want ($300 + $60 vs <$130-200 + $40). Suppose it sells well, but will it make money and more than doing what already works(lower cost handheld development)? Selling a lot won't really mean much, if you have to sell more just to break even.

          If it turns out they make equal or less money than they did before, then it was't much of a success, just a lateral move with a big drawback. It will be hard for them to go back to the way it was before, also at the same time incremental graphical improvements will be even harder due to diminishing returns.

          So, yes, they have the resources but it's not unlimited and time will always be a problem. I'm sure there are more factors as to why it's not that simple, but I'm sure you get the idea.

          1. I’ve played GTA on my 360it’s fun, but if you took that concept, applied it to Pokemon, it would easily rival GTA.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Masuda. A game where you simply just battle with your Pokémon against random opponents doesn’t even make sense anymore. The current games are just fine for that.

    If they do a whole new *regular* game on the Wii U though, I’m all for it.

  5. Nah, just release a new Stadium game with up-to-date graphics with every single Pokemon, with all the stuff from the old ones. And maybe somehow let us use are DS and 3DS Pokemon in the game.

        1. Battle Revolution literally had all the Pokemon (at the time), and had the option to use the Pokemon from your DS cartridge. So it is exactly the same.

          1. “Nah, just release a new Stadium game with up-to-date graphics with every single Pokemon, with all the stuff from the old ones. And maybe somehow let us use are DS and 3DS Pokemon in the game.”
            Let me break it up so you can understand:

            1)up-to-date graphics-Not in check
            2)every single Pokemon-you gotta catch em all, gen 6 included, Not in check
            3)all the stuff from the old ones-check i guess?
            4)let us use DS Pokemon in the game- check
            5)let us use 3DS Pokemon in the game- Not in check

            SO there are 3/5 ways the sequel can imrove upon. Not to mention that many ppl have tranfered their pokemon from ds to 3ds and cant use them on Battle revolution.

            Anonymous makes a point

            1. Why the fuck would I want a Stadium game on the Wii U if Pokémon is already in 3D? For HD? I really don’t think so.

              Meanwhile, an Open World Pokémon would be better

    1. Because Nintendo is sad. F-zero been the same since all the games. It’s a fast racing game with different crazy tracks. Only thing GX did that was different was add in a actualy story mode which wasn’t that good to begin with.

  6. It still shocks me that a open world Pokemon Rpg type of game hasn’t come about. If anything, I would think it would be better to branch out rather than milk the handheld line of games. I love da pokkamons, but seriously been dreaming of this since Stadium for 64.

  7. Nintendo will rehash Mario games half to death because they are easy. Pokemon, on the other hand, would require them to make HD models of 719 different pokemon, which would take too much time for Nintendo to want to invest in. That’s the reason Gamefreak and Nintendo don’t want to make another Pokemon Stadium.

          1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And anything BIG and game-changing will take work. I realize that.
            But Nintendo didn’t even start thinking about HD game development until late into the WiiU-S design phase, and they are resisting the gaming-genre’s need to play with others that don’t live in your house.

            I’m just saying, fans can defend their decisions, but Nintendo is falling way behind. And if they don’t get their shit straight, they will lose what hold they still have in gaming. And their brand will continue to lose it’s power.

            I want Nintendo to stop fucking around and get back to vote gaming. They ARE taking steps, but they are too damn slow and they gimp the shit out of everything they make. :/

  8. As much as I would LOVE a true Pokemon Stadium 3 or hell even better, a true handheld like Pokemon game on the Wii U, I can’t help but appreciate Nintendo’s (Game Freak in this case) way of thinking here.

    They are pretty much saying that better graphics is not the key to a new installment and they are right. The reason why many of us still love Nintendo games is because those games keep getting reinvented and offer something different compared to their predecessors with a VERY few exception.

    We’ll get another Stadium like game or another console Pokemon RPG at some point, just like we’re getting a new Star Fox soon. It takes a lot more time to develop unique ideas for gameplay than it is to give us the same games but with improved visuals.

    1. Yet at the same time, even when Nintendo brags about a new Pokemon game and all of it’s new features, it still feels like the same old crap when I finally play it. I never played X or Y, but I know it would most likely feel the same as Diamond/Pearl and Black/White.

      1. I never played X or Y, but I know it would most likely feel the same as Diamond/Pearl and Black/White.

        So how do u know?

        1. I have played all pkmn games and i know X and Y was not up there. I actually enjoyed platinum much more. MY favourites are fire red and emerald, and im not too excited for ORAS, but i will get it eventually cuz i like pkmn, but with every release i like them less and less.
          Also, why do they use the same music for all the trailers?! its too annoying after a while…

          1. Well that is your personal opinion. Mine is that D/P/Pt are the worst games in the main Pokemon franchise, while X/Y are the second best. So Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about your opinion, move along.

  9. I was never much of a fan of the Pokemon Stadium games. The first one was ok for a while, but got old quick. I never bought Pokemon Stadium 2. I got Battle Revolution, but didn’t play it after realizing how much it felt like the Stadium games.

      1. Releasing on……

        Wii U! Wait that’s not right….

        3DS! Nope wrong again….

        Ah I remember! Releasing in a single country on obscure arcades that won’t move a single unit of its dying console!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          They will port it to the Wii U a bit later so I’m not worried, with additional features or characters…

            1. If so, then Microsoft deserves a lot more of that. Oh wait, you idiots never complain about DRM controlling what you buy and play plus with game not exactly living up to its false “next gen” promises. Sheeps…

              1. I’m not saying Microsoft deserves more.
                And I expect Microsoft to over promise and under deliver.
                I expect more from Nintendo, and they are acting like all the other companies. Promises, promises, then let downs.

                1. Dummy, that’s exactly what Sony/M$ and 3rd parties have done this new gen. Promises and overhype turned to BS and disappointment. Don’t try to point fingers at someone else because you spent like $250 on all 3-4 overhyped PS/Xbox games and be pissed to know its not exactly what was promised to be. Nintendo hasn’t lied about their own game hypes yet. Mario Kart 8 lived up, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros. 4, Hyrule Warrior and so forth.

                  1. What are some things that you would like to be improved on the Wii U and what are some things you think that can get the console selling better?

                    1. All Wii U needs is more games to justify itself and advertise more. Other than those shortcomings, Wii U is just fine. I don’t give a fuck about having top notch graphics and specs or not which if I did, I’d go for PC and only PC but even the 3rd party is screwing PC gamers as well with shitty ports as worse as Wii U’s.

        2. Most fighters from japan do that. Street fighter 4 went to arcades first, so did tekken, it freeish beta testing

  10. Maybe if the game had the same gameplay style and mechanics as the game Ni No Kuni: wrath of the white witch, then the game could be interesting and allowing you to actually fight as a pokemon against another pokemon in a different RPG style.

  11. Hmmm well that sucks kinda. I mean I like the stadium games, but in a way they did get old after awhile. And I thought colosseum and XD were great, but also at faults cause you could really only get shadow Pokemon and maybe a few at those spots in XD.

    I just think like a brand new adventure that’s open world and such would be good. Have a interesting story behind it, be able to catch all(if not, then most) of the Pokemon, and maybe instead of the usual top down view include a camera to look around? That could add new dimensions and ways to catch Pokemon maybe. Also you may not be able to take the game on the go, but it can have the online functionality like what the handheld games have. Still battle, trade, or whatever else. There’s still a few years of the wii u’s life so besides that one fighting game, hopefully they surprise us with something cool.

  12. The number 1 reason: Amiibo! I know the only pokemon right now is Pikachu but the technology and concept behind it will take a new stadium game to the next level and I’m sure will sell a ton of Amiibos.

    1. Yes, there is so much potential with pokemon and amibo’s. It would be literally insane for Nintendo not to take advantage of this perfect marriage of toys and video games.

  13. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Actually he makes a bit of sense, the whole reason we played Revolution was to see all our Pokemon battle it out in full 3D models, now it is standard as of Pokemon X and Y, perhaps make a new one in gen 8 or 7.

  14. All Nintendo has to do is make a legitimate Pokemon game on the Wii U..No colliseum or tournament. A legitimate Pokemon game. Nintendo then proceeds to print large amounts of money. If Amibo integration included, then that much more money is printed.

    Pokemon would sell millions of Wii U’s.

    1. WTF even cares about that game anymore? Not me. Never have, never will just like Mystery Dungeon, another huge waste of time. If they stop making those lame spin offs, my bets are on that they’ll start making a true PKMN game for the home console. If Fusion is what I hope it’ll be, then a home/portable console PKMN game will happen.

      1. The Mystery Dungeon games are actially pretty fun and do pretty well in Japan. Gates to Infinity was a complete piece of garbage though and took away many of the original features Explorers of Sky had.

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  16. Think they should a sequel to Colosseum, pokemon XD. Making new Shadow Pokemon that different powers and new mega stones that are tainted with the shadows. You have restore the pokemon and stone to save the world.

  17. It’s because Battle Revolution was a huge gimped mess that never reminded us of Stadium at all and we all know they would never produce another home console RPG even though it’s exactly what the fans wanted all this time and exactly what Wii U needs to jump its sales sky high.

  18. Just give us a new Stadium game. Imagine what the Pokemon would look like in HD. It hasn’t been 7 years since you released a Stadium-tyoe game because PBR was nothing like Stadium. What I enjoyed the most from Stadium, (the mini games, the gym leader battles, etc.), were not in PBR.

    Who could forget this one? Such a simple, yet entertaining game especially with friends.

  19. they need to make another great adventure game like gale of darkness with the exception of a kid as the protagonist.

  20. They don’t say that about Pokemon Rumble.. Also, I don’t see why they’re saying that they haven’t invented something when they’ve invented triple, rotation, multi, and inverse battles since 2007. What’s with game designers and making dumb excuses?

  21. I appreciate them not remaking a game just for graphics… An idea I have (which will probably never happen) is remake the thirds of each gen (Blue/Yellow for gen 1, Crystal for gen 2, etc..) on the consoles. I also wouldn’t mind a new series to come about for the Wii U. Or how about a full retail Mystery Dungeon released in all territories on Wii U? And people would love a new console Ranger (or is that just me?). I’m sure we’ll get Pokkén Fighters on Wii U at some point (which I am excited for), and I do love the Stadium games for what they are, but I think we’re needing something…else.

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  23. A pokemon game in the style of pokemon stadium or battle revolution wouldn’t have to focus so many resources on developing a region for the game, so it could be possible for each and every one of the pokemon to be available for use in the game without anyone being cut out. At the same time, the new 3D games look so boring compared to the old ones. In the old 3D games, the pokemon had personality in each and every one of their animations. And there was an amazing commentator as well to make it even better. Very few pokemon look better in new 3D than old 3D.

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