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Here’s Why Pokken Tournament Is Being Developed For The Arcades First

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has spoken to Japanese publication 4Gamer regarding why Pokken Tournament is being developed for arcades first, rather than going straight to console. Harada explained that he likes to see how games do in the arcades before porting to consoles to judge how popular the game is.

“That’s something that got a big reaction, for better or worse [from the development staff],” Harada replies. “There are several reasons for this choice, one being that ‘if it were on arcades, it would be interesting to see fan reaction sooner’.”

“The other reason, which is something I always say, is that it’s important for fighting games to at least succeed in arcades once,” he continues. “With arcades charging 100 yen for a single play, if it’s a boring game, it will most certainly be dismissed. It’s really a harsh environment for [arcade games].”

“Pokémon definitely has a family-oriented image, but in addition to how we decided on developing [Pokkén] as a competitive game with depth, we must also be prepared to face such severe conditions,” says Harada.

“Once you have a title that can make it out of the lion’s den called arcades, it’s something you know you can be proud of for being the real deal. Additionally, there aren’t too many developers that take on these kind of challenges nowadays.”

56 thoughts on “Here’s Why Pokken Tournament Is Being Developed For The Arcades First”

  1. Why get judgment first before putting this game on Wii U? Based on the reaction from its first leak last year, this game is gonna do amazingly well on Wii U and Arcade regardless. It’s fucking Pokemon meeting Tekken. How is that gonna fail? XD

    1. Because not all tekken fans are keen on pokemon and vice versa. Specially considering that the Wii U has such a small install base, the risk of going Wii U only is financial suicide. The reaction wasn’t all positive either.

      1. Now you’re just trolling in such a failed fashion. You underestimate how huge PKMN is and a fighting PKMN on Wii U will definitely boost more popularity and Nintendo is on a roll with its crossover games. The reaction on its reveal wasnt negative at all. People were questioning why Arcade is getting it first instead of Wii U and now they’re giving us that answer.

        Wii U having small install base excuse has already died months ago. 7.5 million Wii U > 5 million “shipped” Xbox DOne last updated, no confirmed total global sales yet since March. Do the math.

                1. Lol no. Tekken is different from Street Fighter. Street Fighter’s 2D and they have a lot of special attacks and stuff. Tekken is 2.5D. You can move around and sidestep and stuff and most of the moves use real life fighting styles with some characters that also have special attacks. If you’ve heard of and played Soul Calibur, think of it as that, but without all the swords and stuff. If you don’t care about Tekken, I really doubt Pokemon is gonna change anything. I like Tekken, but not really Pokemon, so ehh. Not sure how to feel about this.

                    1. So do you like it or not? Because Pokken Fighters looks more or less the same from that video it showed.

                            1. Well, most of my favorites aren’t fighting types, but idk. :S Azumarill is one of my all time favorites, but I doubt that little thing can get in. Lol.

                              1. You’ll never know. lol All I want is my favorites to be in it like Blaziken and Lucario are in. I want Swampert in Mega form, Scizor, Lopunny, Gallade, even Hitmontop. :)

                  1. Pokemon as an RPG is HUGE, a fighter cross over is yet to be seen though, and yes Nintendo is on a role announcing these cross overs but which ones exactly have been successful? Hyrule warriors didn’t make much of a splash, SMT X FE still hasn’t released so tell me, which crossovers have actually succeeded? FW vs p. Layton? Its not on the Wii U so it clearly doesn’t count.

                    The reactions here are all positive, but other sites like GS and IGN differ, and they carry more traffic than MNN. Yes the Wii U install base being small is very well alive, specially considering that most Wii U owners don’t really support 3rd party games. You could argue that this game has 1st party property but so did HW and look at what happened there.

                    The truth is that going Wii U or Wii U exclusive for a a huge Triple A game IS financial Suicide. Harada just told us what we wanted to hear.

                    Also, why the fuck bring up XBO? Who gives a Shit about it? Is this game going to hit the platform? No. What the hell is your obsession with it anyways?

                  2. like hollowGrapej said, I am the same I can’t stand pokemon but like tekken. If the game is release on Wii U i won’t buy it (simple). So for me I found that decision really brave, refreshing and logic.

                2. Also, saying that the Wii U has such a small install base no longer holds true due to the fact that it has an installment base of 6.68 million as of the of the end of June (compared to the Playstation 4 which has an installment base of 10 million as of the end of August, just a few million more sales than the Wii U).

                  1. Ok, it has a 6.68 million install base. Now tell me the attach rate of The Wii U’s best selling game. I’ll do you a favor and help you with it, its at about 60%, that’s actually pretty amazing for a game but it is Mario and it was a launch game. Ok now tell me the attach rate for the Best 3rd Party selling game? Give up? Its abysmal, the game in question is Zombie U and its sold about 0.72 million copies, that’s less than 3/4 of a million. Want to know the second best selling 3rd party game? Its Rayman legends which has moved an impressive 0.37 million units.

                    You could argue that these 3rd party developed games don’t have any First party intellectual properties but the last game that did is tanking. Like I said, its financial suicide for big 3rd party developers to go Wii U first.

                    Also, I don’t care for the PS4, that thing could sell 100 million by the end of the year im still not going to care for it.

                1. Just because he says it, doesn’t make it so. Nintendo characters fight in it, therefore it’s a fighting game. A party fighting game maybe. :)

                  1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                    What Sakurai and everyone else mean is that Smash is not a traditional fighting game. It doesn’t have 12-hit combo chains while fighting with HP on a platform with walls. Pokken will be like this.

                    Everyone knows Smash is competitive, and everyone knows you have to turn off the items and stage hazards (the party aspects) to do this, so it’s like a pseudo-fighting game in my eyes.

                  1. Swimming is competitive, so is drag racing and beer pong. Go against Sakurai of you wish, but if the man says its a party game, then its a party game to me.

                    Calling it a party game isn’t bad either, they are ment to be fun and enjoyable. So don’t get the wrong impression, because I am loving SSB3DS myself.

            1. may or may not do well in japan for arcades but in the usa we rarely have any and also i dont know how well the game will do for the west, who knows, i may be wrong and it will do well in jp arcades and when they do port it over and localize it for the west it will also do well, but thats just a theory, a game theory.

            2. I miss the arcades. I use to love skipping school with my buddies and rocking some Mortal Kombat all afternoon! Putting quarters on the machine to let everybody know your next. And if you get whooped, you just go play Golden Axe for a few minutes…

              1. Yes it is, Gamefreak is a private company that only developes the pokemon games, yes Satoshi Tajiri (Gamefreak Employee) created Pokemon but the IP still belongs to Nintendo. Its weird, Nintendo handles the Rights, Creature inc handles merch, and GF the development of the core titles.

                In the end, Nintendo is the Top dog in that chain and what they goes.

              1. Well they did say it was coming to Arcades “First” so it’s pretty obvious that a Wii U version is on it’s way.

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