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Watch Dogs Companion App Now Compatible With Wii U Version

The Watch Dogs companion application, ctOS Mobile, has been updated to include compatibility with the upcoming Wii U version of the open-world title. The app makes it possible for users to connect to players from any Watch Dogs platform. It also includes challenges that can be customized and sent to friends. And those who successfully complete the challenges will receive XP and skill points. Watch Dogs hits Wii U on November 18th in North America, followed by a November 21st release in Europe.

83 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Companion App Now Compatible With Wii U Version”

    1. I hope the dozens of you who buy this enjoy yourselves while your being fucked by ubisoft. PREPARE THE LUBE YOU SHEEP.

      1. Sheep? You’re a sheep to Nintendo.
        I play games for video games why? Because I’m a gamer. Not someone who says they’re a gamer yet hate on game companies and systems and want to be categorized into the fanboy column.

        1. You must admit, Ubisoft hasn’t done anything to receive cheers about anything in like two years, from any kind of fan base, especially the one of the N.

        2. Watch Dogs isn’t that good, Ubisoft changed the whole idea of game into a GTA, but not as good. Not to mention they are treating the version like shit

            1. They’ve done it a number of times already but we ain’t falling for this shit..well beside fucking idiots like the other dude I replied to. They seriously think this is good or buying this fucked up “middle finger to fans” piss port is gonna change their minds and not laugh in their face at the comfort of their stupid ass UK studio? Man I’m glad I wasn’t born to be that retarded. lol

            1. People WANT the DLC Cuz other consoles have it, why it isn’t fair to damand to have the same content as the other consoles? And don’t you dare to defend Ubisoft decitions especially after they been treating Wii U owners like idiots
              Wii U owners DON’T buy Ubisoft ports and game for the Wii U Cuz their games are mediocre like ZombieU, their port are lesser versions of their games they lack content Like horrible port for Splinter Cell Blacklist, AssCreed 3 & 4 lack support
              Ubisoft lost the trust of Most of the Wii U owners thanks to their Attitude
              they becoming WORST than EA everyday but unlike PS4 owners and Xbone owner which easily get fool by Pre rendered trailers and Hype the Wii U owners espect gameplay and quality not cinematic, lies and excuses Wii U owner have more expectations that’s one of the reasons why the AAA industry doesn’t support the Wii U Cuz they know they can’t do this to Wii U community and you can thank Ubisoft for that

              1. but there’s a lot of people here who bash the other consoles from left to right and bash companies for releasing DLC for games.
                and here we’re having those same exact people getting mad because Watch Dogs won’t have DLC.
                those people sir, are hypocrites to the max.

                1. You miss the point nor is hypocresy people just want the same quality as the other consoles this why Wii U owners are angry at Ubisoft they recently said that will never make a lesse port of their game but they have been giving all Wii U owners lesser ports of their games and they blame their consumers later when their games doesn’t sell
                  Besides there is no excuse to give the DLC in the game they had more time to develop the Wii U version of the game they have time to improve everything or the least to add new features besides a interactive map for Pad seriously the have more time for the Wii U than ANY of the other consoles people wouldn’t be angry at Ubisoft if they indeed improved the game but they didn’t they just gonna give Wii U owners the same Underwhellming experience as in the other version they give the Wii U owners the same Sequelbait story(which is meaningless Cuz the sequel is not coming to the Wii U), the same stiff driving mechanic, the same simplistic Stealth, the same horrible voice acting, the same wanna be GTA open world and everything that make people pan the game in the first place
                  Ubisoft didn’t improve anything for the Wii U and least they could have put the DLC in response for the lack of improvement to compasate the lack of improvement
                  They at least said that if the game sells well enough they will give the DLC but they didn’t Ubisoft has no excuse for especially if they charge full price for the game which is very likely why would anyone pay full price for an incomplete experience? They gonna regain lost money they just gonna lose more money porting this game to the Wii U since the hype train die at the game release

                  1. I think he mean
                    “They not gonna ragain lose money by porting the game to the Wii U”
                    Which is true the game will not recover any lost money for Ubisoft( not that they lost any) they are only wasting money porting this game is more lost than gain for them

  1. And we Wii U owners should care about this game Cuz?
    I mean the sequel is not coming to the Wii U neither is the DLC, they didn’t improve anything about the game for the Wii U, we know it’s gonna be a lesser port of the game, so why any Wii U owner in the right mind will ever want to buy Watch Dogs?
    Seriously who would choose Watch Dogs over a good game like Bayonetta 2? after all we know when this game fail on the Wii U UBISOFT just gonna blame us for the game failure

  2. Step 1: Release Watch Dogs day before Smash Wii

    Step 2: complain that sales are low and refuse to make any more Wii U games

  3. They dug their grave the moment they decided it was okay to let this release later than the others and with far less content.
    Make a follow-up to Zombi U, Ubisoft.
    That’s the only realistic chance you now have of making a series that appeals to Wii U gamers.

      1. Just because you don’t care about doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. You said the same thing when defending Watch Dogs, and now we seem to be in a similar position as you are and its okay for you to do that!? Hypocrite.

  4. Bayonetta 1/2
    Mk8 + DLC
    Hyrule Warriors +DLC
    DK Tropical Freeze
    SUPER SMASH BROs 3ds/Wii U
    Art of balance (3DS/Wii U)
    Capitan Toad…
    Well yeah…maybe by the time I’ve finish those, this shitty port will be like $20 then I’ll pick it up just to have another one in my collection (30+ so far)

  5. I am not buying this game because of the delay. I might but this game after smash bros. I have saved my money for the smash bros.

    1. I’m probably not buying it because it appears to be a failed game on all consoles and PC.

      I will admit, it will be shitty when they blame poor sales on the WiiU when it’s because wiiu owners simply got to watch it bomb on every other platform. :/

  6. oh you mean the version you crippled like warner brothers crippled origins?

    Sounds goods, ill keep that in mind playing bayonetta 2

  7. i hope they fixed the issues that was wrong with the PC version: frame rate always dropping and very boring gameplay

  8. I’m going to get this game but I ain’t giving ubisoft a lot of my money as gamestop here in Ireland is running a €9.99 deal if you trade in a game on their list. It will be good for my game channel too :-)

  9. Still don’t give a shit. No DLC, gimped game delayed over the Gamepad lie and deliberately released next to Smash Bros. as an excuse to drive away that sales to Nintendo instead. Oh plus giving us a gimped game at full price with contents cut out for no fucking reason during its 6 month pointless delay just like Rayman.

    Fuck you Ubishit. Nobody is dropping their wallet for you stupid disrespectful ass anymore.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      the game isn’t even gimped idiot. just because a game didn’t get a dlc(add on content) doesn’t mean its gimped. the game was full price just like the other versions when released, as of right it’s still full price for the other version. enjoy your gimmped smash whatever game on wii u.

      1. Fucker, no DLC, lied about the Gamepad utilization plus being delayed for nothing like Rayman and priced at $60 while the other versions will be $10-20 cheaper at the same time? That’s gimp and an intentional one. Use your fucking brain.

        1. You should stop holding Ubisoft to a double standard.
          They are horrible for shoddy online (worked fine for me) but Nintendo is OK for stripping it out all together.
          They are horrible for poor gamepad use (when they’ve innovated with the game pad more than any other dev) But it’s OK for Nintendo to practically ignore the game pad exists in flagship games like Mario Kart.
          Your blind hate for Ubisoft is fucking with your logic.

          1. Strip what? Online play, e-commence store, messenging, voice chat, all the basic standards are in NN and were present in the Wii online infrastructure. How is that stripped? Because they don’t charge $60 a year for the same shit you get for free on PC and Nintendo? That’s hilarious and smart of you. Your weak ass defense of Ubisoft is the saddest display of desperation I’ve seen here yet.

      2. About this “use your fucking brain” part? I take it back. You don’t have shit in that retarded skull of yours. You rather keep calling Martin Luther King overrated while being black you self-racist fucktard.

      3. Yes agreed.
        People praise smash like it’s the best game. Yet everyone knows it would have been made much better if the 3DS wasn’t holding it back….. Yet these sad fanboys are tooooooo blinded to see it.
        Worse roster in smash bros history.

      4. “Enjoy your gimmped smash whatever game on wii u.”

        Yet you never played smash nor did you even care about it. You have been proven invalid and exposed again.

    2. Least no one with any principles will buy this. But we both know there are fools that will buy it… like Jester. >.<

      1. I know that and even HollowGrape as well even though I have tried my best to tell these fools to stop buying gimps over some BS thought that the support will come back that way. No it wont and that BS “support” died before the Wii U came out for god know what stupid reason but I’m looking at 3rd parties majorly as the blame.

  10. Nintendo should definitely develop ‘companion apps’ for games they’d make sense with. I’ve been saying for years that Animal Crossing would work well with an app that would remind you when the holidays are going on, and perhaps tell you what items are in the shops and even let you order out of your catalog

  11. i canceled my preorder of this ages ago don’t think i will buy it as most of my mates say it a gta clone played a bit seen what they mean. the true crimes games and gta are more fun than this game. and i bet its going to be a bad port anyway.

  12. November 18th. Smash Bros. will come out three days later and it will not be gentle in destroy the sells for this game.

    I hope these Ubisoft maniacs don’t have the dare of charge the full price for a 5-month old game.

    1. You know very well like me that they will charge full price for the game, but is not like it really matter the game comes out a few days before Smash that will make Watch Dogs not sell or sell really poorly and you know that Ubisoft is gonna blame all Wii U owners for the failure of the game even if their own Fault in first place
      This is kind of Attitude why i have decided to never buy any Ubisoft product ever again not until they changes their Attitude with their costumer

  13. The worst part is there is 0 hype left for the game. We all know its shit now. Then they will complain it doesn’t sell well and not make games for the wiiu. worst decision ever delaying it. most people that wanted watch dogs have played it

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  15. There is so much damage control in these comments, it’s not even funny. I don’t even really care about Watch Dogs, but seriously guys? Quit with the complaining. Don’t buy it if you don’t want it. There are people here that do actually want it and the least you could do is respect their opinion. The game was delayed, who cares? Most of you said you wouldn’t even buy it, so why would it even matter when it released? If you don’t want the game, go buy Smash Brothers and shut up. You don’t see me hating on anyone that wants to buy a game I don’t want. The comments here are childish and pathetic. It’s just a video game. Please get over it. And just so you know, any comments following up towards this one with insults will be ignored unless you have something reasonable to say that is actually worth my time.

    1. Yes. The only person in the comments with sense (unless when having a back and forth arguememt with the two losers of strangablock and commander warlord).
      These comments are childish though. Cursing (goes to show that the words they know are very limited)
      And insults (something they can do to a person face to face)
      It’s hilarious.

      1. Exactly. I hope you enjoy the game. I don’t think I will be getting it anytime soon, but if you get the game, be sure to tell me how it is.

        1. sure if I get the time too lol with the DLC coming for Hyrule Warriors and me trying to get everything unlocked, plus the DLC for Mario Kart, I’m going to get Watch dogs, Dragon Age inquisition (same day as Watch Dogs) and Smash 3 days later…………

          1. Sounds like you’re about to have an awesome time gaming. Lol. I would buy the upcoming games, but I only own Nintendo products right now. I’m working on getting another system though. I hope you have fun with all of them. I’ve been waiting for the Wii U version of Smash Bros to get my gaming fix.

      1. That’s not the point. I know how you feel about Watch Dogs and Ubisoft. But this comment was directed at people that keep bashing others that want to get the game. It doesn’t matter what I think about Watch Dogs. I never personally attack the person that still wants to get the game. That’s almost like bullying someone in real life and it’s unacceptable.

          1. War against Ubisoft, not the customers. We have to try to stop them from being corrupted. In all honesty, I am probably still 25% corrupted because of Assassin’s Creed. I like that franchise, but I can’t get it anywhere else. I have no choice but to buy it from Ubisoft…

  16. Well I already pre-ordered the game a long time ago so this will help alleviate the pain of a watered down Watch_Dogs game. Why in the fuck could they have not just released this on time?

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  18. Oh look! Ubisoft is actually helping the Wii U port out with a companion app! Nice consolation, what with the Wii U version not supporting the Gamepad in creative ways as that was the whole point in delaying the game to begin with & only using it for a map, no DLC, no special versions with free DLC specific to the Wii U, and will probably still have a ton of glitches in the game because Ubisoft most likely just sat on the damn game all these months, not doing a god damn thing with it.

    As for the suckers that will actually buy this game on the Wii U in the hopes it will somehow give them the sequel on the console or in the hopes Ubisoft might actually support the Wii U better later on, enjoy the game. But I suggest just getting the PS3/XB360/PS4/XB1 version instead since it might actually be whole & not gimped, because all the reasons you might have for buying it on Wii U won’t mean a god damn thing to Ubishit who have made it perfectly clear they don’t give a flying fuck about this version or the people buying it. This might sound mean but it’s the sad truth.

    Again, enjoy!

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