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Project CARS Apparently Delayed Until March 2015 For All Formats

News has emerged that suggests Slightly Mad Studios racing simulation Project CARS has been delayed until March 2015 for all formats. The decision to delay the game was apparently due to the “other big games” shipping around the same time. The company also wants time to fix technical issues and polish the game.

110 thoughts on “Project CARS Apparently Delayed Until March 2015 For All Formats”

    1. Considering the delay for the other versions is due to the timing of other big game releases, I’d say no. They don’t necessarily need to do these tweaks, but they are doing them because they’ll have the extra time. It shouldn’t affect the Wii U launch date. It’ll just be better for the Wii U, if they ALL release at the same time.

      1. well.. a date for the wii u hasn’t even been announced yet.. the originally planned release date for the wii u could well lie beyond march of next year

    2. Wow. This is starting to look like the same release across all platforms, which hasn’t been done for a while. Lets see how the Wii u does.
      I’m also curious as to how the Wii u will be doing then with smash bros released.
      … This is also very good for my wallet, after smash bros watch dogs and Lego batman lol

    1. It sounds like it. This is good news for Wii U to get the proper simultaneous release of a big 3rd party game and if this delay was meant to avoid some stiff competition in November, I say it’s not only a bold move but a positive chance for the Wii U version being released with the other consoles as a square deal for Nintendo fans finally earning the equal support/treatment they wanted and deserve.

    1. Maybe this delay has changed their minds and wanted to go for a fair release window for Nintendo too. Don’t say buttfucked because they have shown and proved true dedication for Nintendo fans unlike Ubiliars.

        1. I’m saying that this delay makes sense for two reasons: They push the other versions out because of the competition in November being too much it could overshadow the game’s chance to sell and the other benefit of Project Cars being pushed to March also signals that the Wii U version will finally have a simultaneous release date with the other consoles making this probably the first and fairest Nintendo 3rd party game to have an equal date and support as the other versions.

          1. And if it fails, Nintendo fans have only themselves to blame. I’ll most likely be picking up the limited edition if I can. If not I’ll get the regular game. Because unlike most people here claiming to get the game, I actually will. Lol.

            1. By March with no other big games to buy, Project Cars will be worth it and supported because those guys earned it. Ubishit can go suck their own 9,200+ lazy dicks for screwing Nintendo.

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        I will be the judge of that when I look at the influencing factors.

                        Other things could be “Can force someone to buy a game they are not interested in, because just because one person said Wii U owners will buy this does not represent the entire fan base.”

                        But mainly, I will be looking at the multiple factors that affect it, and if it happens to be missing one of the basic important factors, it is officially deemed not the fault of the Wii U owners.

                        1. 1: This is basically the only big third party game left on the system. 2: It doesn’t release near any of the big games about to come out. 3: If there aren’t enough people interested in this game, then that wouldn’t make any sense because there are 7 million+ Wii U owners at this point. That’s a lot of people to “not be interested” in a game. 4: It doesn’t need to be a massive success. It’s just needs to not flop. And that depends on how much the developer wants to be sold. After it releases and a while afterwards, we will get the results. But the way Wii U is right now in terms of third party, I don’t have high hopes of this succeeding on Wii U. Every Wii U owner doesn’t need to buy it. But the ones that said they will better not go back on their word. I’m keeping a close eye on people here that say they’ll be getting it too just for proof…

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            Those aren’t the factors I’m looking at there my friend. after spending some time in business class, I got a few pointers from there then to therefore convert it into a stance for a gaming company.

                            There are 3(or maybe its 4, because I feel like I keep forgetting one) main basic factors that the class seemed to tell me. If you don’t have all three, you are bound to fail, you need all of them.

                            1. Advertisement
                            2. Is your product good? Is it above expect ion or gimped?
                            3. Are you treating your customers on different platforms with equal respect, or at least enough respect.
                            4. (Maybe?) Are people interested?

                            More factors come into play under specific conditions, but I’m not going to bother explaining that until those condition are reached.

                            Quite a few games that were good failed because they lacked one of these factors.

                            W101 and the original Bayonetta lacked advertisement.

                            Assassin’s Creed 4 for Wii U lacked advertisement as well. The game in general did get advertisement, but a normal person wouldn’t have known about the Wii U version with those types of advertisements because they mainly put emphasis on the Ps3 and 360 versions. The lack of DLC further sealed its fate.

                            The only games or game that I’ve seen done this without all factors helping it was the original Dark Souls.

                            1. That’s why I said earlier to another person that for the game to be successful, people need to know what the Wii U itself is. Nintendo isn’t advertising it at all. One of the main reasons why Wii U is where it’s at now. Nobody knows what it is!

                            2. Apparently everyone fucking higher up in Ubishit needs to go back to school & retake the Business classes! Same for the fools that defend Ubishit with the “but they are a business & a business needs to make money!” Yes a business does need to make money, but NOT at the expense of a fucking minority.

                              1. I know you probably might not know, but I can’t find this information anywhere else. How many Wii U’s have been sold worldwide as of Mario Kart 8’s launch? Is it still on 7 million? It can’t be. :/

                                1. Wii U probably hit 8 million by now thanks to Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 jump. :/ Who knows.

                                  What about Xbox DOne? The last we heard is it SHIPPED 5 million since last March and that was the end of it. Probably never made it passed 5 million at all. lol

                                  1. I don’t know. But I really want the Masterchief Collection. Makes me sad it isn’t coming to PC…

                                    1. Oh it will. This is their timed “exclusive” to give their limping DVR box sales a push which wouldn’t be enough. Halo 5 however could’ve helped but fans have to wait another 365 days for it. lol Too bad.

                                      1. It better come to PC! I freaking love Halo one and remember spending countless hours on it when I was younger. I wanna play the other ones. It’s the only thing that really is tempting me to want an Xbone. But I would rather buy a PS4 instead and I don’t want to get an X1 for one game. (Well, technically four, but you get the point. Lol)

                                        1. Trust me. Xbox NEVER has an exclusive to its name because their own “exclusives” also goes to PC sooner or later regardless if what they tell you. Sony has their exclusives and Nintendo has the most exclusives aside from their own games. Xbox ain’t got shit to make itself stand out at all.

                                          1. You sure, man? No main Halo has came to PC since 2. Almost a decade from now. I may as well just stop dreaming. Some X1 games may come to PC, that is true. But Halo basically belongs to Xbox now. Unfortunately.

                                            1. They did also say the PC version of MasterChief collection is still being considered because of the PC community is still atrongly dedicated to Halo, PC/Xbox DOne architechture is similar for easier porting and counting millions upon millions of PCs globally. Its not out of the cards actually and would likely port it either before or after Halo 5.

                                              You can live without Halo for a while longer..I hope. lol

                                              1. Hopefully. Halo 5 needs to come as well because I can’t stand the hype anymore. Simply beautiful. If this keeps up, I fear I’m gonna eventually fall for the freakin Xbox. The no exclusives thing will be pretty much irrelevant considering that Halo will be all I ever play 24/7 and don’t give a damn. Lol. But I can’t fall for it just yet. I’ll be royally fucked if it just happened to get announced for PC. O_o The PS4 would be my go to console and even if it means missing my beloved Halo it would still be worth it with other games to fill the gap. Uncharted 4 alone made me lose my mind. And even though most third party games look slightly better on PS4, Uncharted looks… different. Looks like a damn PC game. Lol they were not fucking kidding when they said PS4 was more powerful. XD

                                                      1. I haven’t played it yet. But I can’t wait to get it. Single player FPS are the best. *points at Half-Life 2* Nuff said. Lol

                                                              1. I played the Wii version and loved it. I usually don’t like old games, but in this case, I would actually love to play the original N64 Goldeneye. See? I told you I don’t hate ALL old games. Lol.

                                                                  1. Ok then. 2 of my favorite games of all time: Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Zelda OOT are old games. Care to elaborate? XD It’s just mainly the pixelated 2D ones I could care less about. I hate the controls of most older games. I tried to play Mario Kart 64 and when I drifted, it felt sloppy and I crashed into walls TONS of times. How the hell do you manage to control them, Stranga? XD

                                                                    1. But didnt you say you like Super Mario World over Bros. 3 from the other article? XD

                                                                      And how can you fail to learn the controls and gameplay flow in Mario Kart 64? XP Thats like not being able to learn how to solve basic math. XD Its simple to understand. Like I said, you just hate most retro classics because of how they look and control. All games feel and play different and there’s a difference between controls that suck and controls that are dated from modern.

                                                                      1. Most old games have terrible controls from what I’ve played. I hate the stupid slip and slide effect you get from most of those older Mario games. Unlike Mario Kart 64, on MK8, I can actually see exactly where my character is going and they stop and then go whatever I want. They have a mind of their own when I play 64. Now on Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Killer Instinct Gold, I had absolutely no issues control wise whatsoever. These are only a few old games I like with stable controls. The rest of them, no. Lol. Sure, every game controls differently, but I don’t have the time and money to go on a damn scavenger hunt to find out which ones do. LOL.

                                                                          1. More retro games should get remastered. I’m not going anywhere near them until they do. Lol. 3D games like N64 games are an exception. Because most of those are actually playable to me. That’s why for older games I will go no lower than N64! XP SNES is OK for the most part, but NES is a definite no. Everything even the first Super Mario Bros. I don’t want to play. And I’m not a graphics whore, but those games seriously make my eyes hurt. At least SNES had nice pixelated graphics. I saw Super Metroid and then I looked at the very first Metroid and it looked like ass in comparison. Lmao.

                                                                                1. Hell no. LOL. If they fixed it and patched the graphics at least for PC gamers back to the 2012 graphics, that would be good. But that still ain’t gonna change the overall game. It’ll just be a shinier version, same damn gameplay. They should’ve kept it the way it was in that epic demo. I’m not gonna accept that bullshit. That’s not the game I used to be hyped for. I don’t know WTF it is anymore. A GTA wannabe with “hacking”. Can’t even punch in the game. Damn sad how GTA IV has better detail than that so called next gen game. I am without a doubt skipping it and getting GTA V. At least that game is actually worth the $60.

                                                                                    1. Ubisoft said they are “considering” making Watch Dogs an annual franchise. Knowing Ubisoft, that probably means WD2 by next year. Lol. I’m not going to judge the second game just yet because it could be totally amazing for all I know. But why on Earth did they mess up so badly with the first one? It’s going to severely damage the next game’s sales because people won’t be able to trust Ubisoft anymore. But then again, I could be wrong. I keep forgetting Ubisoft has millions of sheeps. Lol. 8 million sales for WD in only a few months. Like taking candy from a baby. That’s just sad. LMAO. They are definitely becoming the next EA.

                                                                                      1. They’re already proven as fucking stupid and greedy as EA. Let the sheeps be stupid to keep wasting money on one disappointment and con after another until they grow back their missing common sense to realize how retarded they are overlooking the obvious signs.

                                                                                        1. You know about their racing game called The Crew, right? I’ve really started taking interest in it, but I’m not entirely sure If I can trust Ubisoft anymore. They have the chance to create a truly next gen racing game, but from what people keep saying is that the beta isn’t good or that the graphics aren’t that great. (I’m not a graphics whore, but considering I’m spending $1000+ for a top notch PC, that is going to piss me off lol) If they say next gen, I want next gen graphics damn it. Not my fault. XD I suppose Project Cars will fill the gap if they end up fucking up The Crew as well. *waits for review scores*

                                                                                          1. The “Dumbass” Crew? Dont give a damn and neither you too. Forgot about DriverClub and its lies? Most of the overhyped third party trash has lied about what the game offers and was going to be. So far only and only Nintendo hyped games lived up to its word.

                                                                          2. Let’s hope that Wii U doesn’t get left out to dry on this one. Game looks good, a must-buy for me, but if they were to delay it several months after the other platform releases I’d have to reconsider whether they cared about the Wii u version, and therefore whether I should buy.

                                                                          3. Thats a good idea cause theres lots of games coming in November. Theres Sonic Boom, Far Cry 4, Assasin Creed Unity, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Shappire and some DLC in November for xbotxs playstation, Nintendo.

                                                                            1. November is the biggest month for good to best game releases..not counting ASSassin’s Greed (5 fucking games in one month/year?!), COD #20 in 12 year release streak, Sonic Boom..not sure about the Wii U version.

                                                                                    1. Well that’s you. Go on and enjoy your COD spam #20 with jump/strafing BS that Metroid Prime already pulled off or ASSassin’s Greed with 5 fucking games in one month and year that makes EA’s milking look good which is not.

                                                                          4. November: CoD, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age, GTA V. It’s understandable why they would delay it.

                                                                          5. Now just watch Nintendo announce a release date for one of their other games like Splatoon and everyone will flock over there completely forgetting that this exists and then wonder why the game will get poor sales. Lol.

                                                                          6. This is good fans for 3 reasons:
                                                                            1.The chances of the Wii U version releasing on the exact same day is very high.
                                                                            2.If so, then Slightly Mad Studios will have won the hearts of Nintendo fans worldwide for giving all versions the exact same attention
                                                                            3.The game will be more polished, feature little to no glitches, lag or control issues.
                                                                            As a bonus for the company. they will not be clashing with big releases, which means that March will be theirs for the taking…:D

                                                                          7. I’m still not getting this game. They never said that they’re doing this so that this game would be released on the same date on all platforms.

                                                                          8. F=ma.

                                                                            “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

                                                                            Sir Isaac Newtons third law of motion in effect.

                                                                          9. I have a strong suspicion that ‘all formats’ only refers to the formats originally slated for 11/18/14. I see zero reason to believe the Wii U version will be released in March. Because if they are going to be adding content they will need to spend even more time on the Wii U. We shall see

                                                                          10. skightly mad evey few months get more exposed as stereo typical industry BULLSHITTERS

                                                                            THIS IS FUNNY AS FUCK lol @ there dog shit storys

                                                                          11. This better result in the Wii U version getting a simultaneous release day; I’ll even take a release in the same month.

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