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Nintendo Minute Debates Which Classic Mario Game Was More Influential

A new Nintendo Minute has gone live. The latest episode in the Nintendo-centric YouTube series features a debate between hosts Kit and Krysta – each of whom takes a side to argue whether Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World was more influential. Super Mario Bros. 3 was originally released in 1988 for NES, and Super Mario World made its debut in 1990 for SNES. Both titles are also available on Wii U via the Virtual Console service.

30 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute Debates Which Classic Mario Game Was More Influential”

    1. I hate Nintendo Minute. The 2 presenters are idiots and liars, especially Krysta. It’s so false and sweet. It’s like Mary Poppins and Barney The Dinosaur combined. Bleugh!

      1. I’ve never understood why they kept Krysta around… I first saw her at e3 2013 and she could barely tell us what was going on with the show floor let alone conduct an interview. I thought she’d get better over time and while she has improved over the years it hadn’t been much… She must have a family member in high ranks at Nintendo. That’s gotta be the only reason why she is still there.

        1. Well, she probably has a fancy degree that gets her that position. You know, instead of getting somebody that actually plays Nintendo games, and knows them in and out. I’m not hating on her or anything, I actually like her.

      2. No, I agree. I love Nintendo, but Nintendo minute needs to be more down to earth and straight forward. It is really fake sounding, and sometimes I swear that guy hates his job.

  1. I’d say Super Mario World, not that I’m particularly fond of either game, but I think SMW was more influential.

  2. SMB 3. Super Mario Bros 3 set the standard for NES games when it released, graphics, music, game mechanics, EVERYTHING. SMW built on that, and was ultimately the better game (imo), but SMB 3 was the game that gave Nintendo’s dev teams the ideas to improve on what they had. SMB 3 was a huge reason why literally everyone knows Mario, even non-gamers. Mario Bros 3 totally changed the way game developers made games. The ideas produced from it, even things like the world map, might not be existing right now if it wasn’t made. I don’t think people realise the profound impacts SMB 3 made on the industry, years after being released, and the actions Nintendo made because of its critical/commercial success.

    1. Pretty much, although I still prefer SMW, SMB3 was the blueprint that not only drastically improved on its predecessor, but it was the reason why SMW is so iconic and set standards while so.

  3. 2 great Mario games at its caliber. But i think most influential had to be World. All in the level design, the secrets, the overworld map.
    It’s just great.

  4. Super Mario World was a lot more fun and overall a better game in my opinion. I would say it was more influential because it was sort of the game where they realized how to get the most out of that gameplay plus it’s where they learned the direction in which the Mario series and the 2D platformer genre as whole should be going. Although I think a lot of World was based on what was done in SMB3, so you could probably argue that 3 was more influential.

  5. Clearly SMB3, why anyone would say World is beyond me. We are talking influential here, not the better game (though I do think SMB3 is a better game but let’s not get into that). Even Miyamoto himself was disappointed in how little he was able to innovate with World, since he had so little time to learn the new hardware and then produce a new game. World is essentially the same game as SMB3, with the exception of Yoshi as a novelty. Awesome game but clearly not as influential. SMB3 changed everything back then. Nothing could compete with it. That’s pretty much a fact. Why is there a debate? Now, which one was more influential between Donkey Kong, SMB and SMB3 is a much better question.

  6. I would have to guess that Super Mario Bros. 3 was the most influential. That game was amazing at the time, and is still fun even today. Especially for people playing for the first time. But I guess I could say the same for Super Mario World.

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