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Hino Says He Wants Level 5 To Be More Like Disney

Akihiro Hino, the president of Level 5, has told a Japanese gaming publication that he wants the acclaimed studio to be more like the iconic Disney. Hino says he doesn’t want the company to be completely dedicated to traditional video games, but instead he wants to create a company that’s focussed on providing worldwide entertainment.

79 thoughts on “Hino Says He Wants Level 5 To Be More Like Disney”

  1. I think sony would have been better.
    Sony makes tvs
    They have a video game console
    They make games
    They make movies
    They make computers
    They make dvd/blu rays

    Sony might be hated by some in the game community but they do a lot around the world as in entertainment
    Catering to many people of all ages.

      1. Oh coming from you and your little friend Stranga who in almost every article brings up “xbox done” yeah.
        I’m just saying how Sony would have been better than saying Disney. That’s all I’m saying mister.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’m programmed to destroy and bash Xboxes and Xbots at any time…

          But I understand what you’re saying…

          Too bad the Sonyans try too much to copy and compete with others than doing their own things most of the time…

          1. Wouldn’t this fall in that category though? Sony does indeed copy other companies, so copying or trying to copy Disney isn’t so farfetched.

        2. Well, Sony’s a little different because they provide hardware, not so much… content. I mean, I mean they DO, they have their own studios, but where as Level 5 makes games and entertainment for money AS WELL AS for artistic content and joy they want to bring to others, it feels like sony just buys a studio and says “make a game plz. we need muney”. I’m not saying thats how it is, but you never feels sony’s personal touch when it comes to what their studios produce.

    1. Well that products, I think what Hino means is different kinds of Media. And besides the only thing that keeps Sony alive atm is the Playstation brand. Their tv’s and other kinds of products dosent stand a chance against Samsung or Apple. That’s why many people think they should be a full Video game company

    2. With today’s competition, many of those divisions are sinking. Tv’s and PC’s especially. LG and Samsung are the new power houses. :/ there gaming division is the only one making money right now. But I see what you’re saying.

    3. Eight and how many of those divisions have been so successful that they haven’t lost a single dime which isn’t the case anymore? lol

      Only PS and movies is the best brands they got that isn’t losing billions.

        1. Again, they’re losing BILLIONS regardless of what they’re doing and despite PS4 being an overhyped success. Sony needs to cut their losses..and fast if they wanna stay alive. TVs, DVDs/Blu-Ray seperate from PS, MP3s, cameras tablets and even PCs are losing profit for them because there are other, cheaper options out there that consumers are going for. What I was thinking is Sony should become a solitary gaming company like Nintendo which is where they work best, kinda like how Nintendo was before they converted into the gaming market.

          1. They are loosing billion but the only thing keeping them alive (contrary to popular believe is not the PS brand) but their Insurance division.

            Agree that they should cut their loses or spin off a few of these brands. Completely kill off the PC, MP3, Phone, and TV division since those are the ones that are hemorrhaging money.

              1. Not if its in the billions like its been the last couple of years. I know the popular thing to say is that Nintendo should go 3rd party and developed for others but personally I think Sony should do it. They are making a killing on the PS4 and actually profiting at this moment but the Vita is not, and the PS3 pretty much pissed away what the PS2 made in profits. They could focus in software which is what’s always made them profit.

                1. What Sony needs to do is stop pretending they’re Microsoft and Nintendo and just do what they use to do from PS1/2 days: Offer shittons of games catering for everyone which is how they became famous in the first place and wished Nintendo would’ve done the same.

              1. They have a lot more devisions, but those two are the ones keeping them alive. Its funny, Sony is a jack of all traits, and help a lot of people by doing so, but they cant even help themselves.

          2. Also, spinning off the PS brand might be the best thing they could do at this point. At least for the sake of gamers.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          They have about 8 billion in debt if I remember correctly and going 1,2 billion in loss by next year…

          Can’t find sufficient data within my system right now…

    4. Sony focuses too much on technology and products rather than art to be “like Disney”. That’s just how I see it though.

    5. Sony makes the TVs.

      Sony Pictures makes the movies.

      Sony Computer Entertainment makes the movies.

      It’s not like they’re one company doing everything, but rather one company who owns multiple companies as subsidiaries. Disney is the same – Disney itself owns Walt Disney Animation Studios (the main studio), Pixar, Marvel (who recently started publishing Disney-related comics and Star Wars comics again), etc.

      1. I’ve always thought that a real life Nintendo Land theme park would be one of the best things ever… Imagine going on a DKC minecart ride…

          1. Nintendo would only do that if they had an innovation of some kind to separate themselves from their competitors.

  2. pokemon omega ruby is not just a remake like nintendo said it was as pokemon from pokemon black legends are in it nintendo lies like kyrum and dialgia and oh ho and lugia and reshrium

  3. Level Five just needs to worry about doing one thing good. Or they can do a bunch of things half assed. Lately, level five has not impressed me with thier games. Thier games always show potential, and then seemed half-baked.

  4. Guys or/and gals:
    I love Nintendo, but what you do here is starting to annoy me… Sony shit, XBox shit, no, Nintendo shit and so on. Discuss about the article(which is really NOT world changing!), but PLEASE stop this hating.
    If you keep this up then you’ll be sometime alone in this community. Please!
    Ignore the trolls and enjoy and discuss your hobby. Do you think this is possible? Most of you complain about Sonyans and Xbots, but you just behave the same way…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      But I thrive on wars…

      Anyway, I love how some of you adopted my nickname for the Sony fanboys, -Sonyans-

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Yes I did?…

          Sony Ponies was the usual term, I made up my own so…

          Just like every other nickname except Xbots…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I’ve used it even before the Wii U was released so stop taking credit when you did not create the term…

  5. Sell ALL of your games across the entire world instead of keeping most of them in Japan and than you can start talking about wanting to be like Disney. Keeping a lot of your games and merchandise in one country does not get you the success of Disney.

    1. The games aren’t exactly just going to become a huge success just by releasing it everywhere. They sell very well in Japan, but for all we know, it could bomb elsewhere. Which would hurt them in the end. Especially over here in the US where basically sports and shooters are the only thing that sell…

  6. Fantasy Life had such potential. It was half-baked becouse they were too busy thinking they should make a movie..

    It took Disney almost a century to get where they’re at today. And they got there becouse they focused on doing ONE thing right, at a time.

      1. Well, it’s extremely short (for an rpg). It has very shallow item/gear managment. You really don’t even have to level up to beat the game. Making leveling your character completely optional. I understand it was targeted towards a younger audience, but so was Pokemon. Younger gamers still want deep gameplay and complex battle/character management. Level 5 really misread what the market wanted within an action rpg and Fanatsy Lifes sales shows that.

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