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Nintendo Is Looking For A Lead Graphic Engineer For Next-Gen Console

Nintendo of America has announced that they’re looking for a lead graphic engineer for their next video game console. The job description reads, Nintendo Technology Development is looking for a lead graphics architect in the system-on-chip architecture group in Redmond, WA. The group is responsible for the architecture of Nintendo’s game console SoCs. The graphics architect plays a key role in determining the SoC architecture.

The job responsibilities are:

  • Evaluate HW graphics (GPU) offerings from SoC solutions available in the market based on performance, power, and silicon area.
  • Evaluate the performance of the SoC solutions for both proprietary and standard graphics APIs.
  • Determine workloads and simulation models for both performance and power characteristics of GPUs.
  • Keep track of GPU architectural improvements in the industry and devise strategies to incorporate them for future Nintendo gaming platforms.
  • Act as the graphics architectural evangelist working with global Nintendo teams for future and on-going programs
  • Work with external SoC vendors as the Nintendo focal point for graphics GPU architecture.
  • Should be prepared to work through architecture, design, validation, and bring-up stages of SoC design in cooperation with internal and external teams.

Summary of Requirements

  • The ideal candidate will have had experience working directly in a GPU architecture and design team with significant responsibilities.
    Low power and SoC design experience would be a plus.
  • The candidate is expected to have good architectural insights and the ability to apply that for setting future graphics direction for Nintendo.
  • A bachelors degree (graduate degree preferred) in computer science/engineering or electrical engineering.
  • 5+ years of lead or architectural role experience are required.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

151 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Looking For A Lead Graphic Engineer For Next-Gen Console”

  1. This is my big take. I’m going to get this game job and pack Nintendo’s next generation console with full of amazing graphics beyond that of a ps4. When I do get the job I will leak any important information to sickr under the name Mr.Giovanni

          1. I think I remember an article about iwata saying they can no longer afford to settle for third place and must compete after the wii u didn’t do well and both other more expensive and more powerful systems did better. I hope it’s true. They need to be at least on par with the others to get third party on board.

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            1. Just applied. Yes have have potential experience for this job. I was the lead ouya graphic designer for some time in till I quit for lack of my payment income. Those twits still own me money. Nintendo will be my next stop for a new job. Holly get an email from them soon. If I’m approve . I’ll make an profile under the name Mr. Giovanni with a profile picture

        1. No use in hoping that it’ll be a beast of a machine cus nintendo dont think about the future of gamers, dont get me wrong I love their games but the fact the wiiu is weak and cant run heavy graphical games is turning away developers, I wish the wiiu fails so they can make a better gaming machine, but not until I get my Zelda and Mario Galaxy 3 ^_^

          1. Also the Gamecube was stranger than the PS2 and it didn’t sell well. Power does not equal sales. Vita, 3DS is another example.

            1. Gamecube couldnt play dvd, ps2 was widely popular due to the success of the ps1, ps2 had TONS of games, although the gamecube did pretty good but not as good as the ps2..

              1. Exactly, the Gamecube didn’t sell because it was the only console that wasn’t a DVD player, which was a big selling point for families at the time. Now their consoles are less powerful so less developers, especially ones who develop for multiplat games, want to deal with them cause they can’t make the game they want to make. I love nintendo and their games but thems the breaks.

                1. Hmm, the Ps2 is my most played console (I had 3) but I don’t why I have only recently found out that it was also a DVD player. I always thought that game consoles playing DVDs only started during the Xbox 360 and PS3 era.

                1. They proved you wrong. Power is definitely an issue these days. Handheld is it’s own thing. After PSP nobody trusted the vita. DVD made PS2 a ton of sales. After wiis casusl success the other guys kinda caught up, especially considering the price difference. If wii u was more powerful more people would buy and look at it like it’s weak, and developers wouldn’t make excuses not to make games for it. Power has become a bigger issue each generation.

                  1. I told ja from the start, this generation power sells. But stupid Nintendo thought about PS3 during Wii U’s development in 2008.

                    1. Yea it was obvious towards the middle and end of last gen that power became an issue. Everyone wanted their games HD, and wouldn’t bother with the wii version of multiplats and not even their first party with some people.

                  2. He said “Power does not equal sales.” They proved his point, because they didn’t say Power was why PS2 won, they pointed to other reasons.

                    Sure, HW power plays a role but it is not a deciding factor. It seems like the only exception is going to be PS4, but even that is debatable, PS4 has Power and had a lot of hype momentum going for even before it was released. However, it’s competitors had anti-hype (Mcrosoft dropped the ball with DRM and higher cost, Nintendo with drought and overall mishandling Wii&WiiU).
                    Third parties dropped support because not enough Nintendo gamers buy 3rd party games. WiiU and the PS360 are roughly on-par with each other, yet, it is not getting 3rd-party games that even PS360 are/were getting.

                    1. You’re not stupid and power wasn’t an issue in the past, but I think it definitely was the selling point for this generation and the middle and end of last generation. Not saying it SHOULD be or SHOULDN’T be, just saying what sales and all the hype of this gen point to.

                2. What Point? The point is if you don’t think of the future the console want sell. Nintendo was too stupid not to think of PS2 during the Gamecube development. If Lexus introduced automatic climate control why would the 2015 7 series also not have it? Apple has the new feature with Iphone 8 why wouldnt the next generation rivals ignore that?

                    1. Never said “power equals to sales” although it was never a factor doing these past gens which we have already stated. Currently “Power” is a major factor and its what turn developers away from the wii and now the wiiu. I believe we should not base gaming years ago with how people game right not, the industry is constantly evolving and Nintendo’s machine shouldve kept up with that demand…

              2. Also im sure another reason is because when you look at all 4 consoles,the DreamCast,GameCube,Xbox and PS2 in addition to having a DVD Drive,it was the only console that was backwards compatible with the PS1’s CD based format,so right out of the gate it had the library of PS1 games pushing it as well.

                1. Still I never had a ps1 or a ps2 and my gamecube has one of the best games ive ever played Eternal Darkness being my favorite follow by RE1 remake and Metroid Prime. .

            2. That hasn’t always held truth, I mean look at it now. The PS4, is stronger and more expensive than than the Wii U, and its also winning as of now. Regardless of hype or actual software.

              1. Thats because hardware doesnt always sell software. Ps4 says “hi.”Nintendo was stupid to believe that ignoring the PS2 sold because of its DVD feature.

          2. Ehhhh its Nintendo they never aim for the most powerful. But even so the wiki could have had at least a six core processor, dvd or bluesy, and more RAM and it would be perfect to me. But it’s still plenty powerful.

                    1. Yeah… I really liked the demo, it has a very arcade feel to it for me. I won’t buy it, just because it isn’t my type of game and I can better described as a “casual” player as I go one game at a time for solo play and the Nintendo standards for my co-op play… but down the line we will see. Stil playing Wind Waker which I missed the first time around however many years ago

          3. It’s never the most powerful machine of the generation that wins, though. The Sega Master System was technically superior to the NES, the Neo-Geo was superior to the SNES, the N64 was superior to the Playstation, the Gamecube was superior to the PS2, the PS3 was superior to the Wii. In video games, never bet on the fastest horse!

            1. You cant use older generation consoles to prove power doesnt sell because the market has changed and people changed.

            1. Why the hell does dumb Nintendo need a new employee to do that? How many Iphones sold after Steve Jobs died? Its just called identifying the forever changing market. Peter Scheyer has worked with Kia Motors for nearly 10 years. And since he redesigned their models 3 Kia models breached 100k sales in the US alone. How? Because Kia identified the changing market unlike Suzuki, Saturn, Izuzu and Saab. The Optima has outsold the Chevy Malibu before and the Sonata has been neck to neck with the Ford Fusion in sales.

          4. I think of it in two ways tbh. The wii u is hardly weak imo. the games coming out for it prove it, though if it was getting third party support it may struggle later on in the other consoles lives, after all the next gen leap has’nt been THAT big, atleast not noticably so, but maybe that’ll change. However i’m worried about the future of games in general, is this whole power thing really as important as people make out? we keep getting higher and higher budget games simply to try and make them look photorealistic and it’s leading to sooo many companys not takin risks with theyre ideas. also there’s the problem of if photorealism is even the way to go, it’s a good goal to further the limit games can take but I still feel everyone is getting too caught up in it.

            So i’d argue there’s problems on both sides, if nintendo really had to build a heavy spec console and started having to go AAA on everything then there’s the possibility of them taking less risks like the other companys. (though they usually seem to be very good at keepin a budget and simultaniously making polished games).
            However better specs could also lead to more variety as there’s more to work with, I think tech’s really a double edged sword, one that many publishers are makin shit use off.

            Regardless of whatever Ninty does next, they Need to drop the casuals, they seem to already have done so, but they were foolish to think they’d return, the wii was revolutionary but it also proved just how fickle the casual crowd is, neither nintendo or microsoft(kinect ugh) seemed to notice that.
            I do hope they keep the wii remote and Gamepad around though whatever they do, wii remote while lackin in buttons in good hands it can be an amazing controller, and the gamepad well it’s just like a controller with an extra screen, honestly my favorite controller ever and I reaaally want to see more uses for it.

            1. on a different note, assuming this is’nt just longterm development for a new console in 3 years. anyone think ninty might be trying the new 3ds route for the wii u as well?(please don’t call it new wiiu, please don’t call it new wiiu, PLEASE DON’T CALL IT NEW WII U!)

            2. Wii U is hardly weak? It cant handle 4 gamepads, MK8 loads slower than MK Wii, And sometimes it gets kicked off Netflix. That Nintendo TV was stupid too what a waste of an upgrade taking little gigs they gave it to me not tonching it in over a year. Also stupid to thinking 1gb in 2008 would be enough for gaming by 2014.

          5. Xbox One is weak yet it’s still pumping out amazing graphics.
            PS2 was weak but again it show some amazing looking graphics (for the time).
            Wii U is weak but look at Zelda U and Mario Kart 8 and even Super Mario 3D World, those games look amazing.

        2. And it seems Nintendo is really going to be serious about graphics next generation. I think the have finally have woke up. Prepare yourselves. The beast is now fully awaken

            1. positive outlook on life… positive, positive… what?, sasori says his life is boring. it has to be the effect of naruto on his weak, weak, weak, weak mind.

        3. Given this information, I think we can expect another 3 years from the WiiU, Minimum. Maybe some leaks after two years, but it seems they are currently in no position to pull the WiiU like doomsayers have been saying. It also looks like they may take the next console seriously.

          1. Here’s hoping they do, I’m tired of having to pick up multiple consoles early in the generation just to get my fill of 3rd party and Nintendo first party games.

        4. I see it coming in 3-5 years…. Wii U having a 5-7 year shelf life which is about the norm… UNLESS they really are looking to ramp it up wherein 3 years will be that absolute max time they wait to bring out the new system… with us getting wind of it E3 2016 and then it is in our homes XMAS 2017, about 18 months after they show it to us and how Mario’s whiskers ruffle

          1. You don’t Dreamcast a Saturn, history has proven it to be a bad move.
            I don’t think they will hurry a system and discard the last one so fast, but XMAS 2017 sounds reasonable nevertheless.

            1. Yeah, it isn’t too bad IF they’ve already started… this “ad” makes it seem as though they haven’t, or they fired someone else… Whatever it is, I hope they make THE system this time… I love the Wii U, but they seem to have made another middle of the road system, still connected to the Wii, how the Wii was still connected to the Gamecube… it has to be something on its own forging that new way

        5. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Nintendo said a while back that they are always working on a new console. They mentioned that they were already trying to come up with new ideas for the Wii a few months before the Gamecube was even released.

          1. Wrong. They are simply going to stay relevant. (I hope ) there is No excuse for an underpowered console anymore.

            1. Oh no what I meant was that they would now start caring SO MUCH about power like the other gaming companies. I’m sure as Sherlock they will stay relevant for as long as they’re around! Even if the next console isn’t as powerful!

            2. No, he’s right. Everyone but Nintendo is a graphic whore. PS4, XBone, PC, all are loved because of how good the games look. Wii U? Hated because it’s under powered yet has some of the best games to actually have fun with than to stare at for eye candy.

              Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS4, but god damn the companies need to figure out that games are FUN and not something to simply look at.

          2. What are you 10 years old? Nintendo has had THW stronger consoles in the past, and they’ve embraced the whole graphical aspect in the past.

            Now you’re playing with power, Nintendo Power!

            1. Haha! No I’m 15 and yes I know Nintendo had more powerful consoles than they’re competition in the past. I just was never bothered by the fact that Nintendo’s console is weaker than the competition.

        6. lord ghost : king of the federation

          glad their doing this. also Sunset Overdrive is coming out soon. its a good time for gaming.l

        7. Woohoo!!! Nintendo make it the most powerful thing the world has ever seen. I’m willing to pay $800 bucks for a Nintendo console.

          WHO’S WITH ME?!

          But seriously, I want Nintendo to be all about power. If you combine the beautiful graphics that technology can perform nowadays with Nintendo’s gaming talent, they would smoke the competition, at least from a critical perspective. From a consumer perspective, Nintendo would probably still remain niche…

            1. Nintendo is definitely niche. There is no “ifs” or “buts” about it. Nintendo is NOT mainstream. They appeal to the Nintendo fan base (mostly) and children.

              If you aren’t a Nintendo fan or a child, then you are probably not playing Nintendo games, UNLESS it is Pokemon, Mario Kart or Zelda. Those three titles are universally accepted by the mainstream, everything else, including all other Mario games, are really only bought by the niche audience.

              1. Oh I know they are now! Of course they are now! Everyone knows that. What I mean is that if this news does happen and Nintendo’s next console is more powerful then they would most likely get 3rd party support and they would be more mainstream like the other consoles. I mean it makes sense for that to happen since the console will most likely be less expensive than the other consoles at the time and it has the same 3rd party games as the other consoles.

          1. $800? Nope, but I would go as high as $499, anything over that is just way too much unless it has above average specs.

        8. It could be a Graphical Processing expert for the next Nintendo handheld. Good grief, are posters on my Nintendo news this dense. Really, the WiiU handles the CryEngine4 with ease, it does 1080p/60fps. It just does not play 6/10 games like destiny and Titanfall. It’s 60 FPS glorious, 10/10 games like Bayonetta 1 and 2. DKCTF and Super Mario 3D world that are a treat on the amazing WiiU. With Zelda WiiU, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Starfox U coming soon.

          1. Sorry man. But there’s little chance the WiiU can handle 1080p 60fps while running a non-platforming, graphics heavy game.

            Anyone know what Bayo2 is running at? (non-upscaled)?

          2. And yet too stupid to have Gamecube adapter handel games on Wii OS. Why didnt they think of that during the adapter development?

        9. Nintendo doesn’t need gimmicks and strange innovations for innovations’ sake, their games are their strong selling point. But if they would also make a monster console that stole back third party support they’d easely win next gen. I would spend $500 day one if I knew I’d get Mario, Zelda as well as third party like Final Fantasy.

          1. And yet you are the minority who doesnt care about power. Thats why the most powerful console is the leader in sales.

        10. whatever it is… it better not be another Wii U!!! i just want them to make a real console with no gimmicks that’s for actual gamers and stop catering to the casuals so much!!!

          1. I’d like them to keep the game pad. I love that fucking thing (when used by third parties that care to use it) and off screen play is the shit.

            1. Keep it, but don’t make it mandatory. I hate having to use the Gamepad to use my Wii U. I want it to be a separate controller by itself with the option to use the Classic Controller as the Main controller.

        11. I doubt that Nintendo would put out a beast of a system. Not in their nature. At best, the next system will be about as powerful as the present PS4 or the XboxOne.
          Just an observation

            1. I didn’t think the Wii-U was a mistake, sure the name sucked big time and this greatly affected its sales. The media along with all the gaming websites which included the television gaming media like; G4 and its host of assholes helped to shit on the system. It’s poor reporting and questionable journalism. The other issue is the fickle third parties who bailed on the Wii-U at launched due in large part to $ony and Micro$oft and their shiny formats dangling in the air and forcing them to withhold games until their launches.
              You only need look at Ubicunt and their track record during the Wii-U’s at launch, it’s disgraceful.
              To me, the Gamepad offered developers an added bonus for playing games and addressing the iPad market.
              The bottom line is, Nintendo is about good old fashioned gaming that is fun. The others build sexy pimped out machines. The games are alright but the current trend of selling unfinished or segmented games is sickening. I hope Nintendo does not end up going that route.

              1. Not a mistake? NSMBU naturally didnt work with the pro controller. Wii U controllers cant play Wii U OS, Wii got N64games and wii U can’t. They should have thought of that in 2008. I hope they are thinking of what power the next console will need by 2020. Nintendo is stupid to think of ps4 by that year.

          1. “not in their nature” only since the Wii… I know that is about the last 10 years, but still, looking at the entire body, they have always had power, but went in an odd direction (N64 having the cartridge still and Gamecube with the silly little discs as a DVD player would have pushed that system greatly)

        12. To be honest Nintendo, I wouldn’t mind if you made your next console a little less cute. Don’t get me wrong, I love the innovation and all that, but the problem is that you’ve sold yourselves short by thinking that you can’t compete directly with others. You guys easily could if you put work into it.

          The fact that Sony created a far stronger console that was only $50 more than the Wii U really makes you look bad. I hope you guys hit a home run with this next one.

          1. The problem is that Nintendo doesn’t want to compete with the other guys. The issue is whether they don’t want to is irrelevant because they are. The consumer will compare regardless of the company making the system.

            As for Sony, I’d love for them to lead the charge for once, putting a system out first before anyone else. The way I see them is that they are fence sitters with not a lick of originality in their bones.
            Everything they’ve done has been to copy from the greats and pimp the shit out of it.

            As for the $50 difference, that was done to compete with Wii-U. It worked.

        13. Who in the fuck is impersonating me lmao. That’s totally not me it’s way to positive and to quick to the point to be me and it has no twists to the main point.

          How long has that guy been here, like 2 weeks ago i said i was done commenting because i didn’t want to deal with pointless fanboy arguments over what i have to say….(it’s annoying and im bored of it) i just decided to look at this particular comment section and i see a fake me. i got to say he got the avatar and everything down nice besides the way he comments. How long have i been commenting lately because i haven’t in a few weeks. I haven’t gave these comments a second thought really so it’s funny that there is like this super positive version of what i say here…..

          damn it……..

        14. So stupid Nintendo finally sees power matters this generation. They should have saw that at the end of Wii’s life cycle but was too stupid focused on PS3.for the Wii U.

        15. Also youtube channel update was a waste of sucking up the few gigs Wii U had. Most people just youtubed through the broswe. Also stupid for not allowing comments on youtube through Wii U.

        16. Nintendo all you gotta do is make a Nintendo universe MMORPG game with amiibo, and make a metroid cod first person shooter, and people will love you for that, Nintendo universe will attract everyone and metriod cod will attract the millions of gamers that devote their live to game like cod. PS4 got killzone Xbox got halo, where is Nintendo fps. There is no destiny so make a metriod that will attract the majority gamers. Sadly Nintendo don’t listen to fans…so if your fan base decrease we all no why.

        17. Looking at the history of when Nintendo releases it’s consoles it’s always a five year gap, with the only exception being the Wii U which was six. This is from a American release schedule.

          The Wii U is almost two years old. Considering how the Wii U is regarded (personally I think it’s great), and how poorly it’s selling, I would guess a new system is three years away. I don’t think Nintendo could risk it taking any longer.

        18. Next generation is a long way away, WIIU still has games coming out that trump Xbox and psbore I mean ps4, and as far as you idiots getting a job with Nin…..HA you are in a fantasy world especially Giovanni. Play you’re fucking games and shut the fuck up. I’ll be here with my unopened copy of MK8 limited ed. from Nintendo world NYC. Bitches

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