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Preorder Captain Toad Treasure Tracker At Nintendo UK Store And Get Free Keychain

The official UK Nintendo Store is once again offering gamers the chance to nab exclusive pre-order gifts if you purchase games with them. If you decide to get Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker from the Nintendo UK Store you are eligible to receive a free Captain Toad keychain. You can pre-order the game for £35 on the store.

31 thoughts on “Preorder Captain Toad Treasure Tracker At Nintendo UK Store And Get Free Keychain”

  1. Those little gifts make for some nice incentives….. that keychain will be a collector´s piece in the future

  2. captain toad tresure tracker is being made by the same people who are develping supermario4 i want more games from the people who are develping this game like a original mario game for the fusion terminal and the wiiu i want to see a supermariofootball game from this team by 2015 or a sequal to supermario3dworld and i exspect it by next holiday 2015 or a remake of supermariosunshine for the wiiu or new 3ds do i make my self clear?

  3. i dont by spinoff games thanks? i buy original new games with inevation that are original i dont count spinoff of games as core nintendo products as i will only buy a original game from these companys with new gameplay and great graphics with no underpowered hardware

  4. i think that the supermario galaxy team would want to make a sequal to supermariosunshine or supermariogalaxy2 as they are populer games that people are really intrested in and have fun playing that real gamers want and would like to play as i am a open minded gamer who can see a great number of original fun and fantastic games with great graphics on there new hardware called the wiiu sucksessor i exspect great visual like that of want the ps4 has and the xboxone has i exspect nintendo games in the future will have better and better looking graphics in the future like the xboxone and the ps4 as tecnology advances like the ps4 and the xbox one and will be a next step in to gameing i can see nintendo being more like sony in to the future as nintendo could get someone to make there own hardware for them nintendo does not need to make there own hardware they can just get someone else to make it for them as nintendo is a games develping company not a real hardware company so nintendo can sit on there arse and do nothing.

  5. i am ready for the wiiu to be discontinued soon and replaced as i am happy about that i would want the wiiu sucksessor to be released next holiday am i am sick i dont want nintendo to support the wiiu till 2016

  6. i am working with nintendo on a new zelda game for nintendo 3ds at the moment called the legendof zelda shrimpshield for the 3ds that will play like windwaker

  7. I think Nintendo of America should offer a Captain Toad Figma figurine as a free preorder bonus to JUST America to make up for the lack of preorders that our branch of Nintendo does.

    It’s really not fair and terribly aggravating.

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